Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 59

Chapter 32: Qingqing Fights

On the first day of school, Qingqing need to call her parents.

Fu Heng hurried from the company, his suit hadn’t been changed and his hair was slightly messy.

As soon as he arrived outside the classroom office, he was stuffed with a wronged little milk dumpling.

“Uncle Uncle… Qingqing was beaten, it hurts so much. ”

Qingqing grabbed Fu Heng’s trouser legs, raised her little head, and complained loudly while crying aggrievedly.

It’s just that the little face is dry, there are no tears at all, the typical dry thunder that does not rain.

The teacher standing behind Qingqing was a little embarrassed.

She didn’t expect that the well-behaved and cute Qingqing would even complain to the wicked first. It was the other little friends who were beaten even more severely.……

“Wow… Mom, Hanhan was beaten, it hurts so much, it hurts so much, Mom…”

The teacher was shocked by another cry that suddenly broke out.

She turned her head stiffly and saw that Hanhan, the second child who hit the person, was crying loudly while holding her mother and complained while crying. Even the content of the complaint was exactly the same as Qingqing, and it was characteristic of learning and selling it now.

The only difference is that Hanhan really feels that she is super wronged and the golden peas on her small face are fierce and she seems to be much more sincere than Qingqing, who is obviously fake.

“You guys are talking nonsense, obviously you knocked down my brother first! ”

Seeing that he and others were about to be slandered, a little boy stood up and yelled angrily at Qingqing and the others.

He, including the two smaller-looking boys next to him, had all the colors on their faces.

Especially the little boy who was talking, his small black face was marked with three crescent marks of fingernails, which can be seen at first glance.


You will cry and we will cry too. The two younger boys immediately cried under the instructions of their elder brother.

It happened that the children’s parents arrived at this time, and when they arrived, they were met with crying and howling, one by one, louder than the other, until they were so noisy that their brains hurt.

“I’ll count up to three and you immediately stop for me, one…two…”

Before they reached three, not only the little boy, but also Qingqing and Hanhan all closed their mouths, looking at the beautiful aunt with fear who was fierce at first glance with fear.

“Old… wife, you scared the children. ”

Behind the beautiful aunt is a man with an elegant temperament. He wears a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, which feels like an intellectual who specializes in scientific research.

“Mom and Dad. ”

The three boys looked at their parents pitifully, not noticing that Qingqing next to them had also been staring at their parents.

It’s really similar.

Fu Heng frowned slightly. The combination of this couple is really similar to when Qingqing’s parents were young.

The mother is strong and beautiful and the father is cowardly but elegant.

It was obviously a different appearance but it unexpectedly matched the unpleasant couple.

It’s just that it’s impossible for the Gu family’s parents to come to the kindergarten specifically for their children’s “small chores”.

“What’s going on, you can tell me honestly one by one. ”

Her sharp chin was slightly raised, the boy’s mother put her hands around her chest and her cold gaze swept across the faces of the children one by one.

Of course, the focus is only on their own children.

“I… we were beaten, it hurts so much, it hurts so much, Woohoo…”

The complaint didn’t make it clear and the older boy himself cried aggrieved first.

He was really aggrieved. The wounds on his face and body hurt, but no one comforted him.

Teacher on the sidelines: “…”

Are you all right in advance when you complain?

Although the little boy’s complaint was nothing new, the injuries on several children were real.

The boy’s mother frowned slightly when she saw it, and then turned to look at Qingqing and Hanhan.

The atmosphere was tense for a while. Just when everyone thought she would get angry, she didn’t expect her to slap the ass of her children, showing disgust.

“You can’t even beat the two little girls who are younger than you. Do you still have the face to cry? ”

After a whole silence, there was a louder cry.

At this moment, even the teacher was shocked and had to come out to stop the parents.

“Well, Mother Chen Hao, if the child is ignorant, just teach him well, don’t… don’t beat the child. ”

“Wife, I have something to say. ”

Father Chen is also persuading his wife.

There was a mess over there, but it seemed that Qingqing was relatively quiet here.

She was picked up by Fu Heng, put her little hand around his neck skillfully, and turned her head to look at Chen’s parents.

“Different. ”

Fu Heng heard Qingqing’s murmur.

He knew what Qingqing was talking about.

Although the Chen family’s parents are somewhat similar to Qingqing’s parents, the two sides are different beings after all and cannot be confused.

Obviously, the Chen family’s parents are more like a pair of real parents than the Gu family’s parents.

After beating the child, Mother Chen was finally able to calmly listen to the teacher explain everything, including why her child was beaten.

“It was Hanhan who accidentally knocked down Chen Shu while playing between classes, and then was seen by Chen Qi. Thinking that Hanhan was bullying his younger brother, he rushed up and pushed Hanhan. He pushed Hanhan down and made her cry. Qingqing next to Hanhan rushed up to beat Chen Qi when she saw it, and was seen by Chen Hao who was passing by. A few children started fighting like this. ”

When the teacher explained, he was a little helpless. He didn’t expect that on the first day of school, he would have to invite parents over because of a fight between the children.

