Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 70

Chapter 43: Qingqing the Radish

On the day of the performance, there was another crowded scene in the kindergarten.

It seems that no matter how busy the parents are, they will try their best to take time to accompany their children when they encounter important moments.

Qingqing had been sent to kindergarten a long time ago, and now she is in the classroom with other children, waiting for the teacher and the mothers of several classmates who were invited to help to put on makeup.

Only Hanhan and the others need makeup, but Qingqing doesn’t need it.

Because they are worried that the cosmetics used in the kindergarten were not good, Qingqing was styled and put on make-up by a makeup artist specially transferred from the company by Fu Sijin at home.

It may be that the brother who claims to be the company’s chief makeup artist has a unique voice; it caused Qingqing to always echo the exaggerated voice of the makeup artist when she sees other children being pressed on a chair and being put on makeup.

Oops… the little cutie’s skin is so nice, so tender that water can come out when squeezed.  So pretty and cute!  If only my mother[1]reffering to herself in 3rd POV could have a daughter who is as lovely and loving as you, my mother would dress her up beautifully every day and be the most beautiful cub in kindergarten…”

I don’t quite understand why Qingqing, who has a brother and calls herself mother, was really frightened by this broken thought, so she couldn’t help but tell the teacher that she was going to the toilet, and then slipped out of the class.

What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.

She was only three years old and learned so many proverbs. She must have been forced by life.

Qingqing wandered aimlessly outside, and when she passed by a dim classroom, she heard something strange.

She walked over curiously, pulled at the window and looked inside.

I saw that the two teachers were unpacking a bag of candies and putting all the candies into a brass-colored gong, she didn’t know what they were doing.

Noticing the small head outside the window, one of the teachers stopped, walked over quickly to close the window, and told Qingqing to go back to the class quickly and not to walk around outside.

Driven away.

Qingqing could only mutter, reluctantly… ran to the kitchen on the first floor of the kindergarten.

There is a very kind cook lady here. Every time she sees a child running over, she will smile and give them something delicious.

So everyone likes her very much. Some greedy little guys have to wander around from time to time when they have free time. Among them, Qingqing runs the most diligently and knows the cook best.

The cook is cleaning the vegetables for cooking at noon.

A lot of vegetables were piled up in large red pots, and they were carefully cleaned one by one.

These are for the little dolls to eat, so you have to wash them carefully more than three times, and you can’t leave any dirt behind.

The other two aunts who were hired in the kitchen were impatient to do these tedious tasks, so the cook simply did it by herself.

Hearing footsteps, she raised her head while washing the vegetables.

Seeing that it was Qingqing, a kind smile immediately appeared on the old face, and the wrinkles were gently superimposed one by one, and she looked very kind: “Qingqing is here.”

“Qingqing helps her mother-in-law wash the vegetables. ”

Qingqing naturally pulled over the small stool on the side and sat down to help the cook wash the dishes.

When she took food from the old lady cook for the first time, she was very surprised, and even worried that the cook would be scolded if she took food from the kindergarten kitchen without permission.

Later, she learned from Nian Gao that in fact, the entire kindergarten belonged to the old lady cook.

After all she was not only the former kindergarten director, but also the mother of the current director. Qingqing knew that she had misunderstood.

The old lady loves children all her life, and even if she retires, she can’t stay at home. She just comes back to the kindergarten to help and keep the entrance safe for the children.

It can be said that because of the existence of the old lady cook, many parents are rest assured that their children will be placed in this kindergarten.

However, Qingqing didn’t look at the identity of others at all. She only felt that she had eaten what others had given for nothing, so she had to help do something in return.

This is the truth that Aunt Ding taught her there is no pie in the world that falls from the sky.

So every time Qingqing ran over, she would help the cook do what she could.

Sometimes she help wash the dishes like she does now, and sometimes she help carry small things that can be moved.

With Qingqing’s addition……

In fact, it does not help the process of the cook’s washing dishes very much.

After all, she has small hands and she works slowly. Her only advantage is meticulous.

Every dish that has been washed by Qingqing’s small hands is clean, and there is no need for the cook to rework and wash it again.

Although Qingqing’s help was of little effect, the old lady cook would not refuse her help.

It is a good thing for a child to come and help in a sensible manner. There is no need to suppress the enthusiasm of others. She has to encourage a lot so that she can learn to help others when she grows up.

In return, Qingqing always came to help, and the cook would also bring her some delicious small pastries from home.

Compared with home-cooked meals, she is actually better at making various small pastries and noodles.

She also brought the food for the children from home.

Of course, she didn’t touch anything at all, but Qingqing didn’t know it.

After washing a large pot of vegetables, the cook’s mother-in-law urged Qingqing to go back quickly.

She knows that there is a performance in kindergarten today and the stage is set up in the open space in the garden. Looking at Qingqing’s appearance today, she assume that she must be a member of the performance on stage.

“Mother-in-law, I’m leaving. ”

Qingqing washed her hands and said goodbye to the cook obediently.

“Wait a while.” The old lady cook stopped Qingqing, turned around and walked into the kitchen quickly. When she came back, she carried a greaseproof bag in her hand and handed it to Qingqing.

