Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 84

Chapter 57: Qingqing’s Mobile Phone

Qingqing spent the afternoon playing by the sea, and Fu Heng accidentally discovered that she was quite talented in art.

She actually built a sandcastle by herself.

Although it is very simple, the figure of the castle can still be seen, which is a remarkable thing for a child of nearly four years old. At least Fu Heng thought he couldn’t make this kind of thing.

“Qingqing, stand up a little bit.”

Fu Heng took pictures of Qingqing and the sandcastle with his mobile phone.

In order to commemorate, after Qingqing built it, she begged Fu Heng to take pictures for her. Naturally, Fu Heng would not refuse this kind of small request.

The little guy excitedly went on several poses and had to ask Fu Heng to add beautifying filters to her.

How could Fu Heng understand this new vocabulary? He checked the Internet for a while, and fiddled with it for a long time, only then did he take several photos of Qingqing that satisfied her.

The sky was gradually stained with the sunset, and under the glow, Qingqing was carrying a bucket of scattered shells and ran straight towards Fu Heng with a grin.

Fu Heng subconsciously raised his mobile phone to record this happy scene forever.

In the photo, Qingqing’s childish and cute little face was full of carefree laughter. Behind her, the sky is full of red, orange and pinkish clouds, the blue sky is rolling, and the birds are soaring, forming a poetic picture.

People can’t help but smile when they see it.

“What did uncle take? Show it to Qingqing.”

Qingqing leaned in front of Fu Heng, holding his arm with her small hand, trying to see the photos on his mobile phone.

“Don’t grab it, stand still and be careful or you’ll fall.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qingqing tripped and fell to the ground. Fortunately, there was soft sand under her body so it didn’t hurt. But the clothes that were already covered with sand became dirtier.

Fortunately, since Fu Heng wanted to take Qingqing to the beach to play, he was already mentally prepared, so he didn’t react.

He just helped Qingqing up, flipped his mobile phone over, and handed it to Qingqing for her to see.

“Little bird!”

Qingqing looked at her photos, but all her attention was focused on the bird that was inadvertently captured behind her back, and she kept pointing at it excitedly and said, “The teacher said, this is called Zhu Meng Bird.”

She still remembers the popular exhibit in the museum.

“Wishing Dream bird? The name of this bird is very auspicious.”

He chuckled and rubbed Qingqing’s little head. As a result, a pile of sand was rubbed out. Fu Heng paused, pulled Qingqing over, and patted her left and right, and sure enough, another pile of sand came out.

“Did you go to play in the sand, or did you deliberately take a bath in the sand?”

Sighing helplessly, seeing that it was getting late, Fu Heng packed up the things on the ground and led Qingqing back.

It is a lot of work to clean up Qingqing tonight.

Because it was too late, Fu Heng simply called his eldest son to explain that he would not go back tonight, then took Qingqing to book a nearby seaside villa for tourists to rent for one night, and ordered a takeaway on the way.

He had to clean up the sand on Qingqing’s body so he didn’t have time to cook.

Qingqing was sitting in the big bath in the villa, patting here and there, making the floor full of water.

She continued to laugh uncaringly, and the toys such as plastic ducklings and sailboats floating around her were overturned by her and were scattered everywhere.

Fu Heng didn’t expect that when he went to get a bath towel for Qingqing, he had to face this scene when he came back.

His face got a little stern as his eyes narrowed slightly and his gaze patrolled dangerously on Qingqing’s fleshy little hands.

The frightened little guy quickly shrank her hand into the water and even hid her whole body along with it, leaving only a wet big head still outside, looking at Fu Heng with a pitiful expression.

“Qingqing… Qingqing is wrong… wrong…” Looking at him, she was so scared that she couldn’t speak clearly.

“I won’t hit you, get up and get dressed quickly.”

The water was getting cold, so he can’t let Qingqing continue to soak in it, otherwise, she will catch a cold.

He skillfully cleaned up Qingqing, and soon, the refreshing dumpling that’s fragrant and soft ran out of the bathroom, cheering and going straight to the big soft bed.

Fu Heng didn’t follow out. He was so drenched by Qingqing that he simply washed himself first.

Qingqing was playing around outside by herself, waiting for Fu Heng to finish.

While waiting, the doorbell rang outside the door, which was what Fu Heng ordered on the way to the accommodation.

“Here I go!” Qingqing ran downstairs to open the door by herself. The takeaway brother at the door was stunned when he saw that there was only a child inside and then handed the takeaway in his hand to Qingqing with a smile.

“I wish you a pleasant meal.”

“Thank you.”

After waiting for the others to leave, Qingqing dragged the takeaway vigorously, and shouted as she walked back, “Uncle, Uncle… let’s eat!”

The little one’s voice was very loud, directly urging Fu Heng, who had just walked to the top of the stairs, to speed up.

Fu Heng only ordered ordinary home-cooked food and a custard for Qingqing.

The two put their things on the small table in the living room to eat, and Qingqing obediently ate with a spoon.

After a few months of practice, she has eaten a lot of food everywhere, but her movements are a bit clumsy and her eating speed is very slow.

Fortunately, Fu Heng is patient and just waits intently.

“Qingqing is not allowed to open the door to strangers casually in the future, okay?”

While pulling the meat, Qingqing suddenly heard Fu Heng’s serious instructions.

