Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 74

Chapter 47: Qingqing is kidnapped

“Walk, walk, walk, let’s hold hands, walk, walk, go on an outing together, Baiyun Youyou…”[1]a children’s song;

The excited voices of children echoed over the kindergarten, bringing an atmosphere of joy.

Qingqing, Hanhan, and  the other children are holding hands together, happily singing the outing songs taught by the teacher, carrying small bags one by one and obediently lined up to take the bus arranged by the school.

For this trip, taking into account safety issues, the school deployed six more teachers for children in small classes.

Coupled with the original four teachers, there are a total of ten teachers with twenty children, so it is completely easy for one teacher to watch two children.

Fortunately, Hanhan and Qingqing were assigned to the same teacher.

This new teacher has a cute baby face and looks very friendly.

When she talks to Qingqing and Hanhan, she also has an equal attitude and treats them as friends. She doesn’t have the kind of high look that ordinary adults have for children, which makes Qingqing like her very much when she first meets her.

“Teacher Tang, would you like to eat biscuits? ”

Qingqing’s way of expressing her liking for people is to share food.

“Thank you Qingqing. ”

Hua Tang did not refuse the children’s sharing. After taking Qingqing’s biscuits, she took out two small jellies from her bag and gave them to her and Hanhan.

“Here, we exchange snacks with each other. ”

“I want it too! I also want to exchange snacks with the teacher. ”

Hanhan, who had consciously learned it, squeezed the jelly given by Hua Tang, and took out a pack of… Latiao[2]Spicy strip snack from her small backpack and gave it to her.


Holding the Latiao, Hua Tang is a little speechless.

What’s the matter with Hanhan’s parents, how can they prepare spicy snack for children?

“What else is in Hanhan’s bag, the teacher will change it for you when she sees what she likes, okay? ”

Worried that there were still any bad foods, Hua Tang could only find a way to coax Hanhan to hand over the things.

Fortunately, Hanhan is a generous child and directly gave Hua Tang her entire bag.

Hua Tang took it over and flipped it over and sure enough, she found potato chips, carbonated drinks, spicy dried fish, and even a box of fried chicken?

It still feels hot to the touch. It may be that Hanhan’s parents got up early and ran to buy it, or they simply fried it for their child at home.

No matter how much thought was spent, what was unsuitable is unsuitable,  so Hua Tang confiscated it from Hanhan with a stiff face.

Of course, for fear of the children crying, she also took out some snacks from her backpack and put them back for Hanhan.

Hanhan, who had completed a big deal, grinned happily holding the small bag that the teacher gave back, making Qingqing a little envious.

It’s a pity that Hua Tang doesn’t have much to exchange with Qingqing anymore.

She would not eat the food collected from Hanhan, so she would return it to Hanhan’s parents when she returned from the autumn outing.

This is equivalent to her directly subsidizing half of Hanhan’s own rations.

Fortunately, although the museum is not in the city center, it is also a bustling area nearby. If she is hungry, she can buy something to eat by herself.

Upon arriving at the destination, Qingqing is led by Hua Tang and lined up into the museum.

The kindergarten has long negotiated with the museum. Today, the number of ordinary tourists received by the museum will be deliberately reduced by half, so as not to cause too many people and cause accidents that will hurt the children.

The things in the museum are all things that Qingqing has never seen before. There are all kinds of strange-shaped insects, as well as all kinds of cherished animal specimens, and there are even small animals living here.

In fact this museum is more like a combination of a museum and a zoo.

“Children, everyone look over…”

As soon as she stepped into the bird exhibition hall, the young lady who’s the narrator in that area, waved to Qingqing and the others enthusiastically.

Hua Tang led the two children in knowingly, stood with the others, and listened to the commentary of the young sister narrator while viewing.

“Do you know what kind of bird this is? ”

The narrator projected the laser pen in her hand onto a scroll of pictures on the wall, and everyone looked over.

Unlike other exhibits with specimens or photos on the booth, this exhibit is just a painting, which looks like it’s done a long time ago.

The original white drawing paper has been baptized by the years and it has become yellow after enduring the years.

However, the pattern on the painting is still lifelike. The little bird standing on the branch is so smart that it seems that it will take off from the painting in the next second, that Hanhan and others can’t help but widen their eyes in amazement.

Even the teacher is no exception.

“Qingqing knows. ” Qingqing enthusiastically raised her small hand and replied, “This is a little bird.” ”

“Hahaha… The little friend is so cute, this is indeed a little bird.” There is nothing wrong with Qingqing’s words but she still made the speaker laugh.

“But, this is not an ordinary bird.” She deliberately said to keep listeners in suspense.

“What kind of bird is that?” A curious little chubby kid asked cooperatively.

“It’s called Zhu Meng Niao[3]meaning: Wishing Dream Bird. Legend has it that people who encounter this bird can make their dreams come true if they can get its blessing, so it has this name. ”

“Wow–! ! ! ”

Kids are good at believing such ruse. An explanation with no real evidence at all, can make them believe it one by one.

“If…it would be great if Hanhan could meet Zhu Meng Niao. ”

Hanhan looked wistful, Hua Tang couldn’t help but ask curiously when she saw this: “What would Hanhan wish for when she meet Zhu Mengniao?”

“Hanhan wants to be a little beauty who can’t be fat for the rest of her life! ”

Hua Tang: “…”

This… is really a refined foodie with ideals.

