Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 58

Chapter 31: Qingqing’s Notes on School

“You…what are you talking about? ”

Fu Heng let go of Qingqing and looked at her blankly.

“Qingqing, forgives my uncle. ”

Qingqing said with a smile, her cute little face was completely ignorant of the world.

She didn’t seem to care if Fu Heng was sorry for her at all. She just said words of forgiveness so easily just to make him no longer feel so guilty and self-blame.

Therefore, Fu Heng couldn’t believe that her forgiveness came from Gu Qingqing’s sincerity.

Smiling at the corners of his mouth bitterly, Fu Heng looked directly at Qingqing’s clear eyes with obscure eyes: “Does Qingqing know what I did to you?” ”

“I don’t know. ” Shaking her head, Qingqing answered very honestly.

Sure enough……

With a sinking heart, Fu Heng was a little self-deprecating.

How can he believe the forgiveness of a child who does not know the truth?

If Qingqing learns the truth and knows what kind of torture she has suffered because of him, even if she is only three years old, she will definitely not forgive him.

“But what does it matter. ”

Qingqing held Fu Heng’s hand, put it on her cheek, and rubbed it, “No matter what bad things my uncle has done, Qingqing will forgive my uncle. Because Uncle is the best, best person in the world! ”

His pupils widened slightly and for a moment Fu Heng felt that his heart seemed to stop beating.

His chest trembled slightly, but this time it was no longer because of crying.

Low and deep laughter resounded in Qingqing’s ears, and she looked at Fu Heng’s gradually relieved smile, and she giggled unconsciously.


“Uncle, can Qingqing have one more ice cream today? ” The insatiable children began to take credit.

“No way. ” The indifferent and ruthless adult refused for a second.

“…Uncle big villain, Qingqing will never forgive you again! ”

Qingqing ran out of the room crying and ran to the living room to complain to Fu Sijin, who was sitting there watching the news.

It’s a pity that for my dear father, no matter how cool and tyrannical the president is outside, he has to shrink obediently.

“Uh… ice cream is not delicious, shall we eat something else? I remember there is still fruit in the refrigerator, why don’t I cut a pear for you? “Fu Sijin talked to Qingqing in a negotiating tone.

“Don’t want to! ” Qingqing muttered and rejected the adult’s lies.

Fruits are not as delicious as ice cream.

Fu Sijin, who was helpless, simply abandoned the news and picked up the remote control to tune Qingqing to the children’s channel, where her favorite dinosaur cartoon was being broadcast.

“Tyrannosaurus! ”

As soon as she saw the dinosaur, the excited little guy forgot everything, and she couldn’t remember what she was clamoring to eat before.

However, because she didn’t eat at night, Fu Heng stuffed a bottle of milk in her hand.

Qingqing is holding a baby bottle and drinking, coupled with a dinosaur cartoon, enjoying it too much.

The three-day trial of kindergarten went well. After that, Fu Heng wanted to take Qingqing to other kindergartens for trial, but Qingqing who already had a large group of good friends, rigorously refused.

The reason is that she just had a new friend and she is not that enthusiastic, so she can’t give up on others.

Fu Heng: “…”

Who taught you these messy things?

The culprit passed by Fu Heng guiltily. As long as he slipped fast enough, his father would never discover the truth.

“Xiao Shen! ” Qingqing saw Fu Sishen’s figure passing behind Fu Heng, and immediately shouted happily.

Fu Sishen: “! ! ! ”

God wants to kill me!

“Hey, good morning Dad. ”

Smiling embarrassedly at his father who turned his head when he heard the sound, Fu Sishen wanted to strangle Qingqing on the spot but unfortunately he didn’t dare.

Little traitor, don’t expect me to secretly take you out to play in the future!

Realizing that she seemed to have accidentally cheated on her son, Qingqing sat on the baby seat, holding the milk and winking innocently, pretending that nothing had happened and lowered her head to eat.

Well, the rice is so fragrant, and my uncle’s craftsmanship has improved again.

Today is Qingqing’s first day in kindergarten. The whole family has specially vacated today’s itinerary and prepared to send her to school together.

Even Gu Lan rushed to Fu’s house early.

Four tall men with their own merits escorted a delicate and cute milk dumpling to school together, passing by the crowd vigorously.

Not to mention children who are already curious, even many parents of students can’t help but look at them frequently. For no other reason, but because these five people are really uncles in their thirties and forties and a doll as young as three years old, they are all look good-looking.

People are all visual animals, and it is not unusual for them to like beautiful things.

Because today is the official school day, there are a lot of people outside the kindergarten.

In addition to the new students who have come to try out before and have been determined to go to the school, there are also old students who have studied in this kindergarten before.

The number of students plus their parents is simply immeasurable.

Looking around, they were all crowded.

Fortunately, Qingqing was firmly protected in the middle of the “Four Great Protectors’, so she was not squeezed.