In fact, there is only Qingqing who is the main force in the group fight.

Hanhan and Chen Shu are completely the scum of the battle, which can be ignored, while Chen Qi and Chen Hao are two years older than Qingqing, but they still have a bit of force value.

It’s a pity that the result is obvious that neither of the two big boys are powerful like Gu Qingqing.

This result is very embarrassing, no wonder Mother Chen wants to hit someone.

They haven’t even fought bravely and they still complained, what about my face?

“I’m sorry, you see, it’s all the fault of our family Hanhan for making this trouble. ”

Hanhan’s mother heard it from beginning to end, and knew that the beauty that caused the war was her own child, so she quickly apologized to other parents.

“It was our Qingqing who hit the person. Sorry, we will compensate for the child’s medical expenses. ”

Qingqing hit people to protect her good friends. Fu Heng couldn’t embarrass her in front of others, otherwise he would hurt the child’s self-esteem, but it was true that she hit people, so he had to show his apologetic attitude.

“Where is the fault? it is obvious that the few brats in my family are the ignorant ones. ”

Several parents apologized to each other and finally reached a settlement agreement politely, and the farce of children fighting came to an end.

However, when the parents lead their children home, how they will educate them in private depends on each family.

Today, Fu Heng has a very important banquet to attend and he specially chose a Lincoln to travel.

Now in the car, Qingqing is placed in the front of the car, while Fu Heng sits in the rear of the car farthest from her. The two are separated by a large distance and do not interfere with each other.

No, it’s just that Fu Heng unilaterally ignored Qingqing.

Qingqing was sitting in her seat, fidgeting like there’s a needle under her little butt.

She looked down at the tip of her shoe and from time to time she looks up to take a peek at Fu Heng, take a look, look down then repeat.

Fu Heng still ignored her and even closed his eyes, as if he didn’t want to see her.

With her mouth aggrieved, Qingqing struggled to slide down from the gap in the seat belt, stumbled to Fu Heng and carefully reached out to touch his knee.


“…” Fu Heng ignored, but put a big hand on Qingqing’s shoulder to prevent her from falling.


The milky voice has a tinge of crying and aggrieved tone.

“Qingqing… Qingqing is wrong… don’t ignore me…”

She really cried and her tears fell in large pieces, which was pitiful to look at.

“Where are you wrong? ”

After that, Fu Heng’s heart softened, he sighed slightly, opened his eyes, and asked Qingqing in a quiet voice.

“You shouldn’t hit people. ” Qingqing lowered her head guiltily.

It seems that she also knows that it’s wrong to hit someone.

“What else? ” Fu Heng forced himself to be ruthless and continued to question.

“No… you can’t lie to others by pretending to cry, and… complain. ” This time Qingqing’s head is really hanging so much that it can’t hang anymore.

She didn’t dare to cry anymore. The bad boy who did the wrong thing was not qualified to cry.

A gentle force came from above her head, gently rubbing her head, Qingqing sniffed, fighting back tears.

“There is nothing wrong with the complaining. Qingqing has to come and complain to us if she is wronged. Whether it is me or others, we will get justice for you. Qingqing’s intention to protect her friends is not wrong. You are all right. But Qingqing can’t beat people casually, nor can she deceive adults by pretending to cry and complain. This is not right. ”

Fu Heng educated Qingqing persuasively.

A child’s mistakes must be corrected as soon as they are discovered; otherwise it will be difficult for her to correct them in the future.

In this seemingly small incident, what Qingqing did was both wrong and right.

As a mature adult, Fu Heng has to help her analyze the right behavior and correct the wrong behavior for her, so that Qingqing will understand what is right and wrong in the future.

“But… but Hanhan was pushed, she was crying. ”

Qingqing explained in a hurryand Fu Heng quickly helped her follow her back to soothe her emotions.

“I know that Hanhan was pushed down. You are very anxious and want to protect her, but if you go to comfort Hanhan not to cry at that time, or explain to Chen Qi rationally that Hanhan did not deliberately knock down Chen Shu and ask him to apologize… If you do anything right, things will not become like this. ”

“It was Qingqing who was wrong, next time… Next time Qingqing will never fight again. ”

This time Qingqing sincerely confessed her mistake, keeping Fu Heng from getting angry.

“It’s still good to admit your mistake and change it. ”

Happily picking Qingqing up and letting her sit on his lap, Fu Heng took out a small medicine box from the dark compartment next to him and motioned to Qingqing to extend her hand.

“No need. ”

Qingqing hid her small hands slightly on her back but was caught by Fu Heng.

Rolling open her sleeves, he saw that a large area of bruising was particularly obvious on the white and tender little arm.

This was beaten by Chen Hao.

Is it a one-to-many battle? How could Qingqing not be injured.

His eyes darkened slightly and Fu Heng calmly and carefully medicated Qingqing, while coldly saying: “Just let go of what I said. Next time you meet those three brats, remember to give them another beating for me. I’ll take care of it! ”

Qingqing: “…”

The children said that there are many question marks.

Why are you adults like this after a while?

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