Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 91

Chapter 64: Qingqing Gets into Trouble

“Hey, hey, hey –”

Qingqing pouted, her little ass buried in the sofa, Nian Gao not knowing what she was doing.

Nian Gao tilted his head and looked at her puzzled, “Sister Qingqing.”

“Hmm?” Qingqing’s sullen response came from the sofa.

“What are you doing?”

“Looking for the mouse hole.” Qingqing said.

“Why are you looking for a mouse hole?”

The question is, the Fu family cleans the ground spotlessly every day. Where do the mice come from?

“It’s all in the cartoons. There is a mouse hole behind the sofa. If you find it, you can reach out and dig and then you can find the snacks hidden by the mice!”

Qingqing’s slightly distorted little milk voice came from the sofa, and she was not afraid of being bored.

“Don’t dig it, there are no mouse holes in the sofa.”

Nian Gao cruelly broke Qingqing’s fantasy, and made up for it immediately, “Have you been naughty recently and have been deducted your snacks by Uncle Fu? ”

“…” Qingqing still buried her head and did not respond, but the silence said a lot.

In the morning, after Fu Sijin brought his girlfriend, Fu Heng went upstairs because of something, and when he came down, he found that the floor was full of water, and a goldfish fell in front of the tip of his shoe, fluttering and constantly jumping.

From the nanny’s explanation, he knew that it was Qingqing who was naughty and broke the fish tank.

After he went upstairs just now, Qingqing didn’t know why, but she suddenly wanted to go fishing on a whim.

The little guy pushed a chair to the fish tank by herself, and lay down on it to get the small fishing net on the fish tank.

The nanny who was cleaning happened to see it, and she was afraid that she would play with the fish to death, so she hurriedly walked over to stop it.

But the little lady Qingqing lost her temper, and suddenly refused to be obedient. She dodged left and right, but refused to let the nanny take her off the chair.

The nanny was afraid that Qingqing would fall, and she didn’t dare to make too much movement. As a result, Qingqing accidentally knocked down the fish tank herself, and the entire fish tank fell to pieces in front of the horrified eyes of the two of them.

“Boom!” There was a loud noise, not only Qingqing, but also the nanny was frightened.

The glass dregs were mixed with a lot of water and fish scattered all over the place. The picture was so scary that Qingqing was frightened and cried on the spot, and then when Fu Heng came down, he faced such a messy scene.

Everyone in the family, including the bodyguards, were called to help clean up the mess. Fortunately, the rescue was timely and all the fish were not dead, but their original comfortable and spacious large fish tank was gone, and they could only temporarily succumb to the small basin.

Qingqing was still howling, Fu Heng ignored her with a cold face, and let her cry.

Tired from crying, Qingqing saw that Fu Heng hadn’t come to coax, and knew that she was in trouble.

She cried twice then cautiously peeked at Fu Heng, cried twice, peeked again, and cried again……

After a few cycles, Fu Heng was as stable as Mount Tai, but Qingqing couldn’t hold it back.

She hummed and crawled from one side of the sofa to the other, put her fleshy little hand on Fu Heng’s sleeve, and asked aggrievedly, “Why don’t you come and coax me?” ”

Fu Heng finally looked at Qingqing, and the little guy’s eyes were flushed and swollen with crying, which was pitiful.

But now is not the time to be soft, Fu Heng took a serious attitude and asked rhetorically, “Do you think you should be coaxed? ”

“I shouldn’t be coaxed.” She still knows that the culprit is herself.

“Then why should I coax you?”

“But… but when Qingqing used to cry, my uncle would coax Qingqing.” Qingqing felt wronged again, her big clear eyes were full of puzzlement, as if wondering why Fu Heng was different from before.

With a sigh, Fu Heng also understood that they had spoiled Qingqing a little, but fortunately, it was not too late to remedy it.

He stretched out his hand with his palm facing up, motioning to Qingqing, who hesitatingly put her little hand on it.

As a result, she was beaten with a “slap”.

It didn’t hurt, but the fact that she was beaten still made Qingqing’s eyes widened in disbelief.

The next moment, louder cries resounded throughout the living room, and Fu Heng’s demonic voice came to her ears, “The money for the new fish tank will be deducted from your snacks. When you’re done with paying it back that’s when you can have snacks again.”

“Don’t… I don’t want it, woohoo…”

But no matter how Qingqing cried, Fu Heng cruelly took all the snacks stored at home and gave them to the neighbors.

The little guy could only watch her beloved snacks disappear overnight, so desperate that she felt that the world was dark.

As the saying goes, if you don’t have snacks, then create your own snacks.

When Nian Gao came to Fu’s house with his uncle in the afternoon, the moment he came in all he saw was Qingqing who was looking for a mouse hole.

Her illusion broken, Qingqing jerked her head out of the sofa, sitting on the sofa in a daze with messy hair and a small face that was flushed with boredom.

There is no love in life. jpg

Seeing that she was so pitiful, Nian Gao wanted to give her his snacks, but he kept all his snacks at home and didn’t bring them over.

This is embarrassing.

“What did Sister Qingqing do to make Uncle Fu punish you like that?”

Fu Heng’s affection for Qingqing can be seen by everyone. To be honest, it is very surprising that he would punish Qingqing so severely. At the same time, it also makes people guess that Qingqing must have made some big mistakes before she would be punished. .

