Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 83

Chapter 56: Qingqing’s Confession

When Fu Heng arrived at the hospital, Qingqing had just finished the half-hour observation period and the medicine candy that was given to her had also been halved.

Fu Sijin originally didn’t want her to eat so much candy, but as soon as he went to stop her from eating it, she immediately squeezed the candy bag as if she was about to cry.

After making trouble a few times, Fu Sijin couldn’t help it, so he had to let her go eat them.

Fortunately, these candies are made of xylitol[1]Xylitol may be better for dental health compared to consuming large amounts of sugar, however, it is still a sweetener and as with other sugar alternatives, and they do not affect your health when you eat them. Otherwise, Fu Sijin would not allow Qingqing to eat so much at once.

When Fu Heng came, Qingqing was putting a new candy into her mouth. When she saw Fu Heng’s figure, she immediately put her hand behind her back and tried to hide the candy bag.

She also explained pretending to not know anything,[2]掩耳盗铃 Idiom meaning: “Plug One’s Ears While Stealing a Bell” It is impossible to cover up something that is obvious. One can’t deceive himself by burying his head in the sand “Uncle, Qingqing didn’t eat candy.”

Fu Sijin, who witnessed everything: “…”

This little guy who bullied the soft and afraid of the strong, I just told you not to eat and you didn’t listen, now as soon as father is here I’ve been accused.

“No candy?” The corners of Fu Heng’s lips curled slightly, he leaned over slowly, and pulled out the bag of medicated candy that were hidden behind Qingqing, “Then what is this?”

“The medicine given by the nurse.” The little thing has also learned to change concepts.

“Even if it is medicine, you can’t take too much medicine. I will put it away for you first, and return it to you when you want to eat it.”

Qingqing watched with tears in her eyes as her beloved candy was confiscated, but dared not speak angrily.

Of course, she knew that when Fu Heng said, “If she wants to eat then give it back”, he meant to pay in installments. In the future, he would only give one or two candies a day, it would be impossible to give it to her all at once.

But when I think about it, I promised that I would not eat more than three candies a day. Today, I don’t know how many candies I stole; thinking about it, Qingqing feels a little guilty again.

So when the candy bag was confiscated, I didn’t dare to say anything.

“Let’s go.” Picking up Qingqing, Fu Heng felt her weight then frowned.

She did not lose or gain weight. Hasn’t Qingqing eaten a lot recently?

“Qingqing stand up for a moment.” Fu Heng bent over and put Qingqing on the ground, then raised his hand to compare her height with himself.

The little guy’s height is just a little bit above his knees.

“Qingqing hasn’t grown much taller.”

This sentence was not said by Fu Heng, but by Fu Sijin who is standing aside.

He still remembers that Qingqing was almost at the height of his father’s knees at the beginning. Now that nearly half a year has passed, Qingqing is nearly four years old. According to the average growth rate of a three or four-year-old child, Qingqing has grown a bit too slowly.

“Maybe Qingqing is developing slowly.” In the end, the father and son can only draw this conclusion temporarily.

“In the future, I will give Qingqing more milk and stew some bone soup to make up for it.” Fu Heng said.

Otherwise, the little guy will cry if she is not tall.

They came for an injection in the morning and finished at noon.

Fu Heng simply took the two children to a nearby restaurant for lunch. After eating, Fu Sijin rushed to work at the company, while Fu Heng planned to take Qingqing out to play.

This is what he promised from the beginning.

“Where are we going?”

Qingqing especially likes to sit on the side of the car window to see the world outside which always brings her a lot of surprises.

“Go to the beach.” Fu Heng said.

It’s almost New Year’s Day, and the weather in December is cold. Naturally, it’s impossible for him to let Qingqing go into the water, but they can just go to the beach to see the scenery and play with the sand.

Qingqing used to go out a lot but she hadn’t been to the beach once. Her only perception of it came from cartoons or fairy tales.

But that kind of painted sea, where can it compare to the real one that makes people curious?

With full expectation, she watched the scenery outside change from the high-rise buildings of the city to the wild mountains, and finally a blue sea appeared.

The cool sea breeze blew in through the car window, bringing a salty smell, and the endless sea water shimmered under the sun, reflecting a beautiful shimmer.

There are a few people scattered on the golden beach and even some people swimming in the sea.

“It’s so cold, aren’t they afraid of being frozen?”

Qingqing feels cold for the people in the sea.

“People swim in winter, and sports games make their bodies produce heat, so they don’t feel cold.” Fu Heng glanced and said.

He parked the car in the parking lot by the sea, then changed Qingqing into a pair of small slippers that made it easy to step on the sand, and then carried her out of the car.

Although Qingqing was wearing cool slippers under her feet, she was still wearing thick clothes on her body.

Fu Heng even added an extra coat to her, which made the little guy who was originally small seem to be bloated like a ball, swaying when she walked, having the charm of a penguin.

Many adults couldn’t help but take a few more glances when they saw such a cute child coming over, feeling that the child is so cute.

This kid is so cute, right?

“Uncle Uncle… Look, it’s the sea!”

Qingqing rushed to the sea while cheering and did not forget to turn around to greet Fu Heng.

Fu Heng took three or two steps to catch up, took her little hand, and refused to go any further. “It’s dangerous over there and children can’t go over there.”

Today’s waves are relatively large, any big one can overturn Qingqing’s small body, and those who are unlucky may be dragged into the sea, so Fu Heng did not allow her to approach the waves.

Qingqing is only allowed to play within the range of dry sand.

She saw the sea for the first time, and now she is in high spirits. This little restriction on movement seems to be nothing to her.

“Uncle, give me a small shovel.”

Before he came, Fu Heng bought a complete set of sand playing tools on the way. A large bag of plastic toys contained shovels, buckets, and various fish, shrimp, and crabs.