“What about Qingqing? ”

“Qingqing…” Qingqing tilted her little head to think for a while, then raised a bright and happy smile: “Qingqing doesn’t want to grow up, she wants to be a carefree child for the rest of her life. ”

Hua Tang was taken aback when she heard this, and then smiled softly: “Ah, what a beautiful ideal.”

Children want to grow up quickly but when they grow up, they always want to return to their childhood, but time is irreversible.

One day, Qingqing will also grow up and become an adult who will be at the opposite of what her wish is.

Holding Qingqing and Hanhan’s small hands, Hua Tang was about to take them to other exhibition halls.

As a result, as soon as she stepped out of the door of the bird exhibition hall, a gust of wind flashed by her side, and then Hua Tang felt her hands relax.

——Hanhan was taken away!

“Come, help! Someone robbed the child!” Shrill screams resounded throughout the silent museum and everyone began to riot.

The two bodyguards Qingqing have, rushed over immediately to protect her firmly in the middle, Hua Tang had already chased the man in black who had snatched Hanhan.

“Uncle, Uncle, save… save Hanhan! ”

Qingqing is frightened by this sudden change, her eyes filled with horror, but she still shivered and grabbed Ah-Da’s sleeve, begging him to save others.

He glanced at his companion. Although he has responsibilities, he couldn’t just watch an innocent child being snatched away and be indifferent. Ah-Da immediately handed Qingqing over to Ah-Bu, and then rushed out quickly.

“Miss Qingqing, I will take you to a safe place first. ”

Ah-Bu hugged Qingqing and walked out following the rush of the crowd.

Qingqing clung to the clothes on his chest tightly with her small hands; originally to seek a sense of security, but unexpectedly touched a strange skull necklace.

Uncle Ah-Bu… Never wears a necklace.

The soft little body stiffened instantly, and Qingqing raised her head a little bit, just in time to meet a pair of malicious eyes.

Before the horrified screams could be heard, they were immediately covered by others.

‘Ah-Bu’ carried Qingqing and walked out quickly.

He’s anxious to take the target person out of here, but he can’t.

It’s at that moment that a little boy who’s about five or six years old saw Qingqing’s horrified face, and suddenly whispered in surprise: “Sister Qingqing? ”

Throwing away the hand of the teacher holding him and ignoring the continuous shouts from behind, Nian Gao ran out quickly.

He didn’t completely lose his mind, and he also knew that he could press the alarm function of the child’s watch while running.

“Let go of Sister Qingqing! ”

Nian Gao ran after the bad guys who took Qingqing out of the museum gate, just in time to see them stuffing Qingqing into a van.

Nian Gao hurriedly ran over, trying to stop them, but only ate a faceful of dust.


At this moment, a call connection suddenly came from the children’s watch, which belonged to Bai Qiyu.

“Nian Gao, what happened to you? ”

As soon as he heard Bai Qiyu’s calm and calm voice, Nian Gao couldn’t help crying again.

“Uncle, Qingqing… Sister Qingqing was taken away by bad guys. ”


-Fu Group, conference room-

Fu Heng is having a meeting with a group of company executives.

The product manager with a Mediterranean hairstyle is holding information, standing next to the projector, and reporting the group’s product sales in the first half of the year to all senior executives one by one.

The audiences were immersed in a serious atmosphere. At this moment, Fu Heng’s mobile phone suddenly vibrated.

Everyone turned their heads with a swish and when they saw that it was the chairman of the board, they turned their heads back with a swish, pretending to be invisible and silent.

Fu Heng picked up the phone and wanted to hang up directly, but after seeing the call display, he hesitated for a while and chose to connect.

“Hello, this is Fu Heng.”

“Qingqing has been kidnapped!” With just one sentence on the opposite side, Fu Heng stood up immediately in incredulity.

“What are you talking about? ”

His throat tightened and his strength in holding the phone gradually increased.

I don’t know what the other side said. The senior executives saw that the expressions of their chairman became more and more gloomy. He hung up the phone, dropped the sentence “the meeting is suspended”, turned around and rushed out quickly.

“What happened? ”

Everyone looked at each other, all at a loss.

Fu Sijin, who was still sitting in the middle, saw that his father’s face was not right. He expected that the situation was different, so he quickly got up and followed.

“Dad, what happened? ”

After chasing until the elevator entrance, Fu Sijin caught up with his father.

“Qingqing has been kidnapped!”

Fu Heng said with a calm face. He is now constantly pressing his mobile phone, trying to locate her location through Qingqing’s watch.

“Did you call the police? ”

“Bai Qiyu has already reported it. ”

So the only thing they need to do now is to find Qingqing!

As soon as he arrived at the underground garage, Bai Qiyu called again.

“News came from the museum. In addition to Qingqing, there is also a little girl about the same age as Qingqing and a female teacher who were taken. ”

“So Qingqing may not be the only one targeted by the kidnappers. ” Fu Heng instantly grasped the key point.

“Yes, there is one more thing. One of the bodyguards you invited was found to have fainted in the museum toilet, and the other disappeared. He may have been taken away by the kidnappers, or…he is one of the kidnappers. ”

“Impossible!” Fu Heng retorted sharply in an instant, but was immediately blocked by Bai Qiyu’s words: “If it is impossible, then Qingqing will not be kidnapped now!” ”


1 a children’s song;
2 Spicy strip snack
3 meaning: Wishing Dream Bird

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