“I just…” Qingqing whispered guiltily, “I just knocked down the fish tank. ”

“The fish tank is broken?” Nian Gao said in surprise.

“It’s broken.” Qingqing lowered her head, her small hands agitating each other uneasily.

“Did all the fish and water inside run out?” The expression of little Nian Gao is a bit serious.

“Yes..” Qingqing nodded her head.

“That is what you did wrong, and you deserve to be punished.” Nian Gao began to feel that Qingqing deserved it, and understood Fu Heng’s painstaking efforts.

“But… but my uncle has already beaten Qingqing, how can he still punish Qingqing by giving out her snacks?” Qingqing pursed her mouth, her tone a little dissatisfied.

“Sister Qingqing.” Nian Gao stared at Qingqing earnestly.

“You play with the fish, what if you kill the fish? After the pain is over, it will be fine and you can buy more snacks if you don’t have any, but if the fish is dead, it is really dead.”

Moreover, she smashed the whole tank of fish. If it weren’t for the timely rescue of the adults, these fish who had left the water would have died.

Qingqing was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly realized her mistake.

Killing lives, even a few fish, is too cruel for children.

“Yes… sorry.” She touched her tears, this time she really repented for her mistakes.

“You shouldn’t apologize to me, you have to apologize to the fish. If you are afraid, I will accompany you.”

Nian Gao stood up and stretched out his small hand. Qingqing hesitated to hold it. This time she was not beaten, but was firmly held and led to the basin with goldfish.

“Fish, Sister Qingqing didn’t deliberately break your home just now. She has already bought you a new home with snacks. I hope you can forgive her.”

“I’m sorry, Qingqing was wrong, fish… Fish, will you forgive Qingqing?”

Qingqing’s small hand  was by the basin, and she didn’t know if the fish had heard her apology but a small golden fish swam over and gently touched Qingqing’s fingertips.

“Brother Nian Gao, the fish touched Qingqing, did he forgive me? ”

Qingqing turned her head to look at Nian Gao with a happy face.

Nian Gao nodded in agreement, “It must be, then what is Qingqing going to say to the fish?”

“Thank you fish.” Qingqing thanked them obediently.

Sometimes children don’t need to be taught by adults, they can learn some truths by themselves.

“Are you relieved now?”

Bai Qiyu leaned against the wall and said to Fu Heng who had just come out of the elevator.

“Qingqing is a good child.”

Fu Heng took out a candy from his pocket and threw it on the ground as if by mistake.

“Let’s go, it’s not that I want your help for that. Check if someone has secretly installed a monitor in this house. The third floor has been checked, and there are still the first and second floors left. ”

The two returned to the elevator, preparing to continue the investigation from the second floor.

The elevator door slowly closed, and Qingqing’s excited cheers could be heard vaguely outside, “Brother Nian Gao, look, Qingqing picked up a candy!”

Bai Qiyu let out a chuckle, “Heh…the happiness of a child.”

“Qingqing, I want to find a chance to take her to a general physical examination.” Fu Heng’s eyes were a little solemn.

“Why? Is there any problem with Qingqing’s body?” Bai Qiyu frowned.

Wouldn’t it be that what they were most worried about happened?

Did the sudden reduction in size have any effect on Qingqing’s body after all?

His fingertips rubbed unconsciously, “I found that Qingqing doesn’t seem to have grown taller.”

Or it should be said that she has not shown any signs of growth in the past six months.

Before, he didn’t feel that it’s very obvious when he looked at it every day, but now when he saw Qingqing and Nian Gao together, he suddenly found that the height difference between the two was suddenly too big.

Qingqing and Nian Gao are two years apart. Half a year ago, Qingqing was able to reach Nian Gao’s ears, but now she only reached his shoulders!

It’s equivalent to Nian Gao has been growing, but Qingqing is sluggish, as if time has been solidified.

This is no longer a problem that can be explained by Qingqing’s slow development.

After listening to Fu Heng’s explanation, Bai Qiyu couldn’t help but look serious.

“If you can trust me, let me contact the doctor for Qingqing.”

The Fu family was secretly stared at for too long. Today, after Fu Sijin left with his girlfriend, he secretly called Fu Heng and said that his medical records had been maliciously leaked.

Although he heard from his son’s tone that this incident did not cause him any negative effects, it was enough for Fu Heng to find that the Fu family had been invaded like a hornet’s nest.

This kind of intrusion is not something that came from the business.

He has a strong control over the company, and it is not so easy for that person to secretly want to intervene in his company.

Obviously that person also knew, so they shifted their goal and stared at the private lives of Fu’s family in an attempt to disintegrate them from the inside.

No, it should be said that their main target from the beginning was Gu Qingqing.

“Who did Qingqing provoke, do you really have no clue?” Bai Qiyu was almost questioning Fu Heng.

After all, in the reality they now know, the mysterious person’s purpose for Qingqing was for the position of the mistress of the Fu family.

“I found a few people, but I can’t be sure. ”

Fu Heng hasn’t stopped investigating since he discovered that someone was threatening Qingqing for a long time.

Of course he had some gains, but he couldn’t tell the real culprit.

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