Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 80

Chapter 53: Qingqing Wants a Divorce

Qingqing couldn’t take too many things in one trip, so she simply ran back and forth, just like a hardworking little bee.

Influenced by her, Ning Ning also ran to Grandpa Gao and announced loudly, “Ning Ning also wants to help.”

Before she finished speaking, she couldn’t help but grab the bowl and spoon in Grandpa’s hand and ruan to the dining table.

“You slow down, worry about falling.” Grandpa Gao kept saying worriedly. Fortunately, Ning Ning had a steady hand, put the things away quickly, and helped Qingqing set the dishes and chopsticks together.

The sensible appearance of the two children caught the eyes of the adults. Director Gao and his wife looked relieved and their eyes were much softer when they looked at Qingqing.

They all say that good teachers are good friends, it seems that Ning Ning can learn to be sensible by following Qingqing.”

“Ning Ning is also a good child.” Fu Sijin complimented smoothly.

The family sat around the table with two guests and had dinner together enthusiastically.

To be honest, not only Qingqing, but also Fu Sijin himself felt that this lively family atmosphere is very warm.

In contrast, their home suddenly became a bit too big and empty.

Because everyone in the family is very busy, it is difficult for them to gather for three meals a day.

Don’t think that Qingqing is just a housewife who stays at home all day and does nothing. In fact, she also has her own business, but after the accident, Fu Heng helped take over those jobs.

Otherwise, he would not become busier than before and even had to pull his eldest son over to help in advance.

His gaze inadvertently swept past Qingqing, who was coaxed to eat by the Gao family’s grandfather and grandmother, and Fu Sijin’s gaze gradually softened.

Since his mother became younger, it seems that the number of times their family gathers has also increased a lot, but they are usually busy taking care of Qingqing, so no one notices much.

But virtually, with Qingqing as the bond, the relationship between their family is gradually brought closer.

So… Qingqing’s change is actually an opportunity to save their family.

Just like the movie that has been named “The Salvation of Qingning”.

Although the Gao family is good, it is not the real home of Fu Sijin and Qingqing.

After a meal and sitting for a while, Fu Sijin took Qingqing to say goodbye and left.

He called the driver at home half an hour in advance, and now it’s almost time for people to arrive.

When he came downstairs, the Fu family’s car had already stopped at the entrance of the community.

Fu Shijin walked over, holding Qingqing who’s a little tired.

Before they got to the door, the car window automatically rolled down and he looked inside.

Fu Sijin is a little surprised, “Dad? ”

 “Well, get in the car.”

Fu Heng opened the car door and motioned for Fu Sijin to hold Qingqing to him.

Qingqing’s eyelids trembled and fell down, obviously sleepy.

Even if she’s given to someone to hold, she didn’t respond, just moved a few times, and found a more comfortable place to nest in Fu Heng’s arms.

Picking up the blanket from the car and covering Qingqing with it, Fu Heng patted her small back regularly, and after a few pats, he really put Qingqing to sleep.

“How are things going?”

He knew what his son was doing today.

Considering that Qingqing should not be awakened, Fu Heng’s voice was very low, and the deep male voice had an elegant magnetism, which made Qingqing’s ears itchy before she fell asleep.

She closed her eyes and scratched her ears, then her small hand was gently held by a big hand, and gently put it back in the blanket and wrapped her up.

Holding Qingqing like a baby and gently swaying her, letting her fall into a deeper sleep, the Fu family father and son continued the whispered conversation.

“Thanks to Qingqing, things are going well.”

Fu Sijin sat next to his father, looking sideways at Qingqing in his arms, with gentle eyes, “I have finalized the investment details with Director Gao, and I will probably be able to sign the contract after tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

“Well, I don’t understand the entertainment industry. You have to take good care of your career.”

Fu Heng’s group does not have companies involved in the entertainment industry. They are all in the real estate and other industries. He is not the kind of fun-loving person, so he admits that he does not know the entertainment circle.

This has always been the case. Fu Heng respects every choice of his children, as long as they do not violate the principles, he will not unnecessarily interfere.

Of course, the premise is that children can afford the consequences of their every choice. Just like when Fu Sijin opened an entertainment company and Fu Sishen opened an animation studio.

In fact, these are all areas that Fu Heng does not understand. He does not have any likes or dislikes towards them, but he can choose to respect them because of his sons.

Not like a wife…

Qingqing moved slightly, burying her head deeper into Fu Heng’s arms.

Fu Heng patted her a few more times before continuing to think.

Unlike his wife, who is always delusional and wants to pull their children to what she thinks is the ‘correct path’.

“Dad,” Fu Sijin suddenly said.

“What?” Fu Heng raised his eyes slightly.

“In the past, I thought that the absolute freedom you gave me and my brother was because you trusted us, but today I suddenly had another idea.”

I seem to feel that I have contradictory thoughts.

Thinking of that, Fu Sijin was suddenly a little speechless.

“We are father and son, just say what you think.”

Fu Heng decided to listen carefully to his son’s voice.

