Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 88

Chapter 61: Qingqing has nightmares

Gu’s mother[1]Qingqing’s mother is the secretary of Old Man Gu.

She is very capable and familiar with things inside and outside the company. Most importantly, she really likes Gu Yanyu[2]Qingqing’s father.

In fact, long before Gu’s mother entered Gu’s job, she was already Gu Yanyu’s girlfriend.

However, she was able to apply for the Gu clan entirely on her own strength, rather than going through Gu Yanyu’s back door.

It was precisely because of this that Mrs. Gu was moved.

The younger son is indeed unable to manage the company, but he can marry a capable wife and come to help him manage it.

Gu Company is the old man’s lifelong effort. Unless she really has to, Mrs. Gu doesn’t want it to be ruined in her own hands.

Therefore, under the motivation of her intentions, Gu Mu and Gu Yanyu, this pair of lovers, got married smoothly.

After the two got married, Gu Yanyu continued to immerse himself in his artistic creation with peace of mind, while Gu’s mother took over Gu Company from Mrs. Gu a little bit.

She thought she could have love and a double harvest, but she didn’t expect that Mrs. Gu trusted her on the surface, but secretly made a set of tricks.

She made a will stating that after her death, all the shares of the Gu family and all the property under her name will be inherited by her future grandchildren. If there is more than one grandchild, it will be evenly distributed to each of them.

Special remarks, only children born from marriage.

This will protect the interests of the children born to Gu Mu, but at the same time it also harms Gu Mu’s own interests.

Because she never expected that 60% of Gu’s shares were in the hands of Mrs. Gu, while only 13% were held by her.

Even if this 13% is already regarded as the second largest shareholder under Mrs. Gu, it is insignificant compared with the 60% who have absolute decision-making power.

This matter was only discovered by Gu’s mother after Mrs. Gu passed away.

At that time, she was still pregnant, and when she was nearly nine months in, she was so angry that she gave birth to her eldest daughter, Gu Qingqing, as soon as she learned the news.

Because Qingqing was a premature baby, her body was very weak, and she stayed in the nursery for a month before returning home as soon as she was born.

She was originally the crystallization of her parents’ love, but she became a thorn in her mother’s eyes because of her grandmother’s actions before her death.

Mother Gu’s feelings for Qingqing are very complicated, and her reason tells her that this is her biological daughter, and she should have been her closest little quilted jacket.

But she couldn’t stop her anger emotionally, feeling that Qingqing was a little devil who had come to seize her property.

This feeling continued until the birth of the second child and never stopped.

As Gu’s mother’s partner, Gu Yanyu can actually perceive the knot of his wife’s heart towards the children.

He had tried to mediate in the past, but he always made his wife furious. After a while, Gu Yanyu, who had a cowardly temperament, chose to be silent.

His cowardly behavior happened to be the kind that Fu Heng’s father hated the most. He believed that this kind of man who could not even protect his own children was not considered a man at all.

So much so that after Gu’s accident, Fu, who had made great efforts to help, eventually drifted away from Gu.

“Did my mother not like Qingqing because of money?”

Qingqing’s expression was very calm, but Fu Heng still observed her worriedly for a long time.

Even though he didn’t shut up for a while, he talked too much about the past of the two families.

These things were the truth that Qingqing only learned when she was an adult. At that time, she had long been disappointed in her parents. She only sneered when she knew it, and turned her head to sign the right to use the shares that belonged to her younger brother.

Gu Lan, who had the bonus of the shares of the two siblings, took Gu Company from his mother with an absolutely overwhelming advantage.

Therefore, the “chic letting go” of Gu’s mother and Gu’s father was actually nothing more than an embarrassing escape after the failed seizure of power.

And Fu Heng was very suspicious.

His mother-in-law still wanted to have children at this age. Did she want to make up for her lack of children under Chenghuan’s knees, or… is it in order to regain power?

Qingqing’s grandmother’s will is very clear. If she has more than one grandchildren from marriage, the property will be divided equally among them.

Therefore, Qingqing and Gu Lan each own 30% of Gu’s shares, while Gu’s mother only has 20% of shares.

Of these, 13% were left from Old Man Gu, and 5% were inherited from Uncle Gu.

Because Uncle Gu was not married when he died, let alone had children, so in the absence of a direct heir, the inheritance rights after his death belonged to his younger brother.

The remaining two percent is what Gu Yanyu already had.

As long as she has another child, Mother Gu can use this child to share 20% of the shares from Qingqing and Gu Lan.

Then she tried to find a way to buy a little bit of shares from other minority shareholders, not much, as long as it exceeded the sum of Qingqing and Gu Lan, there was a great possibility that she could successfully regain her rights.

Unfortunately, because of an unexpected disease, Gu Mu’s entire uterus has now been removed.

It is impossible for her to have a third child in her life. The original plan to seize power died at the starting line and she could only look at the finish line with hatred and curse.

Fu Heng’s thoughts drifted away but soon returned to his senses, and was about to lower his head and say something to Qingqing, when he saw that the little guy had already rolled over her belly, her small hands were raised on both sides of her head in a surrender shape, and she was snoring while sleeping.

