Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 89

Chapter 62: Qingqing was seen by her parents

“Is this your boyfriend? He is so handsome. ”

Uncle Ah of the breakfast shop squinted and glanced at Fu Sijin and praised with a smile.

“No…” They haven’t really gotten back together yet.

As soon as Yu Yu wanted to deny her relationship with Fu Sijin, he held her hand, “Won’t you introduce me to the signature dishes here?”

“Young man, you are definitely right to come to us to eat. Our meat buns and egg burgers are a must in the local area. How about you, would you like to try it?” The shopkeeper enthusiastically solicited.

“Okay, please give us two meat buns, two egg burgers, and three bowls of soy milk.” Fu Sijin smiled softly.

“Okay.” Uncle Ah of the breakfast shop immediately opened the steamer with dexterity, picked up two meat buns for them and then made soy milk and brought it over.

Fu Sijin naturally pushed both bowls of soy milk in front of Yu Yu, drinking only one bowl by himself.

Yu Yu paused with the buns on hand, then pretended to divide the bun in two as if nothing had happened, then handed the larger half to Fu Sijin.

She loves to drink soy milk and can drink two bowls at a time.

But after drinking two bowls of soy milk, you can’t eat too much else. She usually only orders one bowl, and then chooses one from meat buns and egg burgers.

Now that she has Fu Sijin, she can naturally eat breakfast the way she likes.

Yu Yu only took a bite of the egg burger and Fu Sijin took care of the rest.

After eating, Fu Sijin also packed a few meat buns and egg burgers from the store because he wanted to take them back to Qingqing to eat.

Yes, in the short time he had breakfast, he had already thought about his itinerary for today.

Just go to his house.

He wanted to give Yu Yu a formal name before leaving.

This name is not just for show. Bai Yuyu has always been his girlfriend. He wants to formally take her home, show her to his parents and brothers, and introduce her to his relatives.

“Where are we going? ”

After getting in Fu Sijin’s car, Yu Yu asked confidently.

“Go to my house. ”

Without waiting for Yu Yu’s reaction, Fu Sijin stepped on the gas pedal directly, and the car rushed out like an arrow from the string.

“…” Her sluggish brain was stuck for three seconds before finally processing the information revealed in Fu Sijin’s words.

Yu Yu opened her eyes wide in disbelief, not daring to touch Fu Sijin who was driving, but this did not prevent her from expressing her resistance wholeheartedly.

“Go to your house? Is it not too sudden? We have nothing to do with each other, and I am not mentally prepared, can I not go?… Fu Sijin, are you listening to me! ”

After talking nonsense for a while, when she looked at Fu Sijin, he just buried his head and ignored her. Even if Yu Yu had always had a gentle temper, she couldn’t help but burst out.

The moving car suddenly stopped halfway, Fu Sijin turned his head and stared straight into Yu Yu’s clear eyes with affectionate eyes, “I love you.”

After being beaten by surprise, Yu Yu’s fair face blushed all of a sudden. She glanced around, but she didn’t dare to look at Fu Sijin, “Suddenly…why are you talking about this all of a sudden?” ”

What’s going on?

She had been in a relationship with Fu Sijin for so many years before, even if she was not tired of him, her mentality should have become more mature and rational, but why is her heart still beating frantically now.

She was as excited as a young girl who had just fallen in love.

In her ears, Fu Sijin’s magnetic low and elegant voice still echoed like a demon’s murmur, “Do you love me? I want to hear the truth from you.”

“…love.” Yu Yu was silent for a long time, but still couldn’t deceive her heart.

If it weren’t for her deep love, why did she want to be with the man in front of her in the first place, and now why should she endure the gossip for him.

Fu Sijin raised a handsome smile, quickly pecked the corner of Yu Yu’s mouth and restarted the car.

“This is not over. I love you and you love me. After we have been in love for so long, it is time to put the meeting of the parents of both parties on the agenda. ”

After meeting the parents, what is it?

Engaged? Get married? So is Fu Sijin proposing to her in disguise?

Yu Yu felt that there might be water in her brain, causing a serious short circuit, so that no matter how she thought about it now she couldn’t sort out her thoughts from the mess.

