Sir, I Like You
Sir, I Like You Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Go practice your skills

The smile on Cheng Yun’s face disappeared in an instant. He lowered his head without saying a word, and stood there stiffly, his fingers involuntarily tugging at the corners of his clothes. Is Mr. Yi angry?…

Yi Zhenghua leaned on the sofa with his arms resting on the armrests. Seeing the child with his head down and not saying anything, he smiled in his mind. He was angry when the child fought, but he (YZ) was even angrier about him (CY) hiding it and deceiving him (YZ).

“Do you know what you did?” Yi Zhenghua raised his eyes and glanced at the child. The smile on his face had long since disappeared. He sat there casually, but his aura was completely different.

Cheng Yun raised his head and looked up at Mr. Yi, and found that Mr. Yi was looking at him with a serious face. He (CY) seemed to see the coldness in his (YZ) eyes, and he (CY) felt fear in his heart. He (CY) pursed his lips and lowered his head lightly. He hummed softly to answer Mr. Yi’s question.

He felt that Mr. Yi’s appearance just now was too terrible, the same with the ‘Mr. Yi’ in the rumors.

Yi Zhenghua looked at the child’s head lowered. He was already small, but he looked even smaller when he was carrying his school bag with his head down. Just a little bit, he looked a little pitiful. He (YZ) sighed in his heart and asked. “What’s wrong?

Cheng Yun was almost scared to cry by Yi Zhenghua, biting his lip and feeling a bit wronged, but still answered Mr. Yi’s question: “Shouldn’t…fight…”

Yi Zhenghua knocked on the armrest of the sofa with his hand. The child was standing with his head down. He (YZ) was sitting on the sofa and when he looked up, he saw the child biting his lip with a very aggrieved face. His heart immediately softened, and he sighed, “Little friend if you bite your lip again, it will break.”

Cheng Yun raised his head and gave Yi Zhenghua an aggrieved look, then continued to lower his head, pursed his lips, and did not speak.

“Did you also put this white thing on your face today?” Yi Zhenghua stood up from the sofa, walked to Cheng Yun, raised his hand to touch Cheng Yun’s face, and began to explain the reason for his anger: “I am angry because you lied to me.”

Cheng Yun lowered his head. He had been looking at Mr. Yi’s thin waist, but when he heard Mr. Yi’s words, he looked up. He also knew that he should not lie to Mr. Yi, but he was afraid that Mr. Yi would be unhappy when he (YZ) knew that he (CY) fought. No matter what he was thinking, it was wrong for him to lie to Mr. Yi.

“I’m sorry.” Cheng Yun apologized quietly. He was apologizing for deceiving Mr. Yi last night.

Yi Zhenghua looked at the child who seemed to be on the verge of tears in front of him, and the anger in his heart had disappeared long ago, “Go and wash your face, Let me see if the wound on your face is serious.”

“It’s not serious…” Cheng Yun replied in a low voice.

Yi Zhenghua raised his hand, flicked the child’s forehead, and smiled at the child’s answer: “Who asked you to answer me? Wash your face first. After washing your face, explain why you were fighting.”

Cheng Yun covered his forehead with tears in his eyes. He hummed a little, then returned to his room with his school bag to remove his makeup and wash his face. Mr. Yi’s anger was terrible. He would never lie to Mr. Yi again. He didn’t expect at this point that would be scolded again after a few days.

Before Yi Zhenghua could tell the child to put down the schoolbag first, the child had already run upstairs.

Aunt Zhou looked at the behavior of both of them with her eyes and saw her master smile. His face smiled like a flower. She had never seen her master’s anger fade so easily before, and it turned out that one thing leads to another. Her master was really different in front of Yun Yun. The young couple quarreled and she didn’t intend to meddle in between them. Seeing that the two had finished their quarrel, Aunt Zhou called out, “Master, it’s time to eat.”

Yi Zhenghua answered, but still did not move, which means that he was waiting for Cheng Yun.

