Sir, I Like You
Sir, I Like You Chapter 10 part 1

Chapter 10 part 1 – We Are the Legally Married

When Liang Yuan saw the two coming out one after another, he was ready to drive to school first. After Liang Yuan learned what happened between the boss and Mr. Cheng, he really had to admire the boss, he (YZ) had been single for more than 30 years, and it was a shock to him (LY) that his boss was in a relationship and even got married. However, he (YZ) looked like he was just doing his responsibility for Mr. Cheng rather than love. He had been observing for so many days, and he hoped that there would be real feelings between the two, for the boss had become much gentler recently.

Cheng Yun sat next to Yi Zhenghua and was really restless. He didn’t know what the headteacher would say to Mr. Yi and hoped not to scold him (YZ). That would be too embarrassing for  Mr. Yi. He secretly looked at Mr. Yi next to him and found that Mr. Yi was looking down at a document. They said that serious men are the most handsome, and there seems to be nothing wrong with it.

Cheng Yun took a peek openly, and when Mr. Yi looked up and looked back at him, he turned to the front naturally.

Mr. Yi thought that the child was a little cute.

The school was not far from the place where they lived, and it was about 15 minutes by car. Liang Yuan stopped the car and said, “Boss, Mr. Cheng, we’re here.” He interrupted the boring game between the two in the back seat with a loud voice and rolled his eyes inwardly.

Yi Zhenghua packed up the documents and got out of the car: “Liang Yuan, you wait here.”

Although Liang Yuan didn’t know what happened, he didn’t ask. Naturally, if the boss wanted him to know, he (YZ) would let him(LY) know.

Yi Zhenghua intends to solve the fight among the children by himself. After all, it was a fight. He didn’t want others to have a bad impression of the child.

Yi Zhenghua and Cheng Yun entered the school gate one after another. Cheng Yun followed behind Yi Zhenghua, they were three to four meters apart. Yi Zhenghua slowed down his pace and waited for the child to get closer to him, and then took the child’s hand: “Why are you walking so slowly?”

His (CY) hand was wrapped in a warm palm, and Cheng Yun looked up at Mr. Yi, who was nearly a head taller than himself, pursed his lips, and said two words: “Short legs.”

Yi Zhenghua really couldn’t laugh nor cry for this answer. He smiled helplessly: “Little friend, I’m not growing anymore but you can still grow, so drink more milk, eat more, and exercise more.” At the end of his sentence, he rubbed the soft hair of the child.

In fact, Mr. Yi feels that this height was more suitable for the child, and it feels comfortable to touch his (CY) head.

Cheng Yun had a dream that he could grow up to two meters tall.

After that, the two walked side by side to the teacher’s office, where Cheng Yun’s headteacher was already waiting.

The offices here were divided by subject. Their class teacher took Chinese and the school organizes a half-hour recitation in the morning, which requires the responsibility of the Chinese teachers of each class, so other Chinese teachers were not currently there.

“Teacher, we must make Cheng Yun apologize. What did he do to my child?” It was a woman’s crying and high-pitched voice, and they heard it as soon as they arrived at the door.

Then came the comforting voice of Cheng Yun’s class teacher: “I haven’t understood the details of the situation, but if Cheng Yun is wrong, I will definitely let him apologize to you.”

It seems that this class teacher was still sensible, and did not take any side without knowing all the details.

The woman’s crying voice came again, with anger mixed in it: “Teacher, do you mean Cheng Yun is right? The fact that he hasn’t come yet is a sign of guilty conscience.” 

The class teacher was about to say something when Yi Zhenghua opened the door. Everyone in the room focused their eyes on the door.

Yi Zhenghua thought it was really lively here. A boy with gauze wrapped around his head, sitting behind a woman, with his head down and not saying a word. There were also two boys and two other women sitting next to him. The woman just held her child in her arms, looked at the woman who was talking, and nodded from time to time. The woman who was talking was full of tears, pointing to her son and talking to Teacher Zhao, and a woman was standing on the far side, who should be the class teacher of the boys.

Translator’s Note: I’m so sorry for the delay. Got stuck with some confusing phrases. Anyways, have fun reading~

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