Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 92

Chapter 65: Qingqing Hide and Seek

Bai Qiyu helped Fu Heng check the Fu’s house carefully and he really found several secret surveillance cameras in various corners.

Looking at the five cameras placed on the table, Fu Heng breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s less than I thought.”

He originally thought that the Fu family had been invaded into a hornet’s nest[1]put into a dangerous, complicated situation. a long time ago, but fortunately, only five cameras were installed.

And most of them are in relatively insignificant places such as the living room and there are none of the really important ones such as the bedroom and study.

“It seems that the other party is not as ‘powerful’ as we thought.” Obviously in an ironic tone.

These surveillance cameras are all products that can be bought on the market. Although they are all high-end products, they can still be bought with money.

This just so happens to illustrate the fact that the enemy is just an ordinary person and not as powerful as they thought.

This news made Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu, who had been nervous for a long time, breathe a sigh of relief.

However, they didn’t take it lightly that easily, because their opponents were too good at hiding and they haven’t caught their opponent’s tail so far.

This is very disturbing.

“Who is the suspect you investigated?” It’s better to narrow the scope of suspicion than to cast a wide net without a clue.

Fu Heng turned around, took out a stack of information from the locked safe and handed it to Bai Qiyu, “It’s all here.”

Bai Qiyu took it, his pupils shrank slightly.

I saw the first name that caught my eye, and it was- Han Weilan.


“Brother Nian Gao, shall we play hide and seek together?” Qingqing proposed enthusiastically.

“Good, good, but there are only two of us, how do we play?” Hide-and-seek is fun only if there are many people.

“Ask A-Da[2]Uncle Da and A-Bu[3]Uncle Bu to play together.” Qingqing aimed at her two bodyguards.

The two bodyguards who had been replaced by the police in the past are now back in their original positions, still serving as Qingqing’s personal bodyguards.

Qingqing has been with them for a long time, and the relationship has naturally grown closer.

No, now even when looking for playmates, they are the first thing that comes to mind.

For the matter of accompanying the hostess to play games, A-Da and A-Bu are unwilling. They are bodyguards, not babysitters.

But a pair of little guys on the ground rubbed their hands pitifully, twisting their little brows and whispering, “Please, please” no one could resist the impact of this cute thing.

So the two bodyguards who thought they had a firm position immediately turned over.

Really fragrant.

A few people stack their palms together first and at the count of three everyone will choose whether to pick palms up or down, and the party with fewer people counts as the winner.

If you win, you can retreat first until there are two people left. Let them play rock paper scissors and win two out of three games. The loser will be the finder of the first game, and the others will find a place to hide within 30 seconds.

Yes, it’s her.

As the only girl in the audience, Qingqing lost to the tacit understanding of the men in the first game, and fell directly on her weird luck in the second game.

Anyone who has played rock-paper-scissors with Qingqing will know that she will lose every time she plays.

No matter who the opponent is, no matter what she does, anyway, since she was born, Qingqing’s only best rock-paper-scissors result was a draw.

It’s miserable to think about it.

“You have to hide.”

Qingqing pouted a little lying on the sofa, seriously counting one by one,“1, 2, 3……16, 19……”

“Qingqing, you can’t cheat.” There was a serious shout of correction by Nian Gao.

“But what if I don’t know what is between 16 and 19? ”

Qingqing was wronged. She really didn’t understand and didn’t skip the count on purpose.

“It’s 17 and 18. ”

Nian Gao answered her loudly, he was so anxious for Qingqing that he didn’t even notice that his position was exposed.

“Why do 17 and 18 have to be squeezed among others? Obviously 16 and 19 are so similar, they are a family!” Qingqing expressed puzzlement.

“I don’t know, that’s how the teacher taught it, anyway, you can count it like this.” Nian Gao flushed with eagerness.

“Ok.” Qingqing decided to listen to Nian Gao and she continued to count,“16, 17, 18……”

The two bodyguards who witnessed a dispute between kindergarten children, “…”

I really want to laugh, but I have to hold back, otherwise I will have to expose myself.

The nanny who passed by didn’t have this scruple, so she just walked over with a mop with a smile, and sweetly reminded Qingqing, who was stuck between 27 and 28.

“After 26 is 27. The young lady counts as she just counted 17, and then replaces the previous 10 with 20. ”

Qingqing knew it at one point, and immediately counted it, and soon counted 30 times. She raised her small body and headed straight for the hidden place of Nian Gao with a clear goal.

When Nian Gao shouted just now, Qingqing heard it.

“I caught you, Brother Nian Gao is here.”

It wasn’t until Qingqing found him that Nian Gao realized his miscalculation to his chagrin, but it was too late.

