Sir, I Like You
Sir, I Like You Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – This Embarrassing Moment

The consequence of Cheng Yun’s kick was the counterattack of the three people. Cheng Yun finally defeated the leader, then let them go, and his face also had a lot of colors.

At that moment, he was a little nervous. He didn’t want Mr. Yi to know about the fight. What can he do? He had a lot of dirt on his body, he patted hard, and the dirt became not so obvious, but there were obvious bruises and injuries on his face, which could not be covered. The person who would come to pick him up from school would see the bruise, and he would definitely tell Mr. Yi, he (CY) thought as he walked. When he got out of the school gate, he saw the car waiting across the school gate.

Yi Zhenghua had already sent Cheng Yun the license plate number of the car that will pick him up, and the car was also roughly described. When Cheng Yun came out, he saw the car that Mr. Yi said. He lowered his head, turned to a corner, and went to a small shop near the school. This shop sells some cosmetics, dolls, hats, and some small accessories and there were many girls inside.

Cheng Yun just came in a little embarrassed. A little shopping guide lady came and saw Cheng Yun’s appearance, she froze for a moment before smiling and asked: “Is there anything you need?”

Cheng Yun’s gaze fell on the little shopping guide lady’s face, looking at her smiling expression and his face went red in embarrassment. ‘Is it too embarrassing to look like this?’ He lowered his head and asked: “That…Is there anything that could……cover a bruise?”

The shopping guide understood what Cheng Yun meant. She took Cheng Yun to the cosmetics section, pointed to a liquid foundation, concealer, and other cosmetics, and showed a smile that shows her eight teeth [1]Standard smile shows 8 teeth: “All of these are fine. If you don’t know which one to use, you can try them all before deciding.”

Cheng Yun looked at the things in front of him with a dazed expression. ‘What are these?!’

The shopping guide lady seemed to understand Cheng Yun’s feelings again and took out a concealer: “Handsome man, your skin is white. The color of this concealer is very suitable for you. It lasts long and doesn’t come off. I can give you a try first before you buy it.” 

Cheng Yun stared at the concealer, pursed his lips, and did not talk. He felt that if he used this to cover bruises and wounds, would it not cause wound infection? ‘Ah, I don’t want to think so much for now, so let’s just get this over with.’

Cheng Yun made up his mind and gritted his teeth, “Thank you, please give me a try.”

Half an hour later, Cheng Yun came out with a black hat. The shopping guide lady inside was very responsible, she covered his face without a trace, he just looked pale.

Cheng Yun returned to the school gate again and walked straight to the black car. The person in the car saw Cheng Yun and got out of the car: “Mr. Cheng.” 

When he (LY) got out of the car, Cheng Yun saw that this person was Liang Yuan. He smiled slightly, “Hello, Assistant Liang. Just call me Cheng Yun. Did you wait for a long time?”

Liang Yuan smiled politely and shook his head. Anyway, the task the boss gave him today was to be on standby at any time to pick up Cheng Yun. It’s much easier than sitting in the office. It was effortless. “Mr. Cheng, please get in the car. The boss said that you can go back and have dinner together today.”

Cheng Yun nodded, got into the car, lowered his head, and did not speak, trying not to let Liang Yuan see his face clearly. In order to be less abrupt, he took out his phone and stared at the phone screen, but in his heart, he thought: it seems that he did not find out, his heart was a little glad. When will Mr. Yi come back tonight, ah, will it be possible to hide it tonight?

The two did not speak along the way, because Cheng Yun showed a refusal to talk. It was only the second time that Liang Yuan saw Cheng Yun, so naturally, he didn’t find anything. He looked at Cheng Yun in the mirror from time to time. Regardless of the reason, the boss was very concerned about Cheng Yun. As the boss’s all-around assistant, he had to help the boss gather intelligence all the time.     

Liang Yuan kept watching Cheng Yun and found that Cheng Yun hadn’t done anything except lower his head to play with his phone. He didn’t do anything. It was completely different from that day, but there was no other difference.     

Liang Yuan drove away after sending Cheng Yun home.     

Cheng Yun pushed the door in and found that Aunt Zhou had already returned. Aunt Zhou was not there in the morning. He didn’t know if Mr. Yi bought the food for breakfast or made it by himself. If it was made by himself, then Mr. Yi is somewhat awesome.     

Cheng Yun’s turmoil in his heart never stopped. He changed his shoes and went to the bathroom to check his face. He found that there was no bruise, so he went to the kitchen and said hello to Aunt Zhou: “Aunt Zhou is back?”

Aunt Zhou was a middle-aged woman in her 50s this year. She usually lives here, but last night, she asked to leave because her son came back. She wanted to go home to see her son. She came back at noon today. After cleaning up the house, she started cooking dinner.

Aunt Zhou heard the sound of the door and guessed that it was Cheng Yun who came back. She was cooking food and did not go out, but Cheng Yun came directly to the kitchen, and she smiled so hard that her eyes could not be seen: “I came back at noon today. Yun Yun, are you hungry?”

“Not hungry. Mr. Yi said he will be back for dinner today.” Cheng Yun leaned against the kitchen door and watched Aunt Zhou put in the condiments, then skillfully turned the spoon, took out the plate, and poured the dishes in.

Aunt Zhou made the same dishes and then turned to look at Cheng Yun. She faced Cheng Yun every day, but when she turned around and saw his face suddenly. She always felt a little weird, but she didn’t see anything strange for a while.

She quickly cut a plate of fruit for Cheng Yun and handed it to him: “You can eat some fruit first. It is still unsure when will Mr. Yi come back.”

