Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 64

Chapter 37: Qingqing’s Divine Assistance

At the corner of the end of the pedestrian street, there is a quiet bookstore.

This bookstore is decorated with antique colors and has a lot of charm. Many girls, who love ancient costumes like to wear their own hanfu skirts and come here to check in and take pictures, and buy one or two books they like along the way.

However, the best-selling bookmark in the store is the bookmark made by the boss’s daughter.

Bookmarks of different shapes have been carefully drawn with beautiful pictures, including landscapes, flowers and birds, as well as talented beauties.

Bookmarks with a sense of antiquity are very attractive to these lovers of antiquity, not to mention that the paintings on each bookmark are different, so the uniqueness is even more special.

Every Saturday and Sunday, this bookstore will become extremely popular.

For no other reason, other than the boss’s daughter will only come over on Saturdays and Sundays to help draw bookmarks.

And it’s even base on chance. Occasionally, if someone doesn’t come, let alone a bookmark, it’s still the same thing whether the bookstore opens or not.

The owner’s family is also very responsible.

It is precisely because of this that it has become more popular.

However, when Fu Sijin stood at the door of the bookstore with Qingqing in his arms, although he met a sea of people, the crowd was very literate and kept quiet and the scene looked orderly.

Everyone does their own things in a civilized manner, without disturbing each other, just like gentlemen in ancient times, and their friendship is as light as water.

Affected by the atmosphere, even Qingqing remained quiet unconsciously.

She looked around with her big round eyes open. When she scanned a familiar figure in the crowd, she immediately became excited and quickly pulled Fu Sijin’s collar so he could look over.

Fu Sijin turned his head and saw Yu Yu, dressed in a light blue gauze dress, sitting behind the case, holding a thin-pointed brush, and carefully sketching the fan-shaped bookmarks under her hand with one stroke.

Without rushing up to disturb her, he hugged Qingqing, lined up behind the crowd who wanted to buy bookmarks, and waited patiently for the moment he walked in front of her.

Painting is a delicate job, and it is impossible to get up quickly.

So when it was Fu Sijin’s turn, it was almost more than two hours later.

After such a long time, it is rare that Qingqing is not impatient.

Because the little guy has been attracted by a colorful dinosaur science book, and now she only cares about the beautiful and mighty velociraptor above, where is there any free time to pay attention to others?

Perceiving that there was a person standing in front of her, Yu Yu didn’t lift her head and said, “What kind of bookmark do you want? Let’s talk about it first, the pattern cannot be selected. ”

She does it all on the spot, so of course there is no pattern for guests to choose from.

“But you can choose whether you want to paint landscapes or characters.”

Worried that others would not be happy, she added another sentence.

The sound of gentle paintbrush is very soothing. Generally, when you see such a gentle painter’s young sister, no matter how irritable people are, they will become peaceful.

After waiting for a long time without anyone replying, Yu Yu couldn’t help but raised her head and looked at a pair of clear peach blossom eyes.

“Qingqing wants a cat, big cat. ”

The pink kitten also stretched out her hand and gestured, indicating that she wanted to be a cat that was always bigger than her. It was best to let Qingqing ride on it just like in the cartoon.

“It’s you. ” Yu Yu still remembered Qingqing. She was taken aback for a moment, then followed the slender legs behind Qingqing and raised her head a little bit until she met a pair of quiet black eyes.

With a sour nose, Yu Yu almost burst into tears.

Unexpectedly, after only one night, she will see him.

“Beautiful sister, Qingqing’s cat. ”

Children don’t understand the strange atmosphere among adults. Seeing that no one cares about them, Qingqing immediately stretched out her hand to grab Yu Yu’s pen, trying to attract attention.

“Sorry, do you want a big cat? I will draw now. ”

Forcing herself to withdraw her gaze, Yu Yu smiled tenderly at Qingqing, and then picked out a leaf-shaped bookmark with silver edges on a white background from the blank bookmark on the side, and drew a cute picture of a young child playing with a cat in three or two strokes.

As Qingqing wished, there were cat ears and cat tails in the picture, and the little girl in ancient clothes was petite and exquisite.

But the orange cat that was playing under her body is very big, almost the size of a small house. This size is indeed suitable for use as a mount.

Zooming in does not affect the unique cuteness of the cat. On the contrary, after the furry cute objects are zoomed in, they are doubled in cuteness, directly hitting Qingqing’s cuteness point.

The little guy hugged her newly acquired bookmark and didn’t let go.

Fu Sijin wanted to tease Qingqing and borrowed the bookmark in her hand, but seeing how she liked it so much, he just left it alone.

He directly took a new one from the blank bookmark on the side, picked up Yu Yu’s other brushes on the table and stained them with ink, wrote a sentence on it, and quickly stuffed it into Yu Yu’s hand.

“I’m waiting for you. ”

The clear and pleasant whispers echoed in her ears. Yu Yu subconsciously covered the tips of her flushed ears and turned to look at Fu Sijin’s back holding Qingqing away.

Unfolding the bookmark in her hand, there was a sentence written on it.

“The person who apologized said that he wanted to say ‘sorry’ to you personally.”

An address is attached below, which is the milk tea shop next door.

