Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 66

Chapter 39: Qingqing Rides the Ferris Wheel

The confession that was about to be said was interrupted, Fu Sijin simmered and suddenly he didn’t know how to continue anymore.

This little guy is still nestled coquettishly in his arms for no apparent reason.

“Ahjin, Ahjin, Qingqing has decided what to eat tonight! Let’s go eat fried chicken! ”

She pointed her little finger at a shop where the delicious smell comes from upstairs, her little face full of expectation and curiosity.

Qingqing has never eaten this kind of legendary fried food. She just overheard a conversation between a mother and daughter and suddenly became very curious, so she especially wanted to try it.

“No way! ”

Unfortunately, she was rejected by Fu Sijin.

“Ah…why? ”

Qingqing asked in disappointment.

“Children can’t eat that kind of thing. ”

Yu Yu squatted down and gently touched Qingqing’s small belly: “ If Qingqing eats that she will have diarrhea after. You will feel very painful and very uncomfortable when that time comes. ”

“Is it more painful than…than an injection? ”

Qingqing was taken aback. She opened her rounded peach blossom eyes slightly and Yu Yu was in a daze for a while.

It’s really similar.

Is the relationship between the two really just as simple as cousins?

In the dark corner, a pitch-black camera quietly poked out and took pictures of Qingqing several times in a row.

I caught you.

He grinned and whispered silently like a poisonous snake spitting out words.

Suddenly, Qingqing immediately turned her head and looked towards those hidden corners with a suspicious expression.

No… no… nothing… nothing.

“Qingqing? ”

Perceiving her strangeness, Fu Sijin couldn’t help but look down at her worriedly.

“It’s okay. ” Qingqing, who suddenly recovered, shook her head, “Qingqing made a mistake.” ”

Looking at the sky unconsciously, the little birds were constantly circling and they seemed to be extremely restless.

“If Qingqing is uncomfortable, let’s go back first. ” Yu Yu was considerate and authentic.

Fu Sijin mistakenly thought that she was trying to make an excuse to get rid of him, he is a little reluctant but he’s also worried about Qingqing so he still couldn’t say anything.

However, Qingqing hadn’t played enough and didn’t want to go back at all.

“If we go back it’s not fun at home. Shall we go and sit on the big wheel outside? ”

Pointing her little finger out the window of the shopping mall, Fu Sijin and Yu Yu turned their heads together and saw a huge Ferris wheel standing there impressively.

“When was a Ferris wheel built here? ”

Yu Yu’s expression was a little confused. She remembered that she hadn’t seen this thing in the previous few times she was here.

“Maybe it was newly built recently. ”

Fu Sijin’s heart moved slightly and he suddenly rubbed Qingqing’s little head. Seeing the little guy raised her head in confusion, he also smiled at her with appreciation: “Qingqing, do you want to ride the Ferris wheel?” ”

“Yes! “Qingqing replied loudly.

“Then we will ride it after dinner. ” Fu Sijin made the final word and promptly stopped Yu Yu who wanted to refuse.

“Oye!” Qingqing jumped up happily on the spot, her small face filled with a happy smile that Yu Yu couldn’t bear to refuse.

Forget it; isn’t it just about taking a Ferris wheel?

Just think of it as saying goodbye to this relationship.

Near dusk, the three of them had eaten and the two adults walked on the road holding Qingqing’s small hand.

The street lights that have been lit, cast three shadows of varying heights on the ground,which look like the backs of a family of three from a distance.

Walking and stopping happily, Qingqing had to point to some strange things on the side of the road and asked curiously, never stopping her chattering.

That happy little appearance infected the two adults, who were a little stiff in each other’s presence, couldn’t help but relax slightly and then they resumed talking and laughing naturally.

Amused by Qingqing’s cute antics again, Yu Yu gently covered her lips and her gaze swept across Fu Sijin inadvertently.

The handsome teenager, who used to wear a blue and white school uniform, has long since grown into a mature and stable handsome young man. He still looks so clean and handsome, firmly occupying her body and mind.

She used to look forward to the future with him very sweetly. They will get married one day in the future and the proposal may be made by him or even by her.

Then on the wedding day, she will wear a white wedding dress, exquisite bridal makeup, pink roses in her hand, and with everyone’s blessings, she will take her father’s reliable arm and walk towards him step by step to become his most beautiful bride.

After marriage, she will give him two children, one boy and one girl. The boy is the oldest, and when he grows up, he will protect his younger sister, and his younger sister will love her elder brother and her family.

When they get old, they will quit all their jobs, so they can take care of their grandchildren at home, travel together, and see this beautiful world before they die.

Finally, holding hands lying on the hospital bed with gray hair together, guarding each other and passing away.

It’s a very beautiful fantasy. Unfortunately, from the beginning, there was no chance of its realization.

There were many people waiting to take the Ferris wheel, and a long queue was about to line up at the door of the aisle.

Yu Yu was a little discouraged but was held by Fu Sijin and pulled together to the end.

Suddenly her brain short-circuited a little, Yu Yu asked suspiciously: “Why didn’t President Fu make a reservation? ”

This guy used to be very hairy and every time he went out on a date with her, he made a big fuss.

