Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 60

Chapter 33: Qingqing Attending a Banquet

“Little skirt! It’s so beautiful. ”

Qingqing was led into a high-end children’s clothing store, her big eyes gleaming at all kinds of beautiful princess dresses inside.

“Choose a set of clothes for her to attend the party. ”

Time is running out, now that Qingqing was sent home, no one is available to take care of the child. He is not at ease when he hands it over to outsiders, so Fu Heng simply took her to the dinner party.

“Okay, little friend, would you please come with me?”

The well-dressed shop assistant sister nodded with a professional smile then squatted down and stretched out her hand to Qingqing, coaxing softly.

Qingqing glanced at Fu Heng and saw that he was still standing still, and didn’t mean to leave without her, so she safely handed her small hand to the clerk’s sister.

She was guided into the dressing room.

The clerks here are professionally trained and they quickly matched Qingqing with a beautiful white dress[1]This is what Qingqing’s dress looked liked but in white. based on her personal characteristics.

Qingqing is delicate and cute, with white skin, and actually looks good in everything she wears.

Moreover, she is very educated, white and elegant, which just highlights her well-behaved and elegant temperament. The doll skirt with an empire waist can also cover up Qingqing’s slightly fleshy body well. This made her like a pure and lovely little angel.

If Qingqing was just a little cutie at first, then she is now is a big cutie that you wants to steal to bring back home and hide when you see her; the cute kind that makes people tremble from her adorableness.

Fu Heng almost couldn’t help reaching out to pinch Qingqing’s white and tender cheeks.

Fortunately, his sanity still exists, otherwise it would not be easy to coax if one accidentally made someone cry again.

“We have children’s cosmetics here. Do you want to apply makeup to children? ” The shop assistant sister appropriately recommends her own products.

“No need. ” Fu Heng refused, Qingqing is very good-looking like this and there is no need to add any makeup.

“Ok.” There was no look of disappointment; the clerk’s sister still maintained a professional smile.

The dress she sold today has a small commission of 1,000 yuan, and there is nothing to be disappointed with less cosmetics bonuses.

After glancing at his watch, Fu Heng took Qingqing’s small hand and went to the front desk to pay the bill.

Back in the car, Qingqing noticed that the driver’s uncle was not there. She wanted to ask curiously, but in a blink of an eye, she saw the driver’s uncle walking quickly with a beautifully packaged gift bag.

“Chairman. ” The driver respectfully handed the gift bag to Fu Heng.

“Thank you for your hard work. ”

Fu Heng took out the box inside and opened it to reveal a delicate diamond tiara hairpin.

“Come here. ” Beckoning to Qingqing, Qingqing immediately leaned forward.

“For Qingqing.” I expected this to be a gift for myself a long time ago but I am still very happy.

“Ok.” Fu Heng motioned to Qingqing to lower her head, picked up the tiara and put it on for her.

When she just changed her clothes, the clerk’s sister also gave her hair a. The beautiful flower bun stood on the top of her head, and the hairpin could be decorated on it.

Feeling a little more weight on her head, Qingqing leaned her head back and tried to look in the front car mirror, and admired her beautiful self in the mirror.


With a smile on her face, Qingqing didn’t forget to thank the person who gave the gift.

“Thank you uncle, Qingqing likes it very much. ”

She raised her head and quickly gave Fu Heng a kiss on his face. Qingqing smiled like a Cheshire cat this time, super happy.

“Little naughty ghost. ”

Patting Qingqing’s forehead pettily, Qingqing fell back in cooperation, bent halfway and sat back holding Fu Heng’s hand, then smiled but was pressed down by his finger again.

The repetitive mini-games are simple and naive. Neither of the two of them noticed it, and they had fun on their own.

When he arrived at the banquet venue, Fu Heng narrowed his smile and helped Qingqing slightly tidy up her messy hair and small skirt. After confirming that she was tidy, he led her to get out of the car slowly under the attention of the crowd.

“Chairman Fu, you are here, everyone is waiting for you. ”

When a middle-aged man with a big belly greeted guests at the door, seeing Fu Heng’s figure, he walked quickly to greet him with a warm smile.

Noticing that he was still holding a child in his hand, the middle-aged man was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled again: “This is your little girl, she looks so good. ”

It is rumored that Fu Heng has only two sons who have come of age a long time ago. Now this little girl, I am afraid her identity is a bit difficult to say.

Of course, it is impossible for a middle-aged man with this kind of dark and careful thinking to show it on his face, but Fu Heng had already heard a bit of ambiguity from his subtle pause.

“This is my wife’s cousin. ” He explained lightly.

Many people around have been eavesdropping on the movement here with their ears pricked up. Hearing this sound, some curious people couldn’t help but peeked at Qingqing.

Seeing that her face was indeed very similar to Fu Heng’s wife, it also dispelled the dark speculation of jealousy in most people’s hearts.

“It turned out to be the daughter of the Gu family. It’s a pleasure to meet you. ”

Knowing that he had misunderstood, the middle-aged man smiled and wanted to shake Qingqing’s small hand but Qingqing avoided him timidly, hiding her whole body behind Fu Heng to avoid from being seen.

