Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 77

Chapter 50: Qingqing’s Battle for Dignity

Qingqing hasn’t been to school recently.

In addition to the family’s concern about her mental state and personal safety, it is also because she will have a winter vacation in a few days after the autumn outing.

Kindergarten is not like elementary and junior high school. There are no mid-term and final exams to be taken. After discussing, Fu Heng and Gu Lan decided not to send her to school at all, and let Qingqing go on winter vacation together.

However, the homework that should be completed still has to be completed.

In fact, where can kindergarten children’s homework be regarded as their homework? Children who are only a few years old can’t hold a spoon for eating. How can they do homework?

Therefore, the homework assigned by the teacher is basically done by the parents.

For example, this manual task in front of Qingqing.

The requirement is for children to use fruit peels as materials to make handmade lanterns. After completion, the parents will take pictures and send them to the class group to hand in homework.

As a result, Qingqing couldn’t do it at all. In the end, Fu Sishen was defeated in a fight with his father and brother and reluctantly came over to help.

“What is Qingqing going to do? ”

“Make lanterns.” Didn’t you already know that??

“What I asked is what kind of fruit do you want to make?” Before he even started, Fu Sishen felt tired.

Fruit lanterns this kind of thing that three-year-olds don’t want to play with, which genius came up with the idea of tossing people?

“Brother Nian Gao said that oranges are the most convenient. ”

Qingqing nodded at the oranges in the fruit tray, she always couldn’t tell the oranges from tangerines.

“Okay, you wait for me, I’ll get the tools.”

Running back to his study to bring a knife, wire, paint and other tools, Fu Sishen first cut the top layer of oranges, and dug out all the pulp for Qingqing to eat, while he worked hard to make lanterns for her.

As Qingqing said, in fact, fruit lanterns are most suitable for making fruit shells such as oranges and tangerines.

As long as you dig a hole in it, dig a few translucent holes on the side, fix the candle in the middle, then put on the iron wire, fix the lantern on a small wooden stick, and you’re done.

In order to be beautiful, Fu Sishen, an art student, painted a cute smiling face on it, and then used colored cardboard to make small hands and feet, so that an orange lantern is completed.

Qingqing’s only role in the whole process is to help eliminate the pulp.

So what is the point of arranging this kind of homework?

When the lights were turned on, the warm orange lights lit up brightly, and the entire lantern lit up, and even the smiling faces on it became more vivid.

“Wow–!” Qingqing looked at this little lantern in amazement, and slapped Fu Sishen with her little hand.

“Xiao Shen is so amazing! ”

“That is, you don’t have to look at whose masterpiece this is. ”

With a triumphant smile, Fu Sishen took out his mobile phone and found a good angle to take pictures of the lantern. By the way, he took pictures of Qingqing eating with juice on her face, proving that Qingqing was also involved in the production of this lantern.

After taking the photo and sending the homework to the group, Fu Sishen confidently thought that his masterpiece would definitely win the first place. As a result, when the evaluation results came out three days later, he saw that he ranked second.

“How is it possible?” He looked incredulous, and he swiped his fingertips, just to see where he had lost.


Saw a huge jack-o-lantern?

With a twitch of the corner of his mouth, Fu Sishen admitted with frustration that he’s no match.

It’s not that he didn’t do well, but that the competitor was full of weight and different.

Among the orange lanterns that save time and effort in more than a dozen of the twenty copies, the only jack-o-lantern has become a little fatter in the tangerine cluster, and won the crown with its rounded and bloated body.

“Qingqing, wait, I will definitely make us win first place next time!”

Fu Sishen, who’s not discourage and full of fighting spirit, and Fu Sijin, who was passing by, looked speechless.

 “It’s just a kindergarten homework, is it so serious? ”

 “No, you don’t understand ” Fu Sishen shook his finger at his brother with the expression of how mortals can understand my lofty ambitions.

 “This is a battle for dignity, which belongs to the dignity of children’s parents. It is about the face of my family Qingqing among classmates. Therefore, I cannot lose! ”

 “Hmm? Did Xiao Shen call me? ”

Hearing her name, Qingqing raised her head from the rice bowl; her cute little face was covered with milk.

She was still licking with her little tongue outstretched.

 “Don’t bury your face when eating.”

Fu Sijin reluctantly pulled two paper towels and wiped Qingqing’s face.

Looking up at her small face and wiping it obediently, Qingqing looked sideways at Fu Sishen, who was in an inexplicable frenzy, and said suspiciously: “What is Xiao Shen doing? ”

  “Leave him alone, he didn’t take medicine in the morning. ”

“No medicine? Is Xiao Shen sick? ”

Qingqing frowned when she heard this, worried.

“He gave up treatment a long time ago. ”

Rubbing Qingqing’s little head, Fu Sijin comforted: “Don’t worry, no one will die. ”

“Oh.” Qingqing glanced at Fu Sishen again then obediently lowered her head to eat.

Fu Heng didn’t come back from overtime last night, so he only called and told his eldest son to take care of Qingqing. As for the younger son…

He also gave up with his treatment.

