Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 61

Chapter 34: Qingqing is Accused

Everyone was concentrated near the balcony. All kinds of eyes fell on her and Yu Yu fell in a daze, as if she had been stripped naked and thrown into the crowd to be humiliated.

She was pale and wanted to leave, but was stopped by the crowd in front of her.

It happened that at this moment, Bai Siya who was rescued, appeared in front of her drenched wrapped in a towel.

Her hair was still dripping embarrassedly, and she looked at Yu Yu with a little fear and distress in her eyes. She seemed to be very careful as if Yu Yu would violently hurt her again, and couldn’t help but hide behind the people beside her.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. ”

Standing next to Bai Siya was a well-dressed old lady. She gently hugged Bai Siya with pity and patted her slender back that was trembling slightly with comfort.

“What the hell is going on? ”

The organizer of the banquet tonight got the news and hurried here with a gloomy face.

“When we arrived, we saw this lady pushing Miss Bai off the balcony. ”

The waiter on the side whispered what he had seen.

“We also saw it. ”

“How much hatred is there, can’t you just talk it out? How can you push people? ”

“Yes, fortunately, Miss Bai fell into the swimming pool. What if something really happened? ”


There was a lot of discussion in the crowd, Yu Yu’s face turned pale and completely lost its color.

She looked at Fu Sijin but saw that he had been staring at Bai Siya, and then turned to look at Bai Siya. Bai Siya immediately dodged in shock, not looking at her at all.

Her heart ached, but Yu Yu stubbornly raised her head, raised her voice and said, “I didn’t push her, Bai Siya fell by herself. ”

“We all saw it just now. It was because you were jealous that Siya was Fu Sishen’s first love that you deliberately pushed her off the balcony and wanted to kill her! ” Bai Siya’s two friends pointed angrily at Yu Yu and shouted.

“I didn’t! ”

“Heh… with so many pairs of eyes watching, do you really treat us as blind! I think I have to call the police and put you in jail for a few years so that a vicious woman like you can learn to be honest. ”

“Shut up. ” Fu Sijin let out a low shout and the audience was instantly silent.

Everyone looked at the “Beauty of Disaster” that caused this accident, wanting to see who’s side he was on.

After being drunk, Bai Siya’s good girlfriend was not thinking rationally and kept saying, “Fu Sijin, don’t forget, Siya was your girlfriend before. After she went abroad to study, you found such a shitty substitute. Forget it, now…”

“I said shut up! ”

Stared at by Fu Sijin’s cold gaze, Bai Siya’s best friend almost thought that she was facing an angry beast. Once she made a slight movement, she would be torn to pieces.

Her face instantly became ugly, but she didn’t dare to say anything.

“Bai Siya, how did you fall off the balcony? ”

Seeing that the scene was under control, Fu Sijin narrowed his expression slightly and stepped forward to ask Bai Siya.

The slender tall figure seemed to inadvertently block Yu Yu’s petite body behind him, Bai Siya’s eyes dimmed slightly and she unconsciously grasped the towel on her body.

Everyone followed Fu Sijin’s gaze and looked at her, waiting for an answer.

A ‘truth‘ that came out of her mouth.

“Yes…” She lowered his head slightly, avoiding Fu Sijin’s gaze, Bai Siya whispered: “Don’t blame Miss Yu, she is also impulsive…”

“Bai Siya, you are talking nonsense! ”

When Yu Yu heard that Bai Siya dared to slander her in public, she trembled with anger.

She is usually a very gentle person, and she has always spoken softly to others. Today, she was also forced to be anxious; otherwise she would not be so impulsive.

Bai Siya said nothing, but her body shrank visibly, as if she was very afraid of Yu Yu.

When her two girlfriends saw this, they immediately exploded.

“Yu Yu, don’t deceive people too much! Siya is easy to bully, but we are not easy to provoke. ”

“Fu Sijin, show your attitude. After all, do you still want to protect this vicious woman? ”

“Ajin…” Bai Siya raised her eyes dimly with tears in her eyes, and looked at Fu Sijin pitifully.

She was drenched with water still dripping down, her face was pale and bloodless, and her thin body was crumbling, as if she would faint immediately in the next moment.

Fu Sijin frowned, but did not respond for a while.

Yu Yu’s heart cooled behind him.

“Ahjin. ”

Just as the crowd fell silent for a while because of this big show, a tender little milk voice suddenly sounded.

“Qingqing? ” Hearing this familiar child’s voice, Fu Sijin immediately turned his head in surprise.

But in the neglected corner of the balcony, in addition to Qingqing who shouldn’t have appeared here, there was another person who was also familiar with him.

“Dad! ”

The sound was like a stone breaking into the sky and it immediately made everyone’s brains buzz.

Who is the one who can be called dad by Fu Sijin?

Fu Heng, chairman of the Fu Group, the top three on the global rich list and the head of the top wealthy— Fu Heng.

Bai Siya’s face turned pale, this time it was pale as a white sheet of paper.

