Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 72

Chapter 45: Qingqing’s Adopted Daughter

They hurried and didn’t slow down but in the end, Fu Heng and the others did not arrive at the hospital where Gu’s mother was until after 8 o’clock in the evening.

On the way, Gu Lan’s friend had already heard the news and informed the ward where Gu’s mother was located.

So when the two entered the hospital, they took Qingqing directly to find them, just in time to meet Gu Lan’s friends and Gu’s father.

“Thanks brother. ”

“It’s okay, you can go and see aunt first. I’ll leave now since I have some matters to attend to.” Wen Hao patted Gu Lan on the shoulder with comfort and sympathetically left the space to their family.

Before leaving, he glanced curiously at the child in Fu Heng’s arm who looked very similar to Gu Lan. Qingqing who’s looking around with her clear peach blossom eyes wide open, noticed that someone was looking at her and raised her little head with a sweet smile. Wen Hao was taken aback, and then smiled back.

“This child from your family is so cute and looks a lot like you. ” He complimented, and without waiting for Gu Lan to answer, he left first.

In addition to leaving so as not to disturb others, it is also because he is really busy.

“That uncle…” Qingqing looked at Wen Hao’s back with a slight doubt, “He looks familiar. ”

Where does she seem to have seen him?

It’s a pity that Gu Lan and Fu Heng’s attention is now on Gu’s mother in the ward, so no one can answer her little question.

Seeing them coming, Father Gu hurriedly greeted them as if he had caught the backbone of his heart.

“You guys are here, take a look at your mother. She has been like this since she just woke up, and she didn’t respond when we talk to her. ”

Avoiding his father’s outstretched hand and ignoring the opponent’s suddenly lost expression, Gu Lan frowned and asked impatiently: “What’s the matter with her? How could she faint suddenly? ”

Isn’t it really a miscarriage?

Gu Lan’s mood was a bit complicated. Although he had cursed his mother viciously, he felt a little bit uncomfortable when it really happened.

Humans are indeed a contradictory creature.

“I wasn’t pregnant before, what kind of miscarriage you’re talking about?”

Mother Gu on the hospital bed rolled over, her weird tone of voice revealed deep depression.


Gu Lan and Fu Heng paused, then looked puzzled again.

“What do you mean? Can’t you make it clear? ”

Gu Lan hates it when people always say half of what they mean when they talk or when they are vague and don’t always talk about the point.

Is there anything wrong with just making it clear?

Why do you go around so many bends?

It’s not like they’re flipping with strings[1]playing cat’s cradle.

“Your mother…” Gu Yanyu whispered hesitatingly: “She is not pregnant. The doctor said that she has uterine fibroids. ”

The tumor is very large and made Mother Gu’s abdomen bloated, so the husband and wife mistakenly thought she was pregnant.

Gu Lan: “…”

Fu Heng: “…”

Qingqing: “? ? ? ”

Qingqing looked confused after not understanding what the adults were talking about.

After a whole silence……

“Puff! ” Gu Lan couldn’t help but put his fist to his lips, and burst out laughing instantly.

“Gu Lan! ”

Mother Gu was so angry that she sat up from the hospital bed, her whole body was like an enraged lioness: “What is with your attitude? ”

“What attitude? ”

As soon as Gu Lan, who had resisted smiling, was scolded, he simply replaced his sneer with unscrupulous ridicule: “You have no brain and don’t know how to go to the hospital for an examination. You mistook uterine fibroids for pregnancy and made such a big fuss. Are we still not allowed to laugh? ”

“Okay, okay, stop arguing. Gu Lan, your mother has just been hospitalized. The doctor said that she will need to have surgery to remove the entire uterus in a few days. She is in a very depressed mood now, so say less words and don’t anger her.”

Gu Yanyu spoke up in an upright voice angrily, but it was a pity that Gu Lan didn’t appreciate it.

“She is very mentally strong, but I can’t be angry with her. Since you are okay, then I will go first. ”

Every minute and every second of staying here made Gu Lan feel suffocated, and he didn’t want Qingqing to face these bad thoughts directly, so he simply left.

Anyway, there are doctors and nurses here, so nothing can happen to these two couples.

“You wait! ”

Gu Mu’s slightly weak voice sounded from behind, and Gu Lan paused slightly, suddenly wanting to hear what else she wanted to do.

