Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 57

Chapter 30: Qingqing’s Best friend

At the entrance of the private restaurant, Fu Heng stood beside the car with Qingqing in his arms motioning for Gu Lan to help open the car door.

“Wait! ” Suddenly there was an eager cry from behind.

Gu Lan paused slightly as he was about to open the door and then turned with Fu Heng to look at the woman who had hurriedly went out of the restaurant.

She was wearing a royal blue long-sleeved high-slit cheongsam, with eight-centimeter stiletto heels on her feet, but she still ran fast.

After finally chasing Fu Heng and the others, her carefully taken care of hair was already slightly messy and a few strands of disobedient curly hair fell on the side of her face, but they did not damage her beauty, instead it added a bit of charm to her.

“Han Weilan?” Gu Lan was a little surprised.

What is this restaurant owner doing all of a sudden?

He remembered that they had already checked out but they didn’t have a big meal.

“…” Han Weilan ignored him. She just ran in such a hurry that she couldn’t help but put her hands on her knees, bent her waist and took a few breaths then suddenly raised her head and stared at Fu Heng with exquisite eye makeup.

“Surnamed Fu, where did you hide Qingqing? ”

“She went on a trip…”

Fu Heng still gave the same answer but Han Weilan interrupted irritably when he was only halfway through speaking.

“Bah! If you lie about this kind of nonsense, you will deceive the group of outsiders who do not know the truth. This old lady is the best friend who grew up with Qingqing ever since we’re on diapers! I know better than you what kind of person she is! ”

Han Weilan’s cheeks were flushed with anger and the string of reason in her mind was directly broken. The fragrant words coming from the classical beauty’s mouth makes people feel a little disillusioned.

The little waiters behind her looked horrified.

“It is absolutely impossible for Qingqing to travel alone without saying a word. Something must have happened to her. ”

Picking up the phone and bringing up the last chat history between herself and Qingqing, Han Weilan lowered her voice and threatened sharply: “Where the hell is the person? If you don’t say anything, I will call the police immediately. ”

On Han Weilan’s mobile phone interface, what is displayed is the chat history with Qingqing the night before she became smaller.

The time is more than one o’clock in the midnight. Even if Qingqing has any plans to travel alone, it is impossible to travel at such late hour.

So at least before June 1st, Qingqing must still be at home.

Gu Lan’s face changed slightly and he suddenly clasped Han Weilan’s wrist and dragged her into the corner.

“Lend me the phone to take a look. ”

“Who are you to Qingqing? ”

Holding the phone tightly, Han Weilan looked at Gu Lan’s face suspiciously.

Because of the history between Qingqing and Gu Lan it led to Han Weilan, whose a close friend of Qingqing, still never meeting and seeing Gu Lan in person.

But she is not blind either. Based on the similar appearance of this man and her friend, he must be related to Qingqing by blood.

Because of this speculation, Han Weilan was not so defensive of Gu Lan.

“I am her younger brother, her own younger brother. ” Gu Lan said bluntly.

“Brother? ” Han Weilan whispered strangely: “Why haven’t I heard Qingqing say that she has such a big brother before?” ”

Gu Lan: “…”

I can hear it, thank you.

“Can you lend me your mobile phone to take a look? ”

Nodding at the mobile phone in Han Weilan’s hand, Gu Lan persistently wanted to read the above content.

He had just caught a glimpse and he seemed to see some incredible information. He couldn’t help but want to see it more clearly.

“Here. ” This time Han Weilan was very refreshing and handed the phone directly to Gu Lan.

“Thank you. ” Gu Lan took the phone and looked down.

On June 1st, at 1:35 midnight.

[Qingqing is a rich woman: Are you asleep? I can’t sleep. ]

[Qingqing is a rich woman: I always feel something is wrong recently. ]


It was 1:49 midnight.

[Lan Lan wants to get rich: I didn’t sleep, I just finished taking a shower. ]

[Lan Lan wants to get rich: What’s wrong? Have you been harassed by that crazy woman again? ]

[Qingqing is a rich woman: No, it’s just a very subtle feeling, as if someone has been staring at me. ]

[Lan Lan wants to get rich: That’s the crazy woman, right? Doesn’t she covet your husband like a dog and always wants to disgust you so that she can take your place? ]


It was past two midnight.

[Qingqing is a rich woman: no, it doesn’t feel like she…]

[Qingqing is a rich woman: Forget it, it hurts to think too much. 】

[Qingqing is a rich woman: My husband is back and he has gone to bed. Good night. 】

[Lan Lan wants to get rich: Bah! Refuse to eat dog food late at night. My old lady just kicked up. jpg】

The chat content is here but with just a few words above, a lot of news has been revealed.

No wonder Han Weilan is so nervous.

“Who are you talking about as a ‘crazy woman’? ”

The cold voice suppressing their anger sounded from the sides of the two of them. Gu Lan and Han Weilan realized that Fu Heng, who they didn’t know when he came to their side, also saw the chat content on Han Weilan’s mobile phone.

Fu Heng is extremely angry now. He never knew that someone had been harassing his wife for a long time with his name.

