Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 81

Chapter 54: Qingqing gets an Injection

In the hospital, children’s cries that were louder than the other burst out one after another, like a symphony of injections, very passionate.

The sound spread all the way to the entrance of the hospital, and the other babies who had not yet entered were so frightened that they joined the crying orchestra.

“Qingqing, good child, the injection really doesn’t hurt. Let’s go in and we can come out in one go.”

Fu Sijin and Fu Sishen stood outside the car and tried to persuade the little guy in the car who wouldn’t come out, but Qingqing didn’t believe their nonsense.

“I don’t want it!” Resolute and decisive, it fully expressed Qingqing’s determination.

Qingqing wrapped her little arm tightly around the backrest of the car seat in front and refused to let go no matter how Fu Sishen pulled.

Fu Sishen was afraid of hurting her again, so he didn’t dare to use force at all. For a while, the three of them were in a stalemate.

When many parents who dragged their children over next to them saw this scene, they all felt empathetic sympathy.

It’s just that they can’t also handle their little devil king, so it’s better to not get involved in other people’s affairs.

“You won’t get out?”

After a stalemate for half an hour, seeing that Qingqing still refused to accept her fate, Fu Sijin couldn’t help but frown slightly and said coldly.

His cold face looked very similar to when Fu Heng was angry. Although Qingqing seemed to have never seen Fu Heng angry with her, she knew this inexplicably.

Qingqing was instinctively a little scared, and her little hand loosened unconsciously, and then she was forcibly picked out of the car by Fu Sishen quickly with his quick eyes and hands.

The horse lost its hoof[1]lost its footing, and Qingqing yelled in fright. But Fu Sishen, who had seized the opportunity, rushed into the hospital quickly. It was useless for Qingqing to struggle.

“I don’t want… I don’t want injections!”

Seeing that she was getting closer and closer to the doctor, Qingqing was so anxious that her limbs fluttered indiscriminately. Accidentally, she suddenly heard a ‘pop’, and she seemed to have hit something.

Qingqing’s small body stiffened and she raised her head timidly, then she saw a small red slap print on Fu Sishen’s face, which was particularly obvious.

“Right…no, no…”

“Are you satisfied now?”

Fu Sishen’s usual hippie smile suddenly became gloomy and indifferent, making Qingqing too scared to speak.

“I am trying very hard to forgive you, but I can’t forget that you caused my favorite person to leave me. I desperately told myself that you are still young and you are not her, but why do you always have her shadow on you?”

After all, the long-suppressed flame of anger broke out with this unexpected slap.

“Xiao… Xiao Shen…”

Qingqing was so scared that tears fell directly, Fu Sijin frowned, snatched her from Fu Sishen’s arms, and said angrily, “Can you be more mature? Losing your temper with a three-year-old child?”

“Three-year-old child?” Fu Sishen sneered, his eyes full of ridicule.

“No matter what she becomes, don’t forget, she will always be our supreme mother! Gu Qingqing, a cold-blooded and ruthless wealthy lady, only has her position as the mistress of the Fu family in her eyes. You and I are just tools for her to tie with father…”

“Pa!” The loud slap shocked everyone around. They couldn’t help but cast their eyes on the scene.

They saw two handsome men with long legs standing opposite each other in the middle of the crowd. One of them had his head tilted in embarrassment, and the other raised his palm before putting it down. Obviously, there was a dispute and he moved his hand.

The child in the middle of the two was already petrified. She belched and suddenly raised her head and howled loudly.

“Wa, ah, ah…”

Qingqing felt very uncomfortable in her heart. It was not because Fu Sijin hit Fu Sishen that she felt distressed, but Fu Sishen’s words about ‘her’ made her sad.

It hurts as if being scratched on the heart by countless knives, and it’s as if the whole body is baked on the fire.

How could it be so uncomfortable?

She didn’t know how to relieve this kind of pain, so she could only cry loudly according to the instinct of a child to vent her inner emotions a little bit.

Pressing Qingqing in his arms, Fu Sijin looked at his younger brother with frosty eyes, “If you are so dissatisfied, you don’t have to go home from now on, so that we don’t have to suffer from your unprovoked accusations every day.”

When he turned around, he paused again and turned his head to add one more sentence.

“By the way, I suddenly felt that her leaving you safely is really the right choice. An immature man like you can’t give a woman stability and happiness.”

The palms hanging on his side were clenched into fists, looking at the crying little face in his brother’s arms, Fu Sijin suddenly lost the courage to argue.

He lowered his head sadly, turned around, and left the hospital alone.

As soon as he walked out of the door, his friend An Yuan called.

“Sishen, I found An Ran’s whereabouts.”

His pupils widened slightly, and Fu Sishen asked almost tremblingly, “Where… where?”

“She went abroad to study. I found information that she was admitted as a postgraduate student in a famous foreign university and is currently studying for a further degree.”

“Study abroad? Where did she get the money?”

It’s no wonder that Fu Sishen would ask such questions. He really knew a lot about the troubles of their family, either indirectly or directly.

An Ran, in particular, is on her own.

When she was his girlfriend, no one knew better than Fu Sishen what her specific situation was at the time.

It is said that she is the daughter of An Family, but in fact, she is poorer than before she was recognized by An Family.

