Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 67

Chapter 40: Qingqing’s Express Delivery

Until they got off the Ferris wheel, Qingqing’s small eyes still glanced back and forth between Fu Sijin and Yu Yu.

She felt that she had been deceived.

Obviously, the person who said that she was going to break up the moment before kissed the next moment.

She no longer believes in these adults who love to deceive children, huh!

“Qingqing, would you like to eat marshmallows? ”

Seeing a cart selling marshmallows on the road, Fu Sijin lowered his head and asked.

“Yes! ” Qingqing immediately responded loudly, for fear that Fu Sijin would not buy it if she’s a step late.

As for being angry or something, is it more important than marshmallows?

The little guy ran over, went on her tiptoes and chose a cat-shaped marshmallow and danced with joy, making Fu Sijin and Yu Yu laugh.

After eating the marshmallows, it was getting late.

No matter how reluctant he was Fu Sijin had to take Qingqing home.

He drove Yu Yu back first.

The car slowly stopped at the door of the bookstore. Qingqing is sleeping soundly in the child safety seat in the back, while Yu Yu is sitting in the passenger seat, looking straight ahead.

She seemed to be waiting for something but after waiting for a long time, there was only silence.

With indescribable disappointment in her heart, Yu Yu took a deep breath, unfastened her seat belt, opened the car door and wanted to leave.

As soon as one foot was stretched out, the slender wrist was firmly held.

She turned her head and faced Fu Sijin’s somewhat fragile expression, with a few strands of humble begging in his glittering and charming peach blossom eyes.

“Will you give me another chance? We’ll forget everything and start to fall in love again, like every ordinary couple. ”

“…” Yu Yu did not respond, but stretched out her other hand and broke out of Fu Sijin’s grip, finger by finger.

Fu Sijin’s complexion gradually darkened and he shrugged his head like a big dog that had fallen into the water, embarrassed.

“Knock, knock, knock…”

There was a knock on the car window, and Fu Sijin raised his head subconsciously, there he saw Yu Yu standing outside the car in an elegant blue dress, smiling softly at him, with a bit of alienation like when faced with strangers.

“It’s our first time meeting right? My name is Yu Yu. May I know the name of the gentleman who kindly took me home? ”

“Fu…Fu Sijin. ”


Standing on the balcony on the second floor, Yu Yu watched the car downstairs gradually disappear from sight.

Thinking of Qingqing’s cute little face, Yu Yu chuckled and turned back to the house.

Xiao Qingqing is right.

Since I like him and he likes me, why can’t we be together?

The beautiful dream seems to be broken have the possibility of continuing, but this time, she will also take up arms and fight for her own happiness.

It was past ten o’clock when Fu Sijin returned home with Qingqing.

As soon as he opened the door, he smelled a strong smell of wine. He frowned deeply. Qingqing had already covered her little nose in disgust and she couldn’t wait to return to the door.

“It stinks. ”

The little guy hates the smell of alcohol, which is exactly the same as his adult mother.

It’s not because of alcohol allergies or the like; it’s just that she doesn’t like drinking and the smell.

“Qingqing, will you follow Auntie Nanny upstairs to take a bath first? ”

His father is not at home at this point. If he is there, the guy with the smell of alcohol would not dare to be so presumptuous at home.

“Don’t. ” Unexpectedly, Qingqing not only shook her head and refused Fu Sijin’s arrangement but also took the initiative to trot to the sofa, squatted down and poked the humanoid object that fell to the ground.

“Get up, get up, the sun is shining on your ass! ”

Fu Sijin: “…”

It’s the moon that is out now.

“Um…I still want to drink…”

The drunkard was poked so much that he turned over, reached out and grabbed Qingqing’s little hand in a daze and stuffed it into his mouth.

After taking a bite, he found that the taste was wrong and raised his head blankly, facing Qingqing’s childish face that looked exactly like his mother.


The strong alcohol blurred Fu Sishen’s consciousness. He couldn’t tell the difference between the little Qingqing and the big Qingqing in front of him. He just stretched out his arms and hugged Qingqing’s waist, crying loudly.

“Mom…where did you…where did you hide An Ran? I can’t find her. I haven’t been able to find her for a long time. I beg you. I beg you. Tell me where she is… please…”

Qingqing looked at Fu Sishen who was holding her tightly at a loss, hesitating whether to push him away or hug him.

Xiao Shen looked so sad, but Qingqing didn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Fu Sishen, wake up for me. ”

Fu Sijin flushed and took a few steps forward to pull his younger brother away from Qingqing.

Fu Sishen shook his body, glanced at his brother drunkenly, gave a smirk and then fell on the sofa with a loud snore.

Fell asleep.

He rubbed his forehead with a headache. It’s not the right thing to let Fu Sishen sleep in the living room like this. If his father comes back and sees Fu Sishen like this, he will be scolded to death tomorrow.

Fu Sijin sighed helplessly, bent over to help his brother up, and took him upstairs.

Qingqing trotted to keep up, knowingly helping with everything.

After Fu Sijin poured hot water, she helped hand out towels, and when Fu Sijin took off the shoes for his younger brother, she helped to cover Fu Sishen with the quilt.

After helping this drunkard, both the older and the young one were sweating and very tired.

Without saying anything, they went back to their room to rest. When they woke up on the second day, they were faced with a silly Erha who had forgotten everything after waking up.

“Ah… I slept so well yesterday. ”

Fu Sishen did a few stretches, full of energy.

