Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 90

Chapter 63: Proposal

When the still drowsy Qingqing was brought down by Fu Heng, Yu Yu had already ended the fight with Fu Sijin and became disciplined again.

She sat solemnly on the sofa, not daring to drink even with a glass of water in front of her, for fear of leaving a bad impression on Fu Sijin’s family.

Seeing this, Fu Heng didn’t say anything, just put Qingqing on the baby chair, then turned around and went to the kitchen to bring hot breakfast.

“Hello, Sister Yuyu.”

Qingqing was a little excited to see Yu Yu again. After the misunderstanding was resolved, her love for this beautiful sister came back.

This face-con[1]beauty loving person baby said that there is nothing that a beautiful face cannot be forgiven. If there is, it must be that that person is not beautiful enough.

Yu Yu is also very happy to see Qingqing.

Apart from the guilt of misunderstanding her identity at the beginning, in fact, this child is very likable, cute and well-behaved. It is difficult for adults to resist this kind of cute thing, especially girls.

Seeing Qingqing waving her small hands to greet her, Yu Yu hesitated for a moment, then got up and walked to her side and squatted down.

“Is Qingqing looking for me? ”

“Hmm.” Qingqing nodded her little head and stretched her little hand forward. Yu Yu tentatively stretched out her fingers, and sure enough, she was caught by the little guy.

“Sister Yu Yu, do you want to accompany Qingqing out to play?” The little guy enthusiastically extended the invitation.

“Go out to play?” It turns out that this little cutie misses the last time they went out to play together and wants to do it again.

“Not today.” Yu Yu said with a pity, “Sister has something to do today, so I can’t accompany you out to play.”

“Not today.” Seeing that Yu Yu had misunderstood, Qingqing corrected her angrily, “It’s the day after tomorrow, our whole family will go abroad to play together. Does my sister want to go together?”

When Fu Sijin heard this, his heart jumped, and he couldn’t help but ask, “Where are you going to go when you go abroad to play?” ”

“I don’t know.” Qingqing replied confidently, super invincible.

She is just a baby. Why should she be asked to formulate such things as travel plans, and if she dares to formulate them, do these adults dare to follow her?

At this moment, Fu Heng came out of the kitchen with breakfast and helped his son answer his questions, “Let’s go to Country X. ”

That is the country where Fu Sijin is about to go to treat mental illness.

Sure enough, the guess was verified, and Fu Sijin’s expression was a little stiff.

However, Yu Yu, who was communicating with Qingqing, didn’t pay attention to him at this time, so much so that she missed the abnormal expression on his face at this moment.

Qingqing is still enthusiastically persuading Yu Yu to go with them, but Yu Yu is a little bit embarrassed.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to go, but that she doesn’t fit in.

She just visited the family for the first time today, and made an appointment to travel together a few days later. The progress was a bit too fast.

However, these hesitations all turned into bubbles after Fu Heng spoke.

“Yu Yu, let’s go together. This is just a family tour. There will not be too many outsiders.” This sentence almost recognized Yu Yu’s identity as the future daughter-in-law of the Fu family in disguise.

Yu Yu was a little moved.

She knew very well that as long as she followed Fu Sijin’s family on a trip, when she came back, all the gossip from the past would break through.

After all, this means that her identity has already passed the clear road in front of Chairman Fu and the chairman’s wife, and she has been recognized by the two elders.

At that time, I am afraid that Bai Siya and the others will be half-mad.

“Then excuse me. ”

Pursing her lips, Yu Yu showed a demure smile.

People deliberately wanted to raise her status, it would be hypocritical to refuse.

“Okay, Qingqing is going to play with her beautiful sister. ”

Only Qingqing in the audience was purely happy for the increase in the number of travelers.

She patted her small hands and cheered, and before she could howl two more times, she was stuffed with a mouthful of meat buns.

“Um…” There was food, and the little guy was immediately distracted.

