Sir, I Like You
Sir, I Like You Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Rumors

Yi Zhenghua sent Cheng Yun to the school and chatted with the child’s class teacher to learn about the child’s usual learning condition and some relationship circumstances. The child stood next to Yi Zhenghua and said nothing.

In each class, the ones that attract the attention of teachers the most were often the kind of students who have excellent academic performance, the one who talks to the teacher, or the extremely playful one. Like Cheng Yun, who does not make big mistakes, was not particularly good in his studies and does not take the initiative to please the teacher, was the least to attract the teacher’s attention.

When Yi Zhenghua chatted with the class teacher, the class teacher was a little embarrassed. She didn’t have a deep impression of Cheng Yun, so when Yi Zhenghua asked, she didn’t know what to say except for boasting.

Yi Zhenghua was in a good mood when he heard it.

He smiled, glanced at the child next to him, and touched the child’s hair: “In the future, please take more care of this child.”

Although the class teacher did not know Yi Zhenghua, she couldn’t stop herself from finding this man handsome. She was swayed by Yi Zhenghua’s smile. The girl’s heart that had disappeared long ago was revived. If not for the situation, she would have held her face and smile, smiling very softly: “Good, good. Cheng Yun is a good boy.”

Finally, she praised Cheng Yun again. Cheng Yun blushed when he heard it. This teacher hadn’t praised him so much before. Although the Cheng family was a good family background, Cheng Yun was very low-key at school, and Cheng’s father did not say that he would donate a library, a teaching building, or something. So, the class teacher naturally would not pay much attention to him. This time, because of Yi Zhenghua, the class teacher was very impressed with Cheng Yun, and she may pay more attention to Cheng Yun in the future. This way she can chat with this handsome guy for a little longer afterward.

Yi Zhenghua, who is currently Cheng Yun’s guardian, left contact information to the class teacher, and then sent Cheng Yun to the dormitory. Like other parents, he instructed some things again, and when he left, he touched the child’s hair: “I will send someone to pick you up in the afternoon, so don’t run around.”

Cheng Yun felt the warmth of Yi Zhenghua’s hand touching him. He bowed his head and nodded. It was already good for Mr. Yi to send him to school today. It must have delayed his work when he sent him to school, so he can no longer ask Mr. Yi to pick him up.

Yi Zhenghua seemed to sense Cheng Yun’s low spirit, and his voice became softer: “I will try to come over this afternoon.”

Cheng Yun didn’t want to let Mr. Yi work so hurriedly. He raised his head and looked at Mr. Yi in front of him with a smile, tilted his head, and said, “Mr. Yi’s work is important. You can’t pick me up from school today, but you can still do it in the future.”

Yi Zhenghua felt that the child was very considerate of him, and smiled slightly, “Yes, then you study hard, I will go first.”

Cheng Yun smiled and said goodbye to Mr. Yi. After Yi Zhenghua left, Jiang He ran back from another dormitory and took Cheng Yun’s arm. The two went to the balcony together. Jiang He lowered his voice and asked, “Who was that man ah? It can’t be ……”

Jiang He’s family and Cheng’s family occasionally cooperated. He heard his parents talk about Cheng’s family and always wanted to ask, but the moment he opened his mouth, he couldn’t ask. In order to get through the difficult period, the Cheng family used their son to marry into the Yi family. This kind of thing…

Cheng Yun frowned, holding his chin with his hand, looked up at the sky at a 45-Degree angle, and muttered: “He’s sort of my husband”

“What do you mean sort of? No way, your family had really joined with the Yi family?” Jiang He exclaimed and looked at Cheng Yun’s slightly sad side face. He could not help but spit in his mind: it seems rumors are not groundless; they are all well-founded.

Cheng Yun was taken aback by Jiang He’s exclamation. He raised his hand and quickly covered Jiang He’s mouth: “What are you doing with your voice so loud.”

Jiang He grunted a few times, meaning he wouldn’t speak loudly anymore, and waited for Cheng Yun to let go of him. He put his arm on Cheng Yun’s shoulder: “Then you tell me, what the hell is going on, how did you suddenly become a married man?!”

Although he heard many rumors, he still wanted to know the ins and outs of the matter from Cheng Yun. He didn’t tell Cheng Yun that the matter of Cheng Yun’s marriage had been spread in their circle, and it was spread in different versions.

When Cheng Yun encountered difficulties in the Cheng family, Mother Yi came to his father and told him the ins and outs of marrying Yi Zhenghua, concealing the fact that the two decided to divorce a year later.

After listening to it, Jiang He only commented: “I have to say, this idea of yours is really…”

Jiang He couldn’t find a word to describe it for a while, stuck for a long time, but didn’t think of it either and he just stopped talking.

“Fortunately, Mr. Yi doesn’t have any weird hobbies, and it’s good for you, alas…” Jiang He finally stopped talking and sighed. Lowered his head and wondered what he was thinking.

Jiang He didn’t notice Cheng Yun’s slightly awkward smile when he spoke. Cheng Yun quickly adjusted the expression on his face: “This is also quite good, ah.”

Jiang He rolled his eyes. Just like that, Cheng Yun had handed over his whole life. Where’s the good in there? Since Cheng Yun thought it was good, he didn’t say anything. He curled his lips and shook his arms: “Going to class?”

Jiang He put his arms on Cheng Yun’s shoulders, he shook his arms, and Cheng Yun followed. Cheng Yun glanced at the arm resting on his shoulder and resisted the urge to throw it away, smiled, and said, “Let’s go.”

There were four people in a dormitory, and the other two had already gone to class. On the first day of school today, the class teacher asked to pack things up and read the books by themselves and after that, a class meeting will be held. The boarding students need to pack a lot of things, while Cheng Yun and Jiang He, who go home every day, got nothing to pack. The two sat in the classroom and read books.

Jiang He asked Cheng Yun his homework and worked hard at his seat.

Cheng Yun dazed for a while. The whole class was almost there, and the class teacher came in, which meant that the class meeting was about to begin. The class teacher coughed a few times and said, “You are now in your senior year. It’s time to collect your mind for the College entrance examination…”

On the podium, the class teacher told the students about learning methods and dreams, and finally gave a wave of encouragement. Cheng Yun supported his chin with his hand, looked at the teacher, and pressed his lips. There was no expression on his face. He was already empty inside.

Today’s task was very simple. After the class teacher had finished speaking, the boarding students who want to study on their own can do so, while others can go home.

After Cheng Yun separated from Jiang He, he was blocked. This was the first time he was blocked since he was in high school.

“You’re Cheng Yun?” The person who spoke tied his school uniform around his waist crossed his arms, walked up and down, looking scornful from top to bottom, followed by two students who seemed to be small followers.

Cheng Yun frowned and looked at the people in front of him. He didn’t know these people and didn’t understand why these people stopped him. He secretly gathered his strength to prevent these people from suddenly attacking, “Who are you?”

“I heard that you married an old man in his thirties. Let’s see what you look like.”

Cheng Yun frowned deeper. Before speaking, he heard a lot of laughter, mixed with some unintelligible words: “How was it with a thirty-something-year-old man? Is the old man not serving you particularly well? Hahahahahahahaha ……”

A mouthful of an old man, another mouthful of an old man, with insulting words, the other party still wanted to continue to say, Cheng Yun lifted his foot directly, and kicked the face of the person who spoke: “Have you eaten s@@@? You’re full of s@@@.”

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