Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 56

Chapter 29: Sea King Qingqing

“Hanhan, a lot of children are crying, shall we tell them not to cry?” Qingqing said, holding Hanhan’s small hand.

“OK.” Hanhan wiped away her tears and readily agreed.

Qingqing is a very warm child and Fu Heng has long understood this.

But he never thought that this kid could be so powerful.

Originally, even the kindergarten teacher was a little dazed by the large scale crying of the kids, but under Qingqing’s strategy of “crying is not cute, this candy is for you, let’s hold hands, we are good friends”, the clamoring of the kids calmed a little bit.

In the end, the teachers were shocked to find that they were useless.

Because all the children were led by Qingqing, holding each other’s small hands, sitting obediently in rows and looking up at the teacher.

Kindergarten teacher: “…”

I have never felt so incompetent.

But as long as the result is good, it doesn’t matter what the process is.

The order was maintained by Qingqing and the teachers became much more relaxed when they started class.

In the three days of the trial period, it is impossible for teachers to teach children anything too profound.

They just take the children to play, let the children make friends with each other in a happy atmosphere, and then guide them to like kindergarten a little bit, and melt their resistance to kindergarten.

Facts have proved that these teachers are really good.

However, in the morning, when the parents came out of the monitoring room to pick up their children after school, these children were reluctant and didn’t want to go home.

“Mom, can I live in the kindergarten with Qingqing? ”

Hanhan who was led out, while her right hand was held by her father and her lefty hand by her mother, was still twisting her head and looking back.

“No way. ”

Hanhan’s mother was very gentle but also firmly rejected her wishful thinking, “Qingqing has to follow her father home and Hanhan has to follow her father and mother home, otherwise there will be no food to eat for you. ”

“No, I want to eat. ”

If you can’t have both rice and Qingqing, Hanhan… Hanhan should choose rice.

After all, children will die if they don’t eat, panic. jpg

“Uncle Uncle…”

As soon as Qingqing saw Fu Heng, she immediately abandoned her new acquaintance and rushed into Fu Heng’s arms like a cannon.

Picking Qingqing up, Fu Heng rubbed her little head skillfully and smiled softly: “Is Qingqing good today?”

“Super good!” Qingqing yelled very loudly, for fear that a lower voice would make her look bad.

“That’s great!” Fu Heng rewarded Qingqing by lifting her high up, she was so happy that she laughed and grinned until Fu Heng has an impulse to play with her.

“More, raise it high, Qingqing wants to raise it high. ”

“No, uncle’s hands are sore, I can’t lift Qingqing anymore. ”

Pretending to beat his arm pitifully, he immediately attracted the questioning of the warm-hearted little angel.

“Is Qingqing too heavy? Sorry, Qingqing’s gonna blow away the pain okay. ”

She puffed her cheeks and blew hard several times, Fu Heng didn’t feel much of the wind, but the warm current flowing in his heart kept circulating.

He couldn’t help but rub her white and tender cheeks affectionately with the side of his face. The subtle stubble brought a slight itching, which made her dodge again and again: “Hahahaha…itchy…”

“Shall we go to dinner with your brother at noon? ”

He has some business matters that need to be negotiated with Gu Lan, and now he just happens to take Qingqing with him.

“Okay, then let’s go quickly, Qingqing misses her brother. ”

Qingqing, who hadn’t seen Gu Lan for a long time, missed him a little bit, and hurriedly urged Fu Heng to go quickly when she heard the words. She couldn’t wait to meet her brother.

“You little conscience, you said yesterday that you like me the most but now you don’t want me as soon as you hear about your younger brother. ”

Fu Heng pointed at Qingqing’s small nose, with a slight jealousy.

“No, Qingqing likes her uncle the most! ”

Seeing that the car was about to stop, Qingqing hurriedly hugged Fu Heng and kissed him twice on the face, covering his face with saliva.

Fu Heng and Gu Lan made an appointment in a private kitchen restaurant.

This place was transformed from a three-in-one courtyard. The interior is beautifully decorated and the scenery is picturesque. The garden pavilions, lakes and rockeries are all complete. It is truly a step-by-step view, typical of the Jiangnan courtyard style.

The restaurant only accepts regular customers, or new customers introduced by regular customers. Only 20 tables of banquets are set up every day, and there are no more. Therefore, you can only rely on grabbing an appointment and it generally takes a week in advance to book a reservation.

Fortunately, the current owner of the restaurant is Gu Qingqing’s high school classmate that she has a better relationship with, so even Fu Heng gain benefit as long as he wants to book a reservation he just needs to call one day in advance.

As soon as they stepped into the gate of the restaurant, two beautiful young sisters dressed in cheongsam, with professional smiles, came forward and led them to the reserved place.

Gu Lan had already arrived early and there were two other men sitting next to him.

One is fat and one is thin, and they are all about 30 or 40 years old.

The fat one looks very festive, he smiles cheerfully like a Maitreya Buddha, but as long as anyone who is familiar with his nature dare not underestimate this old fox.

The thin one’s face is very beautiful; he’s the kind of a man with a feminine appearance. Time seems to treat him very favorably, and decades have passed without leaving the slightest trace on him.

But don’t underestimate him because he looks too good-looking. This guy is even more troublesome than the Maitreya Buddha. If he sells people, I’m afraid those people will have to help him count the money happily when they are sold.

“Chairman Fu, it’s been a long time since I saw you. ”

Maitreya Buddha took the lead to greet him with a kind smile. Seeing Qingqing in Fu Heng’s arms, he kindly took out two cashew nuts from the dim sum plate on the table and gave them to her.