The meat bun stuffing is very fragrant, but it is not suitable for children to eat things that are too greasy, so Fu Heng only broke the bun skin for Qingqing to eat.

The skin of this bun is stained with the minced meat sauce, and there is still a little bit of meat, which tastes delicious.

Qingqing quickly finished eating a bun, and wanted to eat another one dissatisfied, but unfortunately Fu Heng didn’t give it.

“Drink milk.” The warm milk bottle was stuffed into her mouth, Qingqing took a deep breath, and drank the whole bottle of milk in one breath. Even Fu Sijin had to admire her lung capacity.

“Drink slowly, no one will grab it with you.”

Qingqing drank milk with all her heart and ignored him.

Worried that Yu Yu was uncomfortable after staying for a long time, Fu Sijin greeted his father and took her out.

When the two got back into Fu Sijin’s car, Yu Yu could feel her hands trembling obviously.

It turned out that she was more nervous than she thought.

“How are you?” Fu Sijin held Yu Yu’s hand, a little worried.

“Next time… if you dare to act first then report later, don’t even dare think to come to me! ”

Yu Yu felt that since she met Fu Sijin, her temper had really become more grumpy.

Especially in the past six months, Fu Sijin has become more and more irritating as if he has let go of himself.

Every time he makes her angry, this person will pretend to be pitiful and coquettish. Every time she saw that her heart softened no matter how angry she was, she didn’t know where he learned these tricks.

“We are not boyfriend and girlfriend at all now. What’s the matter with you suddenly pulling me to your house?”

Isn’t it embarrassing for the truth to be revealed then?

Her feverish brain calmed down, and Yu Yu began to worry that she shouldn’t have impulsively agreed to travel with Fu Sijin’s family.

It’s not because of her work. She has saved up for a few years of annual leave. If she wants to ask for leave, she can still ask for it, mainly because……

In what capacity does she get along with Fu Sijin’s family now?

“Isn’t that you won’t give me a name?”

When it comes to this, Fu Sijin has something to say, “If you promise to get back together with me now, we will be a justified couple, and it will be completely fine for you and my family to travel.”

He no longer cares about whether his father will take his whole family to accompany him to see a doctor. It is true that he will recover his wife first.

“…” Seeing Fu Sijin’s old words repeated, Yu Yu was silent for a while, and suddenly said, “Bai Siya came to see me the day before yesterday. ”

Fu Shijin frowned, “What is she looking for you for? ”

“She said that you are sick, not physically, but psychologically. ”

A flash of panic flashed across Fu Sijin’s face, he wanted to explain, but he couldn’t open his mouth.

“I didn’t believe it at first, or more like I didn’t want to believe it.”

Yu Yu stretched out her hand to cover the back of Fu Sijin’s hand, his hands were cold, and she held his hand tighter, “But she took out your medical records and diagnosis book. ”

“The diagnosis is still at my house. I took it to the hospital for identification. It is true.”

There was a faint tremor under the palm of her hand and Yu Yu simply covered them with her other hand.

“Bai Siya said, you don’t love her at all, nor do you love me. You approach us just because she and I have a similar aura that can soothe your emotions. I am really not her substitute, because… I am a “special medicine” that is enough to replace her. Her medicine is useless, so naturally you have to find the next one.”

Similarly, if she is useless one day, Fu Sijin will abandon her just as he abandoned Bai Siya, and then look for the next goal.

“This is what she wants me to understand. ”

“No…” Fu Sijin clasped Yu Yu’s hands tightly, his expression became very fragile, “No…”

He wanted to explain, but his brain, which was suddenly in pain, was unable to organize words, and he could only murmur and repeat the words of denial.

The gentle and peaceful breath approached.

The next moment, Fu Sijin was taken into a space with a sweet fragrance.

In the soft embrace, “Don’t be nervous, relax… calm down. ”

In Yu Yu’s gentle comfort, Fu Sijin’s confused eyes gradually returned to clarity.