“Little scoundrel, you obviously wanted to hear the story, but you left me to sleep first.”

He petted Qingqing’s little nose, moved away before she wrinkled her nose, lay down lightly on his side and fell asleep.


A small bird got in through the gap in the window lattice and flew to Qingqing’s pillow with fluttering wings.

She tilted her little head and stared quietly at the sleeping Qingqing with a pair of mung bean eyes, with an unknown light in its eyes.

Qingqing’s originally quiet sleeping face gradually became unsightly, and she seemed to have fallen into an unknown nightmare again and began to struggle with her small hands and feet little by little.


The little bird made a few dexterous leaps on the pillow, avoiding Qingqing’s unconscious little arms, and then landed on her forehead, its twig-like feet landed squarely on Qingqing’s eyebrows.

Looking down, a very fine silver thread was drawn from the center of Qingqing’s eyebrows and swallowed into the bird’s beak.

As if the nightmare had been taken away, Qingqing gradually relaxed, and her sweet smile returned to her face.

Turning over, the little guy instinctively looked for the heat source and stuck it in Fu Heng’s arms. Fu Heng also habitually stretched out his hand and placed it on Qingqing, as if to protect her.


The little bird tilted its head and looked at the sleeping positions of the two of them, as if it was meaningless, then patted its wings and flew away.


In the morning, it was just dawn.

“Ding Dong.” The crisp doorbell rang.

“Who is it?” Putting on her gloves and jacket, Yu Yu walked out of the house in a nightdress with a sleepy expression on her face.

As soon as she opened the door of the house, she was tightly held in her arms by a tight arm.

“Well… Sijin?” The familiar smell of cologne reached the tip of her nose, making Yu Yu recognize for the first time who the man who ran over to hug her early in the morning was.

“Don’t talk, let me hug quietly for a while.”

Fu Sijin hugged Yu Yu and lowered his head to absorb the reassuring aura from her.

“…” Is he unhappy again?

Yu Yu hugged Fu Sijin wordlessly, and patted him on the back soothingly.

After the two had been together for a long time, she could occasionally notice something wrong with Fu Sijin.

Occasionally, he would stare at the world with a dark, indifferent, and hateful look.

It seems that at a certain moment in the future, once the string that is pulling his sanity is broken, he will completely fall into hell, become a demon, and cause harm to the world.

However, until now, Yu Yu had never seen this string break. Maybe it was not strong enough, but it was definitely tough enough.

“Are you free today?”

After holding for a while, Fu Sijin let go of Yu Yu.

As soon as he raised his eyes, he was the gentle and calm Fu Sijin again.

“I made an appointment with my college roommates to have a party.”

Today is Saturday, just in time for the holiday. The people in their dormitory said that they hadn’t been together for a long time and asked her out to get together.

“Reschedule it.” It’s rare for Fu Shijin to make a strong request.

“No way.” It’s a pity that Yu Yu doesn’t comply with his request.

Seeing the man’s eyebrows frowned tightly, she sighed, stretched out her fingers and flattened them one by one, “I said don’t always frown, it’s easy to get wrinkles.”

“You won’t accompany me…” Fu Sijin changed his routine here, obviously in a very serious tone, but Yu Yu heard a little grievance complaint.

Sure enough, this man knew where her weakness was.

“The party is at night, I’m fine during the day, so I can accompany you.”

Unsurprisingly, Yu Yu compromised. Fu Sijin curled the corners of his lips and urged her to go upstairs to change clothes.

“Wear more, don’t dress up too well.”

Yu Yu: “…”

You dressed up beautifully and sprayed perfume, but you told me not to dress up too well?

Bah, dog man!

Yu Yu didn’t listen to Fu Sijin. She changed into a moon-white dress and quickly painted herself with light makeup, and then went out with a small bag on her back.

As soon as she walked out of the house, she clearly felt Fu Sijin’s thoughtful gaze glancing at her one-shoulder collar and knee-length skirt, revealing deep dissatisfaction.

However, he didn’t say anything, but put his long arm possessively around Yu Yu’s slender shoulders, and clearly swore sovereignty to others.

Although it’s early in the morning, there are not many people on the street.

“Let’s go have breakfast first, and then where are we going to talk about it?”

Agreeing to accompany Fu Sijin out is not just a brainless agreement. Yu Yu still has a say in the itinerary of the two of them today.

“Ok.” Fu Sijin actually wanted to see Yu Yu before leaving, but there was no specific destination, so she was left to decide where the two of them were going.

Yu Yu took Fu Sijin into an early breakfast shop near her house.

The homemade meat buns and egg burgers sold by this shopkeeper are simply superb. Yu Yu has eaten them since she was a child and has never been tired of it until now.

The owner of the breakfast shop obviously knew Yu Yu, and greeted her enthusiastically as soon as he saw her, “The girl is here. Is it still the old order today?”

“Uncle please add more. Today, I brought someone.”

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1 Qingqing’s mother
2 Qingqing’s father

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