Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 76

Chapter 49: Qingqing Goes Home

“Qingqing has a knife in her shoes.”

Qingqing said immediately as soon as her small mouth was liberated

She was in a hurry just now, so she just had to stuff the smallest folding knife into her shoes, but now she realized that it was put in too deep and not easy to retrieve.

“The whole shoe should be taken off.”

Ah-Da vaguely taught Qingqing how to do it.

“Can’t get rid of it.” Qingqing tried it herself, but it just made the two little feet rub against each other and it was useless.

Both of her feet were also firmly tied. Originally, there was not much room for movement and she’s also wearing fitted boots today. It was convenient to put in the knife just, but now it is a bit difficult to take it out.

“Woohoo…” I’ll do it!

Hua Tang went over laboriously, turned her back a little bit, and groped for Qingqing’s shoes with her bound hands.

Qingqing quickly stretched out her foot in cooperation and was grasped by Hua Tang, then pulled it down slightly, and pulled off one of Qingqing’s shoes.

There’s no expected jingle of metal falling, only Qingqing eagerly reminded: “It’s wrong, it’s not this one.”

She exhaled wearily, and the sun made her sweat profusely. They would die of heat if they continued like this.

There is no other way, so Hua Tang could only straighten her lower back and start again.

This time it’s right. With just a jingle, the small folding knife fell to the ground, and then Hua Tang fumbled and picked it up.

“Throw me the knife.” Ah-Da said.

Hua Tang is not familiar with the use of folding knives, and her hands are also tied up, so it is easy to accidentally hurt herself. The best way is to leave it to a professional.

But Hua Tang didn’t give it.

She crawled away silently, groped to open the blade herself, and unexpectedly cut her hand, but she didn’t care at all, she only took the knife to cut her rope a little bit.

After untied the shackles on her body, Hua Tang immediately staggered up, ran over to hug Qingqing away from Ah-Da, and took Hanhan to her side.

“What are you going to do? Let go of Miss Qingqing! ”

Ah-Da’s eyes widened, and he secretly regretted that he hadn’t seen the true face of this woman clearly, and Miss Qingqing had to fall into the opponent’s hands.

“If…” Pursed her dry lips, Hua Tang untied Qingqing and Hanhan, and said vigilantly: “If I remember correctly, Qingqing should have two bodyguards around to protect her, but why did Qingqing still got caught? Why are you in the car too? ”

“Didn’t you see it? I was also taken away by them. ”

Ah-Da is in a very frustrated and confused mood, he was obviously trying to save people.

Those who came to save also suffered a senseless disaster, but now they are suspected by those who he wants to rescue.

“But I saw that the other bodyguard was with those kidnappers. How could you make me not doubt you? ”

Unable to bear it, Hua Tang suddenly turned around and roared.

When this happened, her mood is also very broken.

She is just a girl with little strength. In order to protect two younger children, she had to show 120,000 vigilance and to suspect everything that might bring danger around her.

Ah-Da’s pupils widened slightly.

“You said Ah-Bu is a traitor? Impossible! ”

The two of them used to be comrades-in-arms and came out of the same village together. They know best what kind of people they are. Ah-Da firmly believes that Ah-Bu is not the kind of treacherous person!

“Teacher. ” Qingqing soothingly took Hanhan’s little hand and pulled Hua Tang’s sleeve.

“What happened to Qingqing? ”

Hua Tang took advantage of the situation and lowered her head, and listened to Qingqing say, “Uncle Ah-Da and Uncle Ah-Bu are not bad guys. It was not Uncle Ah-Bu who took Qingqing. Qingqing saw it, and that was the bad guy. ”

That person should have used makeup and other techniques to dress himself up very similar to Ah-Bu. Since Ah-Bu and Ah-Da who follows Qingqing used to wear sunglasses, if you don’t look closely, it will be difficult to be recognized.

Even Ah-Da, who was getting along with him day and night, didn’t recognize him the first time, let alone others.

It was Qingqing who, as a child, had a keen sense of adults’ emotions, and then discovered that something was wrong.

It’s a pity that it was too late at that time, so that she has fallen to this point.

But Qingqing felt fortunate that if she didn’t come, Hanhan and Teacher Hua Tang might be in more danger.

With Qingqing’s proof, Hua Tang’s face was slightly pale, but she still refused to let go of Ah-Da. She only relieved him of the gag on his mouth and legs to ensure that he could walk and talk.

His hands are free. He is a big man, and he has still practiced it. He can knock her down with a punch, which is too dangerous.

In fact, the scope of motion of this level is enough for Ah-Da to take down Huatang, but this is Miss Qingqing’s teacher. In order to avoid some unnecessary misunderstandings, he still honestly pretended that he’s harmless.

“What are we going to do now? ”

It is desolate everywhere and they couldn’t even see any people. Their mobile phones and things were also lost by the bandits, so they couldn’t call for help.

Moreoevr, Hua Tang is very doubtful, is there any signal in this kind of place where even bird doesn’t shit?

“First return along the same road to see if you can find the lost things. ”

The interval between them being thrown things to the present is actually not long, about five or six minutes. No matter how fast the car is driving, it is still possible to find those things if you walk back for 30 or 40 minutes with the strength of a human foot.

“That’s the only way. ”

To be honest, Hua Tang couldn’t think of a better way, so she could only do as proposed by Ah-Da.

A piece of the rope on A Da’s body was tied to Hua Tang’s wrist, and Hua Tang herself has a child in one hand.

In a strange combination, the four of them walked slowly along the dirt road and walked back a little bit.

