Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 68

Chapter 41: Qingqing is Stunned

Since Qingqing became smaller, Fu Heng and Gu Lan have been trying their best to hide her whereabouts.

In addition to giving the small Qingqing a legitimate identity, it is necessary to create the illusion that the adult Qingqing is traveling abroad and strive for the truth not to be seen through.

In this case, someone was secretly investigating Qingqing’s news and of course they noticed it the first time. But after finding out who was investigating Qingqing’s news, Fu Heng’s expression became very subtle for a moment.

Gu Lan, who was present at the time, still remembered clearly.

He later learned that Bai Qiyu was actually his sister’s classmate from junior high to university and that the two had a very good relationship, his expression became very subtle.

It’s the subtlety of watching a good show.

Unexpectedly, his sister still hides such an old lover, no wonder his brother-in-law behaves so strangely.

It turned out that he ran into a rival.

He deserve it!

Who asked him to make so many rotten peach blossoms that caused my sister to be tossed by his crazy admirers for so many years?

Now Gu Lan can’t wait for his sister to have ten more confidantes and eight ‘acquaintance’. It’s best to for them to make his brother-in-law infuriated!

In this way, his sister can remarry with a large fortune and no longer have to suffer from that crazy woman.

Of course, this kind of thought, he’s just currently thinking about it.

However, this did not prevent Gu Lan from having a good impression of Bai Qiyu’s inexplicable rise.

Bai Qiyu is not a simple character, Gu Lan knows this and Fu Heng has understood it a long time ago.

So no matter how the two of them hide it, it is basically only a matter of time before he finds out the truth in the end.

He already had his doubts. In fact, he didn’t need to make it very complicated. Just find a way to get Qingqing’s DNA and do a paternity test with Gu Yanyu.

Because Qingqing’s identity is a relative of his mother’s side, it is impossible to have a blood relationship with Gu Yanyu, even if both of them are surnamed Gu.

Knowing that the struggle was fruitless, Gu Lan and the others simply revealed the truth to Bai Qiyu and led him to take the initiative to come to the door.

Bai Qiyu is very reliable and his relationship with Qingqing can be trusted.

Even if Fu Heng and Gu Lan didn’t make a deal with Bai Qiyu, they have to believe that no matter what, this person would never hurt Qingqing.

So they decided to pull another ally.

“Qingqing…how did she become like this? ”

After confirming Qingqing’s true identity, Bai Qiyu looked at her with distressed eyes.

In the days when he was away, she must have suffered a lot of grievances.

“I don’t know yet. ”

Gu Lan calmly shook his head,

“We have been investigating for a long time, but we haven’t found the reason. She seems to have shrunk overnight and there is no trace of evidence to be found. ”

“Haven’t you looked for those masters of metaphysics or something? ”

Fantastical matters should be left to the same fantasy characters to deal with.

“I found it. ” How could they not think of this method.

“But most of them are either liars or not capable enough, and they can’t tell the reason at all. ”

True masters are not easily invited by the rich and powerful.

“To use a Buddhist saying: it depends on fate. ”

“…” Bai Qiyu, who felt that Gu Lan’s words were a bit cheeky, could only change the subject: “Have you ever thought that maybe the problem lies with Qingqing herself?” ”

Maybe it was some strange illness or something?

They have to look at the problem from a scientific perspective.

“She has been given several full-body examinations a long time ago, and the report shows that Qingqing is very healthy. ”

Just an ordinary three-year-old child.

But it is precisely because of this that it seems even more abnormal.

“Let’s not talk about this topic, someone has been secretly threatening my sister, do you know? ”

After all, he was a person who had participated in Qingqing’s youth for such a long time, maybe Bai Qiyu would know something.

“A secret threat? ”

Bai Qiyu’s gaze became sharp in an instant, like a sharp blade out of its scabbard, Gu Lan couldn’t help but tighten his nerves slightly with his powerful aura that make his hair stood upright.

“What is the specific situation? Tell me more about it. ”

Could it be that person? No, that person hasn’t been released from prison yet, so it can’t be them.

“We are still investigating and still don’t know who the other party is. We only know that it is a woman, my sister… Fu Heng’s fanatical admirer.”

“Since Fu Heng married my sister, she has always hated my sister. Every ten days and a half, she would send her a courier. Some of those couriers were ambiguous photos of Fu Heng and other women and some were envelopes with curses written on them, or some weird objects. ”

For example, dolls with needles, white shoes dyed red with paint, ragged knives, and drafted divorce agreements.

Ordinary people will feel terrible when they receive this kind of thing, not to mention that Qingqing has received it for more than 20 years.

God knows how she survived? Looking at little Qingqing, who was carefully roofing the building block house, Gu Lan thought with a heavy heart.

No, maybe she had already collapsed, so she became what she is now.

Only ignorant children are the most innocent and carefree beings.

“Set it up! ”

Qingqing, who was done, happily clapped her hands to celebrate and stood up with vigor to accept the praise of Nian Gao.

