Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 85

Chapter 58: The Final Encounter

It should be that someone happened to send a message to his mother, so the phone lit up.

But how can a mobile phone that has been forgotten and not used for nearly half a year still have battery?

The doubts were answered as soon as they started. It turned out that the charging cable of this phone had never been unplugged.

With a few flick of his fingertips, Fu Sishen was hesitating whether to peek at his mother’s mobile phone or not.

Demon: Just take a look, shouldn’t it matter?

Angel: This is not good, how can you peep at your mother’s… You can’t watch it!

Demon: Just take a look, just take a look.

Angel: No way!

The inner demons and angels fought each other, and finally curiosity prevailed, and Fu Sishen slowly stretched out his sinful hand.

The indoor light suddenly lit up, and Fu Sishen hid the entire mobile phone in his pocket in an instant.

“Second master, what are you doing?” It turned out that the nanny on duty heard something in the master’s bedroom and especially came back to check.

“No… nothing, just came in to get something.”

Fu Sishen smiled embarrassedly, hurriedly unplugged the charger together, and showed it to the nanny, “I forgot my mobile phone charger in the company, so I came to get my mother’s charger.”

After speaking, he hurried away with a guilty expression on his face, leaving the nanny alone with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Does the madam’s mobile phone model match that of the second young master?”

In fact, the nanny didn’t remember much about this question and she didn’t bother to pursue it. She yawned and went back to sleep drowsily.

“Boom!” He slammed the door of the room tightly. Fu Sishen put his back on the door and took a few breaths to relieve his tension.

What is he… what is he doing?

Taking out his mother’s mobile phone from his pocket, Fu Sishen wondered if he hadn’t slept too late tonight, and his brain was short-circuited.

“What should I do now?”

Return it? No, who knows if the nanny is still there.

Don’t put it back? It doesn’t feel right too. What should he do if his dad finds out?

After being entangled for a long time, the phone in the palm of his hand suddenly vibrated.

Fu Sishen was so frightened that he hurriedly pressed the answer button unconsciously.

“Gu Qingqing…” A high-pitched female voice sounded from the opposite side, “Do you like this game?”

“Hmm?” Fu Sishen responded subconsciously, pinching his throat.

“Have you caught a cold?”

It seemed strange for the opposite side to hear ‘Gu Qingqing’s’ weird voice but she didn’t think much about it, and continued to declare loudly and unscrupulously, “I’m coming back. It’s time for you to return the position of the hostess of the Fu family to me.”

Fu Sishen: “? ? ? ”

Where did this crazy woman come from?

Still thinking about Fu madam’s f&*#!%$ position, keep dreaming!

As if she didn’t care about Gu Qingqing’s answer, the woman on the other side of the phone continued to laugh frantically, “Do you like the gifts I have given you over the years? You should like it very much. Look, whether a man loves you or not, you can tell from whether he is willing to restrain himself for you, but Fu Heng… behind your back, has raised so many little lovers in private. Are you very jealous, or feel hate? Why don’t you just leave him? That way, I don’t have to tell you the truth every day. Heh… stupid woman.”

Fu Sishen: “…”

I think you’re crazy and probably brain-dead at the same time.

The phone was hung up, and only a toot-toot-echo spread.

With a frosty face, Fu Sishen slowly pressed the record button on his mobile phone, and at the same time hung up the inexplicable late-night call.

“Heh… crazy woman.” You are finally going to show up.

The moonlight was slightly cold as it projected into the house through the windows, hiding a pair of cold eyes in the invisible shadows.


Returning home!

Qingqing ran to the Fu family villa with little jumps. As soon as she opened the door, she was greeted by Fu Sishen.

“Mom… bah! Qingqing, I know I was wrong, forgive me! I’m stupid, I’m brainless, I misunderstood you, and I’m still cruel to you, Qingqing…”

Fu Sishen’s exaggerated cries echoed through the hall, the sudden loud voice filled Qingqing’s brain and shocked her. Her small body jolted in surprise and almost fell over.

A pair of big hands stretched out from behind, and roughly pulled Fu Sishen away from Qingqing, “If you’re going crazy, get out!”

