Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 55

Chapter 28: Qingqing Goes to Kindergarten

An Ran left Fu’s house in tears. Weeping silently and reluctantly left with a polite manner. Every move was very polite that even Fu Sishen couldn’t pick out a trace of wrongness.

In fact, he wanted An Ran to learn and be like the heroine of the eight o’clock dog blood TV series and say to him: “Fu Sishen, I hate you.”

Then she will run away crying and make up her mind that she would never forgive him again.

Then he must be super obedient when the time comes, even if he is single, he will never disturb the peaceful life of others.

“Oh, it’s a pity…”

Life does not give him this opportunity to play.

“Oh…” Qingqing thought it was fun and she followed suit, causing Fu Sishen to pinch her face speechlessly: “At a young age and sighing blindly, be careful or you’ll become an old woman. ”

“Uncle, Xiao Shen said that Qingqing is an old woman!” Qingqing puffed up her small face and complained loudly in anger.

His dad is already home?!

Fu Sishen stiffened all over, his neck slowly lifted up like a rusty machine, facing a pair of sharp and cold eyes standing on the corner of the stairs.


He stammered and couldn’t speak clearly.

Thinking about what he had done just now, Fu Sishen was crying and sad, he’s already silently lighting a candle for himself in his heart.

He’s done, he’s really done, remember to burn more paper money for him today next year.

“You want to be my father? ”

Fu Heng raised his eyebrows, and he couldn’t hear joy and anger in his low, magnetic voice, but he was so frightened that Fu Sishen fought with his legs and almost fell without standing still.

Fortunately, he still remembered that he had a little baby in his arms. If he dared to fall with her, his amnesty might directly become a death sentence.

“Don’t dare, don’t dare, how dare I, Dad, just now… I just suddenly got water in my head and talked nonsense. Really, how dare I have such a rebellious idea? ”

With a smile, Fu Sishen used practical actions to show what it is to be ‘from the heart’.

“Heh…come to work in my company tomorrow. ”

With a sneer, Fu Heng went downstairs and hugged Qingqing from the arms of the dumbfounded Fu Sishen and took her upstairs to play.

The younger son is free and idle all day that’s why he dares to talk nonsense about such absurd things.

After a half-silence, a terrible scream suddenly came from the Fu family villa.

“What’s the sound? ”

Qingqing probed her head curiously in Fu Heng’s arms, only to be pressed down with a big hand, “It’s okay, maybe there are mice in the house. ”

“Qingqing doesn’t like big dark and dirty mice. ”

Her small face wrinkled in disgust, for fear of seeing a mouse, Qingqing quickly buried her little head back.

Fu Heng walked into the study room with Qingqing in his arms, put her at a small table specially placed and motioned for her to sit down.

“Does uncle want to accompany Qingqing to paint? ”

Qingqing looked curious when her small hand was stuffed into a small fountain pen.

She has already played painting during the day today. In fact, she doesn’t really want to play but if her uncle wants to play, Qingqing can play with him.

The little guy is quite considerate.

“If you don’t want to draw, I will teach you to write your name. ”

The first thing before entering kindergarten is to learn to write your own name.

“Name? Qingqing can write. ” Qingqing didn’t dare to write other characters but she could write her own name.

Qingqing is feeling proud.

Fu Heng was a little surprised when he heard this and then said with interest: “Qingqing can write? Then you write it for me. ”

In order to prove herself, Qingqing immediately picked up the pen and wrote earnestly on the notebook one stroke at a time.

The strokes of the three characters “Gu Qingqing” are a bit cumbersome but Qingqing writes very neatly. It can be seen that she has practiced it very carefully.

“It’s well written, Qingqing is great. ”

Fu Heng, who has never been stingy in complimenting his children, immediately applauded making Qingqing blush, a little embarrassed, but she’s very happy and the bright smile at the corner of her mouth never lost its color.

“After Qingqing’s knees are completely healed, will you accompany me to a place? ”

Fu Heng was patiently preparing Qingqing for school.

“Where will we go? Is it fun? ”

The focus of children’s attention is so simple.

“It’s a place to learn, but there are many children that can play with Qingqing. You can share snacks, toys, and be good friends together. The child you visited today should also be there. ”

“Brother Nian Gao! ”

When she heard that Nian Gao was also there, Qingqing’s little milk voice was obviously excited and looked very happy.

Fu Heng: “…”

Suddenly, he didn’t really want to send Qingqing to that kindergarten.

However, this kind of naive idea is just an idea and the things that have been decided will not be changed.

About half a month later, Qingqing’s leg injury was officially declared healed, and her being sent to kindergarten was officially put on the agenda.

It is mid-August and there are still some days before the kindergarten officially starts.

However, Qingqing is a trial student. In order to have more choices, she needs to enter the round trial in advance.

If you don’t read well, you can change kindergarten in time. If you read well, you can try something else. Maybe the next one is better?

Standing at the door of kindergarten, Qingqing really cried.

Simple children feel that they have been deceived by adults, and they are full of a sense of betrayal and refuse to listen to any explanation at all.