“Sorry, the child is a little afraid of people. ”

Fu Heng protected Qingqing, greeted the middle-aged man politely and then was invited over by the others.

No matter who he was talking to, he held Qingqing’s little hand firmly throughout the whole process, not letting her stay away from him.

For this kind of banquet, it is said that it is a high-class social place. If it is said to be unpleasant, there are all kinds of fish and dragons in it. It is not a wise choice to let a three-year-old child run around.

Perceiving that Qingqing was tugging at the hem of his clothes, Fu Heng politely nodded to the person opposite, then led Qingqing to the corner and asked, “What’s the matter? Do you feel bored? ”

Qingqing shook her head and touched her belly: “I’m hungry. ”

It’s past eight o’clock in the evening and Qingqing hasn’t eaten yet. She feels aggrieved and her small belly has been desperately protesting.

“Sorry, I forgot you haven’t eaten yet.”

Fu Heng touched Qingqing’s little belly, it was all deflated. He didn’t know how this greedy little guy endured it for so long before telling him.

Naturally, there is food at the banquet but most of those things have been cold or they are cold food and are not suitable for children.

Fu Heng glanced around, and in the end he could only give Qingqing two small cakes and a glass of juice without ice to cushion her stomach.

“Qingqing, if you’re hungry eat these first, and I’ll buy you delicious food when we get home later, okay?”

“Ok. ” Qingqing couldn’t wait to reach out to get the small cake in Fu Heng’s hand.

She is so hungry, she can eat anything now!

There is a large open-air balcony behind the curtain of the banquet hall, with several small European-style round tables and matching chairs.

This is for guests like them who want to hide away, or are too hungry to eat.

No one will eat in public outside, which is unsightly and easy to be laughed at.

Fu Heng and Qingqing chose the empty table in the corner. It was close to the curtain and it was relatively dark around. If they didn’t pay attention, it would be difficult to find anyone there.

Qingqing swallowed the first cake and choked a little. Fu Heng handed over the juice with the straw in time. She immediately held the juice cup and took a big sip with the straw.

The small throat moved with her swallowing, and Fu Heng looked at it for fear that Qingqing would accidentally choke on herself.

As soon as he thought about it, the little guy choked and coughed violently, so that Fu Heng quickly patted her on the back.

“Slow down, no one will grab them from you. ”

“Ahem… Qingqing, Qingqing, Qingqing… Qingqing is hungry. ”

Although the cough was very uncomfortable, Qingqing held it again after it eased.

Drink the juice, this time she only dared to drink it in small sips, not too fast.

The balcony fell silent for a while, leaving only a faint swallowing sound, as well as a knowing chirping sound at night.

A quiet environment is always prone to accidents.

“Miss Bai, I don’t know what you want to do when you call me over? If it’s okay, I’ll go back to work. ”

A slightly familiar gentle female voice sounded, which attracted Qingqing’s attention.

She pricked up her little ears and peeked up.

I saw two slender figures vaguely seen behind the curtain on the other side. The height of the two was not much different and even their stature was vaguely similar.

“Your name is Yu Yu. ” Another female voice sounded, the same gentle and graceful, but the tone was inexplicably high: “I don’t mean anything else; I just want to see you.” ”

“Then you have seen enough? “ Yu Yu felt that the woman in front of her was simply inexplicable, “If it’s okay, I’m leaving.” ”

She turned around and wanted to leave, but Bai Siya’s words were made stop in place: “ The woman Sijin has always loved is me, you know that, right? ”

Her back was slightly stiff and Yu Yu’s palms clenched unconsciously.

She had misunderstood Sijin once before, this time she absolutely had to trust him. If there was anything, she would go back and ask him in person. There was no need to listen to an irrelevant woman’s nonsense here.

Taking a deep breath, Yu Yu straightened her back and continued to walk forward. Unexpectedly, Bai Siya suddenly rushed over and grabbed her wrist, screaming loudly.

“Miss Yu, what are you doing, ah–! ”

Stunned, Yu Yu watched Bai Siya fall off the balcony in front of her and fall into the swimming pool below, splashing a large amount of water.

The curtain behind her was suddenly torn apart and all the guests who heard the movement and came saw Yu Yu pushing Bai Siya off the balcony.

Many guests were so frightened that they screamed and several people quickly turned around and rushed down to save people.

At this moment, Fu Sijin broke off the crowd and went in front.


Yu Yu hadn’t recovered from the change just now. Her hands and feet were cold, she looked at Fu Sijin with a panic expression, and explained palely: “It was her… she fell by herself. ”

Yu Yu couldn’t have expected that Bai Siya could do this in order to frame her.

But she has to admit that this blow is really effective.

“You go in. ”

With a calm face, Fu Sijin strode to the edge of the balcony and looked down at Bai Siya, who had been rescued by the staff below, with a horrible cold expression on his face.

“You…” I originally wanted to ask Fu Sijin if he didn’t believe her, but now what’s the use of asking so much?

Yu Yu smiled palely, turned around and left: “Okay, I’ll go in and wait for you. ”

Also waiting for your judgment.


1 This is what Qingqing’s dress looked liked but in white.

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