Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 93

Chapter 66: Father and Son’s Heart

Fu Heng packed Qingqing’s luggage for the trip.

The little guy followed and stood aside, watching Fu Heng do it without saying a favor or anything, yet she still asked blindly.

“Qingqing is going to take Xiong Xiong with her.”

She hugged a doll bear bigger than herself and dragged it laboriously in front of Fu Heng.

“No, your small suitcase can’t hold it.” Fu Heng sternly refused.

For this trip, he specially bought a small pink suitcase for Qingqing, which is a 20-inch suitcase that can be carried directly on the plane and it can only hold limited things.

They don’t need to bring too much, they can just buy it on the spot if they are short of anything. But just in case, they still have to bring some necessary changes of clothes and daily necessities, including convenient medicines that may be useful.

Fu Heng also brought two cans of milk powder for Qingqing according to the nanny’s request, and put them in his large suitcase. He was worried that the little guy would not be used to eating there when they eat out.

Bringing milk powder can at least last for a while, and they can just add hot water to it which is not that scarce and hard to find.

After being rejected, Qingqing muttered and put the doll bear back, but after a while, she brought a bunch of snacks.

“Qingqing wants to bring these! Uncle put these in for me.” The area of a single snack is indeed not large, but it still occupies a lot of space with so many together, and……

“Where did you get the snacks?”

Fu Heng lowered his voice dangerously.

The ignorant Qingqing sold someone at once, “Uncle Bai bought it.”

It turned out that after Bai Qiyu went home last time, he heard his nephew talk about Qingqing being punished for not eating snacks. He felt that she’s very pitiful, so he bought a bunch of snacks for her behind Fu Heng’s back.

Qingqing was shrewd, she had quietly hidden the snacks in Fu Sishen’s room, so she hid inside and ate them secretly when she wanted to eat them.

Anyway, Xiao-Shen hasn’t been home in the past few days, and his room is unlocked all year round, which makes it convenient for Qingqing to commit crimes.

It’s a pity that this perfect plan to steal snacks was exposed under Qingqing’s momentary relaxation.

Then the little guy watched in despair again as her food savings fell into the chubby little pockets of the neighbor’s house and she cried with anger.

Really crying, the can’t coax kind of cry.

As soon as Fu Sijin took Yu Yu into the house, he heard Qingqing crying miserably.

He hurriedly took a few steps to enter, and saw Qingqing sitting alone on the sofa, crying with snot and tears, looking pitiful.

“What’s the matter? Who bullied our Xiao-Qingqing?”

He picked Qingqing up and held her, the little guy cried on Fu Sijin as if she had found a backer.

Crying even more sad than before.

Even Yu Yu couldn’t find a place to start even if she wanted to help coax.

It was only when the nanny came over and whispered about the matter that Fu Sijin knew Qingqing’s crying was completely self-inflicted.

If you say you steal food, just steal it, but you still expose yourself with such a big grin. Who will confiscate your snacks if you don’t show them?

However, she cried so badly that Fu Sijin couldn’t talk about her. He could only coax her to say that when they would go to the airport, he would secretly buy a cake for her to eat there.


When she heard cake, Qingqing immediately stopped crying and raised her little head to look at Fu Sijin, but she couldn’t stop sobbing in a low voice.

“Really, let Sister Yu Yu buy it in a while, just say that her sister wants to eat it, and then give it to Qingqing, okay?”

He gave Yu Yu a wink, and Yu Yu immediately agreed, “When your sister will take Qingqing to choose the cake, Qingqing will stop crying obediently, okay?”

“Okay” There was a cake hanging in front so Qingqing finally calmed down.

She obediently nestled in Fu Sijin’s arms, clasped his shoulder with her small arms, and when she saw Fu Heng come down, she turned her head angrily and didn’t look at him, “Hmph”

Fu Sijin, “…”

Yu Yu, “…”

This little guy has a big temper.

Fu Heng raised his eyebrows slightly, regardless of Qingqing, he took out two boxes of motion sickness patches directly from the drawer of the cabinet.

Qingqing will take a plane for the first time, Fu Heng didn’t know if she would be airsick. The child is too young to give her motion sickness medicine, so it is safer to bring motion sickness patches.

