Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 65

Chapter 38: Qingqing’s playing

At noon, the three of them chose a pork belly and chicken hotplate shop with good online reviews on the pedestrian street. The two bodyguards were arranged to sit at the next table.

Taking into account the children’s gastrointestinal problems, Yu Yu carefully ordered a soup base with some vegetables that are better digested and nutritious as shabu-shabu dishes.

There are also some snacks that children love to eat, such as the creamy egg yolk crisp. A large portion of the egg yolk was crispy, and the pork belly and chicken was eaten by Qingqing alone for a short while before it came up.

After eating one, she poked her little hand out again, and wanted to eat another one, but before she could touch it, Fu Sijin moved the entire plate away.

“Don’t eat anymore, or you won’t be able to eat for a while. ”

“I can eat it, Qingqing wants one more, just one. ” Seeing the gourmet food disappear from her eyes, Qingqing bulged her cheeks unhappily.

Qingqing became a puffer fish.

Yu Yu, who had witnessed this scene, couldn’t help but cover her mouth and chuckled, as if she was also infected by the warm atmosphere on their bodies.

What did she think in her mind at the beginning, she would actually think that Qingqing was Fu Sijin’s illegitimate daughter.

This man can’t give birth to such a well-behaved and lovely daughter.

Soon, the dishes they ordered were all served.

The coconut milk braised pork belly and chicken, which was the highlight, was only delivered by the clerk until the end.

The fragrant and milky soup base was bubbling in the pot, and the softly stewed chicken and pork belly were tumbling in the soup. Red dates, wolfberry, white flag and other medicines were placed in the soup.

Drink a bowl of warm soup into your stomach, it is delicious and nourishing.

“Is it delicious? ”

Yu Yu picked a piece of chicken, carefully removed the bones from it, and then put it in the Qingqing bowl.


Qingqing ate without raising her head, her mouth was very busy, and she couldn’t answer.

“Slow down, no one will grab it with you. ”

Fu Sijin gave Qingqing cabbage and she set it aside, pretending not to see it.

Seeing Qingqing refusing to eat vegetables several times, Fu Sijin had to lower his face slightly and pretended to be angry: “Qingqing, you shouldn’t be a picky eater. ”

The movement of eating meat was slightly paused, and the Qingqing picked up a cabbage aggrievedly, chewing slowly like a tortoise eating.

“Don’t talk that way to her. ”

Yu Yu stopped Fu Sijin, then picked up the chopsticks and sandwiched a piece of pork belly for Qingqing, but put it on the plate in front of her: “Qingqing, hurry up and eat the vegetables, and then you can eat the meat. ”

“Meat meat! ”

With the blessing of fleshy meat, Qingqing can really eat vegetables a lot faster.

After she finishes eating a vegetable, Yu Yu will reward her.

“A piece of meat.

This kind of vegetable specially used for shabu-shabu is generally not cut into very small pieces, or it is not cut at all. It is only served after the leaves are broken and washed, and the meat is chopped into very small pieces.

In this way, one by one, Qingqing actually eats more vegetables than meat, but she didn’t calculate it specifically, so she didn’t find it at all.

Anyway, as long as the belly is full, everything is easy to say.

After eating and drinking, and touching Qingqing’s bulging belly, Yu Yu proposed to take her for a walk to the children’s playground to play and stop by for food on the way.

There is a large shopping mall nearby, and the second floor inside is an entire children’s playground. For only fifty yuan, a child can go in with an adult for an afternoon.

Unlike children’s playgrounds that generally only have simple facilities such as swings and slides, a large children’s climbing ground has been specially built in this shopping mall.

When children go inside, they can tie safety ropes under the escort of their parents, and then crawl freely in various facilities such as floating grids, horizontal bars, loops, circular passages, and obstacle climbing.

The highest point can even be as high as eight meters, but this height is generally only allowed for older children over ten years old to climb up accompanied by a safety instructor.

Qingqing, a small figure, can only play on the lower level.

She is also quite contented as long as she can play, no matter where she is.

It is said that it is on the lower level, but in fact, it is still nearly a meter away from the ground after climbing up. Fortunately, the bottom is covered with sponge blocks. Even if you really fall down, you will be fine.

“Hahaha… Ahjin, Sister Yuyu, come after me, hurry up! ”

Qingqing stepped on the floating tire and smiled while climbing forward quickly. Yu Yu, who was anxious about her and worried, hurriedly quickened her speed and chased after her.

“Qingqing, you wait for me… ah! ”

Suddenly stepping on the air under her feet, she slid down, and when she saw that she was about to fall, Yu Yu screamed in fright. Then her waist held and she was hugged from behind.

“Be careful. ”

Fu Sijin hugged Yu Yu’s slender waist tightly, pressed his thin lips to her ears, and breathed unconsciously against her ears, dyeing the white and tender earlobes red.

“Thanks…thank you. ”

Yu Yu blushed and struggled slightly, trying to break free from Fu Sijin’s shackles.

Fu Sijin noticed her subtle movements, a smile flashed in his eyes, and he withdrew his hand as soon as he saw her, letting her leave his side.

