Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 87

Chapter 60: Qingqing’s Past

Aunt Qing turned out to be Fu Sishen’s mother.

An Ran deeply felt that this truth was a bit irritating. Her mind was in a mess, and Fu Sishen, who was partial to life, was still talking about it.

“After you left, I looked for you everywhere and found that you met with my mother in a cafe before you left. The surveillance video I got was only the scene where my mother handed you a check. I thought…”

“You just thought that Aunt Qing threw me a check and forced me to leave you, and I abandoned you for the money.”

An Ran blankly supplemented Fu Sishen’s words completely.

Fu Sishen didn’t refute, it seems that this was the truth.

Pressing the center of her sore brows, An Ran didn’t even know what to say about this fool, “You just don’t believe me that much?”

“No, absolutely not. From the beginning, I firmly believed that you are not the kind of person who would abandon me for money, that’s why I was so angry, because I felt that my mother insulted you by doing that, and also insulted the feelings between us. As a result, everything was a misunderstanding.”

His mother didn’t even know that he had a girlfriend, let alone that his girlfriend was a girl she had supported for many years.

The whole incident was completely self-indulgent.

“Fu Sishen,” An Ran only calls Fu Sishen by first name and surname when she is angry or very serious, “Don’t you find it strange?”

She is not a naive and simple idiot. She has gained a lot of experience in the years since she settled down, so she can notice key points that others can’t notice at a glance.

“Why is the surveillance video you got only the one where Aunt Qing gave me the check? Why didn’t you see the farewell message I sent you? Why did I receive your breakup text message when I was about to leave? Why did I see you and others kissing when I went to find you…”

Before An Ran finished speaking, she was interrupted excitedly by Fu Sishen.

“What kiss? My first love is you, and my first kiss is you. All the first time I had was explained to you. There is no second person at all. It is impossible for me to betray…”

“Shut up and don’t interrupt me!”

Blushing and covering Fu Sishen’s mouth, An Ran was so angry that she wanted to beat him up.

“Thinking about these things. There are too many coincidences. It cannot be explained only by the word ‘coincidences’. There must be someone behind this, and that person is not only aimed at you and me, but also faintly aimed at Aunt Qing.”

After explaining, An Ran breathed a sigh of relief, only to find that communicating with Fu Sishen was really tiring.

Fu Sishen looked thoughtfully, “If you say that, I seem to have found some clues.”

He told An Ran that he accidentally received an inexplicable threatening call from Qingqing’s mobile phone last night, and found some clues from the mobile phone.

In this kind of thing, An Ran has always been much smarter than him, and Fu Sishen has long recognized this reality.

“Aunt Qing’s cell phone is on you?”

“Yes, but I took it to see if others could unlock it.”

“Is that person reliable?”

“Just look for a mobile phone shop.”

An Ran: “……”

After a moment of silence, she suddenly broke out, “Then why don’t you unlock it, hurry up and get the phone back!”

Personal mobile phones have a lot of private information. How can they be handed over to people who you don’t know if they are unreliable?

It’s not that An Ran’s psychology is gloomy, but that there are some things that she is afraid of and needs to be wary of a thousand times over just in case.

After being chased out of the house mercilessly by An Ran, Fu Sishen stayed for a while, then turned and left dejectedly.

Pressing the elevator button, the elevator door that happened to be on this floor opened.

Inside walked out a repairman carrying a tool bag. This man was wearing a black peaked cap and a mask of the same color, and his face couldn’t be seen clearly.

However, Fu Sishen wasn’t curious. He passed the other party without squinting, stepped into the elevator, and pressed the button to go to the garage on the first floor.

The elevator door slowly closed, and the repairman outside the door suddenly turned his head and looked at Fu Sishen for a moment, with an ambiguous smile on the corner of his mouth under the mask.


“Cheap s#*$! I won’t let you go… I won’t let you go in my life… You wait for me, wait for me… That day, I must…”


The small body was shaken vigorously, lifting Qingqing from the nightmare.


She opened her eyes in confusion, and put her small hand on Fu Heng’s dry arm, only to find unexpectedly that her palms were drenched in sweat.

In fact, not only the palms of her hands, Qingqing’s whole body was wet and sweaty.

“Did Qingqing have a bad dream?”

Fu Heng drew a few paper towels and wiped Qingqing’s sweaty forehead and cheeks.

He was awakened.

When he was asleep until midnight, a struggle suddenly came from Qingqing’s side, which frightened Fu Heng and hurriedly got up to check her situation.

At that time, Qingqing looked very scared, as if she was entangled in something terrible, struggling desperately with her small hands and feet, her eyes were still closed tightly. He knew at first glance that she was having a nightmare.

In this case, the person must be awakened immediately.

Fu Heng made a decisive decision and successfully rescued Qingqing from the terrible nightmare.

But facing Fu Heng’s question, she seemed very confused, “Qingqing didn’t dream?”

She felt that as soon as she closed her eyes and opened them, she woke up.

There is no sense of having fallen asleep.

