Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 75

Chapter 48: The Witty Qingqing

Familiar shaking of the vehicles, familiar crowded spaces, and finally familiar ……

No, Qingqing didn’t have her hand and feet bound before, but this time she’s tied tightly and could only wriggle on the ground like a caterpillar.

She was forced to bite the cloth in her mouth and couldn’t speak. She looked at the tall kidnappers in the car in horror with her small eyes, trembling with fright.

After getting in the car, Qingqing discovered that she’s not the only one tied up.

Hanhan, Teacher Hua Tang, and Ah-Da were also in the car.

Ah-Da fell into a coma and is still lying there motionless, while Teacher Hua Tang kept moving, trying to keep the frightened Qingqing and Hanhan behind her; even if her slender body couldn’t stop anything.

A kidnapper sitting in the back seat of the van sneered mockingly when he saw Hua Tang’s futile struggle.

“Block a ghost, do you really think of yourself as a hero?”

Their target is the two children, or the huge ransom that the family behind them can pay, not these two adults who are poor ghosts at first glance.


Hanhan is so scared that she kept crying, and her little body couldn’t help but quietly approach Qingqing, trying to draw a little sense of security from her.

Qingqing felt Hanhan’s dependence and broke away from that state of panic and gradually regained her composure.

Fortunately, her little hands were tied behind her back, and the kidnappers could not see her movements.

Taking this opportunity to conceal, Qingqing cautiously touched her wrist.

The watch is still there!

She breathed a sigh of relief. It may be that the appearance of the children’s watch is too childlike and mistaken as a toy by the bandits, or it may be that Qingqing’s sleeves are relatively long, blocking the watch.

But no matter what the reason is, at least she has a way to signal for help.

This is the best news now.

Extending down from the back of the hand, the third button.

‘One-click alarm! ’

When the button is pressed, Qingqing’s watch is automatically turned on silent mode immediately.

This is a special setting to protect children from alerting the police in dangerous situations and prevent the watch from being called back and making a sound, and being discovered by gangsters.

At the same time, the moment Qingqing pressed the alarm button, her real-time location is immediately sent to all bound relatives’ mobile phones, including the police station, which would also receive information.

“After receiving Qingqing’s alarm, they are heading out of the city, and they will be chase immediately! ”

Fu Heng and others who were coming kept an eye on their mobile phones. Almost as soon as the notification popped up, several people saw it, and quickly turned the front of the car and chased in the direction of navigation.

No one knows when Fu Heng and the others will arrive. After Qingqing called the police, she quietly pushed the watch to the inside of her arm to reduce the risk of being discovered.

She finished all this quietly, and during the period, even Hanhan, who is closest to her, didn’t notice what she had done.

It’s just that the keen children still discovered the calm state of their good friends, and they also relaxed a little bit.

One minute…two minutes……

Time is passing by little by little, and the car is still dashing on the road quickly.

Just as Qingqing is getting more and more anxious as she waited, a kidnapper sitting in front of her suddenly answered a call, then turned his head instantly, and stared viciously at Qingqing with fierce eyes.

Qingqing’s heart shrank, and she watched as the opponent suddenly got up and crawled to the back seat, which shocked the other kidnappers. Making a small commotion.

“Brother, what are you doing? ”

“Is something wrong? ”


“What else can happen, this little bastard has a positioning device on her body! ”

The vicious man grabbed Hua Tang, who was eager to rush up to block Qingqing with one hand, grabbed Qingqing rudely, and twisted her little hand.……

“Hmm? Why is there nothing? ”

The sluggish kidnappers rolled both sleeves of Qingqing apart without believing in evil[1]not believing until seeing, and even searched every pocket of her body, but could not find any trace of her watch.

“How is it possible?” He murmured in disbelief.

Upon seeing this, the other kidnappers couldn’t help but said, “Brother, have you been deceived?”

“Yes, if there is a positioning device on that child, how can others know about it? Could it be that a monitor was installed on our car? ”

“Which bastard told you this kind of false news?”



A gloomy look flashed across his face. When the kidnappers saw Qingqing’s small backpack, regardless of her struggle, they grabbed it tyrannically, unzipped it, and turned the whole bag upside down. The contents fell like rain, scattered all over the place.


Qingqing’s whole face flushed with anger, but she still had to watch her things being trampled on by the bad guys.

“Come and help find it together!”

Asked the help of a younger brother, so the two kidnappers will look at Qingqing’s things together.

There is nothing to look at but snacks and drinks, and the small paper towel hat was thrown away casually, it was stepped on a few times in the chaos, and the cash naturally belonged to the kidnapper’s pocket.

The anti-wolf spray and electric shock sticks are a bit surprising, but they are nothing in the eyes of the bandits.

“Brother, is there really nothing? ”

The younger brother who helped find things looked confused. He really didn’t know what his eldest brother is looking for.

The eldest brother of the kidnapper’s face is terribly gloomy, and finally ordered the other younger brothers to search the other three people again, and then threw all the searched things out of the window.

Since you can’t find it, throw it all away, it’s the safest way.

In the chaos, no one noticed, Qingqing quietly stepped on her shoes.

The van continued on the highway, and a small strap appeared in the gap in the trunk at the end of the car, swaying in the wind.

