Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 62

Chapter 35: Qingqing’s Godson

A good business banquet turned into a farce and the most distinguished guests were taken away. The host was so angry that he simply asked the security guard to politely invite Bai Siya and his party out.

When this incident spread out, Bai Siya’s reputation was stinky.

From now on, she will no longer be invited to the more formal banquets of the entire high society and it will be regarded as a self-inflicted wound.

Fu Heng and Qingqing did not go home immediately because Qingqing wanted to wait for Fu Sijin to go back together.

It’s just a matter of picking up a son; it’s not a big deal so Fu Heng simply asked the driver to wait a little longer.

As a result, at this level, I ran into another drama of emotional entanglement between lovers.

Fu Heng wondered if they had gone to eat melons that they could run into a handful of melons wherever they went and their position is even in the first row of the front line.

The light in the garage was a bit dark, and Fu Heng and the others didn’t have driving lights, so Fu Sijin and Yu Yu outside didn’t notice them at all.

The two are quarreling.

In fact, it was Yu Yu who was angry with Fu Sijin unilaterally and Fu Sijin had been trying to save people.

Also thanks to the quietness of the garage, the quarrels between the two were clearly heard by Fu Heng and Qingqing.

“Fu Sijin, for the sake of our relationship in the past two years, tell me honestly, did you start to approach me because you regarded me as a stand-in for Bai Siya? ”

Even if she’s unhappy and sad, Yu Yu’s tone is still gentle.

She couldn’t criticize her loved one harshly, and her self-esteem as a human being didn’t allow her to continue to be so confused.

Contradictions that could have been deliberately ignored before are now forced to be placed on the open, which are as fatal as explosions.

If one is not done well, it will blow up the two people together beyond recognition.


Fu Sijin was silent for a long time, he actually felt timid, and even subconsciously wanted to avoid this question but Yu Yu did not back down and pressed forward.

“Don’t lie to me. ”

The tearful resolute lady stared at Fu Sijin firmly, just waiting for a sincere answer.

His jaw line tightened and Fu Sijin finally fell under the gaze of his beloved.

He lowered his head in embarrassment, avoided Yu Yu’s gaze, and tremblingly revealed his darkest thoughts before.

“…yes. ”

The voice was horribly hoarse.

Fu Sijin’s love for Yu Yu stems from her seven-point appearance and temperament similar to Bai Siya, making him transfer his affection from Bai Siya to Yu Yu

He couldn’t deceive himself, let alone the innocent Yu Yu.

Yu Yu, who staggered under her feet and almost fell down but refused Fu Sijin’s worried help.

She shook her head slightly, stepped back little by litlle, tears fell down in large pieces but she still maintained the gentle smile that made Fu Sijin feel at ease the most.

“You said that you like me laughing like this, right? ”

Without waiting for Fu Sijin to answer, Yu Yu went on on her own.

“Because I look the most like Bai Siya when I laugh. When you see me laughing, you can still pretend that Bai Siya is still by your side and has never left you…”

She can’t say it anymore, every sentence is like a sharp blade, scraping on the heart one by one.

Yu Yu touched her tears, took a deep breath, and said, “She is right. She is the true love that started from your first love, and I am the third party that hinders others. ”

“That’s not true! You listen to my explanation. ”

Fu Sijin tried to get close to Yu Yu but she dodged and avoided him.

“Don’t touch me! ”

The sudden loud scream shocked both of them to a halt.

Only then did Yu Yu realize that her emotions were even more of a train wreck than she had imagined.

She squatted down helplessly, hugged herself tightly, trying to draw a trace of warmth from this cold embrace.

“I’m sorry. ”

Knowing that he had hurt Yu Yu and now that he had done so, Fu Sijin couldn’t do anything except apologize for being weak.

“You don’t have to apologize. ” Standing up straight, the barely heaped smile on Yu Yu’s face finally dissipated, leaving only a decisive indifference: “I don’t plan to forgive you anyway.” ”

Fu Sijin’s heart shrank slightly, and he suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Yu Yu……”

Not wanting to listen to those unnecessary explanations, Yu Yu interrupted him quickly and talked about a topic that had nothing to do with the present.

“Can you help me apologize to that kid? Her name is Qingqing, right? She has a very cute name and looks very cute. She is a very likable child. I misunderstood her identity and beat you in front of her. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for making her impression of me so bad. I hope she can forgive me. Of course, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t forgive me; anyway, we won’t meet again in the future. ”

“You…what do you mean? ”

Fu Sijin’s handsome face was already pale.

Yu Yu raised her head, her tear-stained eyes looked directly into his eyes and every word passed clearly into Fu Sijin’s ears.

“Let’s break up, just as if we have never met in the past two years. ”


It took a long time, until Yu Yu had already turned and left and Fu Sijin was the only one left in the garage who was still standing there in a daze. He couldn’t recover from the decisive ‘breakup’.


He was awakened by the sudden sound of a car honking. Fu Sijin turned his head in confusion and saw Qingqing lying on the car window, looking at him worriedly.

Seeing that Fu Sijin finally noticed her, Qingqing quickly waved her hand excitedly, motioning him to get in the car quickly.

Inside the car, Fu Heng sat in the innermost position and closed his eyes, while Fu Sijin sat leaning towards the headrest of the car and continued to be in a daze in silence.

