Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 86

Chapter 59: Misunderstandings after misunderstandings

The bomb that had been ignored by the two of them was suddenly triggered, and An Ran watched Fu Sishen stiffly holding her hands in his.

The knuckles with distinct joints firmly clasped her, and the ring on his little finger was still shining with dazzling silver light.

It was the first month after she and Fu Sishen were together. She used the money she earned from a part-time job for a month to buy a couple’s ring for the two of them.

If a sterling silver ring is not carefully maintained, it will quickly oxidize and turn black.

An Ran’s own one has been permanently sealed in the jewelry box, but she didn’t expect Fu Sishen not to take it off.

But what’s the point of this?

“Don’t do this.” Breaking Fu Sishen’s clasped hands one by one, “We have broken up. If you talk like this, your current girlfriend won’t definitely be happy.”

She was tricked by someone herself, and she knew that it felt very uncomfortable, so she didn’t want to be someone else’s third party.

“Girlfriend? Isn’t my current girlfriend you?”

Fu Sishen knew by instinct that An Ran’s words were very serious.

After An Ran paused, she suddenly stretched out her hand and took out his mobile phone from Fu Sishen’s pocket. The fingerprint was unlocked… Her fingerprint was still saved there.

“An Ran…” Fu Sishen watched An Ran’s movements inexplicably, but did not stop her.

He is very magnanimous, thinking that there is no little secret that his girlfriend can’t check, so he is also very calm when he is robbed of his mobile phone.

He also knows to help watch the fire and don’t let the lunch of the two to burn up.

An Ran was very familiar with Fu Sishen’s mobile phone, and quickly brought up his text message records and flipped through them one by one.

Except for some spam advertisements, most of them are business information about work, there are also small amount of private information, but no matter how she looks for it, she can’t find any about her.

This is not normal.

An Ran instantly understood the truth.

She knows Fu Sishen. He is just a careless boy. He is usually like only Erhou[1]a carefree fool. Except for the career he really loves, he does everything else so-so.

So even if he broke up with her, Fu Sishen would not go out of his way to delete everything that belonged to her and also won’t delete only the text messages and not the intimate photos of the two of them.

Someone moved Fu Sishen’s mobile phone.

“I’ll ask you.” An Ran returned the phone to Fu Sishen, and asked straightforwardly, “Did you send me a message six months ago, just before I went to study, probably meaning to break up with me?”

She only asked so bluntly out of trust in Fu Sishen’s character, but Fu Sishen suddenly exploded.

Fu Sishen felt super wronged, more wronged than Dou’e[2]chinese play titled “The Injustice to Dou’e that Touched Heaven and Earth” The story follows a child bride turned widow, Dou E, who is wrongly convicted of crimes by a corrupt court official … Continue reading.

“How could I break up with you? I even chose what kindergarten our baby will go to in the future, but you actually disappeared for half a year without saying goodbye to others. Do you know how hard I have been looking for you? Because of this, I misunderstood my mother and quarreled with her, which made my mother cry so badly.”

Qingqing did cry pitifully when she was given an injection in the hospital at the time. Among those tears, Fu Sishen’s pot definitely stood at 80% of the reason why. He knew this well.

Otherwise, would he run away early in the morning, waiting for his father to free up his hand to clean him up?

“Your mother?” An Ran looked confused, “If I went to study, what does it have to do with your mother?”

She didn’t know the relationship between Gu Qingqing and Fu Sishen at all.

Although there are occasional times when looking at the two of them feels very familiar but because she has never thought about it in that direction, she never doubted anything so far.

“You don’t know who my mother is?”

Fu Sishen also realized later that there was another big misunderstanding in front of him.

“I know.”

An Ran answered naturally, Fu Sishen’s heart jumped, and then he heard her say, “Isn’t your mother the wife of the chairman of the Fu Group? You told me a long time ago.”

When he first pursued her, this silly Erhou couldn’t wait to shake the 18th generation of his ancestors clean in front of her.

That posture didn’t seem to be confessing, it was like a blind date with the premise of marriage.

Fu Sishen: “…”

There was a big misunderstanding and he was screwed.

“What’s the matter with you?”

An Ran was taken aback by Fu Sishen, who was suddenly squatting on the ground in despair, and quickly reached out to help him, but how could she support the big guy Fu Sishen with this little weak power.

Fu Sishen stretched out his long arms, wrapped his arms around An Ran’s slender waist, and buried his head in her arms, crying like a deeply wronged Erhou.

“An… An Ran, I’m going to die. Remember to burn me more paper money next year, and… I want a big villa with a game console, otherwise, it will be boring down there…”

“Boom!” The more I listened to it, the more outrageous it became. An Ran’s forehead faintly burst with tic-tac-toe blue veins, and she couldn’t bear it. She simply slapped it down and hit Fu Sishen’s forehead.

“What are you nervous about again, hurry up, let me go, and stand up!”

This guy didn’t know how to control his strength, her back hurt to death when he hugged her.

Fu Sishen covered his head and screamed pompously, and while screaming, he peeked at An Ran’s face. Seeing that she was not really angry, he leaned forward with a playful smile, “Are you finished?”

“Not yet, I’m bored when I see you, go out, don’t get in my way here.” An Ran pushed Fu Sishen out of the kitchen blankly, while she came back silently to continue watching the fire.

Stir the curry that has been stewed thickly with a spatula, add the soaked shiitake mushrooms, and milk when appropriate, and then continue to boil to enhance the umami flavor.

The work was done quickly, but An Ran’s eyes lost their concentration, and it could be seen that she was a little absent-minded now.

In fact, since seeing Fu Sishen today, her brain has not calmed down for a while.