“Dad, don’t you think that your ‘laissez-faire freedom’ towards us, as well as your constant disregard of mother, are actually irresponsible to the family?”

“You seem to have given us freedom, but you have removed yourself from the family and wandered around the house like a passerby. It makes me sometimes wonder, is our house… for you, is it just a hotel for a temporary rest?”

His son’s stern questioning seemed to echo in his ears.

Fu Heng, who had returned home, sat silently by the bed. The room is dim and the cold moonlight poured on the ground through the window screens, stretching his lonely shadow infinitely.

“To pee… Uncle…”

Qingqing on the bed kicked her little feet, frowning uncomfortably.

Fu Heng immediately got up and held her to the toilet when he heard the sound, but unfortunately, he was still a step slower, making Qingqing wet all over.

“Woo…” Qingqing wanted to cry, she felt so embarrassed.

I also blame her for drinking too much water outside today, and she didn’t go to the toilet when she came back at night, so she almost wet the bed now, and was embarrassed.

“Don’t cry, just wash it when it’s dirty. ”

Fu Heng comforted Qingqing softly while helping her take a bath.

Because he hadn’t expected it in advance, he didn’t bring Qingqing’s change of clothes in. He could only wrap her with a towel and put her on the bed. He turned around to turn on the lights and open the wardrobe and found Qingqing a set of pajamas to wear again.

Qingqing’s clothes are placed in the large wardrobe of the couple, and there is also a cloakroom next door, but for convenience, they will still leave a few pieces of frequently worn clothes in the wardrobe.

Pieces of small clothes are neatly hung in the middle of the wardrobe, and you can see them at a glance.

Fu Heng didn’t have to bother looking for it, just pulled out a set of Qingqing’s pajamas from the inside.

It may be that he took it too hastily, that he accidentally touched the adjacent coat belonging to his adult wife.

Fu Heng subconsciously squatted down to pick it up, but unexpectedly found a strange stack of paper in the pocket of the coat, which seemed to be some kind of information.

The information was drawn out easily, and the bold title at the top instantly came into view.

—Divorce agreement.

His fingertips trembled slightly, and reason prevented Fu Heng from continuing to read, but his hand had already turned to the last page.

In the signature column of the divorce parties at the bottom, Gu Qingqing’s three upright and elegant fonts are clearly printed on it.


Waiting in bed, seeing Fu Heng squatting on the ground for a long time, Qingqing couldn’t help but exclaim.

As if he had been awakened suddenly, Fu Heng immediately hid the divorce agreement, then took Qingqing’s pajamas and turned to put them on for her, and then coaxed people to sleep.

It wasn’t until Qingqing fell asleep again that Fu Heng returned to where he had been sitting at the beginning. But this time, he had an extra divorce agreement in his hand.

“Do you also think… I don’t belong to this family?”

“…” As expected, no one responded.

Fu Heng didn’t even think about seeking an answer now.

He slowly tore up the paper in his hand little by little, turned it into pieces, and then swept it all into the trash can.

Qingqing, who had no idea about all this, rolled over, and a sweet smile appeared on her small face, and she didn’t know what a beautiful dream she had.


When she got up the next day, Qingqing learned the bad news.

She has to go to the hospital for an injection!

It is correct to say that it is a childhood vaccine, but it is essentially an injection.

“I don’t want it, I won’t go, I won’t get an injection!”

The agitated little guy shook her head frantically and refused three times in a row.

“Qing Qing, be obedient, the injection doesn’t hurt at all, trust me.”

Fu Sijin tried to coax people, but on this kind of issue, no child would believe the nonsense of adults.

“No, no, no, no…”

Qingqing’s little head was thrown like a rattle, and her whole body is full of resistance.

“You will get sick if you don’t get an injection.” Fu Sishen frightened her with a stern face.

“You don’t get injections either, but I haven’t seen you get sick.” Qingqing retorted with strength.

“Are you going?” Fu Sishen gradually lost patience.

“Won’t go!” The little guy expressed her position firmly.

 “Even if you don’t want to go, you have to go!”

A hungry tiger pounced on food, and the weak, pitiful and helpless Qingqing was firmly grasped by Fu Sishen and stuffed into the car. No matter how she struggled, it was useless.

 “Wuuwu, wuuwuu…”

The little guy cried, and the Fu brothers felt distressed when they heard it, but this kind of thing really can’t be compromised, otherwise, it will be more difficult to take her to get an injection in the future.

Every child has to go through this, and no one is an exception.

“I now know who you looked like when you were so scared of getting an injection in the past.” Fu Sishen sat in the driver’s seat and didn’t forget to expose his brother’s black history.

Fu Sijin, who was hurriedly soothing Qingqing, blushed. “You can shut up.”

Are you not afraid of injections?

To go as far as to laugh at his fear of injection when he was a child?

“It’s not that I want to laugh at you. Who told you to cry the loudest in the whole hospital at that time, even the doctors were afraid of your crying.”

Fu Sishen: “…”

If it weren’t for this bastard holding the steering wheel, he would have killed him by now.

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