Back in the front seat, the kidnapper’s eldest brother still felt something is wrong when he thought about it, so he couldn’t help but picked up his mobile phone and called the number just now.

“Hey, it’s me.”

“How’s it going? Did you find the watch? ”

The kidnapper’s eldest brother did not put in on speaker, but because of the silent environment in the car, others still heard the vague female voice coming from the other end of the phone.

Through the transmission of electronic equipment, this female voice is a bit distorted, but it can still be judged that this is a woman who is not old, but she should also be of a certain age.

It should be around 30 or 40 years old.

Qingqing lowered her head, her scattered hair blocking half of her small face, looking miserable.

She looked as if she was frightened by what had just happened. In fact, she’s putting up her little ears and listening carefully to the conversation between the kidnappers and the other party.

“Are you bluffing Lao Tzu, I didn’t find anything at all!” After experiencing nuisance, the kidnapper’s eldest brother’s tone is not very good.

“Nothing? This is impossible!” Obviously the female voice on the opposite side is more surprised than him.

“Is it hidden by that kid? Look for it carefully. ”

She ordered as a matter of course, but the result angered the kidnapper’s sensitive nerves: “You… think I didn’t look for it? Lao Tzu even turned the other three people upside down, and there is still nothing. Are you lying to me?”

“Did you catch other people? Didn’t you say that the target is only that little girl?”

The female voice suddenly rose high, bringing out a piercing scream.

Unable to help but take the mobile phone away, the kidnapper pulled out his ears and said indifferently: “My brother didn’t see clearly at first. He got the wrong person, but the children who can go to noble kindergarten must have money at home. It’s just easy to make more money. How can you make such a fuss? As for the other two, we will clean up the ones that were delivered to the door by ourselves. ”

He’s not very clear why the final target person was sent by his subordinates along with the bodyguard who was chasing them— He doesn’t even have a clue how his xiao di[2]younger brother in arms knocked out the bodyguard with anesthetic that came out of nowhere.

His thoughts paused, and finally realized that the wrong kidnapper squinted dangerously. “You don’t… are you really lying to Lao Tzu? ”

“What are you talking about? This child is your husband’s favorite illegitimate daughter. She is so spoiled that you wants us to teach her a lesson. It’s best to mutilate her and then get a sum of money from your husband. In fact… are you lying to Lao Tzu? ”

His tone became more and more urgent, and at the end, he was almost roaring: “Bitch, you want to harm Lao Tzu!”

Although he doesn’t do good things, he also knows that some people’s children are absolutely untouchable.

Now it seems that he may have been calculated and got into trouble.

“Stop the car!”

The car that had been driven out of the wilderness stopped urgently, and then the two big, two small figures were thrown out like garbage.

Then the van went away again and disappeared in an instant.

Qingqing frowned tightly; the force when they were thrown out is not light.

Fortunately, she was lucky. She happened to hit Ah-Da’s body, so she didn’t hurt much. It’s just that Ah-Da’s body is so hard, and Qingqing’s shoulder hurt when she hit it.

Hanhan didn’t seem to be hurt much. She landed with her buttocks first, but she’s frightened. Now she bit the cloth in her mouth and cried badly.

“Woohoo…” Compared to Qingqing, Hua Tang was even more miserable. She fell directly on a pile of rubble, her knees and arms were wounded, and the blood was mixed with dust and kept flowing.

Even so, she still struggled to break free from the ropes on her body.

In the deserted wilderness, they were tied up with their hands and feet and mouths blocked. They couldn’t even ask for help. This state is very dangerous, especially with two children.

It’s a pity that the strong man over there is still in a coma. If he wakes up, he might have a better way than the three of them.

People just don’t seem to be able to stand the chatter.

When Hua Tang was looking forward to Ah-Da waking up, he actually woke up.

Leng Rui’s closed eyes opened instantly, his confused expression just flashed by, and he immediately returned to Qingming.

Perceiving the weight on his body, Ah-Da tightened his body instantly, but when he saw who was pressing on him, he gradually relaxed.

“Hmm…” Miss Qingqing.

The same blocked mouth made him unable to speak, but this is not a problem.

Try to open your mouth as much as possible and bite the strip in your mouth into a small strip, even so by doing that Ah-Da can barely speak.

“Miss Qingqing, are you okay? ”

The voice is a bit vague because of the obstruction of the cloth, but Qingqing still understood it.

“Woohoo…” She shook her head, and then tried her best to lift her feet to show Ah-Da.

“What’s in the shoes? ”

Ah-Da is worthy of being a bodyguard who has been with Qingqing for a few months. He immediately understood what she meant.

“Wait a minute, I’ll help you untie the strips of cloth on your mouth. ”

That group of kidnappers should be very experienced. The knots used to tie people are very special. Even people like Ah-Da who have been specially trained to break free can’t struggle, but he has a way to undo the strips of cloth that bind their mouths.

The strips of cloth that had been bitten into one gave A Da’s mouth room to move, and he motioned to Qingqing not to move.

Then he lowered his head, bit the knot behind Qingqing’s head, and pulled a few times to untie Qingqing’s mouth.


1 not believing until seeing
2 younger brother in arms

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