At noon, the sun is scorching outside.

Qingqing is sitting in a cool, air-conditioned milk tea shop, holding a cup of warm milk with pudding in her hand, and lying on the deck with her calf dangling, immersed in her new found love book.

Although this is a popular science book on dinosaurs, it is essentially a children’s book, so it is inevitable that there are more pictures than words on it.

Therefore, Qingqing could see it.

Compared with Qingqing’s contentment, Fu Sijin, who was holding a cup of tea, looked a little restless.

He was like a dazed young man who’s in love for the first time. He was worried that someone he liked received the invitation, but refused to come to the appointment, so his whole body was very restless.

From time to time, he has to look out the window to see if there is the shadow that he want to see most.

When the hands of the clock pointed to the middle, Yu Yu’s figure holding an umbrella finally appeared in front of Fu Shijin.

As a result, the man who was expecting someone to come soon at this moment immediately looked down at his phone at the next moment, pretending that he was not nervously waiting for someone at all.

Qingqing holding the milk: “…”

“If Ahjin doesn’t chase after her, the beautiful sister will leave. ”

Suddenly looking up, seeing that Yu Yu actually turned her head and walked in the other direction, Fu Sijin stood up quickly, and didn’t even care about knocking down the chair in the shop, so he staggered out and chased after her.

“Oh, man. ”

Little Master Qingqing shook her head and sighed, then immediately turned her head and showed an innocent smile to the serious-looking uncle Bodyguard behind him.

“Uncle, Uncle, can you buy Qingqing a cup of Boba milk tea? Add whole sugar, ice and coconut fruit. ”

If you come to the milk tea shop to drink pure milk and clear tea, she must drink a mixture of milk tea!

“Okay, Miss Qingqing, please wait a minute. ”

Ah-Da turned his head and motioned to his colleague, Ah-Bu to keep an eye on Miss Qingqing, then turned around to give her some milk tea.

The employer gave money on each of them, so that if Miss Qingqing needs anything, they will money to buy for her.

As a result, it was used by the smart little guy.

Qingqing did promise to Fu Sijin that she would not make trouble for him to buy food and drink, but she never said that she would not buy it herself.

She spent her uncle’s money, which is not a violation.


Holding the freshly made milk tea, Qingqing took a sip with happiness on her face. After taking another sip, she was as happy as a fairy when she had milk tea.

Seeing Fu Sijin coming back with Yu Yu from a distance, Qingqing quickly stuffed the milk tea into Ah-Bu’s hand, then pulled the paper towel on the table, threw it away, and destroyed the evidence.

It’s done in one step.

“Chirin, chirin…”

The wind chimes in front of the milk tea shop rang, and two couples of super high appearance, a man and a woman, walked in.

They seemed to have a little conflict. The boy smiled cautiously, while the girl frowned slightly. She always wanted to stay away from the boy, but they were stuck like dogskin plaster by the other party.

The two came to Qingqing in a tug-of-war, but the girl let go of her restraint first and greeted Qingqing first.

“Hello, little sister, my name is Yu Yu, and I am… someone Fu Sijin knows. ”

Fu Sijin’s eyes darkened, he wasn’t even enough to be called friend now?

Glancing at Fu Sijin’s face, Qingqing immediately greeted everyone obediently: “Hello, Sister Yu Yu, my name is Qingqing, and the formal name is Gu Qingqing. Sister Yu Yu can call me Qingqing. ”

“You are so good. ”

Qingqing is so cute, Yu Yu couldn’t help but soften her eyebrows.

Recalling her previous misunderstandings with others, she looked a little embarrassed, but she still bowed to her solemnly and apologized sincerely: “I’m sorry I misunderstood your identity before, and I hurt you…”

Looking slightly higher at Qingqing’s scarred knees, Yu Yu felt even more guilty in her heart: “I’m sorry, I don’t ask you to forgive me, I just hope you can give me a chance to make amends. ”

Whether it was losing money or doing something, Yu Yu consciously almost harmed a child’s life because of herself, so she felt ashamed in her heart.

“Qingqing didn’t blame Sister Yu Yu. ”

If she was to blame, she had to blame herself for running around, so she almost got lost. In fact, it was really not the responsibility of anyone. Qingqing knew this very well from the bottom of her heart.

“But if Sister Yu Yu really wants to compensate, then invite Qingqing to dinner and play with Qingqing all day, okay? ”

She created the opportunity for Ahjin, and it was up to him whether he could grasp it or not.

Of course, being able to play is also a side benefit of Qingqing.

You can’t let her work and contribute, as a child she needs to be paid right?

A sly smile flashed in her eyes, and when Fu Sijin looked over suspiciously, she returned to a pure innocence.

She is so good, and she knows how to help her eldest son chase his wife. Whose three-year-old mother is as good as her?

“OK. ” Unsurprisingly, Yu Yu took a bite of Qingqing’s compensation, even if the result was to let her stay with her ex-boyfriend for a whole day.

Fu Sijin stared at Yu Yu’s graceful side face, hooked his lips slightly, and gave Qing Qing a thumbs up with his big hand behind Yu Yu’s back.

Deserves to be my own mother, well done!

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