She only knew that she was getting closer and closer to the Fu family.

Yu Yu had never been to Fu’s house. It was not that Fu Sijin would not let her go, but that it was unnecessary, and there was no suitable time to go.

However, she knew where the Fu family was. Because of her work, she had been to the vicinity of the Fu family several times.

It is also a coincidence that Yu Yu is An Yuan’s secretary, who is mainly responsible for helping him arrange work schedules, issue work orders, and handle some of the company’s internal chores.

In fact, it is essentially a half-step into the company’s decision-making level.

She has a very special position. If she continues to do so, she will be able to enter the middle and senior management of An’s one day in the future.

Therefore, An Yuan usually takes her with him when he goes to major occasions. Not only because of Yu Yu’s high ability, but also because she has a boyfriend and will not make attempts on him and she can also help An Yuan resist some rotten peach blossoms along the way.

Of course, this act of looking for a shield was canceled immediately after learning that Yu Yu’s boyfriend was actually Fu Sijin.

An Yuan was not afraid of Fu Sijin, but he would not deliberately use his sworn brother’s girlfriend to block the bullets meant for him.

Nevertheless, as a secretary, Yu Yu inevitably participates in An Yuan’s life occasionally.

However, it is limited to the extent of helping to send important documents.

Anyuan doesn’t live in An-jia[1]An Home. He has moved out of An-jia since last year and moved into the villa area where Fu’s family is located.

Walking from the gate of the villa area to An Yuan’s house, you will happen to pass by the gate of Fu’s house.

Occasionally, An Ran could see the people inside through the iron railings in front of the door.

She once glanced at Fu Sijin’s mother from a distance.

It was a mature woman with a very noble and unique temperament. She was watering flowers at the time and her every move revealed an elegant grace engraved in her bones.

Just a glance can make many women feel ashamed of themselves.

An Ran was no exception, she felt inferior from that one look.

I am not confident that I can get the recognition that I can be with her son in front of this noble lady.

So now……

Does she really want to face that person directly?

Seeing that they were about to arrive at the entrance of the villa area, Yu Yu immediately grabbed Fu Sijin’s arm, “Wait…Wait a minute, I didn’t buy a gift. I don’t want to be empty-handed the first time I visit…”

She was about to cry in a hurry, Fu Sijin didn’t mean to stop the car at all, and he said to Yu Yu, “Isn’t the gift here?”

Yu Yu subconsciously followed Fu Sijin’s gaze and lowered her head, only to see the buns and other items that were casually put in the storage box in the car.

Yu Yu: “…”

Don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive, killing is a sin and you’ll be put into jail.

After taking several deep breaths, Yu Yu, who knew that her future was irreversible, stiffened her face, and allowed Fu Sijin to lead her into the gate of Fu’s house.

Don’t look at it for so long, it’s actually only between 7:00 to 8:00, Qingqing must not have woken up yet.

She usually doesn’t get up until 8:30 in the morning.

Because kindergarten students go to school at 9:00, ten minutes are allotted after waking up to wash, ten minutes to eat breakfast, and ten minutes to rush, just in time to step on the school gate.

Don’t look at the little guy, but the planning of time is very important.

If this young lady would get even an extra minute of sleep, their whole family will feel very relieved.

Sure enough, when the car drove into the house, there was such a big movement but the villa was still quiet. I knew it at a glance. The master’s house has not woken up yet.

“Are we here too early?” Yu Yu obviously discovered this too.

She was a little hesitant to take this opportunity to escape. Although she had already agreed to accompany Sijin home to meet his parents, she was still discouraged when she arrived at the door.

But Fu Sijin didn’t give her a chance to back down at all.

He carried the breakfast he bought in one hand, firmly clasped Yu Yu’s slender wrist in the other, and walked into the house with her in his arms.

There was movement in the kitchen, Fu Heng was making breakfast for Qingqing.

Fu Sijin motioned to Yu Yu to sit in the living room for a while, while he walked into the kitchen with breakfast.

“Dad, don’t make it anymore, I bought food and came back. ”

He lifted the bag in his hand and signaled that breakfast was here.