Being an ordinary orphan, she can at least work part-time to make money, but being the daughter of a rich family, she needs to take into account the so-called family face so she can’t go out and do those “shameful” things, otherwise she will be shamed by her family.

An Family, who is partial to their adopted daughter, refused to let An Ran go out to work and refused to give her living expenses. Obviously, the adopted daughter bought a bag for more than ten thousand yuan, but the real Miss An couldn’t even afford a small wallet of more than ten yuan.

It’s ironic to think about it.

Fu Sishen once wanted to help his girlfriend, but An Ran didn’t agree to it and always put his help as a last resort. Otherwise, she would never use his money.

Therefore, he knows An Ran’s financial situation better than anyone else and knows that she will never be able to pay for studying abroad, let alone living expenses. She even has tuition fees.…

His thoughts suddenly stopped, and Fu Sishen suddenly had a very ominous premonition. He hesitated and asked, “The money for An Ran to study abroad… could it be given by my mother?”

“… Yes.” To be honest, An Yuan couldn’t believe it when he found this, “Not only that, I also found out that Aunt Gu was also my sister’s long-term sponsor.”

“How long has it been?” Fu Sishen said dumbly.

“For more than 20 years, basically, since my sister disappeared, she has been adopted and taken care of by Aunt Gu.” He is now very respectful of Qingqing’s name.

This is the great benefactor who saved his sister and sheltered her to grow up healthy.

Fu Sishen’s face froze slightly, “In other words…”

In other words, even before he met An Ran, his mother had already known An Ran’s existence, but her identity in front of her mother would definitely not be his girlfriend.

Covering his face, Fu Sishen suddenly felt the sky spinning for a while.

An Yuan’s voice continued to be heard in his ears, “I got the surveillance video from inside the cafe that day, and I asked a lip language expert to interpret their conversation. Would you like to come and watch it together?”

“… Good. ”

Turning around and glancing at the noisy entrance of the hospital where Qingqing might still be crying inside, Fu Sishen wanted to go in and apologize to her, but he was afraid that Qingqing didn’t want to see him right now, so he had to rush to An Yuan first.

He wants to find out the truth!

In the hospital, unlike what Fu Sishen thought, Qingqing stopped crying.

She was crying so badly just now that Fu Sijin couldn’t coax her at all, so he had no choice but to call his father urgently.

The video call was connected in almost a second.

Fu Heng on the other side of the video call is at the meeting and didn’t expect to suddenly receive a call request from his eldest son.

The eldest son has always been calm, and he doesn’t call himself casually if he’s okay, so Fu Heng picked up the phone quickly.

As a result, as soon as the phone was connected, Qingqing’s miserable crying and howling came over, resounding throughout the office.

The subordinate on the opposite side of the video stretched his neck curiously, wanting to see whose child was crying so badly. Unfortunately, the next moment, the screen in front of them went black, leaving only a text message.

“If there is something urgent, postpone the meeting.”

“Qingqing…” Fu Heng called softly.

He knew that today was the day of Qingqing’s injection. But when he saw the divorce agreement yesterday, he was so shocked that he subconsciously chose to escape when he woke up in the morning and hurried to the company, not daring to face Qingqing, and left her to the care of her two sons.

Unexpectedly, those two brats took care of their mother like this?

“Uncle, woohoo…”

Qingqing saw Fu Heng on Fu Sijin’s mobile phone and subconsciously stretched out her little hand aggrieved, wanting to ask him to hug her.

“Why is Qingqing crying? Who bullied you, uncle will help you teach him a lesson, okay?”

Fu Heng only thought that Qingqing was crying because of the pain of the injection, so he deliberately joked and teased her to divert her attention.

“No… Not good. ”

Qingqing wiped away small tears while sobbing and said, “Uncle, don’t… don’t beat Xiao Shen.”

It hurts to hit someone. Xiao Shen has already been beaten by her, and her own hand still hurts a little bit, not to mention the person who was beaten, so Qingqing didn’t want Fu Sishen to be beaten.

She’s heartbroken. The heartache felt so painful and uncomfortable. It is more terrifying than an injection. Qingqing doesn’t want to experience it again.

“Sishen?” Unexpectedly, the name of the youngest son appeared from Qingqing’s mouth, Fu Heng unexpectedly looked at the eldest son, his expression narrowed slightly, “What’s the matter?”

“Younger brother, he…” Fu Sijin is not a good brother who is considerate of his younger sibling. Moreover, what Fu Sishen said was obviously overboard, so Fu Sijin didn’t even cover it up for him.

Of course, he would not deliberately add fuel, but only objectively state the facts.

But this also made Fu Heng angry.

“Sure enough, we are still too indulgent to him.” So much so that the youngest son is so immature when he’s already so old.

He can’t even learn to be a good individual.

“Uncle, don’t be angry, Qingqing is afraid.”

Qingqing’s timid little milk voice regained Fu Heng’s senses. He instantly narrowed his anger and changed into a gentle look, “Qingqing obediently gets an injection, and then Uncle will pick you up and go out to play, okay?”

TL: Oneone

PR: Nen from Knoxt


1 lost its footing
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    Thank you for the translation! I love Qingqing, why a blessing to have a child like her. But I still hope, that she will turn back to adult and hear all her deserved apologies.

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