Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 82

Chapter 55: The Truth About Dumping Cheques

After being coaxed by Fu Heng, Qingqing had stopped crying, but she still feels tired mentally. She couldn’t even lift her energy to be afraid when she got the injection.

Fu Sijin is a little worried, but he didn’t know how to comfort her.

“Is the kid feeling unwell?”

The nurse, who gave Qingqing the injection, was very proficient in her technique. After three or two shots, she saw that Qingqing was in a bad state, and couldn’t help but ask one more question with concern.

“It’s okay, she just cried for a while, maybe she’s a little tired.”

Fu Sijin couldn’t explain the reasons to outsiders, so he could only perfunctorily pass by at will.

“Well, such a pity, stop crying, sister will give you candy.”

Gently touching Qingqing’s little head, the nurse took out a whole pack of medicine candy from the drawer and gave it to her.

These medicated candies are specially used in hospitals to soothe children who are crying too much for injections. They are not only delicious, but also contain some medicinal ingredients that nourish the body, which are good for the body of young children.

She usually gives one to a child, but the nurse sees Qingqing as cute and pitiful, so she gave a whole package.

After taking the candy, Qingqing became a little more energetic, and thanked the nurse sister gently, “Thank you, sister.”

“You’re welcome.” The nurse smiled softly at Qingqing, and then told Fu Sijin, “Don’t leave the child after the injection. Stay in the observation room and wait for half an hour before leaving.”

She expected that the young novice father didn’t know this little common sense, so she specially reminded him.

“Okay, thank you.” Fu Sijin thanked her politely, and then went to the observation room to find a seat to wait with Qingqing in his arms.

Qingqing is already pulling the medicine sugar packaging bags. The best way to appease the children is to give them candies and sweets.

“I’ll open it for you.”

Seeing that Qingqing couldn’t open the candy bag for a long time, Fu Sijin stretched out his hand to help her open it, pinched a snow-white medicine candy, and fed it to her.

After eating the medicated candy in one bite, a sweet scent mixed with an unknown aroma filled her mouth., Qingqing squinted her eyes slightly like a cat, with a satisfied expression on her face.

“Not sad anymore?” Fu Sijin saw that she’s obviously refreshed a lot, and his fingers passed gently from the corner of her eyes.

There were still tears on it, and her eyes were glowing red, like a rabbit.

“Sad,.” Qingqing murmured vaguely with candy in her mouth.

“Then are you angry with Fu Sishen?”

“Not angry, Qingqing has never been angry.” Qingqing replied honestly.

“…” Fu Sijin was silent for a while, leaning his chin on Qingqing’s head wordlessly.

In fact, my mother has never really been angry with him, right?

Because they are her sons, how could such a kind mother be angry with her disobedient sons?

This idea seemed contradictory, and it seemed so natural to fall on Qingqing.

“In a few days, I may have to leave for a while.”

A text message had just been sent from his father, telling him that he’s on his way here, and that Fu Sijin should say goodbye to her, taking advantage of the fact that he and Qingqing were the only ones who dared to come.

“Where is A’Jin going?”

Qingqing raised her little head sensitively, and then was pressed down by Fu Sijin.

He didn’t dare to let Qingqing see his embarrassment.

“Going on a business trip, there are some things at work, so I have to go abroad.”

It was a lie, he’s actually going abroad for psychotherapy.

Since discovering that his eldest son might have psychological problems, Fu Heng has been helping him find a reliable psychiatrist.

Recently, he finally found one. He is almost regarded as a god-level figure in the industry. Fu Heng has wasted a lot of human and financial resources in making appointments with them.

Everything is ready now, just need Fu Sijin, the master, to go over for treatment.

Fu Sijin knew that he was mentally ill and had never given up on his treatment, but he was not very active.

Moreover, the previous living environment also forced him to be out of breath, which was not conducive to treatment, so the disease followed him for so many years.

Now, it’s time to understand.

Qingqing was reluctant to let Fu Sijin go on a business trip, and pulled his sleeve with some resistance, “How long will A’Jin be going?”

“Not sure.” Fu Sijin, who has already deceived Qingqing once, doesn’t want to lie to her a second time.

His situation is very complicated. He doesn’t know how much time it will take to fully recover. The only certainty is that this period of time will not be short.

Maybe it’s a year or two, or even three years and five years, it’s not impossible.

Qingqing can be regarded as the first insider besides Fu Heng, even Yu Yu didn’t know that Fu Sijin is leaving.

-At the other end-

Fu Sishen drove An’s company’s door, strode in, and went straight to the president’s office.

An Yuan inside had been waiting for a long time, but was a little surprised when he saw that Fu Sishen was coming alone, “Didn’t you inform Sijin to be with you?”

He originally asked Fu Sijin to help find An Ran, but now that he has found her, he should also let him know.

“He is very busy now. It is not convenient to come over.” Fu Sishen said with a tight jaw.

“Ok.” With a casual shrug, An Yuan went directly to the topic, “Take a look at this.”