On the contrary, there’s Fu Sijin who couldn’t sleep because he was too excited yesterday, which caused him to wake up this morning obviously exhausted.

Qingqing hadn’t gotten up yet.

When you don’t need to go to school, you just have to use it to sleep late!

It wasn’t until the sun went up three poles[1]Chinese idiom meaning, it’s already late in the morning for the sun to rise that high that Qingqing was picked up from the quilt by Gu Lan who came to Fu’s house.

The Fu family men have something to do today. No one can bring Qingqing with them, so they could only call Gu Lan over.

It just so happens that it is a weekend holiday, so Gu Lan can take Qingqing back to his community and go to find Nian Gao to play with.

It may be that Qingqing couldn’t make much effort to go out today because of the busy day yesterday.

She staggered under Gu Lan’s fiddling in a daze, put on a chinchilla jumpsuit, and was pat on her face with a hot towel which made her a little more energetic.

But it was just a little bit. During breakfast, the little guy was still holding a soup spoon in her hand, but her face was almost buried in the bowl and she rubbed her eyes with a sleepy look.

Her eyes never opened at all.

“You went to be a thief last night? ”

Gu Lan, who couldn’t watch it anymore, grabbed Qingqing’s spoon and personally picked up the bowl to feed her.

If someone feeds, the efficiency of eating will naturally be high.

After solving the child in three or two strokes, Gu Lan neatly picked up Qingqing under her armpits, picked up the nanny bag prepared by the nanny and went out.

As soon as he opened the door, he almost collided with the person outside.

He stepped back, frowned and looked at the visitor: “Who are you? ”

“I’m delivering a courier, this is xx Road, No. 66, right? ”

The little brother outside the door glanced at the courier list in his hand, and asked hesitantly: “There is a courier here. The recipient is Miss Gu. Is she from here? ”

Is this what Gu Qingqing bought?

Gu Lan raised his eyebrows and subconsciously looked at the little cat with her limbs hanging from her armpits, who was looking up at him with a silly smirk.

Does this little guy know how to buy?

No, it doesn’t have to be bought by Qingqing now. It may be a cross-border express bought by his sister who hadn’t turned younger before since international mail is always slower.

Generally, those that can arrive within a month or two are considered fast.

“It’s from here. It’s inconvenient for her now. I’ll sign for it for her.”

“It’s just fine. ”

The little guy[2]Qingqing can write her own name, but does she dare to write on this courier, does the courier dare to give it to her?

“Then you sign here. ”

The unsuspecting courier brother finished delivering the express and when he turned around and left, he complimented: “This big house is so beautiful. ”

“What did you buy? ”

Gu Lan shook the courier box, and there was a sound inside, which sounded like cosmetics or something similar.

Casually placing the box on the shoe cabinet, Gu Lan took the little one who was asleep to his house.

There is no need to send her to play with children today. Gu Lan thinks she can sleep like this all day.

Fortunately, Qingqing woke up after lunch.

However, she didn’t have much interest in going out to play, so she simply sat on the blanket that Gu Lan had put on her in the living room to play with building blocks.

“Ding Dong…”

When the doorbell rang, Gu Lan is still packing up the lunch in the kitchen, so Qingqing simply ran to open the door by herself.

“Xixi, open the door. ”

“OK. ”

Most of the furniture in Gu Lan’s home is smart appliances, including door locks.

Qingqing didn’t need to lock the door at all, as long as she ordered the closed door would automatically open immediately.

“Sister Qingqing. ”

Outside the door was Bai Nian Gao who heard the Qingqing came to her uncle’s house, so he especially went to visit.

It was Bai Qiyu who brought him.

Qingqing heard the voice of Nian Gao and immediately ran out of the house happily.

“Brother Nian Gao! ”

“Hello, Qingqing. ”

Bai Qiyu gave Qingqing a gentle smile.

He has found some things these days, and at this time, his gaze at Qingqing couldn’t help but become much softer.

Like… it’s really similar to her. Did she look like this when she was a child?

So cute.

“Hello Uncle Bai. ”

Qingqing, who didn’t hold a grudge at all, greeted Bai Qiyu happily.

The two uncles and nephews entered the house together under Qingqing’s greeting, just in time to run into Gu Lan who had just come out of the kitchen after washing his hands.

“There are guests. ”

He looked at Bai Qiyu, and Bai Qiyu nodded politely: “Excuse me. ”

“Sit down, I’ll pour a cup of tea. ”

He turned around and went back to the kitchen. After a while, he came out with a set of tea sets and made tea on the spot.

With a cup of tea for one person, Gu Lan leaned back on the sofa and looked sideways at Qingqing, who was sitting on the blanket with Nian Gao and playing with building blocks.

“Very similar, right? ”

“Yes. ”

“I didn’t expect you to know her. The relationship between that two of you is not bad but I haven’t seen you before. ”

Gu Qingqing, this close confidante, really knows how to hide deep.

“I have heard from her about you, she said that the relationship between your siblings is a bit…”

Isn’t it not good to comment on people’s family affairs in person?

“It was just a misunderstanding before. ”

Gu Lan forcefully interrupted Bai Qiyu with a desire to stop him, “Now she is the closest to me. ”

“Qingqing. ” He beckon like he’s calling a puppy.

“What are you doing? ” Qingqing ran over obediently, but only to be patted on her head by a tiger, and then let go.

Bai Qiyu: “…”

If she’s an adult Qingqing, you may be killed on the spot.


1 Chinese idiom meaning, it’s already late in the morning for the sun to rise that high
2 Qingqing

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