Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 53

Chapter 26: Qingqing’s scar

“Ding Dong…”

“Sister Qingqing is here. ”

Hearing the doorbell, Nian Gao immediately rushed to the door happily to welcome Qingqing’s arrival.

“Brother Nian Gao! ”

When the door opened, the sound of Qingqing milky voice sounded immediately; obviously very happy.

The two little guys kissed and hugged each other warmly but the adults behind them were a little too polite and embarrassed.

Bai Qiyu was wearing homewear and followed Nian Gao slowly.

He is tall and long-legged, with wide shoulders and thin waist and his tight muscle stretched his clothes. He’s obviously dressed in simple clothes but he still gives people an extremely strong sense of oppression.

He’s like a leopard lurking in the dark, always ready to attack and kill its prey. Extremely dangerous!

At the moment he saw him, Fu Sishen didn’t hold back and took a step back. Like a frightened little animal, he couldn’t help but put up his whole body on alert and looked at the natural enemy in front of him vigilantly.

Fortunately, the two tall bodyguards behind him gave him a sense of security, so that Fu Sishen didn’t make a fool of himself in public.

“Hello, I am the uncle of Nian Gao, Bai Qiyu. ”

Bai Qiyu smiled politely at Fu Sishen and the powerful aura of his whole body instantly dissipated. As if the man who was as dangerous as a cheetah had never existed before.

“You…hello, I’m Fu Sishen, Qingqing’s… cousin nephew? ”

According to Qingqing’s current status and seniority, is that how it is calculated? Fu Sishen thought uncertainly.

“Today, Nian Gao’s parents went out in an emergency, so they specially asked me to take care of the two children. ”

This sentence can be regarded as an explanation of why he was at his nephew’s house.

Noticing that Qingqing and her companions were still standing at the door, Bai Qiyu hurriedly stepped out of the way and invited them to sit inside.

“No, no, I still have something to do and I need to go there quickly. I will ask you to take care of our Qingqing today. ”

With an awkward wave of his hand, Fu Sishen firmly refused Bai Qiyu’s invitation.

Joke, he doesn’t want to stay with such a terrifying person.

Isn’t more appealing to go at a friend’s gatherings?

It’s very tempting, so Fu Sishen made up his mind that he would never come to pick up Qingqing at night and let his father or his brother come, then slipped away.

Seeing Fu Sishen fleeing so fast as if being chased by a dog, Qingqing tilted her head strangely, but was immediately attracted by the small cake taken out by Nian Gao.

“Sister Qingqing, come on, this is a cake made by my uncle and I! ”

Nian Gao laboriously open the refrigerator for the cake inside. It’s not that good appearance wise, but it still looks delicious so Nian Gao invited Qingqing to taste it together.

“Cake! ” When Qingqing heard this, her whole body lit up immediately.

Sure enough, sweets are the source of happiness for children.

“I’ll cut it, you take your sister to the sofa and sit down. ”

Worried that his nephew would hurt himself with a knife, Bai Qiyu immediately took the cake in his hand and turned to the kitchen to find a knife.

The small half of the cake is evenly divided into two, put in two saucers, served with a small spoon, and was delivered by Bai Qiyu.

Before he was halfway there, he was forced to quicken his pace to the little guys who were about to rush over and take it away by themselves.

“Do you want to watch TV? ”

Glancing at his watch, seeing that it was not time for homework for Nian Gao, Bai Qiyu simply let the two children have fun together.

“Yes, yes! Qingqing wants to see dinosaurs, big dinosaurs! ”

Qingqing was the first to nod her head and agreed, knowing that she would be the one to decide the show if she answered first.

“Dinosaur? Qingqing used to like watching dinosaur cartoons very much and said that she would be a dinosaur researcher in the future. ”

With a smile, he turned on the TV for Qingqing, but when the TV turned on, Bai Qiyu himself was silent.

This hobby and dream doesn’t seem to belong to this little girl… right?