As long as you put the sand in and cover it tightly, you can get a sand crab or sand starfish.

Qingqing used the dry sand on it at first, but the small designs printed on it would always scatter. Later, she found that the wet sand under the dry sand can be better shaped, so she immediately took a small shovel and dug up the sand.

Fu Heng spread out a clean place with a picnic cloth next to her and sat there watching Qingqing play by herself.

Some of the children next to them saw that Qingqing had so many tools, and they all wanted to come over and play together.

Qingqing was also generous, holding toys to share for everyone, and soon made a lot of good friends.

Looking at her being surrounded like the stars cupping themselves around the moon[3]to view Qingqing as the core figure or the center in the group, Fu Heng unexpectedly recalled the first encounter between the two.

He and Qingqing were also born into wealthy families. In fact, they have known each other’s existence since they were young, but the first time they met in the true sense was at a birthday party of friends in the circle.

That friend has an outgoing personality and has made many friends, including Fu Heng and Gu Qingqing.

The two were invited to congratulate each other, but they met by accident.

No, it was just that Fu Heng knew Gu Qingqing unilaterally. Gu Qingqing didn’t know him at that time.

Fu Heng was so impressed by the side that he saw that nearly 30 years have passed, but he still cannot forget it.

Gu Qingqing should have been in her senior year of high school at that time, or was she already in college?

The eighteen-year-old girl was eye-catching and beautiful, wandering in the crowd, and the stars cupped themselves around the moon, becoming the brightest star in the audience, even more dazzling than the friend who was the host of the birthday party.

Fu Heng believed that he was not the only one who was deeply impressed that day, because Gu Qingqing never lacked suitors around her.

She is even more popular than him, the heir of the Fu family, and the popularity here includes women in addition to men.

Because she is beautiful, has a good family background, is versatile, and is still a schoolmaster-level figure.

It is really difficult for such a good person to be inconspicuous, not to mention that she herself has a flamboyant temperament.

Did Qingqing turn out to be very open in the past?

Fu Heng was suddenly a little confused, because in his later memory his wife has always been cold and exudes a faint image of a wealthy lady who is high above him.

As the mistress of the Fu family, her every move is perfect, and she is also conscientious to her husband and son, except for her cold relationship with her mother.

But a few years before she and Fu Heng got married, she liked to stick to him all the time. Even if Fu Heng was busy with work and didn’t have time to go home, Gu Qingqing would cook soup at home and cook meals for him.

The reason is that the things outside are unhealthy and it is not good to eat too much. In fact, she just wants to see him more.

Fu Heng knew it well.

But I don’t know where it started. The couple met less and less frequently. Occasionally, they ‘met by chance’ in the middle of the night, and most conversations were just:

“I’m back.”


“Go to bed early.”


The above sentences with a large number of words started with Gu Qingqing saying a lot, but later unknowingly turned into Gu Qingqing’s perfunctory response.

On the contrary, Fu Heng seemed to be more talkative.

“Uncle, look quickly.”

Qingqing’s excited little baby voice interrupted Fu Heng’s memories.

He looked down in the direction of the little guy and saw a sand crab, a sand shrimp, a large sand fish, and two smaller sand fish were surrounding a small sand starfish in the middle.

Qingqing pointed to the big fish seriously and said, “This is Uncle.”

Two little fish: “These are A’Jin and A’Shen.”

Shrimp: “This is my younger brother.”

Crab: “This is Uncle Bai.”

Then she summed up loudly, “We are a family.”

Fu Heng messed with the sand crabs with a black face, “The person surnamed Bai has his own family, so you and he are not a family.”

“Uncle Bai treats Qingqing so well, why can’t we be a family?” Qingqing asked puzzlingly.

What flashed in her clear eyes was pure curiosity, and there was no anger that the hard-made sand model was flattened out, but it was precisely because of this that Fu Heng felt even more embarrassed.

He lowered his head, avoided Qingqing’s gaze, and explained with a straight face, “Family members are people who have blood ties or legal relationships. Of course, some people who do not have these relationships, but have deep feelings, can become each other’s family members, but Bai Qiyu cannot be Gu Qingqing’s family.”

“Why?” Qingqing said that looking like she has many small question marks above her.

“Because I don’t like it.”

Fu Heng suddenly raised his head and looked directly into Qingqing’s eyes, “Can Qingqing bear to make me unhappy?”

I don’t know why, Qingqing actually saw a bit of vulnerability in Fu Heng.

He is afraid, what is he afraid of?

Afraid that she will say the answer he doesn’t like?

Qingqing picked up the small shovel scattered all the sand molds, including her own, leaving only the big fish representing Fu Heng.

“Qingqing can’t bear to make her uncle unhappy. Uncle is the best person in the world!”

His pupils shrank slightly, and Fu Heng’s dark eyes clearly reflected Qingqing’s tender face. In a daze, it seemed that the picture of his wife when she confessed to him for the first time appeared.

It was in a bar. Gu Qingqing, who was drunk, passed over everyone, boldly straddled him, pulled his collar, and declared loudly.

“Fu Heng, I like you! Do you like me or not? Give this old lady[4]colloquial form of lǎo niáng a precise answer!”

However, without giving him time to answer, the drunk little girl fell into his arms and fell asleep.

TL: Oneone
PR: Nen from Knoxt


1 Xylitol may be better for dental health compared to consuming large amounts of sugar, however, it is still a sweetener and as with other sugar alternatives
2 掩耳盗铃 Idiom meaning: “Plug One’s Ears While Stealing a Bell” It is impossible to cover up something that is obvious. One can’t deceive himself by burying his head in the sand
3 to view Qingqing as the core figure or the center in the group
4 colloquial form of lǎo niáng
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