It’s not that Fu Heng hadn’t thought about letting both brothers Fu Sijin and Fu Sishen go to work in his own company. After all, his family business will be handed over to his two sons in the future.

Fu Sijin is obedient and he knew that he would take on the responsibility of being the eldest son.

But Fu Sishen, the second son, is completely like a husky who is full of energy. Not only is it difficult to manage, but he is also not obedient at all.

Although he was forcibly pressed to go to his father’s company, he either lazed around or skipped work every day, and he didn’t care to get involved in company affairs. Fu Heng was so angry that he simply kicked him out.

Since you don’t want to inherit the company, get out of here.

Many people felt that Fu Sishen was not doing his job, and it was a pity for him that he had lost this inheritance opportunity in vain.

But this person still feels fortunate that he can finally escape the clutches of inheriting the family business, and he is as happy as a two-hundred-pound child every day.

Seeing that hurts Fu Sijin’s eyes, he especially wanted to propose to his father, should he take his brother back and severely discipline him?

He is tired to death every day, so why can a brother born to the same parents be so chic and happy?

It is possible to see the grievances of the eldest son. Today, it is rare for Fu Heng to speak out and give him a day off.

As a result, Fu Sishen still had to go to the company.

Thanks to Qingqing’s kindergarten performance last time, Fu Sijin unexpectedly met Director Gao.

Later, through the exchange of parenting scriptures, the two of them had several more contacts. They both felt that the other party is a good person, so they unexpectedly became good friends.

Recently, Director Gao is preparing for a new movie, and a lot of people were holding money to invest. He thought of Fu Sijin, so he called him and asked if he had any investment intentions.

Is it possible that Fu Sijin doesn’t have it?

Simply impossible!

Investing in high-quality movies not only means a stable business with the company, fame and fortune, but also takes this opportunity to give more benefits to artists in their own companies.

If you do it well, you might be able to win a movie actor role.

Of course, the latter is not so easy to achieve and Fu Sijin’s investment is not a shady one.

As an investor, his artists do have more opportunities than artists from other companies don’t have, but whether they can get the role depends on their own abilities.

Fu Sishen and Director Gao made an appointment to meet in the coffee shop downstairs of the other party’s studio. This itinerary was set a week ago.

At that time, he thought Qingqing would be brought by someone.

As a result, his father worked overtime, his uncle was also busy flying around, and his younger brother ran out of sight after eating in the morning, leaving only him and Qingqing with an innocent expression on her face looking at each other.

“What should I do? ”

Qingqing spreading out her small hands shrugged, she also knew that she had been thrown into a pot.

“I can only take you with me, but Qingqing has to be obedient, okay? You have to say hello politely when you see people. ”

 “Hmm…” Qingqing nodded her head and agreed quickly.

After getting the promise, seeing that it was getting late, Fu Sijin hurriedly picked up Qingqing and went upstairs to change her clothes for the outing.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, I have to make her wear more clothes.

Qingqing was dressed up as a little lady today, with a light yellow dress, a matching white long-sleeved vest, and a pair of milky yellow wedge-heeled leather shoes under her feet.

Her long half-length hair was dexterously braided by Fu Sijin and turned into a braid, which hung on one shoulder and was dotted with a few small daisies. It looked fresh and elegant, and it looks very beautiful.

 “Wear a hat. ”

Seeing that Fu Sijin was about to lead her out like this, Qingqing quickly grabbed him and picked the sun hat on the coat rack with her small hand.

She is a delicate baby now, and she has to take care of sun protection when she goes out, otherwise she will be tanned.

He took Qingqing’s hat and put in on her, and Fu Shijin picked up the child and walked out quickly.

He is going to be late.

Hurry up and finally arrived at the entrance of the cafe three minutes before the agreed time.

Through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, Fu Sijin saw that Director Gao is already sitting there, and quickly walked in with Qingqing in his arms.

 “Sorry Director Gao, I’m late.”

He said with a slight gasp, showing how anxious he was along the way.

 “It’s okay, it’s okay. I came early. I didn’t plan to go out so early. It’s just that I was overwhelmed by this little monkey at home. ”

Director Gao waved his hand kindly and motioned to Fu Sijin to sit down before chatting.

Listening to what he said, Fu Sijin realized that there is a thin girl with a bit of tanned skin sitting next to him.

The child is a bit indistinguishable from males and females since the child shaved her hear short. Sitting in a chair, she looked like she has a needle under her butt. She had to twist here and there, like a naughty little boy.

Noticing Fu Sijin’s gaze, she raised her little head and smiled at him, but her big curious eyes suddenly became quiet.

The two little guys looked at each other for a long time, but in the end, the little monkey couldn’t bear it first, pointed at Qingqing and said loudly: “Dad, who is this little baby?”

“It’s rude, you can say hello to your uncle first. ” Director Gao patted his daughter’s little hand and instructed her with a black face.

The little monkey was obviously used to being trained by her father a long time ago, and it was not appropriate at all, but she obediently called: “Hello uncle. ”

 “Hello uncle. ” Another milky voice sounded together with a baby voice.

It turned out that Qingqing also obediently greeted people.

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