Aunt Zhou smiled and didn’t urge him anymore, but returned to her room with her own breakfast. The young couple still had to talk, so she will not be a light bulb[1]Light bulb in English is “Third Wheel” – by Baidu.

Cheng Yun washed his face and went downstairs again. Yi Zhenghua pressed the child’s upturned hair and said, “Let’s talk about it while we eat, I’ll go to school with you later.”

Cheng Yun put his school bag on the sofa and lowered his head. Thinking: Is this what they call ‘guardians being called to come to school’?

This was the first time he had his guardian get called to come to school, and it was a bit embarrassing to think about it. It was only the first day of school and he already troubled Mr. Yi, and it would be humiliating if Mr. Yi would be scolded by the teacher. He raised his hand and touched his head, pressed the place where Mr. Yi had just pressed and walked slowly to the dining table. In his heart he still felt that it would be very embarrassing for Mr. Yi to be scolded, he would rather call his father. After thinking about it, he said: “Mr. Yi…”

Seeing Mr. Yi looking at him, he pursed his lips and said: “You would be scolded by the teacher if you go, how about…”

He originally wanted to tell Mr. Yi about informing his(CY) father about it. Seeing Mr. Yi’s gradually gloomy face, he couldn’t speak anymore and thought to himself: Is Mr. Yi angry again?

Cheng Yun sat across the table, picked a slice of bread, took a bite, and explained in a low voice: “I’m afraid Mr. Yi would be scolded by the teacher.”

Yi Zhenghua’s expression became better. He thought that the child disliked him for being nosy, but he turned out to be wrong. He felt a lot more comfortable. He looked at the child and said, “I don’t think you will fight for no reason.”

Cheng Yun took a bite and chewed it many times, like a little squirrel. Watching him eat will be particularly fun.

“I’m so good, if they didn’t insult Mr. Yi, I wouldn’t have done it.” Cheng Yun answered in a low voice because he was chewing something in his mouth, some words couldn’t be heard clearly, but Yi Zhenghua keenly caught the keywords. The kid fought because the other party insulted him(YZ).

Yi Zhenghua smiled. He knew about this matter in his mind. He knows what the marriage between him and Cheng Yun was like in the circle now. There were various versions. Presumably, the students in the child’s school also heard from their parents. Thinking of this, he thought about whether he could announce the marriage, and that the two were not forced to do so.

He looked up at the child’s face, his(CY) left cheek was scratched, and his chin was somewhat bruised: “Because of insulting me, you were angry, and you let yourself get hurt?”

Cheng Yun was afraid that Mr. Yi would feel guilty, and continued to speak in a low voice: “They insulted me too…”

Yi Zhenghua was a little helpless. Why does he feel that the kid was playing tricks on him? Holding his forehead said, “Then you’ve gotten yourself hurt.”

Cheng Yun no longer said anything.

“Let’s go practice your skills on the weekend.” The child can’t be bullied but still gets hurt after fighting, he can only improve his own strength.

Cheng Yun was already ready to be scolded, but Mr. Yi said that he would let him(CY) practice his skills on the weekend, and he couldn’t react for a while.

“If you don’t want to be bullied, then improve your abilities.”

Cheng Yun felt that what Mr. Yi said was reasonable, and nodded. It was actually good to improve himself. He and Mr. Yi have only been together for one year. What about a year later? He had to rely on himself, Mr. Yi was right, he had to improve himself.

When the child agreed, Yi Zhenghua didn’t say anything anymore. After that, the two concentrated on eating and stopped chatting.

After the two of them had finished eating, Cheng Yun picked up his school bag, Yi Zhenghua put on his suit jacket, took the bag, and the two went out together.

Liang Yuan waited outside very dedicatedly. The boss was 5 minutes later than usual today. He sighed in his heart. It became different when he got married… He sighed in his heart, but his face was serious. When he saw the two come out one after the other, he got out of the car and opened the door for them. He was thinking about finding a full-time driver for the boss.

Yi Zhenghua put the briefcase in the back seat and said directly: “Go to school first.”


1 Light bulb in English is “Third Wheel” – by Baidu

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