“What you have in your arms is Qingqing[2]meaning gentle not green jade bamboo, right? Give her to me for a hug. ”

With an upright tone, she said: “Since this is my granddaughter, you should call me Grandma.”

The flame of anger rushed straight to his head in an instant, Gu Lan turned abruptly, staring fiercely at his mother with a pair of bloodshot eyes.

“What do you want to do now? If you can’t give birth by yourself, then you have to grab someone else’s child? I tell you, don’t even think about it, I won’t let you have the opportunity to approach Qingqing even half a step. ”

Taking Qingqing from Fu Heng’s arms, Gu Lan directly hugged her and strode out. This time, he would not come back at all.

“Father-in-law and mother-in-law, I will retire first. ”

Nodding politely to Gu’s parents, Fu Heng hurried to chase Gu Lan.

That guy is in the wrong state now; it would be bad if he scared Qingqing.

When Fu Heng found Gu Lan, he was eating mango shaved ice in the cold drink shop, while Qingqing was sitting obediently eating french fries on the opposite side.

It may be that Gu Lan was too angry. Gu Lan took a big gulp and put ice in his mouth. He ate very fiercely but he didn’t feel it at all.

He wants to feel his mouth freezing.

Standing helplessly at Gu Lan’s table, Fu Heng crossed his hands and sighed deeply.

“Haven’t calmed down yet? ”

“How could I be angry for irrelevant people? ”

If he didn’t eat so fiercely, this sentence might be a bit convincing.

Even Qingqing saw through it at a glance: “Brother lied, you are angry. ”

“Eat yours! ” Pick up two french fries and stuff them into Qingqing’s mouth, blocking her small mouth.

“Um…no ketchup…”

French fries without ketchup are soulless. Qingqing frowned unhappily, and was immediately smoothed by Fu Heng’s hand the next moment.

“Don’t frown all day when you are a child, you will get wrinkles in advance. ”

“What! ” Qingqing was so frightened that she quickly touched her smooth little forehead, with lingering fears: “Qingqing won’t frown in the future.” ”

“Waiter, give me a seafood baked rice. ”

“Okay, please wait a moment. ”

The cold drink shop also sells meals, but the taste is not as good as the shop outside that specializes in selling meals.

However, Fu Heng has been hungry from noon to the present, and he doesn’t pay attention to this. It’s good to have something and fill the stomach.

The three of them briefly dined in a cold drink shop, and then went directly to a property of Gu’s family in the city, planning to stay there tonight to rest.

This property is nominally the Fu family, but it actually belongs to Qingqing’s name and was one of her original dowry.

Because the location of this house is very superior and it is in a high-end residential area, the house area is also quite large, so it is not easy to rent it out. Gu Qingqing simply keeps it for her own use. She regularly asks people to clean it, and occasionally comes to stay alone for a few days when she is tired of staying at home.

The door is a fingerprint lock. In addition to entering Qingqing’s fingerprints, there is also Gu Lan’s fingerprints, so they can enter the door even before they are sure if little Qingqing’s fingerprints are useful.

As soon as the three of them walked out of the elevator, they immediately felt that something’s strange.

The door of Qingqing’s house is open!

Today is not the day to make an appointment with the cleaning aunt for door-to-door cleaning.

The two adults glanced at each other, and they both saw the same suspicion in each other’s eyes.

There is a thief in the house!

It’s inevitable that the when beating the grass you’ll frightened the snake, so one of them hugged Qingqing and stayed behind, while the other approached slowly.

Before he walked into the door, the semi-open door was suddenly pushed open from the inside, and a petite figure struggled to carry a few large bags of garbage out, just in time to collide with Gu Lan. Eye-to-eye.

“Uncle Gu? ”

“Who are you? ”

The voices of one person surprised and one person alert sounded, and then Gu Lan’s face sank slightly: “How do you know me? ”

“Aren’t you Godmother’s younger brother? There are still pictures of you and your godmother hanging at home. ” The little girl who came out of Qingqing’s house naturally said.

Seeing that Gu Lan still looked puzzled, she suddenly knocked on the door frame with her forehead and made a ‘boom’.