Have you forgotten?

Silently throwing away the drenched paper towels in his hands, Fu Heng simply hugged Qingqing and went to take a bath again.

She didn’t even know where so much moisture came from, and she could sweat so much that even the pillow and quilt were wet. It seemed that Qingqing could only move to the big bed to sleep with him tonight.

“Uncle, Qingqing can’t sleep, can you tell me a story?”

Qingqing was lying on the big bed, her small body could only occupy a little bit of space. It didn’t look like she was sleeping in it, but rather like a humanoid doll placed inside.

Fu Heng made her a bottle of milk, and Qingqing drank it, looking at Fu Heng expectantly with her big eyes.

“What story do you want to hear?”

There are several story books on the bedside, all of which Qingqing likes to listen to recently.

But today Qingqing doesn’t want to repeat the stories that have been stopped, she wants to hear fresh ones.

“The uncle said that Qingqing is his uncle’s wife and gave birth to two sons of that age with uncle, but Qingqing doesn’t remember the uncle and the two sons. Why?”

“I don’t know.” Fu Heng shook his head.

In fact, he wanted to ask this question, but unfortunately he couldn’t find the answer.

Seeing that Fu Heng didn’t know the answer, Qingqing was not discouraged, and took advantage of the situation to ask another question, “Then how did Qingqing know her uncle?”

“At the opening ceremony of your university.”

In Fu Heng’s impression, it was indeed at that time that they officially met through the introduction of a friend.

“When in college, is Qingqing beautiful when she grows up?”

The little girl’s eyes lit up, looking forward to a satisfactory answer.

Sure enough, as she expected, Fu Heng said, “Very beautiful. You are the most beautiful and eye-catching among the freshmen in the school. At that time, many people liked you. The boys chasing you could go from the dormitory building to the school entrance.”

The university school they went to was very large, comparable to a small town, and the dormitory building was built farthest from the gate.

Every time you want to get from the dormitory to the entrance of the school, you have to take the on-campus shuttle. Otherwise, you may not see the shadow of the school gate for more than half an hour just by walking.

After the two of them were together, Qingqing complained to him that the most painful thing every day was not getting up early for class, but the way to class.

It’s too far, and the leg will be broken when you walk.

Moreover, her dormitory is on the ninth floor, and most of the classrooms are distributed on the eighth to thirteenth floors of the middle and upper floors. Just climbing the stairs every day is a hellish torture.

Fortunately, there is an elevator in the teaching building, but many times they can’t grab it. In order to avoid being late for class, students who can’t grab the elevator can only climb the stairs painstakingly.

The reason why Qingqing became familiar with Fu Heng was because he was the president of the student council and could take the special elevator for academic staff.

In order to be lazy, this little girl used the excuse that the two families had business dealings and were friends with each other. Fu Heng was one year older than her. He was her elder brother. The elder brother took care of his younger sister, and she followed him for a few years when using the elevator.

No matter how unfamiliar people were at the beginning, if they always used the same elevator[1]always in the same space, they would naturally become familiar with each other.

“Did uncle like Qingqing back then?”

Qingqing was so curious that the sleepiness was swept away.

“No.” Fu Heng would not deceive Qingqing, “At that time, I really just regarded you as a younger sister of a family friend.”

In fact, the Fu family and the Gu family are not considered friends at all, but the Gu family and the Fu family know each other and have had a good relationship in the past. Unfortunately, when Qingqing’s father’s generation came, the relationship was broken.

Fu Heng’s father is a man of considerable skill. He has been in shopping malls for many years and has doubled the Fu family several times in his life, leaving many legends behind.

Naturally, this kind of character is also the kind that is strong and domineering.

And Father Gu is a… literary and artistic young man.

He is actually not the eldest son in the family. There is also an extremely good elder brother above him. Under the dazzling aura of Uncle Gu, Gu Yanyu has no sense of existence at all.

Naturally, the old man of the Gu family devoted more effort to cultivating his eldest son, while the younger son was free to do what he liked.

It’s a pity that no one can predict the future and the accident will happen.

Old Man Gu and his parents took a cruise ship out to sea together, but they encountered a tsunami and the cruise ship sank. There were no bones of the father and son.

The sudden blow almost destroyed the entire Gu family, and Gu Yanyu was unable to support the Gu group left by his father and brother.

The Gu family instantly fell into turmoil.

In order to save the Gu family, Mrs. Gu, who had lost her husband and son at the same time, didn’t even have time to grieve. She hurriedly took over the company and barely stabilized the overall situation.

She used to want to raise her youngest son, but unfortunately, a sheep that has been let go for too long will not become a wolf at all.

After being disappointed a few times, Mrs. Gu almost wanted to give up.

She planned to hold on to the day when she couldn’t hold on, so she would simply sell the entire Gu family, and then leave all the money to her youngest son, so that at least he could guarantee that he would have no worries about food and clothing for the rest of his life.

It was at this moment that Gu’s mother appeared in Mrs. Gu’s sight.

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1 always in the same space
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