After peeking several times and not seeing Fu Heng taking care of herself, Qingqing began to feel uncomfortable again.

She struggled to get down from Fu Sijin’s arms, and walked around behind Fu Heng with her short legs, like a small tail. She didn’t speak to him for a while, but followed in silence.

Fu Heng also deliberately teased her, so instead of driving her away, he let her follow.

The atmosphere between the two is warm and tacit. Only Qingqing still believes that they are still making trouble, so she cannot take the initiative to talk to him. Whoever speaks first loses.

I don’t know where this cute and naive idea came from.

“Qingqing and uncle have a really good relationship.”

Yu Yu whispered and Fu Sijin bit her ears, and suddenly they wanted to have a lovely daughter.

She wore a diamond ring from Fu Sijin on her hand, and Fu Sijin also wore one on his hand. Although it was of different styles and colors, it was easy to see that it was a pair.

The relationship between the two has broken the ice since they proposed to each other last time. Now they are not only as good as ever, but they have also become closer than before.

After some things are said, I trust each other more.

At least now, if anyone dared to satirize her as just a stand-in in front of Yu Yu, she would dare to go and fight back on the spot, super invincible and righteous.

“Since Qingqing became… foster care by my uncle in our house, my father has taken care of her most of the time. My younger brother and I have also helped, but Qingqing is obviously closer to my father.”

Fu Sijin almost missed his mouth. He did confess the secret of his illness to Yu Yu, but he still couldn’t tell the secret about Qingqing.

It’s not that he doesn’t believe in Yu Yu, but it’s a bit complicated, and it involves an unknown enemy, and he is afraid that it will bring danger to Yu Yu.

The plane is a 3 o’clock flight in the afternoon, and it is only 10 o’clock in the morning.

It takes an hour to drive from Fu’s house to the airport. International flights generally need to arrive at the airport two hours in advance, which also means that Qingqing and the others should set off.

“Where’s Sishen?”

Glancing at his watch, Fu Heng frowned slightly.

He doesn’t know where the younger son is going these days, and now he is late for the travel time which he was informed about, now he doesn’t know what the hell that brat is doing?

Speak of Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrived, Fu Heng just asked and then Fu Sishen’s sports car rushed into the gate quickly, swinging its tail like a dragon, and stopped precisely in front of the gate of Fu’s house.

“Hey, do you miss me?”

Wearing a pink floral shirt and sunglasses, Fu Sishen, who was dressed very coquettishly, beckoned to greet his family.

Qingqing blinked, and suddenly pointed to Fu Sishen and shouted, “Xiao-Shen has become a butterfly!”

“Puff.” An Ran, who got out of the car next to Fu Sishen, couldn’t help laughing.

As soon as she made a sound, everyone noticed her immediately.

Fu Sijin and Yu Yu were a little surprised, but seeing her following Fu Sishen, she could guess that this might be his girlfriend.

Fu Heng was also surprised, not because of An Ran’s appearance, but because of the relationship between An Ran and Fu Sishen.

“An Ran.”

Hearing that Fu Heng took the initiative to greet the strange girl who was suspected of being his younger son’s girlfriend, Fu Sijin looked surprised.

Does his dad know this girl?

“Hello Uncle Fu.” An Ran greeted Fu Heng generously, and introduced after,  “Hello, my name is An Ran. I am the adopted daughter of Aunt Qing and Fu Sishen’s ex-girlfriend.”

“Hey!” Fu Sishen yelled dissatisfied, “Didn’t we agree to get back together?” ”

“You said it but I didn’t agree.” An Ran blankly poured a pot of cold water on Fu Sishen.

If she doesn’t teach this Mǎ Dà-hā[1]a careless person; scatterbrain; frivolous and forgetful a lesson, he will never learn to take good care of his personal belongings.

Two people, actually being able to be separated for half a year because of this little calculation, not to mention Fu Sishen, An Ran couldn’t help but scold herself for being stupid when she learned the truth.

At the beginning, if she had thought more and went directly to Fu Sishen to face her, she wouldn’t have caused them to make trouble like this.

But in fact, it is not An Ran’s fault.