Qingqing leaned beside Fu Sijin and kept looking at him worriedly.

“Ahjin…” Cautiously grabbed Fu Sijin’s arm and the childish little milk voice revealed concern: “Are you okay?” ”


Fu Sijin didn’t respond but this didn’t delay Qingqing’s own nagging thoughts.

“Qingqing doesn’t hate that beautiful sister anymore. Although I’m still angry about her beating you before but the beautiful sister has apologized. Ahjin also likes her very much. Forgive her. ”

She is a good child who can hold a big boat in her belly.[1]doesn’t hold grudges

“I like her? ”

Hearing these four words, Fu Sijin finally reacted a little bit.

He turned his head, showed a smile that was more ugly than crying, and said in a dumb voice: “The fact that even you can see, but why she doesn’t believe me. ”

Qingqing suddenly calmed down and looked at Fu Sijin steadily for a while, before raising her little hand to wipe away the naughty drops of water that had inadvertently sneaked down from the corner of his eyes.

“It’s not that she doesn’t believe it, my beautiful sister believes it. She knows that Ahjin likes her very much, just as she likes Ahjin very much. ”

As if afraid that Fu Sijin would not be able to understand, Qingqing explained in her own language: “Just as Qingqing likes her uncle and younger brother, as well as Ahjin and Xiao Shen, then you can feel Qingqing’s liking. On the other hand, if you like Qingqing, Qingqing can feel the same. Because everyone likes each other very much, they have feelings. They feel like they are the best behaved and good children and will not lie to others. ”

“Since she believes that I love her, then why did she leave me? ”

Fu Sijin’s brain was very confused. He seemed to be ill again, but his mind is still persistently seeking an answer.

One that puzzled him for a long, long time, the answer that Fu Sijin wanted to know before he met Yu Yu or even knew Bai Siya.

——Why do the people he loves have to leave him one by one?

Is it just like that person said, people like him are not worthy of love at all?

Whether it is affection or love.

An invisible black mist enveloped Fu Sijin’s whole body, trapping his consciousness in complete darkness.

He can’t see. On the way forward, he couldn’t see the light, and he couldn’t even perceive his own existence.

Leaving the last faint trace of consciousness alone in the outside world, staying by Qingqing’s side, holding the last glimmer of hope and listening to the answer she gave.

“Because Ahjin did something wrong and broke the heart of the beautiful sister. ”

Qingqing felt that something was wrong with Fu Sijin’s state. She habitually felt scared, and her little hand clung to his arm unconsciously, for fear of being left behind by him again, but she still told the truth honestly.

“I was wrong? ”

Yes, he is just wrong. The love that started with deception, where did he dare to ask for eternity with his face?

The darkness seemed to become deeper.

“That’s right. ” Qingqing continued: “Qingqing used to have a little rabbit, which was given by a neighbor’s aunt. It was white, with long ears and red eyes. It was very cute. Qingqing liked rabbits very much. ”

Fu Heng on the opposite side opened his eyes and looked at Qingqing.

“But Tutu died later. Aunt Ding said that it didn’t live long and it was normal to die, but Qingqing was still so sad and cried for a long time. ”

Fu Heng picked up his mobile phone and searched for white-haired rabbits. A large number of online shops selling pet white rabbits immediately appeared on it.

“Later, Aunt Ding saw Qingqing crying sadly and bought a new rabbit. The new rabbit is also very cute and looks exactly the same as the old rabbit. It also has white hair, long ears and red eyes. It is more energetic than the old rabbit and can accompany Qingqing for a long time. ”

Swipe the phone screen, select the shop with the highest rating, click in, and carefully select the little rabbits one by one.

“But Qingqing feels that it is wrong. ” Qingqing lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes covering up the sadness in her eyes.

“It’s not the old rabbit. Qingqing can’t like a new rabbit as much as she likes the old rabbit. The new rabbit feels it. So it’s very sad. It didn’t eat or drink water at first, then within a few days it also died. ”

Turning off the screen instantly and throwing the phone on the seat next to him, Fu Heng pretended that nothing had happened and picked up the newspaper under the seat to read.

“Ahjin, both rabbits are dead, who do you think is wrong? ”

“I do not know. ” Fu Sijin couldn’t answer this question.

“It was Qingqing who was wrong. ”

Qingqing gave the answer herself: “Qingqing has a new rabbit and is still very sad about the old rabbit. The new rabbit knows that Qingqing likes it because of the old rabbit, but it knows that Qingqing doesn’t really like it like the way Qingqing liked the old rabbit, so he was also very sad.”

“But in fact, after the new rabbit died, Qingqing also cried for a long time. ”

Qingqing looked at Fu Sijin’s confused eyes and told him very seriously.

“I like both rabbits, but neither rabbit can replace the other. They are different. If you really only use one of them as a substitute, both of them will be very sad. ”

“The rabbits are all sad, and the beautiful sister is also very sad. ”

Patting Fu Sijin’s head, little Qingqing learned the tone of an adult and said solemnly: “The wrong person is you, and the person you like cannot be replaced. ”

“You and that woman, break up as soon as possible.” The picture in his memory reappears again.

Obviously there are different tones and different scenes, but on the contrary, they overlap strangely at this time.


1 doesn’t hold grudges
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