Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 63

Chapter 36: Qingqing is a Little Greedy Cat

The black mist that enveloped his body instantly dissipated and the lights on the side of the road were projected through the car windows and fell on Fu Sijin’s face, forming an indistinct black shadow.

The unexpected truth is unacceptable.

It turned out that his mother’s warning at the beginning was not to control his life, but she saw that he was not sincere, so she specifically warned him not to continue to hurt others— lest he make another mistake.

Unfortunately, she was misunderstood by him and was criticized for two years by her biological son in vain.

What on earth… did he do?

Pulling the corners of his mouth stiffly, Fu Sijin showed an expression that seemed to cry but not crying, and smiling but not quite a smile. It was a bit funny, but it made Qingqing feel distressed.

“Stop smiling. ”

The milky-scented hand suddenly covered Fu Sijin’s handsome face, trying to block the distressing expression but Qingqing’s hand was too small to stop it, and she was so anxious that she almost want to cry.

“Ahjin! ” Qingqing was crying, but it’s a pity that Fu Shijin, who was already immersed in his feelings, didn’t notice it.

“It turns out… did you mean that when you said that? ”

Staring straight at Qingqing’s small face coinciding with the one in his memory, Fu Sijin didn’t know how he was feeling now.

Regret? Self-blame? Are there any apologies for misunderstanding your mother? Maybe there are some.

But the thing the stands out over everything is the pain for that person and the pain for the woman he called his mother

“Why? ”

With his big hand on Qingqing’s young shoulders, Fu Sijin seemed to be questioning her: “You have been misunderstood, why didn’t you explain? As long as you say… as long as you say…”

“If your mother said it, would you believe it? ”

Fu Heng’s deep voice came in and his strong big hand took Qingqing out of Fu Sijin’s hand and carefully hugged her back into his arms.


Suddenly being picked up, Qingqing subconsciously grasped Fu Heng’s clothes, but she still didn’t forget Fu Sijin, who was in a bad state.

“Ahjin is not feeling well, uncle, shall we take him to see the uncle in white clothes? But the injection hurts so much…”

Thinking of the terrible needle, Qingqing couldn’t help but wrinkled her face and looked scared, but she still plucked up the courage to comfort Fu Sijin: “Ahjin don’t be afraid, let’s go to the doctor together, Qingqing will help you and beg Uncle Baiyi not to give you an injection, okay? ”

In the tone of discussion, it is like coaxing a child who is afraid of injections.

It’s just that this kind of thing is said by a three-year-old child, which adds a sense of cuteness that makes people laugh.

This picture is a bit familiar.

Fu Sijin’s chaotic brain thought for a while, before finally remembering, isn’t this what he said when he coaxed Qingqing to go for a check-up?

Unexpectedly, it was now used by Qingqing, and it was used on him.

Obviously he was in a very depressed state but Fu Sijin was still amused by Qingqing.

The big stone that squeezed his heart seemed to have been moved away. Fu Sijin exhaled a sigh of relief and leaned back slowly and relaxed.

“I’m fine. ”

Looking up at his father’s seemingly serious but worried face and then at Qingqing, who was eager to break free from Fu Heng’s arms and threw herself on him, Fu Sijin apologized and said, “I’m sorry. ”

“Just take a break if you have nothing to do. ”

Fu Heng patted his son on the shoulder, reluctantly loosened the shackles on Qingqing and allowed her to crawl into Fu Sijin’s arms with her hands and feet, nestling on her own and  even had to use Fu Sijin’s big hands as a quilt to cover her belly.

The small body with the scent of milk in his arms gave Fu Sijin a great sense of peace of mind. He gradually relaxed and fell asleep like this.

The car was rickety; Qingqing felt as if she was being put in a cradle and gradually became drowsy.

She rubbed her eyes drowsily, while holding on to her will not to fall asleep, she whispered to Fu Heng: “Uncle, I want to take Ahjin to the doctor. ”

“Ok. ” Fu Heng agreed in a low voice, “I will find the best psychiatrist to cure our son.” ”

Lightly took off Qingqing’s little hand rubbing her eyes, took off his suit jacket and covered her and Fu Sijin together.

Staring at the two children who were snuggling together to rest, Fu Heng’s face was hidden in the shadows.

What happened today is like a dream.

Qingqing woke up the next day without changing her clothes, and ran to find Fu Sijin in her bear pajamas.

I thought I would bump into a pitiful lost lamb that was in urgent need of her comfort and guidance.

As a result, I met a determined man who rarely changed into casual clothes and was wiping his sunscreen in front of the full-length mirror.

Qingqing: “? ? ? ”

Her big eyes were full of doubts.

Did she dream yesterday?

“Qingqing woke up. ”

When Fu Sijin turned his head and saw Qingqing, he walked over quickly, grabbed her underarm, picked her up, and threw her up high.

“Yeah! ” Qingqing was unprepared and to prevent being frightened let out a low cry. After reacting, a big smile appeared on her face.

“Ahjin is well? ”

“…” Fu Sijin was choked for a moment, and then said helplessly: “That’s not true; it’s just that I suddenly wanted to move on, a lot. ”

Indulging in the past was not his character. Since he found that the wrong person was him, he should take practical actions to try to make up for it.