Facing the different expressions of everyone, Qingqing stretched out her little feet and tested back and forth on the ground several times, before slowly sliding off the seat. She ran to Fu Sijin’s side, hugged his legs happily and smiled sweetly with her little head on his back: “Ahjin, Qingqing misses you so much. ”

“You said yesterday that you miss your uncle very much, and you started to miss me today. ”

As soon as he saw Qingqing, Fu Sijin subconsciously gathered his energy and gently bent over to pick up the little angel in the white dress. The movement was natural, as if he had done this similar action thousands of times.

“Ah…Ahjin, who is she? ”

Bai Siya stammered and asked.

She is very flustered now.

While worrying about whether Chairman Fu had seen the truth about her design to frame Yu Yu, she still had a bit of luck, and kept comforting herself that it was okay. There would be no such coincidences in this world.

“You are not allowed to call him Ahjin, you are a bad person, a liar, Qingqing doesn’t like you! ”

Qingqing hugged Fu Sijin’s neck with a strong possessiveness, turned her head and stared at Bai Siya fiercely.

She didn’t like Yu Yu who had beaten Fu Sijin, but she didn’t like Bai Siya more, who deliberately harmed people and lied.

The teacher said, a good child can’t lie!

“Little friend. ”

The banquet organizer saw from Qingqing’s reaction that she might have seen the truth, and immediately walked up and asked gently: “Can you tell Uncle, this sister just now…“ pointed at Bai Siya, “Was it pushed down by this sister?” ” Then at Yuyu.

“No, it’s not. ” Qingqing replied honestly.

“Just now, the two bad sisters quarreled here. The bad sister in the blue dress wanted to leave, but the bad sister in the white dress grabbed her and then she suddenly yelled, the ‘Plop! ’ she fell all at once. ”

The childish depiction of children’s storytelling style has to be accompanied by exaggerated body language, which is cute and charming.

But none of the adults present were in the mood to appreciate her performance.

It is impossible for such a small child to lie.

Therefore, today’s accident was completely a conspiracy directed and acted by Bai Siya, in order to frame Yu Yu.

Everyone looked at Bai Siya with unbelievable eyes, mixed with a bit of disgust and fear of being deceived.

They do not resent scheming women. After all, scheming means being smart and successful people are often smart people.

But they hate that they were deceived because it make it seems like they are stupid.

No one can stand being labeled stupid, especially this group of celebrities who love faces.

“Why are you such a vicious child at such a young age and Siya is so kind, how could you do such a thing? It is clear that you are lying. ”

“That’s right, I really don’t know how your parents educated you, there is no tutor! ”

At a critical time, only Bai Siya’s two girlfriends stood up to support her, but what they said was too much.…… and attracted the disgust of many people.

However, some people who went out without their brains were crooked.

“I think it is also possible that this child is lying. ”

“Yes, Bai Siya is usually a very nice person, how could she be that kind of deep-hearted person?” ”

“Tsk, I learned to lie when I was only a few years old. This kid will definitely die behind the bars in the future. ”

“Don’t say that, the child is still young, and it is not impossible to teach her well in the future. ”


Carefully whispered into Qingqing’s ears.

Inexplicably accused, Qingqing was stunned, not angry, but felt inexplicable: “Are you all fools? ”

“Hey! Who are you scolding, you kid! ”

A well-dressed dandy in the crowd yelled in dissatisfaction. He was the one who helped Bai Siya speak. When he heard Qingqing’s verbal abuse, he consciously brought himself in.

“Qingqing is a good child, so she didn’t curse. ”

She was just telling the truth.

Muttering unhappily, Qingqing straightened her small chest, and retorted confidently: “Even me a three-year-old child knows which one is the bad sister who did bad things and you all are deceived. It’s so stupid. ”

The little index finger snapped up and down on the fleshy cheek, making a bright mocking gesture.

Many people who are consciously joked about are so high-profile people that cares about their face, and one of them is more impulsive. He rolls up his sleeves and wants to come up and beat people up.

“Xiong Zi, today I will educate you on behalf of your parents! ”

“If you dare to touch her finger, I promise that your Zhang company will immediately change its name to Fu’s tomorrow. ”

The indifferent voice containing sullen anger exploded like thunder, successfully holding the person who wanted to do it in place.

He turned his head stiffly, facing the cold and sharp eyes of Chairman Fu, who he didn’t know when he stood up.

“Fu…Chairman Fu…”

A lot of cold sweat broke out all over his body in an instant, and if you look closely, you can still see the man’s trembling legs.

After it was over, he forgot that the child was sitting with Chairman Fu just now and she is still being held in the arms of the young Master Fu.

He kicked an iron plate!

Only now did I realize that the people who were in trouble looked like dirt in an instant and even the people who had just questioned Qingqing’s face were not very good-looking now.

Picking Qingqing back from his son’s arms, Fu Heng’s cold gaze swept across Bai Siya’s pale face.

“You can take care of your own affairs, and the Fu family will not accept a woman with an improper mind to enter the door. ”

In one sentence, Bai Siya was basically sentenced to death.

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