With difficulty, they broke through the siege and came to the door of the small class. Before entering, the teacher inside noticed them at a glance.
“The little friend Qingqing is here. ”

The female teacher, who came to greet her with a kind smile, squatted down to greet Qingqing, her eyes were very regular from start to finish and she did not aim indiscriminately at Gu Lan and others.

The families of children who can study in this kindergarten are basically either rich or noble, and the parents of the students naturally have identities one by one.

Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be some scandals. When this kindergarten recruits preschool teachers, the first requirement is that teachers and parents of students are not allowed to have contact beyond the teaching requirements.

Teachers who violate the rules will not only be fired immediately but will also lose their reputation in the industry, making it difficult to find a job in the future.

“Hello, Teacher Miao Miao. ”

Qingqing called people obediently.

“Hey, Qingqing is so good. ”

Teacher Miao Miao took Qingqing’s little hand, turned her head and nodded to Fu Heng and others, then led her into the class and to her seat.

The seats in the small classroom are completely sorted. Qingqing is a little smaller than her peers, so she naturally sits in the first row, the most eye-catching position.

The children in the classroom sat obediently, while the parents of the students outside the classroom crowded at the door or window one by one, straightened their necks to look at their children and waved desperately, trying to attract the children’s attention.

Occasionally, parents who received a response from their children immediately laughed excitedly for half a day like the concubine who was turned over by the emperor. I don’t know what they’re proud of that they can attract the envious eyes of other parents next to him.

Fu Heng and Gu Lan are both mature adults and naturally they would not do such naive things.

But Fu Sishen is different. This guy doesn’t consider rationality at all, he only thinks that other people’s children have it, and his own children must also have it.

So he swayed both hands and almost caught up with the husky’s tail.

It’s a pity that the sea king Qingqing was busy greeting her new friends, and she didn’t notice a certain Erha who was desperately seeking attention outside the window.

Until Hanhan nodded Qingqing, motioning her to look out: “Is that person your brother? ”

“Brother? ” Where did she come from, brother?

Qingqing turned her head suspiciously and looked at the handsome face that Fu Sishen was looking forward to. She immediately returned with a bright smile and waved at Fu Sishen: “Xiao Shen. ”

“Look, Qingqing looked back at me, she smiled so cute! ”

Fu Sishen looked like a fool, and his eyes were so hot that Fu Sijin couldn’t help but turn his head and couldn’t bear to look directly.

It’s getting late; Fu Heng and Gu Lan have already gone to work separately, leaving the Fu brothers to watch the children in kindergarten.

But now Fu Sijin felt that he wanted to go back to work too. He really didn’t want to stay with this embarrassing brother anymore.

At nine o’clock in the morning, the kindergarten politely invited all the parents in it to go out. The noisy campus suddenly calmed down and finally there was a bit of an atmosphere of teaching and educating people.

After the actual class, Qingqing discovered that in fact, their courses were similar to those during the trial and even a little more relaxed.

Each child only needs to complete the daily learning tasks and then they can play as much as they like the rest of the time, as long as they don’t leave the teacher’s sight.

Today’s learning task is to learn two English words and five pinyin letters, as well as count from one to three.

This kind of early childhood learning only needs to recognize and doesn’t need to learn to write.

Qingqing is smart and has the foundation of being taught early before, so she learns things quickly.

Except that it took a little bit of time to memorize English words. She can study other things but most of her studies could only be regarded as review.

So ten minutes later, Qingqing happily ran to the corner to play in the envy and admiration of the children in the class.

Hanhan was the second to complete the task. The two young sisters met smoothly and cheered happily. Until they were warned by the teacher to be quiet, they both covered their mouths and giggled secretly.

“Qingqing, let’s sneak out to play. ”

Hanhan took Qingqing and peeked at the teacher who was concentrating on teaching other children.

“No… no, the teacher won’t let us out of the classroom. ”

Qingqing was a little moved but when she saw it, she still felt that she had to listen to the teacher obediently.

“I’m not afraid, let’s just sneak out for a while and come back after a while, okay? ”

Hanhan shook Qingqing’s arm softly and coquettish.

“No, if the teacher found out that we’re going out they’re going to be angry. ”

Shaking her head, Qingqing still refused Hanhan’s proposal.


Hanhan was a little disappointed but she didn’t dare to run out alone without Qingqing with her.

Fortunately, when the class break was over the teacher relented and allowed them to play in the hallway.

In an instant, the children in the entire class were like mustangs, they all scattered cleanly.

“Qingqing, hurry up, I just found a fun place. ”

Hanhan took Qingqing and ran towards the entrance of the stairs quickly. As a result, she ran too fast, and she didn’t look at the road for a while, and actually knocked down the other children.

“Ouch! ”

The little boy who was knocked down squatted on his buttocks and yelled in pain, causing Hanhan’s small body to shake in fright, especially after seeing that the little boy was obviously older than them, she was even more scared.

“Yes… sorry. ”

She shivered and apologized to others, but her little hand quietly let go of Qingqing’s hand, trying to distance herself from her.

If you want to… if you get beaten, let Hanhan be beaten by herself.

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