Next, it was the turn of Nian Gao to find someone, and Qingqing looked for places to hide in panic.

The hide-and-seek location they stipulated was in the living room. The living room of the Fu family was indeed very large, but the furnishings were atmospheric, in other words, it was relatively empty.

There’s really no such thing as finding a better hiding place.

So easy.

Qingqing wandered around, and finally aimed at the tea cabinet covered with fabric tablecloths.

She opened the tablecloth and drilled into it, so that her small body could be hidden inside without being discovered.

Holding her knees and concentrating, Qingqing quietly pricked up her ears to listen to the movement outside.

After counting up to thirty, Nian Gao began to find people one by one.

He first found A-bu[4]Uncle Bu, who was hiding behind the door, and then A-da, who was hiding behind the sofa, but he couldn’t find Qingqing.

“Sister Qingqing, where are you? ”

After searching for a circle, I couldn’t see the figure, but in desperation, Nian Gao could only shout.

“I’m here! Hahaha……”

Qingqing triumphantly got out of the cupboard and announced her hiding place loudly.

“Who will be the seeker next?”

“Uncle A-Bu! ”

A few people played this naive game for an afternoon, and they hid all the places where people could be hidden in the living room. In the end, they were no longer satisfied with limiting the ‘battlefield’ to the living room, and simply played crazy in the whole building.

Fortunately, the more important rooms at home are locked, otherwise Qingqing might have to eat another meal of bamboo shoots and stir-fried meat.

This time it was Qingqing’s turn to be the seeker again. After she finished counting, she walked on her short legs and went straight upstairs.

Hehe… Qingqing just heard the sound of someone taking the elevator upstairs.

She started looking from the third floor. The little guy was like a ball of exploration, none of the rooms could escape her search.

“Is there anyone in there?” She knocked on the door politely, but no one responded. Qingqing tried the door handle again and it opened.

Pushing the door open and squeaking, Qingqing suddenly felt that the scene inside the door was very familiar.

She tilted her little head and thought carefully for a while, before finally remembering that this room was the room she had accidentally entered in a big adventure before.

Now the gloomy feeling in the room is gone.

The room that has been carefully cleaned is neat and bright. The window screens that were scattered before have been carefully fastened and gathered on both sides of the windows. The few express boxes that were randomly piled on the ground are gone. There are no furnishings in the whole room, and it is more empty than at the beginning.

“Anyone there?”

There is actually no need to look for this kind of room at a glance, but out of curiosity, Qingqing still leaned into her small head to ask.

Unexpectedly, no one answered.

“Tweet tweet…”

The clear and pleasant chirping of the birds sounded outside the window, and Qingqing’s eyes lit up, and she immediately trotted to the huge floor-to-ceiling window, pulling at the cracks in the window and looking out.

“Little bird!”

It may be that Qingqing was too excited for a while and accidentally used some force, causing the window that had not been closed to be suddenly opened, causing Qingqing to stagger and almost fall out.

Fortunately, her waving little hand pulled the curtains in time to avoid a close contact with the floor.

The frightened Qingqing didn’t want to stay here anymore. She got up and wanted to go out. A bright light suddenly flashed in front of her eyes, which made her squint and subconsciously turned her head to look away.

It is facing the window of the neighbor on the opposite side.

There, a man wrapped in darkness held a DSLR, took a few more shots of Qingqing’s small face, and then quickly disappeared behind the window.

Qingqing tilted her little head, with an inexplicable expression on her face, “What is that person doing?”

There is no solution to this question.

Until Qingqing found A-da in the family movie room next door, and then found Nian Gao and A-bu on the second floor, she seemed a little absent-minded.

She didn’t even feel a little happy that she had won.

“Is Qingqing tired of playing?” Nian Gao asked worriedly.

“No.” Qingqing shook her head, and suddenly said, “Qingqing wants to drink strawberry yogurt, and she wants that kind of thick yogurt.” ”

“But you can’t eat snacks.” Nian Gao felt a little embarrassed for her.

“Yogurt is a drink, not a snack.” The little guy’s perversion is a set of grounds.

“The strawberry yogurt is in the refrigerator. Uncle put it too high and Qingqing couldn’t reach it. Brother Nian Gao can get it for Qingqing, okay? ”

The small abacus in Qingqing’s heart crackled.

Strictly speaking, she can’t drink yogurt, but she won’t take the initiative to take it herself, but she can ask her brother to take it.

Nian Gao was a guest. He gave Qingqing strawberry yogurt. Even if her uncle knew about it, he wouldn’t say anything.

Do you want to ask if Nian Gao doesn’t know Qingqing’s careful thinking?

That is not true.

