Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 69

Chapter 42: Qingqing’s Program

It was the second day since Qingqing woke up.

She opens her eyes in confusion, looking up she sees the white ceiling above her head and the tip of her nose was filled with the familiar smell of disinfectant.

Blink, blink again.

Five heads appeared in one, two, three, four, and then five in her field of vision. The distance was too close. Qingqing didn’t see who these five people were and was a little frightened.

Seeing her horrified expression, Gu Lan immediately frowned and waved away all the other four men like flies.

“Go and go, all go, what are you all blocking here for, it scares our family’s Qingqing. ”

“Mom is our family. ”

Dissatisfied with being driven away, Fu Sishen murmured in a low voice.

However, after being glared at by Gu Lan, he immediately shrank his neck, smiled, and stretched out his hand to make a zipper gesture on his lips.

I’ll shut up, I’ll shut up.

“Brother. ” As soon as the head was far away, Qingqing immediately recognized who the person in front of her was.

She immediately cracked her small mouth and giggled.

That innocent smile without haze seemed to have never been overshadowed by fear, as happy and brilliant as it used to be.

Immediately, Fu Heng felt that something is wrong. He tentatively stretched out his hand to gently hold Qingqing’s small hand that was not connected with the IV bag, and was immediately gripped back by Qingqing.

But it’s just the kind of loose grip when she trusts someone, not at all like the kind of nervous pulling of a frightened child when she asks for help.

“Qingqing, do you remember what happened yesterday? ”

As soon as this sentence came out, basically everyone noticed something strange, and everyone looked at Qingqing nervously, waiting for her answer.

“Yesterday? ” Qingqing glanced around with guilty eyes, but she didn’t dare to look at Fu Heng when she looked at the sky and the earth.

But under his firm gaze, she still whispered the truth in a low voice: “Qingqing…Qingqing had a fight with someone. ”

Her guardian was also called by teacher in the office, and then fell asleep listening to Fu Heng’s reprimand on the way home.

She, she, she… is she going to be spanked?

Shrinking back subconsciously, Qingqing carefully hid herself in the quilt.

As long as Qingqing’s little ass is hidden deep enough, Uncle won’t be able to hit me!

There was no expected reproach. Everyone who heard these words changed their expressions almost at the same time. The brothers, Fu Sijin and Fu Sishen, hurriedly turned around and rushed out to call the doctor.

After a while, a white coat hurriedly arrived and caught Qingqing for a check-up, the serious expression on her face relaxed a little bit.

“Doctor, how is the child? ” Fu Heng’s cold eyebrows are furrowed with anxiety.

She woke up without three days of memory. Does this mean that Qingqing’s age is still degenerating?

He also wanted to make himself be optimistic, but the recent incidents that have happened to Qingqing one after another have really made it difficult for people to be optimistic.

He’s very scared, afraid that his wife would be like those who had Alzheimer’s disease.

Degenerate a little bit every day, gradually lose your former self, becoming an oblivious and ignorant baby, and finally disappear completely.

This kind of torture is the greatest harm to the people closest to her.

Fortunately, the doctor’s next diagnosis saved his desperate thoughts.

“It’s okay, it’s just that the child’s brain activated the stress mechanism itself and deleted the painful memories that made her feel overwhelmed. ”

It’s just a simple selective amnesia, not another age degeneration.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief in silence and hurriedly sent the doctor away with gratitude, and then surrounded Qingqing to ask questions.

Qingqing’s face was still a little pale, her weak little body looked a little wide in the hospital’s smallest hospital gown and her small hands were swollen with drops of blood, which made Fu Heng and others feel painful when seeing it.

The little guy who had just been wronged is still comforting them with a sensible expression, trying to tell them not to worry too much.

Qingqing only thought that she was injured in a fight with her classmates before she went to the hospital, although she didn’t feel any pain in her body.

But maybe it was an internal injury?

Just like in the TV series, a person can hit people far away with a punch through the air.