But his expression was still very fragile, like a child lost in the dark, confused and fearful, “Don’t leave me. ”

Almost begging.

After trying to pull out her hand, she found that Fu Sijin was holding it too tightly to pull it out.

Yu Yu simply held up his handsome face with her other hand, and gave him strength in a firm and soft tone, “I believe you are sick, but I don’t believe you don’t love me. ”

The fingertips moved a little bit, and the slightly closed peach blossom eyes were stroked a little bit from the sharply lined side face.

A chuckle flowed from his throat, “I now believe you don’t love Bai Siya anymore. ”

“Why do you ask?”

This is just pure curiosity, but there is no denial.

“Two people who love each other feel each other. If you love her, she will be able to feel it. But when you face her, there are no fluctuations in your eyes. ”

“But I never loved her.”

Fu Sijin admitted his own meanness. He allowed Bai Siya to stay by his side at the beginning, but as she said, he just regarded her as his own ‘tranquilizer’.

He had never loved her. Bai Siya knew this, and Fu Sijin knew it very well. Only those outsiders who didn’t know anything thought he loved Bai Siya.

Otherwise, she would not have left him so unsympathetically, and Fu Sijin never thought about keeping her.

In fact, someone later told Fu Sijin that Bai Siya waited for him at the airport for a long time and almost delayed the flight.

It’s a pity that Fu Sijin didn’t look for her until she boarded the plane.

What was he doing at the time?

Working overtime in a company, even with the help of a family background, starting a business is not a simple task.

Even after learning about this, Fu Sijin just let out a sigh, and then continued to work.

He was so busy that he didn’t even have time, and he thought at that time was it’s a pity that a useful tranquilizer was gone.

“Do you think I am too much of a scumbag to Bai Siya? ”

Fu Sijin asked tentatively, he didn’t understand why Yu Yu suddenly brought up this topic.

Could it be that because of Bai Siya, Yu Yu doubted his intentions towards her?

“…you are really scumbag. ”

Yu Yu complained, but Bai Siya was not a good bird either.

The woman is now saying that she admires Fu Sijin and wants to renew her relationship with him.

But Yu Yu had obviously bumped into her. She and other men went in and out of hotels and other places intimately, and… those men were not the same person.

So she and Fu Sijin, is this… mutual scum based on ability?

She shook her head abruptly to dispel this weird thought. She didn’t want her man to have anything to do with other women.

“Don’t interrupt, I’m not telling you this now. ”

Finding that the topic was skewed again, Yu Yu took a deep breath, pulled out her bag, and took out the ring box that had been dusty in it for a long time.

“I actually forgave you a long time ago. I am not blind for what you have done for me in the past six months, and…the two of us still love each other. I can feel it. I don’t want to ruin my future happiness because of impulse, so…”

Trembling, she opened the ring box, and the men’s diamond ring inside was shining with dazzling brilliance.

“If you are sick, I will accompany you to treat you. If there are any difficulties in the future, we will overcome them together. I only ask that this time, we be more honest with each other, be tolerant, and stop…”

Before she finished speaking, she was blocked by the handsome face that suddenly approached.

Yu Yu stayed for a while, then slowly closed her eyes, feeling her lover’s cherish for her with all her heart.

After a kiss, Yu Yu raised her hand suspiciously, and found that a lady diamond ring had been put on her ring finger for some time.

The size of the ring was just right, and it matched her fingers. I don’t know when Fu Sijin secretly measured it.

But…the ring on the ring finger.

“Are you proposing to me?” Yu Yu wanted to laugh, but her tears slipped unexpectedly.

A trace of helpless pettiness flashed in Fu Sijin’s eyes: “I wanted to wait for a suitable time and prepare it for you, but I didn’t expect you to take out the ring before me. How can I not hurry?” ”

In fact, he wanted to propose to Yu Yu when he came back from his illness, but he was caught off guard and could only do it first. 


1 beauty loving person

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