Qingqing has gradually become indifferent to him over the years, is it because of this so-called ‘crazy woman’?

Not only Fu Heng but also Gu Lan’s face was ugly after reading the chat history.

It’s just that he still has another level of thinking.

“There are still people who have been staring at my sister, why? What does that person want to do? ”

“I don’t know who it is, Qingqing refused to tell me. ”

After showing all the mobile chat history, Han Weilan would naturally not hide any important news.

“I only know that from the day Fu Heng and Qingqing got married, every once in a while, she would receive threatening mails. The contents of the mails… were all intimate photos of her husband and various women. Maybe there are others, but Qingqing didn’t tell me. ”

“Until now? ” Gu Lan said in surprise.

How much hatred is it to be able to harass a person continuously for more than 20 years?

“Yes. ” Han Weilan nodded solemnly.

She once persuaded Qingqing to go to the police but she couldn’t find who the suspect was, so in the end she had to leave it alone.

Unconsciously holding the sleeping child in his arms, Fu Heng’s face was as cold as frost.

“Thank you for telling us the news, Qingqing… We can only tell you that she is safe now. As for anything else, I’m sorry, I can’t tell you now. ”

“How can you guarantee her safety. ”

Probably because of Qingqing, Han Weilan didn’t have a very good impression of Fu Heng and she didn’t trust his words very much.

“Just because I am her husband. ”

Leaving this last sentence, Fu Heng turned and left.

Han Weilan was taken aback for a moment. After reacting, Fu Heng had already driven the car leaving her in the same place, unreconciled and furious.

“Surnamed Fu, you’d better not let Qingqing have an accident, otherwise this mother will definitely not let you go! ”

After arriving home, Fu Heng first carried Qingqing back to her room to sleep.

The small dumpling was wrapped in a suit jacket, and when it was opened, they could feel a burst of heat spilling out.

While the freshly baked milk buns hadn’t gotten cold, Fu Heng quickly stuffed the person into the soft quilt, and then carefully covered her with a quilt.

“Uncle…” Qingqing rolled over, put the quilt in her arms, and smiled stupidly: “Eat candy candy…”

“If you eat too much sugar, you will have tooth decay. ” After speaking, Fu Heng couldn’t help but laugh.

What did he say to a sleeping child?

He raised his hand and gently touched Qingqing’s little head, and got an unconscious reply.

Fu Heng’s eyes were full of pampering that he didn’t even notice.

He straightened up, clasped his tie with his slender knuckles and pulled it left and right a few times. The original tenderness had long been replaced by deep indifference.

Taking another look at Qingqing’s sleeping face, Fu Heng turned around, walked out of the bedroom, and stood outside a closed room.

If Qingqing is awake now, she must be able to recognize that this room is the one she accidentally ran in while playing adventure before.

Staring solemnly at the closed door, it took a long time before Fu Heng slowly stretched out his hand, held the door handle and turned it a little bit.

With a soft click, a gap opened in the closed door and the darkness gradually widened in the gap until it was completely open.

The light outside was projected into the pitch-black room through the door, drawing Fu Heng’s slender shadow and falling straight on the courier boxes in the corner.

“Uncle, Qingqing wants to drink milk. ”

Qingqing, who woke up, got up in a daze, groping around with her little hands to find Fu Heng.

After searching for a while and didn’t find anyone, she became more conscious.

Opening her eyes slightly, Qingqing realized that she was the only one left in the room and it was dark.

Pursed her small mouth, Qingqing looked at the dark corners everywhere in fear.

I always feel that if I don’t pay attention, several big monsters will suddenly appear in those corners to eat her.

The baby is afraid.

In order to stimulate her potential, Qingqing crawled out of the bed at agility and speed that she would never reach before and ran to the door of the room, and went on her tiptoes to reach the doorknob.

She wants to escape!

It’s a pity that the three-feet little guy hasn’t grown up to the point where she can touch the door handle.

After trying to fight hard enough for a few times and even jumped up, still couldn’t touch the door handle making Qingqing discouraged.

She sat on the ground with her buttocks, holding her mouth, tears began to swirl under her eyes, but she resisted them from falling down.

“To…to be strong, Qingqing is a big child, so she can’t cry. ”

That’s right, but the room is dark, it’s really scary!

Just as Qingqing was trembling with fear, the door of the room that looked like an impenetrable mountain was suddenly opened from the outside and a familiar figure appeared behind the door.

“Uncle…uncle? ”

Suddenly being hugged by someone Qingqing stretched out her little arm suspiciously and hugged it back, and patted it.

It’s the same as coaxing a baby.

Holding his tall figure trembling slightly, Qingqing keenly sensed that Fu Heng’s current mood was extremely unstable.

He seemed to be very angry and guilty at the same time, mixed with complex emotions such as self-blame and pain.

It was too messy, Qingqing couldn’t tell it completely clearly, but she could tell that something was wrong with Fu Heng now.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”

Her shoulders were gradually moistened by the cold liquid… Was Fu Heng… crying?

“Qingqing forgives you. ”

Without the comfort of speaking out, Qingqing’s childish little milk voice was in Fu Heng’s ear, and his apologetic words paused slightly.

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