Perhaps Chen Qi and the others are the children of the martial arts world. They have high martial arts skills, but they have not shown it in order to pretend to be ordinary people.


When Fu Sishen heard this big brain hole from Qingqing’s mouth, he couldn’t help laughing and fell on the edge of the hospital bed.

He really influenced the imagination of a child, how could she fantasize about such nonsense, and she even looked convinced.

Are you not afraid of this becoming a black history when you grow up?

If it weren’t for the consideration that his mother might return one day in the future, Fu Sishen would really like to take a mobile phone and record it for Qingqing on the spot.

He can use this black history to laugh at Qingqing for a whole year!

“Huh! ”

Although the black history was not intercepted, Qingqing also saw that Fu Sishen was laughing at herself, and immediately grunted out of her nostrils angrily, turning her head and ignoring others.

In the end, Fu Sishen, who realized that something was wrong, laughed and promised various toys and snacks before coaxing Qingqing.

Qingqing was not injured this time, so she only stayed in the hospital for two days before being taken home.

Of course, since she’s been discharged from the hospital, school is bound to resume immediately.

However, for the sake of the safety of the children, after consultation with several people, Gu Lan, Qingqing’s legal guardian, stepped forward and after communicating with the kindergarten, allowed Qingqing to bring two bodyguards to school.

However, bodyguards can only guard outside the classroom and cannot influence the children in class inside.

The security of this kind of aristocratic kindergarten is also very strong. After all, every child in it is very delicate and can’t be easily damaged. Now two more professional bodyguards have been added.

It can be said that, at least on the surface, Qingqing’s side has been protected like an iron bucket.

In addition to these, she also tied a top-end children’s phone watch to her wrist.

At critical moments, this watch can alarm with one tap and notify parents, as well as provide real-time tracking to all users who have their mobile phones bind.

There are five binding available for a children’s watch, and it is just enough that Fu Heng and the others have one for each of them.

It’s just that the bound quota is also sorted by priority, which is used to assess the distance between this person and the relatives of the watch owner.

As a result, these five naive men actually competed for such a small ranking.

As juniors, the Fu brothers were naturally the first to be kicked out.

The remaining three are completely fighting like immortals.

Gu Lan needless to say, he is a younger brother, and no one is closer to Qingqing than him in terms of blood.

Fu Heng is Qingqing’s legal husband, and his status is even more justifiable.

Although Bai Qiyu has neither blood nor official status, he is the one who knows Qingqing best among the three, and has participated in Qingqing’s entire youth.

Moreover, Gu Lan also helped Bai Qiyu speak, which made Fu Heng a bit difficult to defend himself.

But he is not someone who is willing to give up so easily.

“Since we can’t decide, it’s better to let Qingqing choose by herself. ”

In the end, the three people who couldn’t argue could only agree to this proposal, just waiting for them to get together in front of Qingqing and ask the question.……

“The three of us, who does Qingqing like best? Who do you dislike the most? ” Gu Lan stared at Qingqing expectantly.

Fu Sijin who passed by inadvertently: “…”

As for? Use this kind of fate for a three-year-old child.

Qingqing had just finished drawing the picture homework assigned by the teacher at the time, and was watching cartoons on the sofa.

When she’s happy, she is blocked by three tall men. She immediately tilted her head angrily and straightened her neck to watch the blocked TV.

The little hand drove them away impatiently.

“Go away, go away, Qingqing wants to look at the Tyrannosaurus! ”

The three of them turned their heads when they heard her, just in time to see that the Tyrannosaurus, which had been mighty and dominant, was hunting.

It opened its mouth wide suddenly, let out a very threatening roar, and suddenly scared away its hunting target… and ran away.……

The three of them are handsome, successful, stable and wise l men, are they not as good as a paper dianosaur?

The three people who were hit hard left the scene sadly, leaving Qingqing alone and continued to watch TV happily in the living room.

By the way, while people are not paying attention, she sneaked out the snacks she had hidden from the cracks of the sofa and ate them!