At that time, she was deep in the giant pit of settling down, and she just wanted to break free. For this reason, she had already been exhausted and had no time to take care of other things.

Today, An Ran will come with Fu Sishen. In addition to his strong invitation, she also wants to meet her adoptive mother.

Aunt Qing hasn’t contacted her for a long time since she said goodbye last time, let alone come to her. This is very abnormal.

And this disconnection has been going on for half a year.

Even if she was busy in the past, Aunt Qing would call hers at least twice a week to ask about her life and studies, but now there is nothing, and this makes An Ran suspicious.

But no matter how much she pressed Fu Sishen, this guy kept his mouth shut, only insisting that his mother was okay and telling her not to worry.

In fact, this is even more worrying.

So even if she knew that today was a family tour of the Fu family, she would follow.

Since it is a family tour, Aunt Qing will definitely be there, right?

Unfortunately, An Ran was disappointed.

Looking around the people present, Uncle Fu, the eldest brother of the Fu family, his girlfriend, and Fu Sishen were all there, but they were alone without Gu Qing.……


A childish scream of excitement sounded, and then An Ran felt a tightness in her leg and was glued to a small warm dumpling.

She lowered her head and faced the familiar and unfamiliar face blankly, and almost blurted out “Aunt Qing”

Fortunately, the remaining reason told her that Aunt Qing was a mature woman in her forties, not the four-year-old bean under her feet.

Maybe not yet four years old?

She has never been very sensitive to people’s age.


An Ran noticed that her fingertips were trembling. She wanted to touch the child in front of her, but a timidity rose inexplicably in her heart.

“Ah-Ran Ran.”

Qingqing didn’t have the complicated and careful thoughts of an adult. She happily stretched out her little hand, took An Ran’s soft plain hand and attached it to her milky face, and rubbed it close.

Seeing this scene, Yu Yu touched Fu Sijin curiously, “Has Qingqing already knows your brother’s girlfriend before?”

Although people introduce themselves as ex-girlfriends, they are all male and female friends in love, no matter how they look at this relationship, they are all people who have been here before, and they can see through it at a glance.

“No…” Fu Sijin’s eyes were complicated.

He was very sure that Qingqing had never seen this girl named An Ran before today.

In fact, not only Fu Sijin, but also Fu Heng’s eyes became much darker in a certain moment.

However, he was older and stable in the end, so he didn’t show anything specifically, but waved to Qingqing with a gentle expression, “Qingqing, come here to get your luggage.”

This is the first sentence of the two of them breaking the ice today, Qingqing subconsciously replied obediently, “Okay. ”

She let go of An Ran’s legs, turned around and ran towards Fu Heng quickly, dragging the small pink suitcase at his feet by herself.

During the period, An Ran’s gaze kept chasing Qingqing, with inquiry in her eyes, especially after hearing that the little girl was also called “Qingqing”, her heart was even more shocked.

An incredible feeling rose in her mind.

Seeing that the answer was about to appear, Fu Sishen suddenly held her hand, “An Ran. ”

“Hmm?” An Ran turned her head subconsciously, and her face turned red by the warm touch of his lips.

“You are crazy!” She blushed and slapped Fu Sishen, “There are still people watching here!”

Especially with the elders present, is this guy shameless?

“What do you always look at others for? Look at me more, I look so good.”

Fu Sishen deliberately played tricks to distract An Ran’s attention.

Originally, Fu Sishen and the others came late, and they were delayed for such a short while. Seeing that time was getting more and more urgent, Fu Heng immediately announced their departure.

Even An Ran followed them.

Having one person is just a matter of adding an extra first-class ticket, which is nothing.

At the airport, after passing the security check, Yu Yu took Qingqing to buy cakes as promised.

Seeing this, An Ran took the initiative to get up and go with them.

“It just so happens that I am also going to buy a bottle of water. Let’s go together.”

With a smile and a kind attitude, Yu Yu couldn’t refuse, so she could only let her follow.

It is generally not allowed to bring more than 100 milliliters of water on the plane, but if it is bought at the airport after passing the security check, it is allowed to be taken on board.