Gu Lan rolled his eyes at his nephew, and then, like a face change in Sichuan opera, he instantly changed to a bright smile, picked up Qingqing, who was confused, and threw her up a few times.

“I just came back from a business trip, has Qingqing missed me?”

“I thought… I thought about it.”

Qingqing grasped Gu Lan’s arm blankly, and replied instinctively.

What happened to these people in the family today, one by one, showing up?

It was not only Qingqing’s question, but also Fu Sijin and Fu Heng’s question.

After being hugged and bought into the house by Gu Lan, Qingqing turned her head and saw Fu Sishen who was still looking at her pitifully like a puppy. She found it funny and couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing that Qingqing didn’t mean to blame him, Fu Sishen’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly leaned in front of Qingqing, offering with both hands the apology he had prepared in a flattering manner.

It was a cup of milk tea, strawberry cheesecake flavored, Qingqing’s favorite kind.

Of course Fu Sishen knows. To speak, this apology is not enough to make up for his misunderstanding of Qingqing, his mother.

But he has to pay attention to giving gifts. He is sure that even if he gives Qingqing the entire studio now, it would be better to buy her a cup of milk tea at an affordable price.

Sure enough, when she saw the milk tea, Qingqing’s eyes lit up immediately, and she wanted to get it with her little hand outstretched.

“Ahem…” Fu Heng pretended to cough twice unintentionally.

Qingqing, this little subordinate, shrank consciously and then she was stuffed with a cup of milk tea with some warmth in her hand.

“If you are sick, go to the doctor.” Gu Lan grabbed the milk tea and stuffed it into his sister’s arms, without even looking at Fu Heng.

His sister couldn’t even afford a cup of milk tea.

“Children drinking too much milk tea is not good for their health.” Fu Heng said with a dark face.

He’s cautious for the sake of Qingqing’s health.

“Then drink less, it’s okay to take a sip or two.”

Gu Lan said so, and Fu Heng couldn’t stop him anymore.

He sat next to him and watched the two siblings happily. After sharing a cup of milk tea between the two siblings, they went and played with Gu Lan’s mobile phone.

“Are you free?” You don’t have to go home to rest when you just came back from a business trip?

“I’ve worked hard on a big project, how can I be worthy of myself if I don’t take a few more days off.” Gu Lan spread out lazily on the sofa, completely treating this as his own home, not at all awkward and uncomfortable.

“I want to rest. You go home to rest there.”

What’s the matter with him relying on his house?

“Don’t you just dislike the closeness between me and my sister? As for rushing people so blatantly?”

Hehe, Gu Lan had already seen through the man’s jealousy.

“I went out this time and found something by accident.”

The slender fingertips rolled up a strand of fluff in front of Qingqing’s forehead and wrapped it in circles.

“What’s the matter?” Fu Heng sat down in the seat closest to them.

“Your old lover is coming back.”

Fu Sishen raised his eyes instantly.

“Who?” Fu Heng looked inexplicable.

Where did he get this old lover?

“Ouyang Dié.” When Gu Lan said the name, his tone was a little inexplicably cold.

Now that Gu Lan has come back, he treats Fu Heng so strangely, which definitely had something to do with the debts he[1]Fu Heng had caused in the past.

How much Gu Lan hated Gu Qingqing in the first place is how much he loves her now, even his views on many things have changed.

For example, his brother-in-law’s debts which he didn’t put in his eyes before are particularly dazzling and hard to look at now.

I can’t wait to pull it out one by one for him to feel comfortable.

“Who is this?”

Unexpectedly, Fu Heng said he had no impression of the name at all.

“Hmm? You don’t know who Ouyang Dié is?”

Gu Lan looked at Fu Heng unexpectedly, and even the fingers wrapped around Qingqing’s forehead paused subtly.

“My first love is your sister. There are no old lovers.”

This is the first time that Fu Heng has publicly admitted his feelings for Gu Qingqing.

“Are you playing tricks on me?”

But Gu Lan didn’t believe it. He couldn’t help but sit up straight, and looked at Fu Heng with an eagle-sharp gaze, as if he wanted to see through his heart.

“I won’t do such boring things.”

In fact, Fu Heng still felt that Gu Lan was being unreasonable.

“I think there is a big misunderstanding between us.”

