Sir, I Like You
Sir, I Like You Chapter 10 part 2

Part 2

When the woman saw Yi Zhenghua, she was stunned and did not say anything. The other two people glanced at the woman in front of them, and her (the mother) arms tightened around her child, causing the child to feel a little pain. The child did not know what his mother was thinking and looked at his mother suspiciously.

When Teacher Zhao saw Yi Zhenghua come in with Cheng Yun, his frown loosened a little, “They’re here, aren’t they?”

“Yes, teacher, sorry for the inconvenience.” Yi Zhenghua politely greeted the class teacher first. After which he dropped his gaze on the other parent, “Hello, I’m Cheng Yun’s guardian, Yi Zhenghua.”

“Hello, hello.” The woman who just spoke wiped away the tears on her face and reached out to shake hands with Yi Zhenghua.

Yi Zhenghua turned around and didn’t care. She wanted to shake hands with him as soon as she wiped her tears? She is too dirty. What he dislikes the most is the person who cries every time. If something goes wrong, can crying solve the problem?

If others know Mr. Yi’s thoughts, they would know the reason why Mr. Yi had been single for so long, single by ability [1]Doesn’t sound right to me, but maybe: YZ is single due to his behavior/cold behavior.

Yi Zhenghua looked at Teacher Zhao again: “Teacher, can you tell me about the situation?”

Teacher Zhao was annoyed by this woman’s crying, and the other class teacher just watched the parents crying here, without saying a word.

Teacher Zhao glanced at the woman who was no longer crying, then turned to explain the whole situation to Yi Zhenghua.

The woman dismissed the cause of the incident and kept crying about her son being beaten and how serious her son’s injury was. She kept emphasizing the fight and did not mention that it was her son who first found someone to block Cheng Yun.

After Yi Zhenghua heard this, he turned around and called the child over: “Yun Yun, come here.” 

After Cheng Yun came in, he lowered his head and stood to the side, and only when he heard Mr. Yi calling him did he walk over: “Mr. Yi.”

“Tell us about this matter.” Yi Zhenghua rubbed the child’s hair, looked at the child with a smile, and said gently. Because of that smile, his serious face made people feel a lot better.

Cheng Yun was very obedient and recounted the matter. The other woman’s face was getting worse and worse. After Cheng Yun finished speaking, she quickly answered, “Anyway, it is wrong for Cheng Yun to hit someone. What makes him hit people? There really is no family education [2]Parenting/upbringing…”

Yi Zhenghua frowned, the gentleness just a moment ago disappeared, and his face was full of coldness. He looked at the woman coldly and asked: “This lady, are you dissatisfied with my way of parenting in any way?”

The woman shrank her neck when she heard Yi Zhenghua’s words. She knew Yi Zhenghua and knew how scary he was. She smiled embarrassingly: “Mr. Yi is joking.”

“I’m not joking with you. “Yi Zhenghua smiled coldly and continued: “My child had been wronged. I wanted to find you guys, but when I thought that it was my kid who started it, I thought of not pursuing it…” He paused and then continued to say: “But I didn’t expect you to reach the school, so let’s do some serious calculation.”

“Insulting me ​​and Cheng Yun and spreading rumors about our relationship, which caused great harm to both of us, and at the same time, it also destroyed our reputation. We will find a lawyer to discuss this matter with you in detail. As for the assault, because there were reasons for the incident, the lawyer will discuss with you whether our side would need to bear the medical expenses or not. What do you think of this solution?”

The woman’s face was getting worse and worse. It was now rumored in the circle that the Yi family and the Cheng family were forced to marry. The Cheng family was now not a threat, she thought that she could make a fortune out of the Cheng Family, but she didn’t expect Yi Zhenghua to come. She thought of making the Yi’s family owe them a favor because of the fight but didn’t expect that Yi Zhenghua planned to hand it over to a lawyer. If it was handed over to a lawyer, where would they get benefits? They couldn’t afford the Yi family’s lawyers, and the final result would be definitely more than just losing money.

“Finally, I would like to add that my relationship with Cheng Yun is that of a legal husband and wife. I hope that there will be no more misinformation.”


1 Doesn’t sound right to me, but maybe: YZ is single due to his behavior/cold behavior
2 Parenting/upbringing

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