It doesn’t matter, the days are long.

It was almost 4:30 in the afternoon, Yu Yu and Fu Sijin both surrendered to the public massage inside the mall.

On the chair, they couldn’t get up.

They knew that children would be crazy once they played, but they never thought they could be so tiring.

Qingqing didn’t know how to write the word tired at all.

From noon to the present, her whole body was soaked in sweat, and her bangs were sticky on her flushed cheeks, but she still continued to play with a bright smile, unwilling to stop or leave the children’s playground for half a step.

In the end, Fu Sijin and Yu Yu took the lead and couldn’t hold on. They could only ask the two eldest bodyguards to help watch people, while they came out to take a break.

If they don’t come out to renew their lives for a while, they are afraid that they will have to explain it to them.

Lying on the massage chair together, panting, she didn’t know when, Yu Yu and Fu Sijin gaze met.

Fu Sijin had been looking at her.

The eyes, that were very similar to Qingqing, were full of affection, and it seemed that in his heart, she is there, alone.

However, the thought that these eyes had once looked at another woman like that.

Moreover, the reason why she was able to get the favor of these eyes was also because of the empathetic effect of the owner of the eyes on another woman. Yu Yu inevitably felt tingling in her heart and her eyes were sour.

She turned her gaze away, trying to avoid Fu Sijin’s eyes, but he suddenly held her hand.

“I’m sorry. ”

With a jump in her heart, Yu Yu looked up at Fu Sijin in disbelief.

I can’t believe that someone who is so proud will apologize to her one day.

“It’s unexpected, isn’t it? ” Fu Sijin chuckled lightly: “Actually, I was surprised myself.” ”

After the most difficult apology was said, the next words seemed to become much easier.

“I always thought that in this relationship, I was not wrong. I like your face, so I proposed to date you, and you also happen to like me. It makes sense for us to be together. There is no problem at all. ”

Clenching the hand that Yu Yu tried to pull out, Fu Sijin continued to talk to himself and analyzed his heart to her a little bit.

“It wasn’t until I was scolded by someone yesterday that I knew that the original me and my behavior towards you all the time were actually very wrong. ”

“You and Bai Siya are two completely different people, two different individuals. Except for the little similarity in appearance, you have different thoughts, different personalities, and different souls. It is impossible for anyone to be a stand-in for anyone. So… the wrong person has always been me. ”

“I’m sorry. ” Staring at Yu Yu’s beautiful face that was already in tears for some time, Fu Shijin apologized again.

“I hurt you. I dare not ask for your forgiveness. I just ask you to give me a chance and let us start over, okay? ”

“How do you start again? ”

The other hand that was not grasped touched her face unconsciously, and Yu Yu cried in tears: “Do you know how much I want to scratch this face with a knife, or just go for a surgery. Thinking if I change my appearance, you might still love me? ”

“I love you! ” Fu Sijin replied without hesitation.

“I don’t want to love. ” Yu Yu refused more neatly.

“Why, just because I look like Bai Siya, I have to suffer all this? ”

She was also suffocated to the extreme and couldn’t help but say it quickly.

“The love that should belong to me, the name that belongs to me, becomes someone else’s thing in an instant. Everyone is accusing me, saying that I have occupied the magpie’s nest and occupied the land belonging to her, Bai Siya, and everyone is forcing me to vacate my seat so that she can return to the palace. It seems that in the past two years, I have been just a thing that you, Fu Sijin, used to entertain your days. When the time comes, I have to get out of there obediently! ”

With a sneer, Yu Yu slammed Fu Sijin’s hand away, stood up, and looked at him condescendingly.

“But now you come here and say you love me again? So what’s the situation now? My double successfully counterattacked and won the true love of President Fu? This kind of dog-blooded plot novel is rotten; you really dare to play it. ”

“Yu Yu……”

Seeing such a highly aggressive Yu Yu for the first time, Fu Sijin was a little surprised, but not that surprised.

Bai Siya always needs to maintain her gentle and elegant personality in front of others and she will never yell at him in public.

However, Yu Yu is different. She is gentle by nature, but it doesn’t mean that she is really temperamental. It’s just that many times, she is willing to choose to be tolerant so she rarely quarrels with others.

This outbreak allowed Fu Sijin to unexpectedly see another side of her, and at the same time, he knew better from the bottom of his heart. Yu Yu and Bai Siya are two completely different individuals.

“What should I do? ” Shaking her hand and holding Yu Yu’s hand again, Fu Sijin’s expression was a little fragile but he was also strangely excited a little.

“Seeing you so different, I found that I love you even more. ”

Yu Yu looked surprised: “Fu Sijin, are you… mentally ill? ”

It’s so rare that Yu Yu, a gentle beauty, was forced to exhale such bad words in public.

It can be seen how shocked Fu Sijin made her.

“You are right. ”

Reason forcibly suppressed the tumbling emotions in his mind, Fu Sijin hesitated whether to tell the truth: “I have…”

“Ahjin! ” Qingqing screamed excitedly, rushing over like a small cannon, and threw herself into Fu Sijin’s arms.

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