“Ohh…… Qing Qing, don’t want to go to school, Qing Qing doesn’t like the nursery, don’t don’t don’t…… Oooo wah-wah……”

The little guy is really angry. She slapped Fu Heng’s shoulder with her little hand, and her legs were tightly clamped on him; refusing to set foot on the ground of the kindergarten even if she was killed.

She cried miserably, that Fu Heng felt distress and almost wanted to hold her back home, but he couldn’t act on it directly.

Fortunately, the situation next to him was worse than that of him. A parent of a child saw Fu Heng’s retreat and kindly came over to persuade him.

“Children have to go through this kind of experience when they go to school. We as parents have to be cruel. If they cry, let them cry. They must go to school, if they cry and make trouble now and we will allow them not to go to school. What should we do in the future? What should children do when they grow up? This is not loving the child, but harming the child. ”

After a big lecture was smashed down, even if Fu Heng felt distressed, Qingqing would not be allowed to not go to school.

He took Qingqing off his arms slightly forcefully and handed her to the teacher who was waiting next to him.

“My child is a bit delicate, I hope the teacher will take care of her. ”

A somewhat standard explanation can be seen in Fu Heng’s solemn attitude. Those who don’t know thought he was handing over some important keepsakes on a grand occasion.

Like a share contract or something……

“Please rest assured, we will definitely take good care of Qingqing. ”

When registering, each child will be issued a temporary badge so when teachers meets new children, they will know the child’s name like QIngqing.

“Parents, please come here. ”

The trial period does not need to be a full day, it only takes one morning. During this period, parents can choose to stay in the kindergarten and check their children’s situation at all times.

However, in order for the children to adapt as soon as possible, the parents cannot appear in front of the children. They can only hide in a specially prepared monitoring room and use surveillance cameras to peek at their children.

For Qingqing, Fu Heng made a three-day course.

For these three days, he didn’t know how many nights he had stayed up and how many shifts he had worked. Even now you can still faintly see how tired he is when looking at the bags under his eyes.

I only hope that Qingqing can succeed once, otherwise he may have to let his sons or brother-in-law come in the next three days.

Fu Heng, who suddenly wanted to retire early, rubbed his brows and looked intently at little Qingqing in the monitoring room.

Qingqing was carried into the classroom by the teacher sobbing, placed on a small seat, and a lollipop was stuffed in her hand.

She’s still crying, but she didn’t forget to eat the candy given to her. She had to wail twice if she took two lick at the lollipop, and then continue to eat the candy when she was tired of wailing and cyring.

“Hahaha… Look, husband, this kid is so cute. ”

“It’s true, but our family is also very cultured, very brave, and didn’t cry. ”

“Uh… she cried. ”

“It’s just that Hanhan is a bit slow to react, ahhahaha…”

It may be that Qingqing is so cute that she attracted praise from a couple next to her. Fu Heng curled his lips secretly when he heard this.

Their Qingqing is the cutest baby in the kindergarten, and she is also the cutest even when crying!

There are a total of twenty children in a class but they are only equipped with four teachers. There is no way for teachers to coax them over one by one with such a large-scale howling.

Now the teachers in the classroom are all busy.

Their kindergarten is pretty good.

Because it is an aristocratic kindergarten, the teachers are relatively well prepared. If you want to change to an ordinary kindergarten, with 30 or 40 children, at best they will have two teachers with them.

Qingqing was also crying but she was more obedient.

Compared with other abrasive children who stood up and wanted to run away, cried until they peed their pants, or pestered the teacher to hug them, she obediently sat in her seat and cried by herself. She was really cute like a little angel.

Therefore, it is inevitable to be ignored by busy teachers.

It may be that she found that no one coaxed her to cry no matter how much she cried, Qingqing quickly stopped her tears.

She glanced around curiously with wide eyes and when she saw that there were crying babies all around, she stood up by herself and ran in front of others.

“Don’t cry. ”

Obviously, there were dry tears hanging from her eyes, but his little hand was already holding a small handkerchief to wipe tears from others, “It won’t be beautiful after crying for a long time.” ”

The milky voice’s comforting statement clearly caught the attention of the little girl who was still pitifully crying. She raised her little head blankly, her hair dangling from her head, and she was still sobbing in a low voice.

“You… you…who are you? ”

“My name is Qingqing, Gu Qingqing, what’s your name? ”

The little guy who was familiar with comforting began to talk to people.

“Han…Hanhan, Papa and Mama calls me Hanhan. ”

Hanhan is a bit inarticulate, but for children of this age, it will only seem more cute and adorable, and will not be laughed at by people.

“Hanhan. “ Qingqing took the initiative to take Hanhan’s little hand: “Let’s be friends, here’s a candy for you.” ”

She took out a small jelly bean from her pocket and handed it to Hanhan.

She didn’t know where Hanhan throw the lollipop that the teacher gave her just now, and she couldn’t find it now.

So Hanhan didn’t eat candy yet. Now that she saw the little jelly beans in Qingqing’s palm, she couldn’t help swallowing her saliva. After hesitating for a while, she reached out to get it.

When the jelly beans were eaten, the sweet taste spread and Hanhan smiled sweetly: “Thank you. ”

“You’re welcome. ”


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