Their international flight is a direct flight, the whole journey takes nine hours. Although the stewardess will give drinks regularly when the time comes, there is always no problem if they are prepared.

Together, the two girls took Qingqing to the bakery to buy cakes. There are many varieties of cakes in this shop, and they are all beautifully made, making it difficult for people to choose.

“Which one does Qingqing want?” Yu Yu squatted down, looked up at Qingqing, and asked softly.

“I don’t know.” Qingqing was so entangled, her little brows couldn’t help frowning.

Both of them had difficulty choosing, and in the end they were helped by An Ran.

She clapped and decided, “Let’s get this mango mousse, Qingqing loves to eat sweets.”

Moreover, she has low blood sugar, and eating more sugar is good for her body.

An Ran silently added a sentence from the bottom of her heart.

Sure enough, the sweet mango mousse captured Qingqing’s heart all at once, and the little guy shook her head and her feet happily.

The cake was very small, not big enough for Qingqing’s palm. Even if Fu Heng saw it, he didn’t say anything, which was tacit approval.

By the time Qingqing had finished the cake, it was almost time for them to board the plane.

There are only a few positions in the first class, which are directly occupied by them.

Qingqing was arranged to sit next to Fu Heng, Fu Sijin and the others sat behind them, while Fu Sishen and An Ran were diagonally opposite, just diagonally with Qingqing, where An Ran could see Qingqing by turning her head slightly.

She looked at Qingqing from time to time, even if her movements were small, Fu Sishen discovered her.

Moving a little uncomfortably, Fu Sishen had the intention to divert An Ran’s attention again, but there are some things that can’t be done. Once again, it is difficult to guarantee that An Ran, who was originally only suspicious, directly rose to certainty, so he did not dare to act rashly.

This journey was destined to be torturous. At the moment he got off the plane, Fu Sishen had the illusion of the rest of his life.

The group of them were taken to the booked hotel by people Fu Heng had arranged a long time ago.

After the luggage was not picked up, Fu Heng directly handed Qingqing over to the younger son temporarily, while he hurriedly went out with the eldest son, and Yu Yu also accompanied Fu Sijin.

“Where are they going? 

Fu Sishen looked at their distant backs suspiciously, his eyes full of confusion.

Simply, he really thought that the family came out just to play.

An Ran shook her head, not wanting to take care of this big fool, so she simply led Qingqing to wash and sleep.

On the plane, everyone couldn’t take a good rest at all. Now everyone was exhausted and just wanted to take a hot bath happily, and then fell on the bed and slept soundly.

It may be that the hot bath was too comfortable. Qingqing staggered under An Ran’s swing, her little head trembled a little, and An Ran was amused.

There was no one else in the bathroom. She stared at Qingqing, who was covered in bubbles, and suddenly whispered tentatively, “Aunt Qing? ”

“…” Qingqing didn’t respond, An Ran couldn’t hide her disappointment.

She quickly gave Qingqing a good bath, and then carried her out to sleep.

Fu Heng booked three suites for them, similar to apartments, except that he and Qingqing lived in a one-bedroom and one-living room, and the others were both two-bedroom and one-living rooms.

Even if they are boyfriend and girlfriend, some don’t sleep together.

An Ran thanked Uncle Fu for his thoughtfulness. To be honest, if she were to sleep in a bed with Fu Sishen right now, she might be more willing to go out and find the front desk and open another room.

An Ran slept with Qingqing, with the scent of milk lingering on her body at the tip of her nose, and a familiar fragrance of flowers and fruits mixed with it.

It is the shower gel commonly used by Aunt Qing.

After years of use, the aroma of shower gel has invaded Qingqing’s body.

Even if An Ran had just used the shower gel provided by the hotel, she couldn’t suppress the fragrance.

The suspicion that had been suppressed surged to her heart again, but she didn’t dare to jump to conclusions, so she had to keep it in her heart.

An Ran fell asleep so quickly that she didn’t notice Qingqing’s crazy words in her sleep, “Ran-Ran… baby girl…”

Fu Heng took Fu Sijin to see a psychiatrist.

The result is neither good nor bad.

Although the doctor did not show it during the treatment process, he also communicated with Fu Heng about Fu Sijin’s condition.

