Sir, I Like You
Sir, I Like You Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Sending You to School

The two went out one after another. Yi Zhenghua waited for Cheng Yun at the top of the stairs. Cheng Yun’s eyes lit up and walked towards him.

Yi Zhenghua leaned against the railing and watched Cheng Yun get closer and closer to him. He remembered that he had just called his mother and talked about going home. He asked: “My mother wants to see you. Tomorrow we’ll go back to Yi’s Old house together, is that okay?”

Yi Zhenghua felt like an uncle who was abducting minors.

Cheng Yun was taken aback and raised his eyes to look at Yi Zhenghua. He actually would agree, in any case, it was the Yi family who helped the Cheng family, but he was afraid that he would not perform well, and if they go meet Mother Yi’s at this point of their relationship, it will be very awkward.

Normally, the two families should have a meal together, but Yi Zhenghua and Cheng Yun were a bit complicated, so the two families didn’t insist on it.

Yi Zhenghua knew what Cheng Yun was thinking about, he sighed, “Don’t be pressured, if you don’t want to go then don’t.”

“Can I think about it?” Cheng Yun looked at Yi Zhenghua with a cautious tone.

Yi Zhenghua smiled and nodded.

… In the end, Cheng Yun did not answer, and Yi Zhenghua was called away because of a phone call. After that, Yi Zhenghua became busy. He only came back when it’s already late every day. Cheng Yun started living like he used to. Every day after the auntie would make a meal, he would eat and after eating, he would go look for something to do.

On the second day of living together, Zhou Yunqiu directly added Cheng Yun’s WeChat account, and the two started chatting on WeChat. Zhou Yunqiu was particularly enthusiastic about the child she chose.

After the death of Father Yi, Zhou Yunqiu’s mood fluctuated too much, and she went directly into menopause. She was very sensitive and irritable. After several years of recuperation, she slowly improved. Now, she become a bit talkative and wanted someone to talk to her.

Yi Zhenghua was very busy every day. He was the busiest when he first came back. He had to take care of the company and his mother’s condition. Mother Yi was very dependent on Yi Zhenghua and talked with him on the phone every day. Yi Zhenghua was still busy every day, so he had developed a habit of multi-tasking, he listened to his mother while working.

Cheng Yun usually had nothing to do except reading. The school was about to start, and he doesn’t want to go out. Naturally, he can chat with Zhou Yunqiu. The two of them would talk a lot every day. After the talk, Zhou Yunqiu would call Yi Zhenghua and praise Cheng Yun from the beginning to the end. After Yi Zhenghua agree with her, she would hang up the phone contentedly, and then talked about Yi Zhenghua with Cheng Yun on WeChat. She even talked about many things about Yi Zhenghua’s childhood, which made Cheng Yun happy.

The day before school started, Yi Zhenghua finally came back early to catch up with dinner. Aunt Zhou left after cooking. She said her son was back, so she needs to go and have a look. She will come back tomorrow. Yi Zhenghua and Cheng Yun had dinner together.

The two of them were a little silent at dinner. Cheng Yun had heard too much about Yi Zhenghua recently. The feeling in his heart was indescribable and very complicated. He suddenly thought of what his aunt told him about what Yi Zhenghua did when he was a child. When he was a child, Mr. Yi was skinnier and rowdy than him. When he looked up, he saw Mr. Yi’s very serious face. The feeling of contrast between his inner thoughts and reality made Cheng Yun blush.     

“Uncomfortable?” Yi Zhenghua naturally didn’t know Cheng Yun’s inner thoughts at this time. He looked at the child’s flushed face and asked directly.     

Cheng Yun shook his head, lowered his head, focused on eating, and letting go of the thoughts in his mind because he can’t think about it anymore. It would be really impolite to laugh.     

Yi Zhenghua smiled helplessly, he couldn’t guess what’s inside the child’s mind, ‘Perhaps it was about the start of school, that’s why he is very excited?’ He just looked at the child who appeared to be quite happy.    

“School starts tomorrow?” Yi Zhenghua skipped the previous question and began to ask about the start of school.     

Cheng Yun nodded. Thinking of the beginning of school tomorrow, his mood immediately fell. However, it would be great to be able to come back at night. He can still see Mr. Yi.    

“I will send you to school tomorrow.” Yi Zhenghua glanced at the child faintly and smiled. After marrying the child, he must send the child to his first day of school.    

Cheng Yun was surprised, and finally turned his gaze to the serious Mr. Yi again, “Isn’t Mr. Yi busy?”

Yi Zhenghua smiled more softly. It seems that he had really ignored the child during this period. When the child asked him that, he mentally reflected on himself and replied, “Not busy.”

Cheng Yun let out a sound. He lowered his head and concealed the uncontrollable smile at the corner of his mouth. Mr. Yi will send him to school. He was very excited and couldn’t control it. ‘What should I do?!’

Yi Zhenghua had always been very independent and had done everything by himself. He thinks that the child was very good and would be different from what he used to be. He imagined looking up information about what parents of children who are going to school usually instruct, and after thinking for a moment, he continued, “Did you pack your things for school?”

“Packed up.” Cheng Yun was taken aback. He usually goes to school and was delivered by the driver at home, and his things were also packed by himself. His parents don’t have time to take care of him and send him to school a handful of times.

Yi Zhenghua nodded and continued to ask: “What did you bring?”


The kid really loves learning, so he was surprised when he only brought homework.

“Would you like to bring some snacks? Do you want milk? How about walnuts?” Yi Zhenghua thought that the child is in his third year of high school, and he have heavy schoolwork and pressure to study. Remembering those who commit suicide due to pressure on the Internet, he had to tell the child to do his best, and don’t try hard to learn. The child loves to learn, but he needs to keep up with his nutrition. He had to tell Aunt Zhou about cooking nutritious foods from now on.

Cheng Yun was a semi-boarding student. He also had a bed in the dormitory. He only rests there at noon and stays home at night.

Cheng Yun was a little dazed by Yi Zhenghua’s series of questions, and blinked his eyes, “Mr. Yi, there’s no need to bring snacks”

Yi Zhenghua thought about the unhealthy snacks, so he continued along with the child’s words: “Well, snacks are unhealthy too, bring some milk and walnuts to replenish your brain.”

Cheng Yun was a little bit dumbfounded. Seeing Mr. Yi telling him with such a serious face to bring milk and walnuts to replenish his brain, he didn’t know what expression he should use to face Mr. Yi.

Cheng Yun put down his chopsticks and said, “Mr. Yi, I don’t need to replenish my brain.”

Yi Zhenghua felt that when he talked about brain supplementation, he had hurt the self-esteem of the child. He thoughtfully skipped this topic again and continued: “Cheng Yun, you will be in the third year of high school at the beginning of school. Just do your best to study…”

Yi Zhenghua suddenly thought of the child’s grades. Although the child worked very hard, the grades were still in the middle, so he won’t talk about it, because he would not know what he’ll do if it hits the child again.

Cheng Yun nodded in a daze. Mr. Yi was very kind to him and would care about his study.

…The next day, Yi Zhenghua took the child and embarked on the way to school. Many schools were open today and the road was a little blocked, but both of them were in a good mood.

Cheng Yun was very happy because Mr. Yi is sending him to school, and the child’s excitement made Yi Zhenghua feel quite interested. The child was so happy at the beginning of school.

Cheng Yun did a big thing on his first day of school; he got into a fight!

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