Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 73

Chapter 46: Qingqing Goes on an Autumn Outing

“No need. ”

Stopping An Ran from turning around to pack her things, Fu Heng took the lead in standing up: “We are the one who disturbed you, and it is us who should go. ”


An Ran wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by Gu Lan.

“Don’t worry. ” Since knowing that this child was adopted by his sister, Gu Lan’s attitude towards her has always been very gentle.

“I have already booked a hotel. This is your home. You can rest assured that you will stay here. You can also take this. You can call me if you need something. After all, I’m somewhat your uncle now, right?”

A bronze business card was handed to An Ran and the phone number on it is Gu Lan’s private number.

“Uncle only learned of your existence today and didn’t prepare a meeting gift. I will definitely make it up for you next time. ”

“No need…”

“You can take this too, and contact me if you need something. ”

Fu Heng also handed out his business card, and took out his mobile phone: “Add a friend, it’s easier to contact. ”

“Oh oh oh……”

An Ran added friends with Fu Heng in a daze and then immediately received a transfer.

She looked down subconsciously.

Transfer amount: 888,888.

“No, uncle, I can’t accept it. ”

She hurriedly wanted to return the money, but received another transfer message, which was given by Gu Lan, who had just added her together.

For the same 888,888 yuan, I don’t know if these two elders have any special feelings for this number.

But now the point is not this, the point is to return the money to others quickly.

“I really don’t need to, I have always been working part-time, and I make enough money to live on. ”

Only the tuition fees for studying abroad are too high for her to afford, so she can only turn to her godmother, and An Ran tries her best to bear the rest.

“It’s just a little pocket money for you. It’s no big deal. Don’t worry, just put it away. We won’t be happy if we get refused again. ”

Gu Lan smiled slightly to stop An Ran’s attempt to refund the money.

He and Fu Heng are not suckers. They just give money when they meet a girl related to Qingqing.

Not only because the child is Qingqing’s adopted daughter, but also because in the short time they have been together, both of them have seen that An Ran is a good child and has a very close relationship with Qingqing.

Now that Qingqing has become like this, she obviously can’t take care of An Ran, so as elders, they have to replace Qingqing and help her take care of this child.

“Consumption in foreign countries is higher, so you can buy more food and clothing for yourself with the money. You don’t have to wrong yourself. ”

In the end, Fu Heng had the final word and An Ran reluctantly took the money.

But she obviously won’t move the money easily.

If you have a chance in the future, find a way to return it.

After sending away the three, she returned to the house safely, picked up her mobile phone, looked at the two transfer records above and suddenly chuckled.

“I now have two more elders? ”

Smiling and laughing, her eyes flushed slightly.

“You see, even the two elders who I just met can treat me so well, why can’t you… Forget it, what am I looking forward to, Gu An Ran is just Gu Qingqing’s daughter, and I have no other parents. ”

After glancing at the time, An Ran clicked on the SMS record to check again.

Except for spam text messages, there was still no message she wanted, only a text message from a few months ago was posted there.

Naive ghost [blocked]: Let’s break up.

No matter how long it took, seeing this message again, An Ran’s heart still felt pain.

She hesitated on the text message with her fingertips for a while, and finally made up her mind to delete the entire text message directly along with her contacts.

“Who didn’t meet a few scumbags when they were young? An Ran, cheer up, you still have several translations that have not been completed. ”

Patting her face to cheer her up, An Ran threw her mobile phone on the sofa, got up and entered the room, ready to start her work.


“Uncle, aren’t we going to live at sister’s house? ”

Before Qingqing was stuffed into the car, she pulled on the car window and looked at the building where An Ran lived.

Seeing her like this, Gu Lan’s heart moved, and he suddenly asked, “Does Qingqing like that sister very much?” ”

“I like it! “ Qingqing made no secret of her emotions: “I feel so close to my sister.” ”

It gave her an instinctive sense of closeness, which was about the same as when she was close to Fu Sijin and Fu Sishen.

I want to pamper them… the feeling of family.

“If you like, Qingqing can see her more in the future. ” Rubbing Qingqing’s little head, Fu Heng said.

After Qingqing changes back, he may be able to discuss with her and re-adopt the child.

When she is their daughter, no one will dare to bully them again.

“But would my sister be willing to play with Qingqing? ”

Qingqing asked not because she was worried that An Ran didn’t like her, but because she was afraid of disturbing others.

Just like Fu Heng and Gu Lan, they are actually busy people, and they can’t wait to separate their selves in half to be able to do more work in a day.

Just for her, they had to do their best to free up time to accompany her.

These things, Qingqing all saw it with her eyes but not saying it didn’t mean that she didn’t understand, nor did it mean that she didn’t feel distressed.

Hearing Qingqing’s endless worries, Fu Heng couldn’t help but softened his eyebrows and stretched out his arms to smooth the messy hair on her forehead.

“It’s okay. ”

Since it is her daughter, he will definitely help take care of her, so how can he be tired of running around for a living?

When they arrived at the hotel, the two naive adults suddenly became conflicted about who would take Qingqing to sleep tonight.

“Qingqing is married, isn’t it not good for you, her younger brother, to be so sticky with her?” ” Fu Heng greeted people with a cold face.

“She is only three years old, is there something wrong if she sleeps with me?” Gu Lan fought back without showing weakness.

“She used to sleep with me, but now if the people suddenly change, I’m afraid Qingqing won’t adapt. ”

“No, my sister is very adaptable. ”

“Otherwise, let’s ask her opinion? ”

Unable to argue, the two of them could only give Qingqing the right to choose in the end.

