Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 79

Chapter 52: Qingqing’s Longing

“It’s getting late. If you want, we can have dinner at my house together since it’s just nearby. I’ll ask your sister-in-law to prepare a few more good dishes.”

The conversation just now quickly narrowed the distance between the two and now Director Gao has begun to call Fu Sijin by his first name.

“This…” Fu Sijin looked at Qingqing with some hesitation, only to see the two newly met young sisters holding hands affectionately and walking happily together, obviously not wanting to be separated in a short time.

“Then excuse me.”

“Hahaha… No trouble, no trouble,, it’s my honor for you to come!”

Patting Fu Sijin on the shoulder, Director Gao laughed and took them directly to his home.

His house was indeed very close to this coffee shop, which is basically just a walking distance.

Even Ning Ning can run home by herself.

“Sister, come on, I’ll take you to my house to play. ”

Ning Ning took Qingqing’s little hand and ran ahead with her, leaving the two adults directly behind.

“Sister, slow down… slow down.”

Qingqing has short legs, and is not as active as Ning Ning, so she was running while panting.

“Sister, hurry up.”

Ning Ning urged at her, but she still stopped, waiting for Qingqing to catch her breath before leaving. This time she deliberately walked a little slower. Taking care of Qingqing’s short legs.

Director Gao’s family lives in an old-fashioned residential area. There is no elevator in it, so they can only run up the stairs floor by floor. Fortunately, they only live on the third floor, so it is not too tiring to climb up.


Qingqing was still climbing the stairs following Ning Ning’s footsteps, she didn’t know how but she suddenly hit a fleshy wall, making her dizzy.

“Little friend, are you okay?”

The shaking shoulders were supported and a voice of concern came from above her head.

The small body shook subconsciously and Qingqing replied in a low voice, “No… I’m okay.”

The little one instinctively trembled a litte.

“It’s okay.”

The man who was hit by Qingqing smiled softly, then let her go and continued downstairs.

He went down step by step, silently passing by Fu Sijin and others who followed.

Fu Sijin paused and turned his head abruptly, but he could only see a back that’s gradually disappearing.


Seeing Fu Sijin’s face that’s faintly pale, Director Gao asked worriedly, “Are you uncomfortable?”

“No, no, I just recognized the wrong person.”

With a reluctant smile, Fu Sijin lowered his head and walked up quickly.

Qingqing on the other side was taken up by Ning Ning, who had returned, and her hands were cold. Ning Ning asked strangely, “Is my sister very cold?” ”

“No.” Qingqing shook her little head and touched her stomach again, “I’m just hungry.”

In response, Qingqing’s little belly let out a loud howl, which directly made Ning Ning and Fu Sijin who happened to catch up, laugh.

“Don’t laugh.” The little guy who knew she’s being teased muttered angrily.

The baby is angry and can’t be coaxed.

“Yo, are you still angry? ”

Director Gao held Qingqing up and coaxed her while walking, “Good child, don’t be angry, we’ll go and ask your aunt to make you crispy fried ice cream.”

“Ice cream can be fried?” Won’t it melt away?

Qingqing, who had never heard of ice cream being fried, asked in surprise.

“Of course, as long as it is edible, everything can be fried in a pot.”

It seems that Director Gao is a loyal deep-frying enthusiast.

When he came to the house, Director Gao hadn’t knocked on the door before he was hit by Mrs. Gao, who happened to open the door and was about to come out.

“What are you blocking the door for?”

She wanted to pull Director Gao away in disgust, but when she saw the little cutie in his arms, Mrs. Gao paused, and her voice immediately increased by an octave, “Gao Congguang, you are going to die. Where did you steal this child? Hurry up and return it to others!”

Fu Sijin: “…”

This is my family’s child.

“Why did I become a bad guy who stole people’s children? Can’t this kid come back with me voluntarily?”

Gao Congguang yelled unconvincingly, feeling deeply that his wife had wronged him, but Mrs. Gao was so shocked that her voice broke, “You are still abducting!”

Fu Sijin: “…”

Qingqing: “…”

Ning Ning: “…”

“Well, mom…”

Ning Ning pulled her mother’s sleeves and kindly explained for her father, “My younger sister is a child of this uncle’s family, and they are here as guests.”

“Uh…” Mrs. Gao, who was embarrassed for an instant, was silent for a moment, then suddenly picked up the quilt in her hand and hurriedly walked out, “You go inside and sit down, and I will go downstairs to air out the quilt.”

That look can be called fleeing from the desert.

Director Gao’s unscrupulous ridicule suddenly came from behind, and Mrs. Gao gritted her teeth secretly.

Gao Congguang, don’t you dare go back to the house to sleep tonight!

Under the warm greeting of Director Gao, Fu Sijin took Qingqing to visit formally.

Grandpa Gao and Grandma Gao were all at home. Seeing guests coming, the two old people quickly stood up and went to the kitchen to make tea and bring fruits to greet the guests.

But they were quickly stopped by Fu Sijin.

“Don’t bother. Auntie and uncle, we have already disturbed you by taking the liberty to come to the door, so we can’t trouble you to make tea anymore.”