For a meal, you have to reserve the entire restaurant, watch a movie, empty the audience, send a flower then empty the entire flower shop and buy a gift. You have to be so high-profile that you can’t wait to let everyone know that it is for her.

At that time, many people were envious.

So much so that there is still a saying circulating on the Internet: the dog was propped up to death and no President Fu is innocent.

Raising the hand she was holding with Yu Yu, Fu Sijin looked back and smiled brightly, just like the teenager who made her fall in love at first sight.

“Because I want to be an ordinary couple with you. ”

There are no replacements, let alone others; they are just the most ordinary pair among the tens of millions of couples in the world.

“But…” We have already broken up a long time ago.

Yu Yu wanted to stop talking, but was pulled by Fu Sijin and suddenly walked forward quickly: “It’s up to us, you help me keep an eye on Qingqing and I’ll buy tickets. ”

The hand that had been clenched was suddenly released, and a cold feeling came from the warm fingertips and gradually filled the palm of his hand.

Yu Yu was a little disappointed and couldn’t help but lowered her head slightly in frustration, but she was facing Qingqing’s clear eyes.

“Sister Yuyu, do you still like Ahjin? ”

Children’s words are always so straightforward that make people at a loss.

But in front of Qingqing’s face, Yu Yu relaxed her defense and a gap opened in the heart that she had been clinging to, and the fierce emotions tumbling inside could no longer be suppressed.

“…Yes, I love him very much. ” She tremblingly admitted her feelings.

She has loved that person for ten years, from the sentimental girlhood to the present mature woman that she is.

Ten years of secret love has persisted until now and now she suddenly became tired.

“Ahjin also likes Sister Yuyu. ” Qingqing said.

No matter how young she became, Qingqing could clearly perceive her son’s feelings.

“Likes you very much. ”

She also added one more sentence.

“I know. ” Yu Yu smiled bitterly: “But it’s impossible for us.” ”

“Why? Sister Yu Yu likes Ahjin, and Ahjin also likes Sister Yu Yu. Why is it impossible? ”

Qing expressed puzzlement, the adult world is so troublesome.

“Because I have a thorn in my heart that I can’t pull out or spit out. It just crosses my heart and stings my heart all the time. It hurts so much that I can’t bear it, so I can only choose to dig out the whole heart together and discard it. ”

“Sister Yu Yu!” Qingqing suddenly turned her face serious, and she condemned Yu Yu justly:  “You can’t do this!“ ”

Yu Yu: “? ”

Can’t she even call the shots on her own feelings?

“The teacher said that it is wrong to conceal diseases and avoid medical treatment. ”

The little guy would actually use this idiom that is too obscure for a three-year-old child, “If you have a thorn in your heart, you have to go to the doctor. How can you not even want your whole heart? People will die if they don’t have a heart! ”

Yu Yu: “…”

I want to refute it, but I inexplicably feel that there is nothing wrong with Qingqing’s logic. What should I do?

“Puff! I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

A young lady who accidentally overheard this conversation next to her couldn’t help laughing.

Finding that she laughed too loudly to attract the attention of the others, she quickly apologized and trotted away.

Hahahaha… Now the children are really fun, hahahaha……

No, she wants to post a circle of friends. If she doesn’t share this kind of thing with everyone, I’ll feel sorry for the little cute baby who believes in medicine.

“What happened? ”

When Fu Sijin came back after buying the ticket, he saw Yu Yu with a weird expression and Qingqing with an innocent expression, and couldn’t help but wonder.

“No, it’s nothing, let’s hurry up and take the Ferris wheel. ”

Grabbing the ticket in Fu Shijin’s hand, Yu Yu buried her head and rushed forward.

If Fu Sijin could see her face now, he would definitely be able to see a large blush of embarrassment.

A Ferris wheel boxcar can seat four people. When it was their turn, there were no single guests, so the three of them successfully occupied a separate box.

As the giant wheel slowly turned, the world in front of her was gradually rising.

Qingqing lay on her back and looked at the dim lights in the distance in amazement.

It was already dark, and buildings were lit up with brilliant lights, and there was also a large musical fountain on the square under the Ferris wheel.

Colorful fountains dance to the music.

It turned into a gorgeous flower for a while, a blue wave for a while, and a very high water column suddenly spewed out for a while. At that height, it was almost on par with the Ferris wheel.

“Wow! ” Qingqing couldn’t help but let out a lovely exclamation as the musical fountain changed, and her dark pupils were reflected in colorful colors.

This is a beauty she has never seen in her life.

It seems that Gu Qingqing, who is an adult, has never taken a Ferris wheel before, but it came true at this time.

“Whew-boom! ”

It may be that the surprise for Qingqing was not enough. Brilliant fireworks suddenly set off in the distance, and large blooms of flowers bloomed on the dark night sky, which also dyed the silent night with beautiful colors.

“Ahjin, hurry up…” Look.

She turned his head excitedly, only to see a pair of men and women kissing at the highest point of the Ferris wheel.

Qingqing stopped her voice for an instant.

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