Burying his forehead in Qingqing’s shoulder, Gu Lan sorted out his chaotic brain a little bit.

“Who told you that I have an old lover?”

Fu Heng keenly noticed that something was wrong.

“I don’t know.” Gu Lan said, “At a banquet, I accidentally heard someone say it. I don’t know who the person was talking to. If it weren’t for hearing your name appear, I wouldn’t pay special attention to this kind of boring gossip.”

As a result, he was calculated by others, which was really… a botched method.

“It seems that the hunter is about to appear.”

Fu Heng looked out the window, as if he could see another crazy woman smiling foolishly at his memory through time and space tens of thousands of miles away.

“Let us wait and see.”

Gu Lan raised his head with an ambiguous smile.

Didi… Zizi…

The pinhole camera hidden in the dark suddenly made a malfunction-like noise, and then the screen went black.


Fu Sishen hurriedly took out a few paper towels to wipe Qingqing’s clothes, and frowned at her while wiping, “Why are you so careless? Now it’s all slimy and uncomfortable for you.”

It turned out that Qingqing overturned the milk tea and it covered her body, even Gu Lan’s body was not spared from being affected by the accident.

“I’m sorry.” Qingqing apologized pitifully.

She just wanted to take the milk tea from her brother’s hand, but she didn’t hold it firmly, and the milk tea fell off.

“It’s okay, I don’t blame you, Qingqing and uncle will go upstairs to change clothes, okay?” Fu Heng hugged Qingqing tenderly, coaxed her upstairs, and called Gu Lan away with her along the way.

Gu Lan was also soiled. It happened that he and Gu Lan were similar in stature, so he found a set of clothes that he hadn’t worn to lend to Gu Lan first.

“Do you think…” Fu Sijin looked at his younger brother and said strangely, “The conversation between dad and uncle was so strange just now.”

In fact, not only is it inexplicably related to their father’s emotional problems, the conversation was very strange, and even their uncle’s behavior was very strange.

It happened that Fu Sijin was sitting in a relatively coincidental position, and he witnessed the whole process of Qingqing overturning milk tea just now.

The mistake was not on Qingqing.

In fact, it was Gu Lan who let go of Qingqing’s hand before she held it firmly, causing the milk tea to roll, and the angle of spilling was also very subtle, and most of it was spilled on his uncle himself.

What is that for?

Is that spill really just nothing?

Intuition told Fu Sijin that things were not that simple, but it was a pity that the elders obviously had a tacit understanding, and it was impossible to share information with them.

“It’s just a coincidence, hahaha…”

After listening to the elder brother’s analysis, Fu Sishen’s eyes darkened for a moment, then he smiled embarrassedly, and said perfunctorily.

He should also know something.

Fu Sijin stared at his brother solemnly, “Come on, what are you hiding from me?”

“It’s nothing, why should I hide anything from you if I’m fine?”

I feel like I’m saying a tongue twister.

Fu Sishen was secretly shocked by his elder brother’s acumen, but he didn’t expect that it was actually his acting skills that weren’t good.

“I run an entertainment company.” Fu Sijin said.

“I know.”

Isn’t this something everyone knows?

If you don’t know, you can find it by searching the Internet.

After all, his brother is not a low-key person. It is common for him to occupy the young entrepreneur sector with some financial newspapers on both ends in three days.

However, Fu Sijin didn’t bring up this topic to show off his achievements, “Since you know it, are you still going to act in front of me?”

Really treat him as blind, can’t you even tell the acting skills of this spicy chicken?

“Brother, don’t ask.”

Fu Sishen didn’t want anyone to know about him stealing his mother’s cell phone for the time being.

It was not that he was afraid of being scolded, but that he had discovered a shocking secret. Before this secret was fully revealed, he planned to secretly investigate it by himself.

Before that, he had to hide it from others and take his mother’s mobile phone to find someone who can unlock it.

Especially not to let his brother know.

Fu Sishen already knew that Fu Sijin was going abroad to see a doctor. No one had told him what the specific illness was, but he knew that it could not be cured in the country. It must be tricky.

He didn’t want his eldest brother to worry.

Seeing the concern in his brother’s expression, Fu Sijin was silent for a while, and then stopped asking.