The Fu brothers didn’t know how these three adults solved it. Anyway, in the end, the contact persons on Qingqing’s watch were: Fu Heng, Gu Lan, Bai Qiyu, Fu Shijin, and Fu Sishen.

Finally, there is a fixed alarm number, which cannot be deleted or moved.

Seeing this, Fu Sishen was a little relieved that he was not the bottom existence.

In a blink of an eye, nearly a month has passed since Qingqing went to kindergarten.

The break time was fairly calm, and the expected danger did not appear.

But both Fu Heng and Gu Lan knew from the bottom of their hearts that the enemy was only temporarily lurking, and the real danger had not yet been eliminated.

Approaching the National Day, the kindergarten will hold a performance.

The teacher said in the class that he would choose a few children to rehearse and perform.

Qingqing was so happy; she quickly took Hanhan and raised her hand enthusiastically.

In fact, all the children in the class raised their small hands when they heard this, and looked straight at the teacher with big shining eyes, looking forward to being selected.

“The people whose names I called stood here, Gu Qingqing, Liu Han, Zhang Siyu, Mou Liang…”

The performance arranged by the teacher for the small class only requires six people, but there are 20 children in the class.

The children who have not been selected are destined to be disappointed, while the children who have been selected are as happy as if they have won a prize, and some are so happy that they can dance with their hands and feet.

Hand and foot dancing refers specifically to Qingqing.

Qingqing usually looks very well-behaved and quiet. In fact, she has a strong desire to be well-behaved. She likes to hear others praise her and she works hard for this.

The best academic performance in the class must include her.

Moreover, recently, Qingqing watched that the children in other large classes had more or less learned one or two talents, and she also moved her mind, and wanted to beg her uncle to enroll her in a hobby class and learn something.

However, this idea will have to be discussed later. Now their most important thing is to rehearse and perform.

The children in the small class are only three years old, and the eldest has just turned four years old. It is too difficult for them to perform.

Degree programs are almost impossible.

So the teacher made up a cute and simple little dance.

In the end, even if the children can’t learn, the teacher will help lead the dance in the audience. The little ones just have to follow the movements.

“Come on, the children dance with the teacher, three circles to the left, three circles to the right, tilt your heads…”

Qingqing enthusiastically followed the teacher to learn, and Hanhan twisted around beside her, like a stiff machine with severe rust. She hadn’t moved her other feet once, and the other children were also dancing sporadically. It’s unsatisfactory.

In truth, the teacher has long been mentally prepared, as long as the children who perform on stage are cute enough.

Whether it is children who participated in the performance or not, they can invite their families to watch it on the day of the performance.

However, if there are children at home participating in the performance, parents can be arranged in the front seat to facilitate them to see their children.

It can be regarded as a small reward for the children who have worked hard to perform.

“Qingqing is going to perform on stage tomorrow, right? ”

The family was eating dinner when Fu Sishen asked suddenly.

“Uh…” Qingqing still had porridge in her mouth. She raised her head to speak when she heard the sound, but Fu Heng stuffed another spoon of seafood porridge with shrimp: “Swallow it and talk again. ”

She immediately chewed hard; her cheeks were like a little squirrel, round and extremely cute.

I thought that I could liberate my mouth quickly, but as soon as I finished one bite, Fu Heng skillfully fed it to the next one.

She couldn’t speak until a small bowl of porridge was in Qingqing’s stomach.

“Qingqing is going to perform on stage. The teacher said that she can invite her family to come and watch. Everyone will come! ”

She also took out a few invitation coupons distributed by the teacher from her small carry-on bag, and handed them to Fu Heng and the others one by one, while the remaining two were handed over to Fu Sijin.

“This belongs to my younger brother and Uncle Bai. Ahjin can’t lose it them. ”

“Ok. ” Fu Sijin smiled and accepted the invitation voucher entrusted to him.

I didn’t tell Qingqing that even if she didn’t give Bai Qiyu, he would be able to accompany her as a parent of Nian Gao that day.

This is a child’s heart, and it cannot be trampled.

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