“If you come to the door, you are a guest. What’s so troublesome about entertaining guests?” Grandpa Gao disagreed, and wanted to break into the kitchen. Fu Sijin quickly gave Qingqing a look.

Qingqing was aware of this, and immediately leaned forward and called sweetly, “Hello, Grandpa and Grandma, my name is Qingqing, and I am a child of A’Jin’s family. I am three years old this year.”

“Oh, where did this little cutie come from?” Grandma Gao was immediately captured by the lovely and sensible Qingqing, and even Grandpa Gao was not surprised.

The two old people surrounded Qingqing to stuff sugar and drinks, and even their own granddaughter was ignored.

Ning Ning didn’t care. No one cared about her. She simply climbed onto the sofa to watch TV by herself and took out the remote control from the seam of the sofa then tuned it to her favorite channel.

She likes to watch two big bears recently and has to keep up with the updates every day.

Today, because she missed an episode when she went out. S, she had to beg her mother to use her computer to find a replay.

After explaining that his parents would prepare two more dishes in the evening, Director Gao took Fu Sijin into the study.

Their discussion just now wasn’t over yet.

Although the Gao family lives in an old-fashioned community, this community was actually a wealthy area in the past.

Don’t look at the narrow corridor and no elevator. In fact, as soon as the door was opened, it was a large five-bedroom and two-living mansion with a large garden-style balcony.

In addition to the three bedrooms where his family lives, Director Gao also reserved a guest room for his father-in-law and mother-in-law who had to come to live in a small house from time to time.

The remaining one is used as his study room, and all the work that needs to be done at home is done in it.

At this time, Fu Sijin stayed in the study with him to discuss the revision of the script, while Qingqing went down to play on the balcony at Ning Ning’s invitation.

“Can my sister play ball?”

Ning Ning picked up a basketball and pointed to the basket mounted on the wall.

There are two baskets on that wall, one tall and one short. The short one should be specially designed to take care of Ning Ning.

“I can’t.” Qingqing shook her head.

She has never seen basketball before, so naturally she can’t play it either.

In fact, both the Fu family and the Gu family have the habit of regular fitness, but most of their fitness is only aerobic running or strength training.

Basketball is a ball sport that boys love very much, but she doesn’t see them playing much.

“It’s okay, I’ll teach you.”

Facing Qingqing’s confused face, Ning Ning immediately became interested in being a teacher.

“Come and see, this is a shot. ”

Smash the basketball hard to the ground and then reach out to slap accurately while it bounces. After the basketball is shot down, it bounces again, and then it is shot down again and again.

Soon, the basketball bounced regularly under Ning Ning’s hands, and Qingqing who’s watching is amazed.

“My sister is amazing.” She clapped her small hands with great enthusiasm, her adoring appearance made Ning Ning extremely confident.

“Come, try it.” Giving the basketball to Qingqing, Ning Ning stepped aside and taught her how to shoot the ball.

She originally wanted to teach another dribble, but Qingqing has small hands and insufficient strength. Just one shot has made it very difficult for her to learn.


This is the highest number of dribbles Qingqing has made with all her strength.

The first three were obviously very good, but after those, the ball stopped in seconds.

Even Ning Ning was so upset by her, “Forget it, that’s it.”

After taking the ball in Qingqing’s hand, Ning Ning gracefully showed her how to shoot the ball, dribble, and finally even made a three-step layup.

“Wow-Sister Ning Ning is amazing!”

Qingqing almost screamed in amazement.

The old man in the house smiled and watched the two little guys outside the house playing lively. Obviously, they hadn’t moved, but they still felt the same happiness.

This game lasted until dinner started.

Mrs. Gao and her mother-in-law cooked the meal together, then turned around and yelled, “The meal is ready!”

Ning Ning ran over with Qingqing in her arms for the first time, and then Director Gao also consciously came out of the study with Fu Sijin.

Grandpa Gao had already consciously helped with the dishes and chopsticks in the kitchen.

Qingqing was taken aback by the happy atmosphere of the family.

Somewhat envious, she seems to have never felt a normal family atmosphere.

“Qingqing, will you help Grandpa with the dishes and chopsticks?”

Fu Sijin, who Qingqing didn’t know when he came behind her, squatted down, and whispered softly in her ear.

“… I dare not.”

Qingqing hesitated a little, timidly not daring to go over.

She felt that she didn’t deserve to stay in that harmonious atmosphere, and she always felt that she would be out of place.

“It’s okay, I’ll go with you.”

In fact, Fu Sijin didn’t feel that confident, but in order to encourage the younger Qingqing, he could only become brave by himself.

“… Good. ”

Qingqing hesitated for a moment, but her inner desire prevailed.

She clasped one of Fu Sijin’s fingers tightly in her little hand and led her to Grandpa Gao.

“Grandpa, can I help you with chopsticks and setting up the table?”

The bowl and spoon are not easy to hold. Qingqing’s hands are too small and unstable, so chopsticks are her best choice.

“Yes, the baby is so good.”

Grandpa Gao smiled and gave Qingqing two chopsticks. Qingqing immediately stretched out her hand to hold them, and then walked to the dining table as if holding a fragile baby.

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