“I’m sorry.” He patted Fu Sishen on the shoulder, “There are some things I can’t confess to you now. After I am mentally prepared, I will drag everything out.”

“Shouldn’t I…” Fu Sishen looked dazed, “Shouldn’t I be saying this line?”

You don’t need to grab the show like this.

It was getting late, so Fu Sijin simply left his confused brother, picked up his coat, and went out to work.

He has to take care of the company’s affairs first, so as not to make any big mess after he leaves.

Fortunately, the cooperation with Director Gao went smoothly, and both teams were very mature. Even if he didn’t watch it in person, there would be no big problem if he didn’t show up for the time being.

Director Gao can also solve it if something happens.

Fu Sijin left and Fu Sishen was still in a daze.

After a while, he reacted with hindsight, “Everyone in my family has their own little secrets.”

This plot is a bit exciting.

He shook his head, and before his father came down, Fu Sishen quickly grabbed the mobile phone in his pocket and slipped away.

He had wronged Qingqing before, and there was no punishment yet. Who knows if his father will settle the accounts at an opportune moment, that is now?

He didn’t know what he was thinking, he just wanted to go and unlock Qingqing’s phone but he actually drove all the way to Linshi.

He wandered in circles outside the community of his mother’s vacation house, and his mood became a little bit anxious.

I wanted to see that person, but I was afraid of seeing her, and there was a slight grievance in my heart.

Why didn’t you tell me when you went abroad to study?

Why don’t you ask me for help if you have any difficulties with tuition?

Why don’t you go to me when you come back?

Why… you…

From the corner of his eyes, he suddenly saw a familiar figure. Fu Sishen immediately parked the car on the side of the road, hurriedly unbuttoned his seat belt, opened the car door, and rushed out.

“It’s so heavy…”

An Ran carried two large shopping bags in both hands, and moved to the entrance of the community a little while panting a little bit.

Blame her for being greedy. When she saw the supermarket sale, she couldn’t help but rush in and grabbed a bunch of things that she didn’t have. As a result, she had a good time shopping and went back home dead tired.

This spicy chicken[2]garbage/trash supermarket did not provide delivery □□! She bought thousands of items at a loss. The most amazing thing is that she didn’t go there by car!

An Ran didn’t even know what bad luck she had taken today.

Well, mainly because the supermarket is too close to her house, the taxi driver feels that he has no profit and doesn’t bother to pick up her pick-up request.

As a result, she had to take a two-stop bus home with such a heavy pile of things by herself.

Seeing that she is about to arrive at the entrance of the community, as long as she enters, she can ask the security guard to help carry things into the elevator.

As soon as An Ran showed a triumphant smile, her overwhelmed slender arm was grabbed by someone.

“An Ran!”

Gu lu lu[3]sfx

Several potatoes scattered, the shopping bag rolled out and the items flew everywhere.

The smile on An Ran’s face gradually stiffened.

“Fu Sishen, you are going to die!”

Crackling green onions whipped Fu Sishen’s body. Fu Sishen, who was running breathlessly and had not yet slowed down, was beaten to a screeching retreat.

He protected his head and hurriedly explained while hiding back.

“An Ran, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I was so happy to see you just now. I didn’t notice that you were holding so many things in your hand. Don’t fight. Don’t fight. It hurts…”

It doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t prevent Fu Sishen from being wronged like a two-hundred-pound child.

Pressing the scanner with her fingers, the closed door opened.

An Ran with an irritated pretty face, turned around and motioned to Fu Sishen, “Come in.”

Carrying a lot of things, Fu Sishen followed An Ran closely, stepping into the property under his mother’s name for the first time.

To Fu Sishen’s surprise, the interior was very warmly decorated, and it looked like a… No, the home of a mother and daughter.

There are two pairs of pink rabbit cotton slippers that are often worn at the door of the house. They are about the same size. At first glance, you’ll know that they are for two ladies.

Most of the utensils such as quilts on the table are also matched, which shows that An Ran is not the only one living in this house.

However, there is only one quilt with half-drunk water on the side, indicating that the other resident is not here now, or that they no longer live in this house.