However, in order to make Qingqing happy, he was still willing to be instructed by her and ran to the refrigerator to get her yogurt.

When Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu went downstairs together, they saw Qingqing sitting on the sofa with Nian gao, watching cartoons with their little feet upturned.

Each of the two held a bottle of handmade strawberry yogurt in their hands, and they were digging and eating with a small spoon.

“You guys really enjoy it.”

Bai Qiyu shook his head, walked slowly with his hands in his trouser pockets, deliberately leaned in front of Qingqing, and teased her, “Qingqing, will you give Uncle a bite?” ”

This is a snack that Qingqing finally fooled out of someone. How can she be willing to give it to others?

Originally, Fu Heng was so sure.

But Qingqing only hesitated for a while, then dug up a large spoonful of strawberry yogurt and fed it to Bai Qiyu.

Bai Qiyu, a stinky and shameless man, actually really ate the children’s snacks!

Fu Heng’s face turned black.

He walked a few steps quickly, pulled Bai Qiyu away unceremoniously, and leaned in front of Qingqing himself. Without making it clear, he motioned with his eyes.

‘I want it too.’

Qingqing understood.

But she looked at the strawberry yogurt that she only had a small portion and a half left, and then at Fu Heng, who was stiff-faced but couldn’t hide his look of expectation… She moved her small body silently and turned her back.

She also explained like covering one’s ears whilst stealing a bell[5]refer to the ignorance and foolishness of the person who deceives himself as well as others, “Qing… Qingqing’s yogurt is gone, uncle wants to eat it and go to the refrigerator to get it.”

Fu Heng, “…”

Bai Qiyu behind him suddenly burst into a big laugh, and even the original cold aura on his body was destroyed, which showed how crazy he was laughing.

“Naive.” With a cold snort, Fu Heng simply turned and entered the kitchen without disturbing his eyes.

Generally, when he is at home, Qingqing only eats the food he cooks, and Fu Heng only cooks for Qingqing.

Others, including himself, eat meals made by the nanny at home at will.

Naturally, Bai Qiyu wanted to stay with Nian Gao and have dinner before leaving. He had already discussed important matters with Fu Heng, and the rest of the time was spent playing with the two children.

No matter how beautiful the cartoon is, it has a time limit for playback, unlike a computer, it can be played all the time.

Moreover, it’s not good for children to watch too much TV, so while Fu Heng was cooking, Bai Qiyu simply took Nian Gao and Qingqing to the open area of the living room to teach them boxing.

“Look, punch fiercely. Don’t use your hands alone. You have to attack hard with your waist and your entire body in order to inflict a heavy blow on the enemy. That’s it. Practice like this. ”

Boxing practice is a very new thing, especially when there are small partners around to practice with them. Qingqing learns very carefully and quickly fights like a model.

But with her small stature, even if she tried her best to attack, it might be like tickling people at best.

“Keep practicing Nian Gao, Qingqing, come on, uncle will teach you. ”

With a weird expression, Bai Qiyu pulled Qingqing and whispered in a low voice.

No one knows what he said to Qingqing.

You can only see the expression on Qingqing’s face showing surprise, maybe a little shy.

“Qingqing, do you remember?” Bai Qiyu asked.

“Well, remember.” Qingqing nodded her little head obediently.

The two looked at each other and smiled, and everything was silent.

After dinner at Fu’s house, Bai Qiyu offered to leave.

He took Nian Gao home, Qingqing reluctantly chased them out to say goodbye, and waited until the gate of the villa area before turning around and going home.

As night fell, the entire villa area fell into an unspeakable silence.

Qingqing took Fu Heng’s big hand and walked back to their home step by step along the garden path.

Stepping on Fu Heng’s shadow playfully, Qingqing had a lot of fun.

Fu Heng allowed Qingqing to circle around him, always paying attention not to step on her when he took steps with his long legs.

“What!” Qingqing suddenly screamed, “What a big frog!”

The greening of the villa area is well done, and there is also an artificial lake in it. It is normal for such small animals to be infested.

Qingqing saw a frog in reality for the first time, and wanted to look up curiously, but Fu Heng pulled her in time, “Don’t get too close, be careful it bites you. ”

Fu Heng didn’t know if the frog would really bite. Anyway, Qingqing believed his words and really didn’t dare to approach anymore.

T/L’s Note: I’m sorry for the late updates these past few weeks. School is getting busier as we’re finalizing and presenting our research, so regular updates will probably resume next week at the earliest. Sorry again! ( 〃..)


1 put into a dangerous, complicated situation.
2 Uncle Da
3, 4 Uncle Bu
5 refer to the ignorance and foolishness of the person who deceives himself as well as others

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