After half a year of separation, when she met him again, the person was still the same, and he… didn’t seem to have changed much.

In a daze, An Ran had the illusion that she and Fu Sishen had never been separated.

But illusion is illusion. Half a year is a gap that cannot be ignored. Between her and Fu Sishen, the problems between the two people are clearly exposed.

Their relationship is too fragile.

Or, neither of them is mature enough to be able to guard this relationship.

So much so that reality can be knocked down so easily.

An Ran asked herself, didn’t she make any mistakes when she and Fu Sishen got to this point today?

It’s impossible. There is no major problem with the relationship between a couple, but they suddenly separated. It must be that both of them made some fatal mistakes.

Fu Sishen may be wrong in trusting others.

On the other hand, she was wrong in her low self-esteem and not trusting Fu Sishen enough.

“The curry is about to boil dry.”

An Ran was awakened by a sudden reminder, and she hurriedly turned off the fire. Because she was in a hurry, her fingers grazed the hot pot and the pain made her gasp.

The next moment, the fingertips were contained in a piece of warmth.

Her eyes widened slightly, and An Ran looked straight at Fu Sishen’s handsome face close at hand.

The heart that should have calmed down jumped uncontrollably, and the accelerated circulation of blood promoted the rise of the body’s surface temperature. An Ran suddenly felt a little hot on her face.

“That… That… Burns generally have to be rinsed with cold water first, which can prevent blisters from forming.”

So why does she have to say such a ridiculous thing at such a time?

“Be careful.”

Naturally loosening An Ran’s fingertips, Fu Sishen took her to the sink to put her hand under the running water.

It took about twenty minutes before he turned off the faucet, took An Ran out of the living room, found the medicine box, and gave her medicine.

Looking at Fu Sishen’s series of skilled actions, An Ran finally discovered the change in him, “You… have become someone who is able to take care of others.”

This person used to be a delicate master, although the self-care ability is not negative, it does not meet the passing line standard.

Later, after being with An Ran, he gradually improved after being influenced by her a little bit, but he only improved from failing to the passing line, which was still comparable.

Therefore, Fu Sishen couldn’t do the meticulous work of giving medicine to people.

“You can learn to take care of others when taking care of children for half a year.”

Fu Sishen thought of Qingqing, wondering what that little guy was doing now.

“Do you have a child?”

This was An Ran’s first reaction, and then she knew she had misunderstood.

Cautiously looking at Fu Sishen’s instantly gloomy handsome face, she shrank her neck for a second, showing a flattering smile, and forcibly changed the subject.

“Well, I’m hungry, let’s have dinner quickly.”

Without cooking, An Ran just disassembled three packs of instant noodles, boiled them softly, picked them up and passed them over cold water, and then divided them into two large and small portions.

The dry noodles are served on two plates, topped with a full, hot curry, and then a square cheese slice. This is Fu Sishen and An Ran’s favorite curry noodles.

Both of them can eat spicy food. This curry naturally tastes spicy, and it feels palatable to eat safely, but Fu Sishen is picking out the chili grains one by one.

“Is it too spicy?”

An Ran took a chopstick of Fu Sishen’s curry and thought it was okay. It was all cooked in one pot, and it was almost as spicy as her own.

“Have you rarely eaten spicy food recently?”

If people who can eat spicy food do not eat spicy food for a long time, they will slowly become unable to eat spicy food.

“Well, there is an extra child in the family, so it has to match her taste.”

Fu Sishen held the water cup and poured it gruntingly. Seeing this safely, she simply went to bring him a large pot of sour plum soup frozen in the refrigerator.

“You haven’t said yet, how did you misunderstand your mother because of me.”

She had just clarified the fact that she might have misunderstood that Fu Sishen was about to break up with herself, but she couldn’t figure out how Fu Sishen had a conflict with his mother.

Is it because his mother doesn’t like her?

It’s not impossible, after all, she is just an orphan, and it is normal for Fu Sishen’s mother to feel that she is not worthy of him.

“That… before I say it, you should be mentally prepared.”

Fu Sishen first calmed An Ran’s emotions. In fact, he was nervous himself. An Ran was very calm, “Just say it, I’m fine.”

It’s just some words that dislike her. Even if she has been protected by Aunt Qing since she was a child, she has listened to a lot of similar gossip and has long been immune.

“You actually knew my mother a long time ago, she is the head of the household in this house.”

He couldn’t help being irritated, Fu Sishen also said more euphemistically, but no matter how euphemistically he said it, he couldn’t change the explosive news revealed in these words.


An Ran didn’t react at first, and when her brain finally sorted out the logical sequence after eating…

“Cough… cough, cough, cough…” She choked.

“Hurry up, hurry up, there is water here!” Fu Sishen hurriedly stood up and poured her sour plum soup.

The curry is spicy, and it doesn’t feel good to be choked by spicy food. An Ran’s small face is blushing with discomfort.

Tears were forced out of the corners of her eyes, and the whole person looked embarrassed.

TL: Oneone

PR: Nen from Knoxt


1 a carefree fool
2 chinese play titled “The Injustice to Dou’e that Touched Heaven and Earth” The story follows a child bride turned widow, Dou E, who is wrongly convicted of crimes by a corrupt court official for actions perpetrated by a rejected suitor, Zhang the mule. After her execution, three prophesied phenomena occur to prove her innocence, including blood raining from the sky, snow in June and a three-year drought. After a visit from the ghost of Dou E, her father eventually brings the corrupt court official, a doctor and Mule Zhang to justice, thereby vindicating his daughter. Today, the phrase “snowing in June” is still widely used among Chinese speakers as a metaphor for a miscarriage of justice.

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