Even if the cracks cannot be completely repaired in the end, at least the losses must be stopped in time to reduce the harm to those he loves.

“Qingqing, will you accompany me to meet someone today? ”

Today on Saturday, the kindergarten will not go to school, so Fu Sijin has already made it clear.

“Does Ahjin want to take Qingqing out to play? ”

Qingqing looked at Fu Sijin expectantly: “After going to kindergarten, Qingqing hasn’t been out to play for a long time. ”

Fu Sishen, who happened to pass by the door: “…Little ancestor, didn’t you just start school yesterday? Halfway through the class, because of the beating of the children, the teacher asked the parents to take them home for education. Now they still have the face to go out to play? ”

“Qingqing had a fight with someone? ”

Fu Sijin, who didn’t know about this at all, looked at Qingqing in surprise.

Qingqing, who had been exposed, was so angry that she struggled and slid down from Fu Sijin, turned around and chased Fu Sishen around like a calf. Her fists almost left afterimages, which showed her anger… Full of anger.

“Hey, hey… it hurts, it hurts, did you have an iron block for a fist?”

In fact, it didn’t hurt at all, Fu Sishen was just pretending to scream for sympathy.

Sure enough, Qingqing stopped as soon as she heard him scream for pain, but she was still angry, so she crossed her small hands on and snorted angrily at Fu Sishen.

Just like an angry pink piglet.

A smile flashed in his eyes, and like a trick, Fu Sishen took out a lollipop and swayed it around in front of Qingqing.

“Lollipops, delicious lollipops, do Qingqing want to eat them? ”

“Yes! ” Qingqing hurriedly replied loudly, her little milk voice softly, where could she still see her previous fierce appearance.

Fu Sishen smiled at his brother who came out closely behind Qingqing: Only one lollipop is needed to buy snacks. It really doesn’t work, then two! This he learned.

Fu Sijin, who suddenly realized, paused slightly, then turned to go to the kitchen, and when he came back, he had a small mango popsicle in his hand.

This popsicle was made by the nanny aunt herself with fresh mango. There is not much sugar added, let alone no food additives. It is much healthier than the ice cream outside. It is suitable for Qingqing.

However, because the children’s spleen and stomach are relatively weak, Fu Hengping does not allow Qingqing to eat more, at most once a week.

Qingqing had already eaten her portion this week. Now that she saw Fu Sijin still holding one in his hand, her eyes were immediately glued to it. The lollipop or something had long been forgotten.

“Well, still tired of the old and wants the new. ”

Fu Sishen shrugged, took apart the lollipop in his hand and ate it by himself.

You don’t eat the sweets then I will eat it!

Under the temptation of mango popsicles, Qingqing easily agreed to Fu Sijin’s request to accompany him on the trip.

Even if Fu Sijin repeatedly explained that they had something to do when they went out, not to go out to play, Qingqing swore at the mango popsicle unswervingly that she would obey obediently and never cause trouble for Fu Sijin.

To put it bluntly, the charm of the demon concubine mango popsicle was too great, which made Qingqing dizzy that she didn’t know what time it was.

Fu Heng was not there in the morning, and she didn’t know what he’s doing or where he is.

Qingqing didn’t like to let the nanny change her clothes, so Fu Sijin could only do it by himself.

Awkwardly under Qingqing’s command, he found a hooded sweater with cat ears for her, coupled with a small skirt with a tail, which turned out to be a childish and adorable cat-eared cute girl.

Although she is only at the level of a little milk cat, she can’t bear not to be cute.

Holding the little cat, Fu Sijin walked down the street, and the chance them making passers-by turn their head is 200%.

Many people covered their trembling little hearts and secretly took out their mobile phones to take pictures, but they were stopped by the two bodyguards who followed Qingqing.

This posture almost made passers-by think that this was some kind of big star traveling.

“Ahjin. ” Qingqing yelled softly.

“Hmm? ” Fu Sijin lowered his head slightly.

“Where are we going? ”

Qingqing looked at the unfamiliar surroundings, a little curious.

This is a pedestrian street where people come and go, and the streets are full of shops on both sides.

There are clothing stores, toy stores, bookstores, and various snack bars and milk tea shops. The air is filled with the mellow fragrance of various snacks and milk tea, which makes Qingqing keep sticking out her little head to look.

Forcibly straightening Qingqing’s little head, Fu Sijin stared at her solemnly: “What did I tell you before I went out? ”

“Be obedient, don’t be naughty, and don’t make trouble to buy things or eat snacks. ”

Qingqing count with her fingers and recited Fu Sijin’s explanations one by one before she went out.

“It’s okay to buy things, but the point is not to make trouble to eat snacks. ”

Fu Sijin doesn’t mind the money to buy some gadgets or toys for Qingqing. What he valued was not to let Qingqing eat indiscriminately.

It’s not that all the things outside are bad, but many of them are not suitable for children to eat.

Therefore, it is very necessary to restrain your children in advance when you go out.

Especially if they walked into a food street that is famous for its gourmet snacks, that would be more optimistic, otherwise Qingqing, this little greedy cat, would have to be fascinated.

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