“Sorry, seems like I was wrong…”

“Dinosaur researcher, what is this?” Qingqing looked confused when she heard the new term, but intuitively liked the name.

“It’s about studying dinosaurs.” Nian Gao know a little more, so he added: “Our teacher said that dinosaur researchers can see real dinosaurs!” ”

In fact, it’s just dinosaur fossils, but this authenticity is no different from a real dinosaur for a child.

“Wow! Real dinosaur! ” Qingqing’s eyes lit up with envy.

She suddenly clenched her small fist firmly, and solemnly vowed: “Qingqing will also be a dinosaur researcher in the future, and Qingqing will go to see real dinosaurs! ”

Hearing this childish vow, Bai Qiyu just smiled and said nothing.

How many of the vows made by children when they were young will come true in the end?

Even she was so serious back then, she almost enrolled in dinosaur research after the college entrance examination, but in the end she was forced by her family to embark on another path.

After the two children finished eating the cake and watching the cartoon, it was almost time for the Nian Gao to do their homework.

Under Bai Qiyu’s pressing gaze, Nian Gao reluctantly said goodbye to Qingqing and went back to the study to do his homework alone, while Qingqing was taken by Bai Qiyu to play in the toy room.

“Shall we do the puzzle? ”

Bai Qiyu took out a huge jigsaw puzzle and asked Qingqing. He wanted to use this jigsaw puzzle to pass Qingqing’s whole day.

But Qingqing didn’t buy it.

“No, Qingqing wants to paint.” Little finger pointed to the drawing paper and watercolor pen in the corner.

“Ok. ” Puzzles are the same as painting, as long as the child can obediently not make trouble.

It turns out that Bai Qiyu is still too naive.

He didn’t even know how terrifying it was for a child to touch colored paint, just as he couldn’t figure out how it even came to it. How could Qingqing paint herself as a big cat just by drawing a picture?

Not only her face, but also the clothes on her body were covered with watercolor marks.

How did she do it.

Pressing his sore forehead helplessly, Bai Qiyu sighed in acceptance of his fate.

First confiscate all the watercolor pens that Qingqing has at hand then take her to the bathroom to wash her face and change her soiled jacket at the same time.

Fortunately, when Fu Sishen sent the child he also brought Qingqing’s nanny bag with him, which contained a complete set of clean clothes that could be changed into.

Even in summer, it is impossible for children who are prone to getting sick to wear only one piece of clothing. So Bai Qiyu was very relieved to help Qingqing take off her jacket, revealing the small cotton short sleeves inside and then took out her clothes from her bag and put them on.

“Give me your hand. ”

Motioning to Qingqing to reach out, he wanted to put sleeves on her.

Qingqing obediently stretched out her little hand and cooperated with Bai Qiyu to help her get dressed.

As a result, after sticking out her hand for a long time, she didn’t see Bai Qiyu’s move. Qingqing couldn’t help but wonder, “Uncle? ”

Subconsciously he clasped Qingqing’s wrist, until she couldn’t help but cry out for pain, Bai Qiyu let go as if he had just woken up from a dream.

“You…” He looked at Qingqing in disbelief and suddenly realized that the childish and familiar face dazed him into stupor: “How could it be…”

The whispered words revealed deep confusion.

“How is this possible? Is it a coincidence? But are there so many coincidences in the world? ”

Suddenly clenching Qingqing’s wrist again, Bai Qiyu said solemnly: “Qingqing, tell me seriously, where did this scar on your hand come from? ”

He saw that on Qingqing’s white and tender arm, a criss-crossing light white cross scar was vaguely visible.

This scar should have been there for many years. It has been so long that the scar has faded to the point where it is almost invisible.

It is precisely because of this that Bai Qiyu reacted so much.

He remembered that Gu Qingqing, whom he knew, also had such a scar on her body, but it was only when she was in junior high school. It was impossible for it to appear on a three-year-old child.