“Today, the parents of Qingqing will come. You can take these mung bean cakes back and eat them with your parents. ”

“Okay, thank you mother-in-law. ”

Qingqing didn’t have an excuse, she stretched out her hand to take the oil-paper bag and said goodbye to the cook, this time she really left.

She had already heard the sound of music from the other side of the garden, and hurried over, just in time to run into the teacher who was looking for her.

“Qingqing! Where did you go? Hurry up, hurry up, go and line up with everyone, our first performance is about to begin. ”

There was no time to listen to Qingqing’s explanation. The teacher anxiously pulled Qingqing and arranged her in the front position in the middle of the team.

Each class is arranged in order of height.

Qingqing is not tall in the class, but she is not the shortest one, so she can’t be ranked first.


The Fu father and son came a bit slowly, and when they arrived, the performance had already begun.

With their height and good vision, they could easily find Bai Qiyu and Gu Lan in the crowded crowd.

He walked across the crowd and patted Gu Lan on the shoulder. Fu Heng’s gaze scanned the faces of the children on and off the stage from time to time.

“Where is Qingqing? ”

“Perform on stage.” Gu Lan motioned to Fu Heng to look at the stage.

Fu Heng looked along and saw a group of children wearing little brown overalls with a white scarf around their heads. They dressed up as peasant uncles and lined up to the music of “Pulling radishes” to perform pulling radishes.

This group of small diced radishes may not add up to the size of the big radish foam board.

I don’t know if they are pulling the radishes or the radishes are pulling them.

But this is not the point, the point is that there is no Qingqing in it.

“I didn’t find Qingqing, uncle, are you lying to us? ”

On behalf of his father and brother, Fu Sishen, who has a more lively temperament, spoke out about their psychology.

“Why did I lie to you for nothing? ”

Gu Lan glared at him speechlessly, then raised his chin slightly and nodded.

“Here, isn’t Qingqing not the big carrot that was pulled out. ”

Coincidentally, as soon as Gu Lan’s voice fell, the performance came to an end.

Qingqing’s big radish was pulled, and rolled down to the ground with five other children hiding behind the foam radish. Several of them were wearing small red skirts, which really looked like round and short radishes.

It was so cute that all the parents couldn’t help laughing and gave enthusiastic applause.

This is just Qingqing’s first show today, and there will be another one later.

Originally, the teachers in the small class only prepared one program, but later they were told that the program was not enough and they had to add another one. They simply prepared a carrot-picking program for all the children in the class to participate.

Because Qingqing and the six children had a second show to show their faces, the teacher simply asked the six of them to be the pulled radish together and hide behind the radish foam board.

Then the six carrots were freshly baked.

“Uncle! ”

There were still several shows before it was Qingqing’s turn, so she ran out first to find Fu Heng and the others.

She could see it on stage just now, and her uncles, brothers and sons were all here.

Qingqing is super happy!

Spreading his arms to catch the little radish that came straight over, Fu Heng met the slightly sour eyes of Gu Lan and Bai Qiyu, and with a smile on his face, he wrapped Qingqing up and raised her high, so happy that the little guy kept giggling.

Seeing this scene, the Fu brothers had long been numb.

They have become accustomed to their usually unsmiling, indifferent and serious father, who immediately changed their faces when they met Qingqing.

In fact, how can they not?

I can only blame Qingqing for being so cute that people like her as soon as they see her.

“Uncle eats cakes. ”

Qingqing still remembers the mung bean cake given to her by the cook’s mother-in-law, and presented it to Fu Heng like a treasure.

“Qingqing remembers your Uncle Fu, what about mine? ”

Gu Lan is gnawing lemon next to them and is being sour((being jealous).

“My brother eats too. ”

Qingqing immediately turned her head and smiled flatteringly at Gu Lan, revealing a row of small white teeth, “Uncle Bai, Ahjin, Xiaoshen, eat it too. ”

She didn’t miss anyone this time.

“Sure enough, it’s a small radish, but it’s still a flower heart. ”

Pointing at Qingqing’s nose, Fu Sishen teased her jokingly.

“Qingqing is a carrot, not a flower. ”

The little radish retorted solemnly, causing the adults around to smile kindly.

“This kid is so cute. ” A parent next to him couldn’t help but praise.

“Thank you, your children are also very cute. ” Fu Sijin complimented politely.

He has already learned the essence of communication between parents. It’s over when they are praising and boasting about each of their children.

The effect is great, and it makes people happy when others praise their children more than when they do it themselves.

“Hahaha, no, that stinky girl in my family is like a wild child every day, and she makes me angry to death. ”

Sure enough, the parent was coaxed into a happy mood. Seeing that Fu Sijin looked familiar, he couldn’t help but hesitate and asked, “Are you Fu Sijin, the president of Fu’s Entertainment?” ”

“Exactly. ”

It seems that this person is still an insider, so it is no wonder that he also thinks that the other person looks familiar.

Fu Sijin handed out his business card, the other party took it, and quickly gave his out.

After getting someone else’s business card and glancing at it, Fu Sijin immediately showed a look of surprise: “Director Gao? ”

According to legend, the hand of the god who made a hit or something, the top director Gao Congguang!

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1 reffering to herself in 3rd POV

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