He turned the computer on his desk upside down and clicked on an encrypted text.

A video of a coffee shop immediately appeared inside.

The video is split into two sides, shot from different angles, and it happens to be one facing An Ran and the other facing the adult Gu Qingqing.

After not seeing his adult mother for a long time, Fu Sishen is still in a complicated mood for a while, but his attention was quickly attracted by the lip translation displayed on the screen.

Unlike Fu Sishen, who got only one clip at the beginning, this is a complete video.

At about three o’clock in the afternoon that day, Gu Qingqing walked into this high-end coffee shop with An Ran.

The two of them are very close, and it seems that the relationship should be good.

“What do you want to eat?”

Gu Qingqing opened the menu and handed it directly to An Ran.

“Whatever, Aunt Qing knows that I’m not picky with food.”

An Ran propped her jaw with one hand, and her posture was very relaxed and casual. This was something that could only be seen in front of people close to her.

Upon seeing this, Gu Qingqing ordered herself a cup of pure black coffee, and then ordered a cappuccino with sugar and milk for An Ran, as well as a few small snacks.

“Doesn’t Aunt Qing like sweet food? Why did you suddenly drink something so bitter.” An Ran looked at the black coffee in front of Gu Qingqing that looked like traditional Chinese medicine, with a look of gratitude.

Gu Qingqing took a sip of black coffee, her expression unchanged, “I’m used to it. I usually drink more bitter drinks, but I still can’t stand it all at once.”

She didn’t say why she couldn’t stand it, but An Ran looked nervous as if she had known something a long time ago, “Aunt Qing, have you… decided? ”

“Well, the decision should have been made a long time ago, but it took so long and wasted time.” With a self-deprecating smile, Gu Qingqing immediately narrowed her expression when she realized that she was in front of the child.

“Don’t talk about me anymore, how about you? How are you doing in An Family?”

There was a natural concern in her expression, as if a mother was caring for her child.

“…” An Ran lowered her head and was silent, knocking unconsciously on the wall of the coffee cup with her fingertips.

Gu Qingqing seemed to understand something, and her expression instantly became gloomy, “It seems that those rumors are true!”

“Aunt Qing…”

After calling out, An Ran burst into tears.

She is a very strong person, but she has suffered too many grievances in her house. Now that she encounters the concern of her closest elders, she can’t help but have a sore nose, and the floodgates of tears can’t be closed.

Why should I?

She was also spoiled by Aunt Qing, so why should she be so tormented by those so-called family members?

What did she do wrong?

The little girl who longed for family back then was heartbroken after all.

An Ran didn’t know when Gu Qingqing sat on her side and then gently took her into her arms.

“Don’t cry, girls’ tears are so precious, it’s too bad to shed tears for a group of unworthy people.”

That was a look that Fu Sishen had never seen on his mother’s face. She looked so gentle and so caring. She really loved An Ran.

It actually made him a little jealous.

The video continued, and after comforting her, Gu Qingqing sat back again to take her handbag.

Taking out a check from her bag, Qingqing filled in a number on it, and then handed the entire check to An Ran.

“I heard that you have been admitted to graduate school. Congratulations. You can rest assured that you will use these as tuition fees. If it is not enough, send me a message and I will remit some money to you.”

The high-definition processed video clearly shows the number on the check—five million.

This amount of money is not only enough for An Ran’s tuition and living expenses for three years of postgraduate study abroad, but also to make her live a very rich life.

An Ran did not refuse Gu Qingqing’s check. She took the initiative to come to Aunt Qing today for this purpose, but if she hadn’t been cornered, she would never have spoken to this elder who has been supporting herself since she was a child.

She already… owes enough.

Holding the money, An Ran couldn’t help but lowered her head and sobbed.

People who have been groping in the cold darkness for too long suddenly get a little warmth, but in the end, they are moved to the point where they can’t control themselves.

With a sigh, Gu Qingqing took out a few paper towels and handed them to An Ran.

“If you are really unhappy at home then leave and come back to be my daughter, your aunt promised to adopt you before, it will always be valid.”

The video was cut here.

Because there is nothing to see next.

An Yuan had watched it countless times before, and he should have been shocked a long time ago, but for Fu Sishen, who really learned the truth for the first time, the impact of this video was enough to destroy his sanity.

He stood still, stiff as a stone.

An Yuan waited for a long time without seeing him regain his senses, and couldn’t help but pat him on the shoulder worriedly, “Sishen, are you okay?”

Fu Sishen directly sat down on the sofa as if he lost his strength by An Yuan’s pat, covering his face with a collapsed expression.

“Something’s wrong, I’m in a big problem, what on earth have I done?”

Scenes of him accusing his mother flashed in his mind, and finally stayed in the picture of Qingqing crying miserably, Fu Sishen’s heart ached.

If he could go back in time now, he couldn’t wait to go back and kill the self whose brain was clamped by the door.

Fu Sishen, you are the invincible idiot of the universe!

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