Halfway through the walk, the things were not recovered, but the figure of a car faintly appeared in front of him.

It seems to be accompanied by the sound of sirens.

As soon as Hua Tang’s eyes lit up, she immediately raised her hand and waved vigorously, and shouted: “Help, we are here, help…”

“Uncle Uncle! Qingqing is here! ”

As the car approached, Qingqing also recognized the car, and she immediately cheered with excitement, even with Hanhan raised her small hand and waved frantically.

Several cars stopped in front of them together, and Fu Heng quickly got out of the car, rushed to Qingqing with quick steps, and hugged her tightly in his arms.

“Qingqing, I found you! ”

The other four men who had taken a full step could only surround Qingqing, asking questions from time to time.

“Is Qingqing injured? ”

“I’m sorry, it’s all because we didn’t protect you well. Qingqing was frightened, right? ”


Shaking her little head, Qingqing responded sensibly: “Qingqing is fine, don’t worry. ”

Hanhan on the other side had already rushed into her parents’ arms with tears in her eyes.

“Mom and Dad…Woohoohoo…Hanhan is so scared…”

It turned out that Hanhan’s parents rushed over as soon as they received the news, and only then did they find the child.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, baby, mom and Dad will definitely protect you in the future. ”

Hanhan’s mother hugged her daughter and cried wildly, making Hanhan’s father at a loss whether to comfort the eldest or comfort the youngest. In the end, he simply stretched out his arms and hugged the two babies into his arms.

There is a warm reunion on one side, while on the other side there is a strong aura of embarrassment.

“Well, I’m sorry. ”

Hua Tang apologized to Ah-Da embarrassedly.

How could she know that it turned out that Ah-Da was not Qingqing’s bodyguard at all, but someone sent by the police to protect Qingqing.

Since he is from the police, it is naturally impossible to be a traitor on the side of the kidnappers, so she has completely wronged a good person.

It turned out that after obtaining evidence of Qingqing’s harassment and threats, Fu Heng put an application for protection and immediately submitted it to the police, and only then did Ah-Da appear.

They only appeared for nearly a week, and there were actually a pair of real bodyguards before, but they were quietly replaced.

Hua Tang also met Qingqing for the first time today. She only knew that she had a pair of bodyguards by her side. She didn’t know what the bodyguards looked like and what their names were. This caused a misunderstanding.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s a good thing to be vigilant, and you are also trying to protect the children.”

Being untied by a colleague, Ah-Da… No, Mo Liangyan rubbed his sore wrist and smiled kindly.

He didn’t mean to blame Hua Tang at all, but it instead deepened Hua Tang’s guilt, “I’m really sorry, that… if necessary, I can compensate for medical expenses. ”

She was referring to Mo Liangyan’s wrist that was strangled by a rope.

“It doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t matter. Besides, this was actually done by the kidnappers and has nothing to do with you. If…if you want to apologize, invite me to dinner when you go back. ”

Mo Liangyan wanted to refuse, but seeing Hua Tang’s pitiful appearance of guilt to the point where her eyes were red, he changed her mouth to accept her ‘compensation’ proposal.

“Okay, I will definitely treat you to a delicious meal and replenish your body! ”

Hua Tang realized that she have an obligation to take responsibility for the crime that had caused others to suffer so much.

Qingqing was taken back to her home to settle down, and the rest of the follow-up matters were handled by the police.

Based on the GPA on the watch she provided, the police quickly tracked down the group of kidnappers and brought them all to justice.

He also followed the trail and worked out the kidnapping group behind them, and together they ended up in a pot, rescuing countless families.

The entire police station was very busy because of this matter. The new “Ah-bu” went back to work, and the old “Ah-bu” came back.

When Qingqing was sent to the hospital for examination, she went to see Ah-bu who was knocked out. She was told that he had woken up and was discharged from the hospital a long time ago. She was quite disappointed.

The only happy thing is that when Mother-in-law Ding heard about this, she was so frightened that she hurriedly asked her children to send her to Qingqing.

Seeing Mother-in-Law Ding, Qingqing is very happy. She was pestered to eat and drink every day. After a few days, she was fed a little round. It looked more like white dough, and it was still soft.

However, Mother-in-Law Ding has only been here for a week and is about to go home.

Qingqing couldn’t bear it, so she chased the others and sent them directly to the gate, but refused to let go.

“Aunt Ding, can’t you not leave? ”

The poor little guy pulled Mother-in-law Ding’s trouser legs with tears in her eyes.

“Good child, big Miss, the old lady has been out long enough. She has to go home and look at the crops. She can’t let it be eaten by bugs. ”

Mother-in-Law Ding coaxed Qingqing patiently.

“Bug… Bug is so hungry, just give it some food. ”

The child’s persuading nonsense made Mother-in-law Ding laugh: “Hahaha… This is not okay, bugs eat food, and then what do we eat? ”

“I don’t want you to go. ”

Qingqing simply put her arms around Mother-in-Law Ding’s leg and said nothing.

“Miss, you can’t make trouble like this, it’s not good. ”

With a slight force, she forcibly broke Qingqing’s little hand and freed her leg.

Seeing Qingqing about to cry, Mother-in-Law Ding squatted down and took out a can of jam from her bag to give her.

“This is the jam made by the old lady herself. The eldest lady eats a small spoonful every day. After eating, will the old lady come to see you again? ”

Holding the jam, Qingqing, who knew that things could not be changed, could only nod her head tearfully: “Okay. ”

The little one agreed but is still crying pitifully.

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