“Children, do you want to eat it? This one is very sweet and crispy. ”

“Thank you Uncle. ”

Qingqing looked at Fu Heng first and only dared to reach out to pick it up when she saw him nodding.

“Hey, this kid is so good, she should be as old as my little grandson, right? ”

The smile lines on Maitreya Buddha’s fat face have deepened, which shows that this one really likes children.

“Qingqing is one year older. ”

Fu Heng raised his head slightly and greeted Maitreya Buddha and the feminine beauty in turn: “Mr. Lu, Mr. Xiao. ”

“What are you three doing? It’s the same as the company’s annual meeting. Don’t you feel panicked? ”

Gu Lan rolled his eyes uncontrollably, got up and hugged Qingqing from Fu Heng’s arms.

“Qingqing, did you miss me? ”

“Hmm! I missed you! Qingqing hadn’t slept for several days thinking about it. ” This little guy doesn’t know who she learned from, so she just opened his mouth sweetly.

“Really? ” The eyebrows were slightly raised, Gu Lan thought silently in his heart that I believe you are a ghost.

This little flower-hearted radish have a heart as wide as the sea and it’s too late to favor one every day. How can she think of this little shrimp that has temporarily gone away?[1]He’s saying that like the emperor she has a lot of concubines at home to favor [e.g. Fu father and son] so how could she ever have time to miss him

Obviously, the person who knows Qingqing best is the younger brother who was with her since he was a child.

However, this does not affect the performance of the Sea King.

Just listening to Qingqing one by one, “I miss you when I see the stars, and I miss you when I see the moon. I have to miss you 18 times a day”, coaxed Gu Lan into obedience.

“Qingqing is so good. ”

Touching Qingqing’s fluffy head with satisfaction, Gu Lan hung a pendant chain around Qingqing’s neck, “It’s a gift for you. ”

“Wow-so beautiful! ”

Qingqing lowered her head and picked up the pendant chain and couldn’t help but make a cry of surprise.

On the slender white gold chain, there is a small ball like a starry sky. When you raise the small ball and look in, you can still see the miniature galaxy. It is as beautiful as a dream, and it is a jewelry that no woman can refuse.

“Qingqing likes it so much, thank you… cousin. ”

Fu Heng had taught her that Gu Lan’s could not be called ‘younger brother ‘ indiscriminately outside with other people, so Qingqing obediently kept the agreement.

“Hey, Brother Gu, which family is this kid from? ”

Lu Di bumped Fu Heng with his elbow, with a curious expression on his face.

“You didn’t see it, it was obviously his Gu family’s baby. ”

Xiao Hanxuan raised his chin and nodded to Gu Lan.

“I’m not blind, of course I can see it. I’m just curious about the identity of the child! ”

The children who could be brought to see their old friends by his brother Fu personally knew that their identity was not so simple.

“This is Gu Lan’s cousin. ”

Fu Heng spoke bluntly according to the identity previously arranged for Qingqing, regardless of whether the other two believed it or not.

In fact, these two old foxes didn’t believe him very much. After all, everyone had known each other for decades, everyone knows each other.

They have never heard of any close relatives in the Gu family that the relationship is so good that Gu Lan, the little overlord, can help take care of the children.

However, since the person who said this was Fu Heng, no one would specifically pursue the truth.

They made an appointment today because they had business to discuss, so the gossip was only temporary, and soon everyone turned the topic to the right track.

Qingqing didn’t understand the business terms mixed with various professional terms. She simply didn’t listen to them. She was in Gu Lan’s arms and instructed him to give meat.

“Eat more vegetables, children can’t be picky eaters. ”

After picking a few meat for Qingqing, Gu Lan shifted his goal and picked a lot of vegetables for her.

“I don’t like…”

Qingqing took a small spoon and pulled the dishes in the bowl, but suddenly she lost her appetite.

“You have to eat even if you don’t like it. ”

It’s a pity that Gu Lan is used to her and doesn’t allow her to be a picky eater.

Aggrieved, she took a bite of the food, and the difficult appearance made Lu Di on the opposite side wonder in a daze whether the chef of the private house restaurant was out of order today.

I picked a cold jellyfish skin for myself, which was crisp and refreshing, spicy and salty, and as delicious as ever.

The tastes of children are really difficult to serve.

Shaking his head, Lu Di took the chopsticks and clipped the chicken again, deliberately or unintentionally ignoring the vegetables all over the table.

The meat is so delicious, why do you want to eat vegetables?

I’m not a sheep, gnawing grass every day.

It’s a meal that lasts for a long time while talking and eating. By the time the matter was over, it was almost dinner time. They had eaten this lunch long enough and it had become a combination of two meals.

Fortunately, the result was satisfactory.

Lu Di and Xiao Hanxuan left one after another with signed contracts and smiles on their faces.

Fu Heng and Gu Lan also achieved their goal. The two looked at each other and smiled, and then looked down at Qingqing at the same time.

The little guy slept like a little piggy in Gu Lan’s arms, she didn’t wake up no matter how loud they talked.

“Forget it, let her sleep, I’ll just hold her. ”

Stopping Gu Lan’s attempt to forcibly wake someone, Fu Heng took off his coat, wrapped Qingqing in it, and took her home.


1 He’s saying that like the emperor she has a lot of concubines at home to favor [e.g. Fu father and son] so how could she ever have time to miss him

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