Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 94

Chapter 67: Qingqing Goes to Travel

“Uncle Uncle…”

As soon as Qingqing woke up, she ran to Fu Heng’s door with her short legs to knock on the door.

She was still wearing a dinosaur one-piece pajamas, and her hair was not combed, so she ran out in a sloppy manner with her dull hair sticking out everywhere.

“Qingqing, don’t run around!”

Fu Sishen was afraid that Qingqing would run around and lose her shoes, so he hurriedly chased her out without putting on his shoes.

Fortunately, Qingqing has a strong ability to recognize directions. She took a look at it yesterday, and today she still remembers how to get to Fu Heng’s room.

The sound-proofing effect of this hotel is average. After Qingqing knocked on the door a few times, Fu Heng heard the movement and came to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, the little guy rushed up and hugged his leg, leaning her little head back and complained bitterly, “Why didn’t uncle sleep with Qingqing yesterday?”

When she woke up, she found that the person sleeping next to her was not Fu Heng, making Qingqing frightened.

She has been taken to sleep with Fu Heng since she became younger. A few times ago, because Fu Heng didn’t take her to sleep with him because of something, Qingqing simply sat in the house all night and refused to sleep to the point that no one could coax her.

After a few times that happened, no matter how busy Fu Heng was, he would try his best to rush home to accompany Qingqing.

Even if you have a business trip, you can push it back, and if you can’t, you can reduce your itinerary as much as possible. If he can rush back to accompany Qingqing on the same day, it is best.

It is understandable that when Qingqing woke up this time and found that Fu Heng hadn’t slept with her, her mood collapsed.

She almost cried on the spot.

Fu Sishen, who first heard the movement, rushed over and reminded that Fu Heng is resting in his room then calmed Qingqing, who had already opened her mouth wide and was about to howl.

Then the little guy ignored the adults’ blocking and ran to Fu Heng’s door to find someone.

“Sorry, it’s uncle’s fault.”

Fu Heng bent over, picked Qingqing up, gave his young son chasing after her a reassuring look, and then took Qingqing back to the room.

“Is uncle unhappy?” Qingqing put her little hand on Fu Heng’s neck and patted him on the back of the head.

This is the posture she usually uses to comfort people.

It is not surprising that Qingqing can see his mood at a glance. After all, Fu Heng has long understood how keen this child is.

Using his fingertips as a comb, he smoothed Qingqing’s messy hair, and said softly, “I’m fine. ”

Hearing this, Qingqing looked back and forth on Fu Heng’s face with inquiring eyes, and then looked doubtful, “Liar, uncle is obviously in trouble.”

“I’m really fine.”

The momentary emotional breakdown had long been controlled by Fu Heng, and he calmly returned to his mind.

He understands that the most important thing now is not being immersed in self-blame and remorse, he should think about how to make up for his previous mistakes.

Fu Heng didn’t know if his adult wife knew about his eldest son’s condition, but whether she knew it or not, he had to try his best to cure their child first.

Otherwise, he would really have no face to see her.

Qingqing stared at Fu Heng with bulging cheeks, unhappy that he had been denying his feelings, but he insisted and there was nothing she could do if he didn’t admit anything.

In the end, Qingqing compromised first.

“Uncle, help Qingqing tie her hair and braid two small braids.”

After waking up, she had to go out for food, and Qingqing arranged herself clearly.

“Okay” Fu Heng smiled indulgently, put her on the bed, and turned around to find Qingqing clothes to wear for the day.

Qingqing’s suitcase was delivered to his room along with Fu Heng’s, so everything is here, which is also convenient to find.

It’s almost evening now.

They slept for a full day and a night, so this time they got up not for breakfast but for supper.

Fu Heng tied two small pigtails for Qingqing according to her words, and chose the hairpin she liked according to her request, and then helped her change into a tender green dress.

A cute and fresh dumpling is freshly baked.

After taking care of Qingqing, Fu Heng got ready and after all of that they still went out faster than their sons with their girlfriends.

After all, it takes time for girls to put on make up and dress up. It’s not like Qingqing, she would just put on a child’s moisturizer and she’s done.

They didn’t deliberately wait for others, Fu Heng directly took Qingqing out for dinner and strolled around.

Although this trip is here to treat a medical condition, they can still play along the way, otherwise it will be a waste of Qingqing’s vacation.

The little guy has to go back to class after school starts in a few weeks.

Neither Fu Heng nor Gu Lan will not eat in fear of choking[1]idiom meaning: to avoid something because of a slight risk, they will strengthen the security forces around Qingqing, but they will never allow her not to go to school.

People are sensible when they read a lot, and education is a very important thing, so they cannot let her give it up lightly.

Fu’s has a branch office here and the chairman of the board is here. Naturally, the company has arranged everything early.

In addition to the hotel, they also prepared a driver on call in case Fu Heng needed it.

When he went out this time, Fu Heng directly took Qingqing in the car arranged by the company. He didn’t know the local area, so he simply asked the driver to recommend a restaurant.

The uncle driver with a strong accent is obviously a veteran. When he heard this, he immediately talked about many local specialty restaurants, many of which are more suitable for taking children with him.

It seems that he is very attentive, no wonder he can grab the position of driving for the chairman.

“You also work as a driver in the company?”

Fu Heng had the heart to appreciate the uncle driver, so he took the initiative to inquire about his situation.