“Sister Qingqing is great! ”

“Hehehe… no, it’s just so-so. ”

“Really no shame, you little kid. ”

With a chuckle, Gu Lan changed his posture and looked at Qingqing with gentle eyes.

“In fact, if she can’t change back, it’s not a bad thing to let her grow up again. ”

Although this sentence was Gu Lan’s deep thoughts, it did not come out of his mouth.

He turned his head in surprise and looked at a man who had the same high opinion as himself and suddenly felt a sense of sympathy.

“Don’t be so surprised. ” Noticing Gu Lan’s gaze, Bai Qiyu turned his watch slightly.

“Qingqing’s childhood… shouldn’t be very good. Since I met her, whenever I mentioned her family, I could often see her expression of loss from time to time, and at that time, she rarely had a happy time, the only happiest time…”

When she was still in college, she was told by her family that they had arranged a business marriage for her and the target happened to be the man she secretly fell in love with.

Bai Qiyu had opposed this marriage at the beginning and had also tried to stop it.

Their Bai family is not bad; they can also be the marriage partner of the Gu family. Most importantly, he loves Gu Qingqing but Fu Heng doesn’t love her.

Is it really a happy thing to marry a man who doesn’t love her?

It’s a pity that Qingqing’s attitude was too determined at the beginning, not only her attitude of rejecting him but also her attitude of wanting to marry Fu Heng.

In the end, the two had a big fight over something and broke up.

He didn’t want to see his beloved woman marry another man, so he simply followed the arrangements of his family and signed up for the army to stay away from these old things.

After returning from the military after many years, I thought I would see a noble lady with a harmonious husband and wife and a filial son, but I didn’t expect to only see a scarred child.

How much pain does it take to make an adult with a firm mind who would rather be an ignorant child than return to the present?

After learning the truth about Qingqing’s identity, Bai Qiyu couldn’t help thinking so.


“I think it’s better to let her start over like this. With our ability, we can always make up for it and give her a happy childhood. ”

“Little bird? ”

Qingqing, who was holding the building blocks, suddenly raised her head and looked straight in the direction of the balcony.

She got up with a grunt, stumbled over the building blocks all over the floor and rushed to the balcony.

“Qingqing! “ The one who reacted the fastest was Bai Qiyu.

Like a cheetah that attacked in an instant, he rushed to Qingqing’s back, grabbed her with his long arm, and picked her up, away from the balcony that was too dangerous for children.

“Crack! ” With a sound, something fell to the ground as Qingqing was picked up.

Gu Lan, who was a step late, lowered his head subconsciously, and then his expression changed drastically!

“It’s the courier in the morning! ”

Her name is still depicted on it, and it is impossible for Gu Lan to mistaken it.

“Don’t touch it! ”

Stopping Gu Lan’s hand who wanted to bend over to pick up the courier, Bai Qiyu solemnly stuffed Qingqing into his arms: “You take Qingqing and Nian Gao back to the door and then call the police. ”

We don’t know what dangerous items are in this courier box, so you must be careful.

Bai Qiyu couldn’t hear the ticking sound coming from inside, indicating that this thing shouldn’t be something like timed bomb, so he breathed a sigh of relief.

Do a good job of basic protection first, and then carefully disassemble the courier.

Inside is a voice recorder.

It seems that a special setting has been made. As soon as the express delivery is turned on, the voice recorder will automatically play back.

It was a mechanical voice changer that could not be distinguished whether it’s a man or woman, and the low and gloomy tone revealed a chilling horror, hissing like a poisonous snake spitting out words.

There is only one sentence in it: “I found you. ”

“Ah ah ah ah…”

Qingqing outside the door suddenly screamed, followed by Gu Lan’s shocked shout, and the sound of Nian Gao crying in fright.

Bai Qiyu rushed out of the door immediately and saw Qingqing fainting in Gu Lan’s arms with a pale face.

“Call an ambulance! ”

Gu Lan was so anxious that his voice was dumbfounded. Bai Qiyu immediately picked up the mobile phone and dialed the urgent call with a slight tremor.

Soon, the ambulance rushed downstairs to pick up Qingqing who was unconscious.

There were a few messy footsteps in the silent hospital corridor, and the door of the closed ward was suddenly opened. Three men from the Fu family appeared outside the door looking disheveled.

“How is Qingqing? ”

Fu Heng took the lead in asking, because he had just run in a hurry he was still panting little.

“She is fine. The doctor said that she was suddenly frightened and stimulated, so she fainted after a while of excessive stress. ”

Gu Lan sat in front of Qingqing’s hospital bed, holding her cold little hand tightly with his big hand, his eyes flushed.

“Who on earth is it? Why did you let her go! ”

Fu Sishen was as anxious as an angry lion. His cub was injured, but he couldn’t find the murderer, so he could only keep walking in anger.

“The police said that they have gone to check the address of the courier, and my people are also helping to investigate who sent the courier. ”

Bai Qiyu’s face was horribly cold.

After this happened, Nian Gao have been sent back to his parents a long time ago.

So now there are only five men with the same dark expression in Qingqing’s ward, with their complexion darker than the other.

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