“The patient has experienced a stress response caused by a long-term serious violent incident, resulting in psychological trauma. His psychological trauma stems from childhood experience and may have something to do with the attitude of relatives, but recently he seems to be trying to forgive, and he also has the idea of actively cooperating with treatment. Obviously, love has given him strength. He has a future of being cured, but it will take time. During this period, the patient should not be in much stimulation. ”

This was the doctor’s exact words, but it was also the reason why Fu Heng’s face became so ugly.

It was not because the doctor said that the eldest son’s treatment would take a long time, which he had prepared a long time ago, but because of the cause of his son’s illness.

——‘Long-term serious violent incidents’!

Fu Heng suddenly felt weak for a while. He raised his hand to cover his face, and his back, which had always been straight, collapsed in vain, and he looked like he was several years old all at once.

It turns out… the son’s accusation is right. He is a useless ‘traveler’ in this family.

He did not fulfill a father’s responsibility to protect his son, and he did not fulfill his husband’s responsibility to love his wife.

Now… is retribution finally here?

On the opposite side, Yu Yu silently clenched Fu Sijin’s cold hand.

The psychiatrist’s treatment is bound to reopen Fu Sijin’s hidden wounds that have been festering and decaying for many years. This is no less than another injury to him.

In fact, he had already become ill once during the treatment process, just to prevent his loved ones from worrying, so he specifically asked the doctor not to mention it.

Even if the doctor didn’t say anything, Fu Heng and Yu Yu had expected it a long time ago.

It’s just that the two of them took care of Fu Sijin.

After feeling it, I just pretended to be stupid on purpose.

Back at the hotel, Fu Heng, who should have gone directly to his room to rest, dragged his extremely tired body and rang the doorbell in front of his youngest son’s room.

After waiting for a while, Fu Sishen came out with his messy hair and dimly opened the door.

“Dad? You are back.”

Fu Sishen was a little surprised to see that the person outside the door was actually his father.

“Where is Qingqing?” Fu Heng asked directly, and as soon as he opened his mouth, he was surprised to find that his voice was hoarse and almost silent.

Fortunately, Fu Sishen was too sleepy, and he didn’t notice this abnormality in his confused head. He heard his father ask Qingqing and went into the room, “Qingqing is inside, and An Ran is sleeping with her. Do you want me to call her out?”

It’s easy to call people, but the little guy and An Ran would be angry if he woke them up, and Fu Sishen is worried that he will never return.

“No, don’t bother her, let her have a good rest.”

Fu Heng didn’t entangle him, he only glanced at his youngest son deeply, “Sishen? ”

“Hmm?” Fu Sishen responded strangely.

“Do you think…I am a good father?” He didn’t know what purpose he was asking for, so he asked these words.

“It’s okay.” Fu Sishen said, “Dad, except that you are usually a little too serious, you are a little too cold to my mother. Sometimes you look a little scary, but it’s actually okay.”

So what other advantages does he have?

Fu Heng smiled at himself, turned around and left.

He is not usually such an emotional person, but his eldest son’s illness hit him too hard, so he was a little confused for a while.

Watching his father’s slightly depressed back gradually leave, Fu Sishen suddenly felt that he should say something.

He thought so and did so.

“Dad!” With a shout, Fu Heng stopped.

“No matter what you are, you will always be my father, and I will always be your son. You have shortcomings, and so do I. I am not as good as my eldest brother. There are always inexplicable dreams that I have to persist even if I violate you and mother’s wishes. If I don’t obey, I will always make you angry, but you and mother never said that you don’t want me as a son, right? ”

In the end, he didn’t even know what he was talking about.

But inexplicably, the nose is sour, the eyes are moist inexplicably, and inexplicably… tears are shed.

It must be that the wind is too strong and hurts the eyes

Don’t want to think about where the wind comes from in the hotel corridor?

Slowly, Fu Heng turned his head and nodded to his young son with a smile.

Obviously, after such a long distance, Fu Sishen still saw the tears in his father’s eyes.

He was a little stunned.

Is his dad… crying?


1 a careless person; scatterbrain; frivolous and forgetful

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