She raised her head strangely and said, “That’s the delivery brother, not the bad guy.”

“How do you know if he is a bad guy?” How can her attitude be so sure?

“It was the little bird who told Qingqing. She said that I could open the door, so Qingqing went to open it.” Qingqing pointed to the empty space and said.

Fu Heng subconsciously raised his head and looked, but could not see anything.

He wanted to ignore it, but he always felt that this is critical information, so he couldn’t help but keep it in mind.

In fact, the word “little bird” has appeared many times in Qingqing’s mouth, but they usually only thought that it was a small sparrow nearby that was seen by Qingqing.

Children are always easily attracted to this kind of small animal, and there is nothing strange about it.

But it’s winter now, and most of the animals have basically disappeared. Where did the bird come from?


Holding the two fingers of the big hand with her small hand, Qingqing was a little nervous, “Qingqing wants to learn something. Will uncle enroll Qingqing for a hobby class when we get back?”

She made this rather formal request for the first time and was a little worried about being rejected.

“Yes, what does Qingqing want to learn?”

The child took the initiative to make progress, and Fu Heng had no reason to stop her.

“I don’t know…”

Qingqing herself was a little confused. She saw that her other friends in the kindergarten had all learned some talents, so she also wanted to learn but she really didn’t think about it that much.

“How about calligraphy and taekwondo?”

One is for movement and one is for stillness. It can allow Qingqing to cultivate her emotions and exercise her body at the same time.

It is impossible for young children to have any lethality in taekwondo, but it is good to let children run and jump and consume more energy.

Qingqing was recently spoiled by her family, and she vaguely showed a little sign of being a bear child[1]mischievous child. Fu Heng had to correct her when the sign first came out, otherwise, the child would easily grow crooked.

It just so happens that when she goes out to a hobby class and consumes her extra physical strength, the little guy will have no strength to be a bear child.

After eating and drinking, Qingqing finalized her great cause of going to school.

Fu Heng went back to the room and used his mobile phone to handle some company affairs while Qingqing bounced on the big bed next to him, completely using the poor bed as a trampoline.

Fortunately, Qingqing is small and light-bodied, otherwise, she might have to break someone’s bed.


Fu Sishen didn’t go home until very late.

As soon as he walked outside the door, he saw the warm yellow light faintly revealed inside, and his heart warmed slightly.

He couldn’t help but speed up to open the door, but what caught his eye was the figure of his eldest brother lying on the sofa with his eyes closed.

The TV was still on and the game was being played. The passionate commentary of the commentator was mixed with the cheers of the audience throughout the living room.

It’s a pity that the person watching the game is obviously not interested in this, and can even fall asleep in such a noisy environment.

“Big brother… Big brother…”

Fu Sishen woke up Fu Sijin. “Get up and go back to the room to sleep. It’s cold here. I’m worried about you catching a cold.”

Fu Sijin opened his bloodshot eyes and glanced up at the time; 2:30 in the morning.

He got up slowly and passed by his brother like a ghost, “When you get home, go and rest quickly.”

He didn’t say anything about what his brother did during the day, it was as if it had never happened before.

Fu Sishen looked at his brother’s back and couldn’t stop talking. He wanted to tell him about An Ran and wanted to apologize to him even more because of his misunderstanding of his mother.

Then he saw Fu Sijin, who was supposed to step into the elevator, suddenly stopped and turned his head slightly, “Your girlfriend, she should be living in Linshi, in a real estate under mother’s name. She seems to… have known mother a long time ago.”

He used a lot of contacts to find this out.

When this information was presented to him, he basically guessed that his mother had been wronged.

Wronged again.

So what exactly did their mother do wrong for them to pin all those bad things to her?

The slowly closing elevator door concealed the sarcastic smile on Fu Sijin’s face, but the gloom in his eyes was deeply imprinted in Fu Sishen’s eyes.

“Am I rejected by the whole family?”

Sitting desolate on the sofa, Fu Sishen scratched his hair irritably.

Suddenly, he stood up abruptly and rushed upstairs aggressively.

Since he has done something wrong, he has to take the initiative. He wants to apologize to Qingqing!

Naturally, the only thing that welcomed Fu Sishen was the loneliness of the room.

Qingqing and Fu Heng were not there. The two of them were still in a seaside villa, but Fu Sishen didn’t know it.

Thinking that Qingqing was deliberately avoiding him, Fu Sishen couldn’t tell his current mood, but it was definitely uncomfortable.

He originally wanted to close the door and leave directly, but unexpectedly, a faint light suddenly lit up on the table in his parents’ room.

“Hmm? What is that?”

Fu Sishen was curious.

In the middle of the night, the faint light that suddenly lit up easily reminded people of something that is not very good, especially as a comic artist, Fu Sishen’s imagination is even richer.

In just a few minutes, he had already thought of various supernatural events.

He also matched various love-hate stories with others, and it was almost integrated as a plot outline, just to be used as a material for future creations.

He was cranky in his mind, but he was very honest in his actions.

When he returned to his senses, Fu Sishen had already squatted in front of the faint light and saw the other party’s true face clearly.

It was his mother’s cell phone.

Because Qingqing, who has become smaller, can’t use it, it has been forgotten on the bedside table, and no one has moved it.

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1 mischievous child

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