Fu Sishen felt like he was possessed by a detective, frantically looking for details from various clues in An Ran’s house, for fear of another man’s appearance.…

“You can wear this.”

An Ran put some of the shopping bag in her hand on the shoe cabinet, and then found a pair of men’s slippers from it for Fu Sishen.

… !!!

“Why do you have men’s slippers in your house?! ”

Fu Sishen’s hair exploded instantly, and he suddenly felt that the color on the top of his head seemed to have changed a bit.

After calmly giving Fu Sishen a blank look, An Ran straightened up and took the other shopping bag in her hand.

“Isn’t it basic hospitality etiquette to prepare more indoor shoes of different shoe sizes?”

Who knows that male guests will come to visit her house one day, and these slippers were not bought by An Ran herself, but prepared by Aunt Qing.

At that time, An Ran had the same doubts as Fu Sishen, but after listening to Aunt Qing’s explanation, she understood.

Although she hasn’t seen a few male guests since she bought the slippers, the two uncles a few months ago were regarded as unexpected visitors.

He didn’t know if he was persuaded by An Ran’s words, or if her too calm attitude infected Fu Sishen, he reluctantly calmed down, put on the slippers given by An Ran, and stepped into the home of his girlfriend and mother.

Why does it feel weird, what’s wrong?

“What do you want to eat for lunch?”

An Ran found a few bags of ingredients from a pile of shopping bags, and walked into the kitchen with them.

“Let me help you.”

Fu Sishen naturally took the things in An Ran’s hand, helped her organize the things into categories, and then put them one by one where they should stay.

An Ran has a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder. She likes things to be neatly arranged, and they have to be arranged from small to large. Different things also have their own positions. You can’t mix them together so that they look comfortable.

At first, Fu Sishen was a little uncomfortable when he was with her, but after a long time, he got used to it.

Even with him, he developed the habit of tidying things, which has been kept until now, causing the company’s cleaning aunt to laugh very happily every time she enters his office to clean.

It can be regarded as a small advantage to be brought out.

“Don’t put the potatoes in the refrigerator. If you just drop them, you have to eat them quickly, otherwise they will easily spoil.”

An Ran stopped Fu Sishen’s action of putting potatoes, and she had already taken out milk curry cubes and other things to make curry.

It happened that she bought a whole fresh chicken, and the chicken was chopped up and stewed in curry with potatoes. It will be very good.

“That’s okay, I’ll help you cut potatoes.”

Fu Sishen was very conscious, and habitually dragged out a small bench from under the sundries rack and sat there preparing to cut potatoes.

An Ran handed him a knife, and then processed the other ingredients by herself.

The two had a clear division of labor, and soon stewed a large pot of curry.

Fu Sishen poked his head and looked at the dishes in the pot, swallowed, and asked, “More shiitake mushrooms, I like to eat them.”

“Dried shiitake mushrooms have to be soaked in hot water again, so don’t worry.”

An Ran had already soaked a large bowl of shiitake mushrooms and waited to put them in the curry. The person beside her was like a reincarnation of shiitake mushrooms, crazy about eating mushrooms.

Alas, they were born with the same roots, so why is it too urgent to fry each other?

“You cooked so much, the two of us can’t finish eating all of it.”

Fu Sishen talks a lot every time he stays by An Ran’s side, although he is usually an invisible talker[4]he only talks but gets no response.

But he talks a lot of nonsense at this time.

“I can store more cooked food in the refrigerator as a reserve food, right?”

“It’s better to eat fresh food.” Fu Sishen doesn’t agree with the view of grain reserves very much. It is unhealthy to eat too many overnight vegetables.

“Then when you are leaving in a while, I will pack some for you, and you can take them to passers-by and let them eat.”

Passerby is Lu Renjia’s nickname, also refers to the group of brothers who started a business with Fu Sishen.

An Ran accompanied Fu Sishen through his entire entrepreneurial period. At the beginning, when the company was short of manpower, she went to work for free. Of course, she knew all of Fu Sishen’s friends.

And those are actually her friends.

Fu Sishen suddenly grabbed An Ran’s hand, his voice was low, like a puppy whimpering, “Why… don’t you want me anymore?”

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1 Fu Heng
2 garbage/trash
3 sfx
4 he only talks but gets no response
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