“Who does Qingqing want to sleep with tonight? ”

Gu Lan nodded to himself desperately and gave Qingqing a hint.

“Qingqing, do you want to sleep with your uncle tonight? ” Fu Heng pretended to block Gu Lan sideways unintentionally.

Qingqing raised her small head and looked at Gu Lan. Gu Lan swallowed nervously, and then looked at Fu Heng. Fu Heng’s throat moved slightly.

She slowly raised the corner of her mouth and happily picked up a dinosaur pillow from the sofa: “Qingqing wants to sleep with the big dinosaur! ”

Fu Heng’s eyes shot at Gu Lan with a swish: What Jurassic theme room did you book for nothing?

Gu Lan gritted his teeth and retorted: Didn’t I think that Qingqing likes dinosaurs and wants to make her happy?

As a result, little guy is now overjoyed.

The two men, who were beaten with a look of loss didn’t want to fight for anything in the end. They didn’t expect that when Qingqing was sleepy, she actually walked into Fu Heng’s room to sleep with a dinosaur pillow in their arms.

“Good night. ” The corners of his lips curled, Fu Heng looked at Gu Lan who gritted his teeth, and went back to the sleepy Qingqing.

He still has to tell Qingqing a bedtime story.

The news that Grandma had uterine fibroids and was not pregnant was sent back to the Fu family, and neither of the Fu brothers knew what to say.

This disease is not considered very serious for current level of medicine technology.  It is basically only a minimally invasive operation.

It’s just because mother Gu is older and the tumor is relatively large and there is more than one, so the doctor recommends that the entire uterus be removed.

Just two months after the operation, Mother Gu, who was well-cultivated, took her husband to wander the world again, and once again returned to the state where she only wanted to play regardless of her children and grandchildren.

Gu Lan didn’t bother to pay attention to them. Anyway, the two still held a small part of Gu’s shares in their hands, and they are paid dividends every year.

It’s enough for them to spend enough money, they can’t spend it all anyway.

It just so happens that they play all over the world, and he and Qingqing will live their lives in peace, and they have nothing to do with each other.

Time flies smoothly, Qingqing is going to have a winter vacation.

Before the holiday, the kindergarten organized an autumn outing to take them to visit the Cherished Animal Museum.

Kindergarten autumn trips are led by teachers, so parents do not need to follow. All parents have to do is pay the travel expenses for their children and prepare the things for their children to travel.

“Biscuits, children’s milk, lollipops, small breads… sun hats, small sunglasses, paper towels, cash, small water bottles, flashlights, folding knives, wolf spray[1]I don’t know what it is but it seems to be the same as pepper spray?, pepper spray…”

“Wait, wait…”

The more I listened, the more wrong it became, and Fu Sijin hurriedly prevented his younger brother from reading: “What kind of messy things have you prepared for Qingqing? ”

“What do you mean, a mess? Girls can’t protect themselves when they go out? These are all necessities, okay. ”

Fu Sishen looked unhappy when the things he had worked so hard to prepare were rejected.

This is a guide to the necessary items for women to go out that he specifically checked on the Internet.

“Qingqing is just going to a museum. Do you think she is going on an adventure in the jungle?” Rubbing his forehead with a headache, Fu Sijin simply lost his temper with this unruly brother.

“Then you have to bring something for self-defense.”

The more Fu Sishen said, the weaker he became. He obviously knew that he was exaggerating, but he still couldn’t bear to give up the things he had carefully prepared.

After all, they all have feelings, so it’s a pity to give up.

“Don’t worry, Xiao Shen, Qingqing will protect herself. ”

Qingqing stood on the sofa, stretched out her arms and patted Fu Sishen who was sitting opposite, on the shoulder in comfort.

“Woohoo…” Fu Sishen hugged Qingqing like a bear, pretending to shed a few crocodile tears.

“We are so pitiful, you have to go so far away by yourself but this ruthless brother hasn’t prepared more self-defense things. ”

“If you don’t cry, even if I encounter danger, Qingqing will try to escape! ” When Fu Sishen said it, Qingqing almost felt like he’s too pitifull.

Fu Sijin: “…”

He always feels out of place with them because he is not good enough.

“Except for the necessities, I can only bring three things out of the rest. ”

In the end, Fu Sijin compromised: “We don’t want to bring too many things to Qingqing, you have to consider whether she can carry it on her back. ”

“Alright!” The goal was achieved, Fu Sishen wiped away tears that didn’t exist for a second, and ran to Qingqing enthusiastically.

Pack your small backpack.

First of all, snacks and drinks are absolutely indispensable. They are consumables, and they are gone when they are eaten, so Qingqing will definitely reduce a lot of burden when she comes back.

The second is sun protection items. Those with thin skin and tender flesh like Qingqing, must not be sunburned by the poisonous sun outside.

Money is absolutely necessary. No matter if it is used or not, there is always no harm in having it prepared.

For the last three items, Fu Sishen hesitated for a long time, but chose wolf spray, folding knife and stun pen.

Pepper spray has to be sprayed in people’s eyes to be effective. Qingqing’s height is not high enough, so it’s almost the same as spraying people’s knees. Forget it.

This person doesn’t want to think about it at all. Are the remaining three things easy to use for Qingqing?

She is only a three-years-old child!


1 I don’t know what it is but it seems to be the same as pepper spray?

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