“I forgot that you don’t know who I am. Let me formally introduce that my name is Gu An Ran. I am an orphan picked up by Gu Qingqing godmother from the side of the road. I am studying abroad and have just returned from vacation recently. Because there is no place to go, I temporarily lived here. ”

Gu Lan still didn’t respond in a daze. An Ran’s hands were sore so she mentioned the garbage, and he could only kick the door open with his feet first to make room.

“Come and sit down first, I have to throw away the garbage, and I will explain to you when I come back if you have anything to ask. ”

When I walked out of the door, I saw Fu Heng holding Qingqing. This time it was An Ran’s turn to be frightened.

“Fu…Uncle Fu? ”

This was obviously the first time Fu Heng had seen An Ran, but he behaved much calmer than Gu Lan.

He only nodded politely, and then let An Ran pass by him and go to the large trash can in the stairwell to throw garbage.

A few minutes later, the three adults, including a little Qingqing, sat together in the living room, looking after each other speechlessly.

Not quite able to bear this silent atmosphere, An Ran scratched her head and asked hesitantly: “Well, would the two uncles like something to drink? There is juice, milk and my own lemonade and plum soup in the refrigerator. ”

“What is sour plum soup? ”

Qingqing asked angrily, “Is it delicious?” ”

“It’s delicious. It’s the secret recipe that my godmother taught me. It’s sweet and sour, refreshing and relieves the heat. ”

Facing the children, An Ran seemed to relax a lot.

“That…” Gu Lan said, always finding it strange to ask for something from a strange girl: “Sour plum soup, if you can, give me a cup. ”

“I want it too. ” Fu Heng followed closely.

“Okay… okay. ”

An Ran got up with a smile and went to pour sour plum soup.

When did her sour plum soup become so popular?

After An Ran’s back disappeared in the kitchen, Gu Lan immediately turned to look at Fu Heng with questioning eyes.

Fu Heng nodded slightly and said, “I know she exists, but I haven’t really met her yet. Qingqing had discussed with me before that she wanted to formally adopt a girl named An Ran, but later her family seemed to have found her, so the matter was finally over. ”

As for why this child now lives in Qingqing’s house and claims to be an orphan, neither Gu Lan nor Fu Heng would take the initiative to inquire about this kind of personal matter.

Anyhow, that’s just another family dog blood drama.

“I can’t stay here tonight, so I’ll book a hotel. ”

Picking up the mobile phone, Gu Lan directly booked the nearest hotel online, and did not care whether it’s expensive or not. For him, cleanliness is the most important thing.

During the conversation, An Ran had already come over with four cups of sour plum soup.

Three of them had ice and one did not. It was obviously specially prepared for Qingqing.

“Thank you sister. ”

Holding the cup, Qingqing buried her head and took a sip. It was really delicious, and the smile on her small face couldn’t help but become brighter.

“You’re welcome, little sister is so cute. ”

She doesn’t know why, An Ran has a high favorability for this child that she saw for the first time, and has a very familiar sense of closeness. Maybe it’s because she looks very similar to her godmother?

Noticing that there was a bottle of flowers next to Qingqing, An Ran naturally took it away.

After taking it, she saw Gu Lan and Fu Heng both looking at her inexplicable actions. She couldn’t help but smile embarrassedly: “I’m just worried that this kid will be allergic to pollen. ”

Strange, it is her godmother who obviously has pollen allergies. Why should she worry about a child she doesn’t know?

Maybe people are not allergic to pollen at all.

Unable to understand her strange behavior, An Ran could only keep an awkward and polite smile.

If there is a hole in the floor now, she will definitely get in, absolutely!

“Thank you, Qingqing is indeed a bit allergic to pollen. ”

Gu Lan’s kind answer eased the embarrassment of the atmosphere, but it also made An Ran notice a strange point: “Is this little friend also called Qingqing? It’s the same name as the godmother, which is a coincidence. ”

“It means relaxed and light, just homophones. ”

Gu Lan lightly responded at An Ran’s surprise.

“That was a misunderstanding, sorry. ”

“That… are you coming to stay here tonight? Sorry, I didn’t know you were coming in advance; otherwise I would go out to a friend’s house for a few days and leave the house to you. ”

An Ran scratched her face, feeling as if she is a dove occupying a magpie’s nest.

Although her godmother promised to give her this house as a graduation gift when she graduated, she still has a bad reputation for staying here.……

Sure enough, let’s leave first.


1 playing cat’s cradle
2 meaning gentle not green jade bamboo

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