Fu Heng turned his head and glanced at the sound, unmoved, and continued to put the processed seafood into the washed white rice, preparing to cook seafood porridge for Qingqing.

“I bought food, why do you still cook?” Fu Sijin was puzzled.

“Everything is ready, so you can’t throw it away. Cook it first and save it for Qingqing to eat at noon.” I feel that my son is not always at home and doesn’t know that firewood and rice are expensive[2]This phrase means that those who do not housekeep or who do not administrate do not know the difficulties of making a living or handling affairs. It connotes a sense of complaints., so Fu Heng didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

He was disturbed by Qingqing once last night, and he didn’t sleep well in the second half of the night, half dreaming and half awake, which caused him to wake up a little energetic in the morning.

Fu Sijin obviously also noticed that his father was in poor spirits, and couldn’t help but worry: “Are you sick? ”

“No.” Fu Heng directly denied it.

He stretched out his hand to take the breakfast brought back by his eldest son, and tried the temperature first. It was already a bit cold, so he put it on a plate and put it in the microwave to heat it up.

While waiting, Fu Heng wanted to wake Qingqing up, but Fu Sijin sneakily clasped his shoulders.

“?” It seems that this kid has something to say.

Raising his eyebrows, Fu Heng looked directly at his son coldly, motioning to say what he wanted to say.

“That…” Fu Sijin’s is consistent when it comes to calmness, but he still feels a little shy when it comes to personal emotional issues. He scratched his face and whispered, “That, Dad, I brought my girlfriend back.”

“!!” Fu Heng immediately looked out, but before he could see anything, he was blocked by the tall figure of his eldest son.

“Don’t do this, don’t do this, people are not ready yet, you will scare her if you go out suddenly. ”

For fear that his father would put on a cold and scary face as soon as he went out, Fu Sijin hurriedly begged him to give his son some face.

“People haven’t been scared by me, you are…[3]Meaning, Fu Sijin is thinking too much

Pushing away his eldest son, Fu Heng strode out, and Fu Sijin couldn’t stop him.

He was so scared that he hurriedly followed out and saw Yu Yu.

Yu Yu had already been shocked by the sudden appearance of Fu Heng, stood up, squeezed out a smile nervously, and greeted him: “Uncle…Hello Uncle. ”

“Well, hello.” Fu Heng showed a gentle smile, which slightly relieved Yu Yu’s inner tension.

It seems that this Chairman Fu is not as terrifying as rumored.

“Your name is Yu Yu, right? I heard my brat talk about you. ”

Fu Heng’s attitude was as kind as an ordinary old father. Now Yu Yu completely let go of the tension in her heart, and her demeanor became natural.

“Yes, I have often heard A-jin mention you. He has always admired you and always wanted to follow your example and become a better person. ”

Glancing sideways at his eldest son, the smile in Fu Heng’s eyes became deeper: “You sit down for a while, A-Jin will accompany you, and I will go upstairs and call Qingqing to get up. ”

“Okay. ”

Watching Fu Heng’s back disappear at the elevator entrance, Yu Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Fu Sijin didn’t know how he got to her side, and was smacked by her a few times, “Are you going to scare me to death? You didn’t say that Uncle is in the kitchen earlier. ”

“I forgot, but it seems that my dad is quite satisfied with you. ”

I know that if my father doesn’t recognize the person, he would not even have a flattering look, would not talk to Yu Yu at all, and his attitude would not be so kind.

“Did you really mention me to your father? ”

Yu Yu didn’t quite believe it. She felt that Fu Sijin didn’t look like the kind of person who would specifically raise his own emotional issues with his parents.

In fact, Fu Sijin really didn’t say anything.

Yu Yu’s existence should have been investigated by his father, but Fu Sijin knew that Fu Heng would not interfere with any of his choices at will, let alone interfere in his life privately, so he should have accidentally discovered Yu Yu’s existence while investigating his condition. .

After all, if it hadn’t been for Yu Yu as his tranquilizer, he might not be able to survive now.


1 An Home
2 This phrase means that those who do not housekeep or who do not administrate do not know the difficulties of making a living or handling affairs. It connotes a sense of complaints.
3 Meaning, Fu Sijin is thinking too much

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