Bai Qiyu wanted to tell himself that this was a coincidence, but the shape of this scar was too special and not easy to duplicate on other people. It is also very unlikely that there are similar scars in the same area, so he can’t even deceive himself that it’s just a coincidence.

“Who on earth… are you? ”

“It hurts…” Qingqing twisted her little brows and struggled constantly, but she couldn’t break free from Bai Qiyu’s grip.

She whimpered a few times, then suddenly burst into tears: ”Wuuuwuu…”

“Boom! ” The door of the toy room was suddenly knocked open from the outside. It turned out that the two bodyguards brought by Qingqing heard her crying and immediately broke in to check the situation.

“Mr. Bai, please let go of our lady. ”

The bodyguard wanted to grab Qingqing from Bai Qiyu, but he subconsciously hugged the person to avoid him.

The atmosphere fell into a stalemate for a while.

“Mr. Bai, we know that we are not your opponent but please don’t embarrass us. ”

Everyone is an insider; naturally they can see the disparity in force between each other.

The two bodyguards were a little afraid of Bai Qiyu, but their duty was not to watch their employer’s children howling loudly in the hands of others without rescuing them.

Otherwise, after today, they might not be able to keep their jobs.

“Let me go, big villain, let me go! ” Qingqing was still struggling vigorously in Bai Qiyu’s arms.

For fear of hurting her, Bai Qiyu didn’t dare to hold her too hard and due to Qingqing’s vigorous struggle, she fell from his arms.

“Miss! ”

“Qingqing! ”

Everyone was frightened for a while.

Before the two bodyguards rushed to rescue the person, Bai Qiyu quickly retrieved the person with his quick eyes and hands, and catches her back in his arms.

Qingqing didn’t dare to move anymore this time. Her two small hands were holding Bai Qiyu’s clothes tightly, but her small face turned pale and she cried louder.

“Wuu wuu wuuu… I want uncle, I want younger brother, Qingqing wants to go home… Woohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoo”

The child’s loud crying attracted not only the servants in the villa but also Nian Gao who was doing homework in the study.

Hearing Qingqing crying, Nian Gao was so worried that he hurriedly ran out, “Why is Sister Qingqing crying?” ”

“He… he pinched me…”

This time Qingqing was carefully put down by Bai Qiyu. As soon as she landed, she couldn’t wait to find Nian Gao to complain and showed him her painful little hand.

In fact, Bai Qiyu controlled his strength very well. Even if his emotions were a little out of control, it only made Qingqing’s little arm a little red and it didn’t really hurt her.

Qingqing would cry mainly because Bai Qiyu looked terrifying at the time and was scared into crying.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, Uncle is too bad, I’ll help you beat uncle okay?”

While wiping Qingqing’s tears, Nian Gao patted Bai Qiyu a few times while waving his arms exaggeratedly.

Bai Qiyu squatted down cooperatively and obediently let his nephew beat him.

Neither of the uncles nor nephews took this little strength seriously, but Qingqing couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Don’t… don’t fight, uncle will hurt, just let… let him apologize to me. ”

With kindness, Bai Qiyu sincerely said to Qingqing: “I’m sorry. ”

“No… it’s okay. ” She just cried, so Qingqing was still sniveling a little when she spoke but her kind little appearance was so well-behaved that his heart felt so soft.

“Qingqing forgives you, it’s just… it’s just that uncle can’t pinch Qingqing anymore, you know? ”

“I see, uncle is wrong, I promise I will never hurt Qingqing’s arm again. ”

In the end, people made them cry, and Bai Qiyu had a good attitude of admitting mistakes.

“You can’t… you can’t scare me. ”

The little guy asked a lot, but Bai Qiyu still accepted all the orders: “ I won’t scare, don’t be scared, if I scare Qingqing, I will become a puppy, barking…”

He deliberately pretended to bark as a puppy, making Qingqing and Nian Gao laugh together, and now he was finally forgiven.

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