“No, actually, I am a warehouse manager.” Uncle Driver said in a humorous tone, “They all call me Warehouse Pete.” ”

“Warehouse manager?” Fu Heng was a little surprised when he heard this, “I thought you would be at least a salesperson.” ”

After all, this eloquence and the ability to observe words and expressions are very rare.

“In fact, I applied for the position of a salesman at the beginning, but obviously the manager thought that I was not beautiful enough and not as attractive as those hot girls.”

Pete said with some self-deprecation, “I actually don’t want to go to the warehouse, but who told your company to pay too much? My daughters need this job for their tuition.”

“Your daughters?”

Fu Heng glanced at Qingqing, who was playing with her buttoned feet, and helped her put back the small shoes that had fallen.

Without the ‘toy’, Qingqing looked at Fu Heng innocently, and was attracted by his big hand again.

The little hand poked, and the fingertips flicked. Qingqing was so frightened that she hid back. After a while, she looked at the big hand that was still motionless, and then cautiously leaned in to continue playing.

Going back and forth several times, Qingqing was so amused that she giggled, and even Fu Heng was so infected by her that he smiled a little bit.

Hearing the laughter from the back seat of the car, Pete also smiled knowingly.

“In fact, I have three baby daughters. The eldest of them is already in middle school, the second is in elementary school, and the youngest is about the same age as your daughter. She is a lovely child like an angel.”

Looking at Qingqing, who was having a good time with Fu Heng, Pete added, “I think every child is a little angel.”

“Indeed.” Fu Heng rarely agreed.

During the conversation, they arrive at the restaurant they were going to. Fu Heng asked Pete to go and wander by himself, and then pick them up at about eleven o’clock in the evening.

Pete left happily, while Fu Heng took Qingqing to dinner, or rather, a supper.

Thankfully the restaurant is still open at this point, otherwise Fu Heng would have to take Qingqing to the night market to look for food.

The quality of the food over there cannot be guaranteed.

After the meal, as expected by the nanny, Qingqing was not used to eating foreign dishes.

She also took two bite of bread and drank a small bowl of soup throughout the process. As for the meat that didn’t look very cooked, she didn’t touch it at all.

But dessert after dinner was finished by her.

Because she ate too little, Fu Heng did not force her not to eat too many sweets.

The little guy is now beginning to miss the seafood porridge that Fu Heng made for her.

She sighed like a little adult, and silently left the restaurant behind Fu Heng.

“Don’t like those dishes?” Fu Heng took her little hand and looked down at her with concern.

“Yes.” Qingqing responded angrily.

Unable to eat delicious food, she couldn’t lift her spirits.

“Good child, bear with me first, and I’ll go make milk for you.”

Fu Heng comforted Qingqing and took her around for a while, thinking that she might be in a better mood by showing her the night view.

But Qingqing really couldn’t lift her spirits. After a pause, he suddenly turned around and entered a supermarket on the side of the road with Qingqing.

“Does uncle want to buy something?”

Qingqing twisted her little head to look around at the dazzling array of goods in the supermarket, focusing on patrolling the snack area.

“Qingqing, do you want to come up and sit down?”

Fu Heng pushed over a shopping cart with a child seat on it, allowing the baby to sit in it.

“Yes!” Such a fresh and new ‘mount’, Qingqing hasn’t tried it yet, her eyes are shining, and she finally regains some energy.

Seeing that Qingqing liked it, Fu Heng immediately bent over and picked her up, carefully put her in the shopping cart, and pushed her all the way to go shopping.

They first went to the fresh food area, bought some common vegetables and meat, then turned around to the condiment area, bought some seasonings, and finally went to the pot and bowl area, bought a small electric pot and chopsticks…

Looking at this posture, the children who never cook didn’t understand what Fu Heng wanted to do at all, “Uncle, what are you doing buying pots and pans?” ”

“Cook for Qingqing, do you want to eat?” Fu Heng said with a smile.

“Want to!” Qingqing immediately replied loudly, she really didn’t want to eat the meat that was not cooked at first glance.

Seeing that there was rice on the shelf, Fu Heng took the smallest bag in his hand, turned around and went to the snack area and bought some snacks such as nuts and dried fruits for Qingqing.

While Fu Heng was not paying attention, Qingqing secretly stretched out her hand and took a lot of snacks to add to it. She also raised her head and peeked at him. Seeing that Fu Heng was unresponsive, the thief’s little hand immediately came and went like lightning, and she took a lot of things to add in.……

After a trip to the supermarket, the originally empty shopping cart was gradually stuffed full.

Fu Heng actually noticed Qingqing’s little movements, just thinking that it would make her happy, so he deliberately didn’t expose it.

However, after he settled the account and took the things back, he directly divided Qingqing’s two bags of snacks and gave them to his two sons to eat.

It doesn’t matter if the sons are so big, they still like to eat snacks.

Receiving the snacks, Fu Sishen and Fu Sijin looked confused, completely unaware of what their father meant?

It’s okay to give them some snacks. Could it be that he has taken care of Qingqing too much, and their father’s love has exploded, so he has even taken care of them as babies?

If you think about it, you know it’s impossible.

“It should be that Qingqing is making trouble to buy too much, and uncle doesn’t want to give her food, so he used you as a trash can.” An Ran’s strength, who saw through the truth at a glance, complained.

Yu Yu almost guessed what was going on, but she didn’t say it too badly, she just said, “Maybe, uncle is too guilty and wants to make it up to you.”

“This kind of compensation?” Shaking the snack bag, Fu Sijin don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


1 idiom meaning: to avoid something because of a slight risk

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