Yi Zhenghua was always like this, every time he went home, she (Aunt Zhou) was not sure when he would go home. Aunt Zhou experienced it before. The meal was ready, and she waited. When Yi Zhenghua came back, the meal was already gone cold. When she warmed it up, Aunt Zhou always felt that it would taste bad, but Yi Zhenghua felt nothing. Afterward, Aunt Zhou would always contact Liang Yuan and presume what time Yi Zhenghua would come back, she would look at the time while she was cooking. Now that they had Cheng Yun at home, she also had to take care of Cheng Yun while she cooks.

Cheng Yun didn’t expect Aunt Zhou to cut a plate of fruit for him. He was a little embarrassed: “Aunt Zhou doesn’t need to care about me, I just came to see you cook, and I also want to learn how to cook.

When Aunt Zhou heard this, the corners of her eyebrows and eyes were filled with smiles. She thought that Cheng Yun was too well behaved, but she couldn’t help but tease him: “Is it to cook for Mr. Yi?”

Cheng Yun was taken aback when he heard this. Slowly his face became red and he bit his lip: “Aunt Zhou, don’t say that.”

Aunt Zhou laughed loudly and did not continue to tease him, nor did she say to let Cheng Yun go out. Mr. Yi finally found a man to marry, so she had to do something too. She smiled and started to cook the remaining dishes.

It’s just that when Aunt Zhou is cooking, she will give an explanation. Cheng Yun listened very carefully. As for whether he learned to cook was for Mr. Yi or not, it was estimated that only Cheng Yun knew.

When Yi Zhenghua came back, the two were still talking and laughing. Aunt Zhou was pointing to a dish and talking to Cheng Yun. When she heard the door open, she stopped talking, “Mr. Yi is back.”

Yi Zhenghua responded, putting his briefcase on the sofa, taking off his suit jacket, and putting it on the side of the sofa. Then he asked, “What are you discussing so happily?”

“Yun Yun wanted to learn how to cook, so I’m teaching him.” Aunt Zhou said to Yi Zhenghua with a smile.     

Yi Zhenghua loosened his tie, raised his eyebrows, and looked at Cheng Yun: “Oh? Kids want to learn how to cook, that’s good.”

Cheng Yun was used to being called “kid”, so he didn’t correct it anymore. He smiled and said: “Learn to cook and you won’t die of hunger.”

Yi Zhenghua felt that there was nothing wrong with learning to cook. He just glanced at him (CY) and felt that the child’s face was not right. He walked closer and found that there was indeed something wrong with his(CY) face, so he stretched out his hand and touched Cheng Yun’s face: “What is smeared on your face?”

Yi Zhenghua looked at his finger, there was a white thing on his finger, he knew what it was, but he didn’t understand why the kid applied it to his face.

Aunt Zhou originally felt that Cheng Yun’s face was a bit strange, but she didn’t expect it for a while. After she saw the white thing on Mr. Yi’s hand, she understood. She didn’t say anything, let the two of them talk, and turned around to get the rice.

Cheng Yun didn’t expect Mr. Yi to be able to see it all at once. He felt particularly embarrassed. Looking at Mr. Yi’s expression, he (YZ) didn’t seem to find anything else. He (CY) smiled: “This was what Jiang He applied to my face, he said that the boys now apply these things, saying that they will look more handsome…”

His voice became smaller and quieter, and he couldn’t make it up anymore.

Yi Zhenghua looked at the child in surprise and he frowned. Is he (YZ) too old to keep up with the time?

“You’re pretty handsome, don’t apply these.”

Cheng Yun smiled awkwardly and nodded eagerly, but he sighed in relief that he had escaped being exposed.

The two went to wash their hands and intended to eat. Yi Zhenghua found that the child hadn’t even washed away the things on his face. He endured it, but still couldn’t hold it back, saying, “Cheng Yun, rubbing too much of that kind of thing is bad for the skin. It is better to smear less of it.”

Cheng Yun was holding the chopsticks, and when he heard these words: “I will wash it away in a while when I return to my room, and I won’t apply it messily in the future.”

Yi Zhenghua didn’t say anything anymore, and he began to think in his heart, about whether he should understand what young people like nowadays.

Finally, he insisted until the meal was over, and Yi Zhenghua went to the study room after. Cheng Yun felt a little pain in his face, so he washed away the things on his face when he returned to his room. Today, he bought not only a concealer but also a makeup remover. The shopping guide lady said that he needed to use makeup remover to remove it because washing with just water will not clean it.

After washing his face, he looked at it. It may be because the time was short that the wound was not infected. After that, he took a bath and went to look over to see if there was any medicine to apply, or just wait for it to naturally heal up, but he didn’t know how long he needed to wait.

He rummaged for a long time before he found a small tube of ointment. He checked the instructions and thought that they should be effective. He started to smear it directly on his face in front of the mirror, hoping that Mr. Yi would not come looking for him tonight.

So, by the next day, he got up and washed his face, looked at the bruises and injuries on his face, and found that it was a little better, but it was still visible, so he smeared a little bit of makeup, but not as obvious as yesterday, and then went downstairs.

He felt that something was wrong when he got downstairs. Mr. Yi didn’t eat breakfast nor read the newspaper as usual. He just sat on the sofa, said nothing, and when he heard footsteps, he didn’t move.     

Cheng Yun walked towards Yi Zhenghua slowly, and tentatively called out: “Mr. Yi…”

Yi Zhenghua looked up at Cheng Yun, staring at his face, and found that the child still applied something on his face today, but it was not as obvious as yesterday. He smiled slightly. In order to hide it, the child should have thought of many ways. As he thought, how could the child suddenly smear something on his face?

He smiled and said, “Cheng Yun, your headteacher called me.”

That smile made Cheng Yun a little flustered, and his heart shook. There were only two words in his mind: it’s over!


1 Standard smile shows 8 teeth

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