Sir, I Like You Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – School is about to start

Because Cheng Yun was squatting, Yi Zhenghua could not see the expression on his face. He just watched him stop moving and his posture against the door frame changed. He asked: “You’ll be a senior at the beginning of the school year …… don’t you like these books?”

Yi Zhenghua also takes base from the information he got about Cheng Yun when preparing for the gifts. He hadn’t personally prepared gifts for a long time. Other business party gifts were prepared by his assistants. For the child’s first gift from him, he wanted to be more serious. He didn’t want the kid to think that he doesn’t value him and gave him more doubts in his heart.

He carefully selected that pen for a long time, and after thinking about whether it was too dull to send a pen, he continued to look at the information. There was a note below the information: Give materials, send learning materials, well-behaved and learning children will be very happy.

In Yi Zhenghua’s impression, Cheng Yun was a good boy, soft, and very obedient. Although his academic performance was swinging in the middle, he looked like a hardworking child.

Cheng Yun didn’t know that Yi Zhenghua would have such a big misunderstanding about him. He thought that Cheng Yun was a well-behaved child. Although he was indeed well-behaved, he did not want to receive two boxes of learning materials.

Cheng Yun’s annual birthday party had become a business exchange, and every time the gifts he received were more or less the same, but he didn’t care at all. Probably because Yi Zhenghua’s impression of Cheng Yun was too good, which was too different from the news he received from the outside world before. Cheng Yun couldn’t help but feel very dependent on Yi Zhenghua, and he looked forward to his gift in particular.

Although the torrent in Cheng Yun’s heart was too large to see clearly, his face remained calm. He pushed the box under the desk, stood up, and smiled at Yi Zhenghua: “I like it, I especially…like to study! You’ve really helped me by giving me study materials.”

Yi Zhenghua looked at the bright eyes of the child and listened to his compliment. It was very flattering. It seems that the gifts he gave were not bad. The child was very happy, and his goal was achieved.

Yi Zhenghua rubbed the child’s soft hair and smiled gently: “You should pack up first, I’ll go to the study, call me if you need anything.”

Cheng Yun nodded and waited for Yi Zhenghua to leave before starting to pack up. He squatted down again, pulled the box out, looked at the two boxes of learning materials, and suddenly wanted to cry.                                              

Cheng Yun didn’t have a lot of things, and he packed up quickly. After packing up, he knew that Yi Zhenghua had something to do, so he sat on the bed and played with his mobile phone without thinking of disturbing him.

At this time, Yi Zhenghua was in the study room and was indeed busy with something. He was on the phone with Zhou Yunqui.

“Zhenghua, don’t blame me, I did it for your own good. I don’t want my son to be alone for the rest of his life. I have carefully selected that child. His character is really good, lively and sunny. He’s very compatible with you and very well behaved.” Zhou Yunqiu knew that his son went to pick up Cheng Yun today. She actually wanted to go too but was rejected by her son.

Yi Zhenghua heard his mother praise the child and thought of Cheng Yun’s bright eyes when he saw the pen just now. There seemed to be light in it, and the child’s smile was also very beautiful. He repeated his mother’s sentence: “He does behave well.”

“Eh? He’s good, right?” Zhou Yunqiu was already ready to sing a one-man show [1], but she didn’t expect that her son would agree with her, and she immediately said with a smile: “Hey, you like him too, right? Come back tomorrow. I haven’t met the kid yet but just by looking at his photo I already like him…Speaking of which, although we are in a cooperative relationship with the Cheng family, I really like Cheng Yun. You two are living together now, so you can’t bully him.”

Yi Zhenghua leaned on the back of his chair, tapping his fingers on the table rhythmically, listening to his mother rambling on, and he raised his hand and rubbed his brows. He knew his mother was really anxious about his marriage, but Cheng Yun was too young. If he was a little older, he will make an appointment with the other party on the day they got their marriage license, without interfering with each other, but the other party was Cheng Yun. He couldn’t help thinking, that the child was still in school and was still very innocent. He can’t let the child get hurt because of what he’ll do.

18 years old, what a good year…

Yi Zhenghua mumbled softly: “I won’t bully him.” He won’t bully him and simply treat him like a son.

“I told the Cheng family that you must live together because I want you two to cultivate your feelings. Cheng Yun will start school soon, right?” Zhou Yunqiu heard a satisfactory answer, and could not help but continue chattering. She did not expect Yi Zhenghua to answer. It’s enough that he listened to Zhou Yunqiu. She continued to say: “My son is so pitiful, a newlywed, but my daughter-in-law is going to school… It will be a long-distance relationship…”

Zhou Yunqiu did a good act and said everything while crying.

Yi Zhenghua had a headache when he heard it. He rubbed his forehead, feeling helpless: “Mom, he lives at home and will come back every night.”

“That’s also a long-distance relationship…in the daytime, there is less time to cultivate feelings… …My son is so pitiful…”

Listening to his mother’s words, Yi Zhenghua remembered a joke. He accidentally saw a post once, which was written like this.

 [Question: What is the weirdest reason for breaking up that you have ever accepted?

Answer: In elementary school, my boyfriend said that he could not accept long-distance relationships.

Q: Where is the other party from?

Answer: In the class next door.]

Yi Zhenghua’s mood now was the same as the person who answered. He was dumbfounded, and said: “I’ll ask Cheng Yun later, and see if we can go back tomorrow.”

Zhou Yunqiu cried out, “Okay, I’ll wait for you “

After saying that, he hung up the phone. Yi Zhenghua had a headache every time he called his mother. Since the death of his father, his mother had been very concerned about his own affairs. In order to achieve her goal, she used all her crying, and each time, the result was Yi Zhenghua’s compromise.

He looked up at the time and found that it was almost 12 o’clock and it was time for lunch. He went out of the study and went to the kitchen first to see if the meal prepared by the aunt was ready, then went to the second floor to find the child. He wondered what the child was doing.

Yi Zhenghua knocked on the door, but no one answered. ‘Is the child here?’ He opened the door somewhat puzzled and saw the child lying on the bed with the study material in front of him, one hand under his chin and one hand on the book, and was already asleep.

He noticed that the study materials that the child was reading were the ones that he bought for him. The child was really well-behaved and studied so hard.

Yi Zhenghua’s misunderstanding of Cheng Yun was getting bigger and bigger. The child who had always been studious in his eyes was lying down sleeping, but it was not because he was tired from studying, rather, it was from playing on his phone and getting drowsy from reading a book after a while.

Cheng Yun, who was not deeply asleep, opened his eyes and saw Yi Zhenghua who’s about to leave. He called out in a daze: “Mr. Yi.”

Because he had just woke up, he whispered with a muffled voice, which made it sound even softer than usual.

Yi Zhenghua stopped immediately and looked at the child’s half-awake and soft look. He looked really cute: “Did I wake you up?”

Cheng Yun gradually became sober, tried to get up, and answered Yi Zheng Hua’s question: “No. I’ve had enough sleep.”

Because he kept lying on his stomach for too long, Cheng Yun felt sore in his waist when he got up. He stretched and rubbed his waist. After that, he was completely awake and opened his eyes. Seeing Mr. Yi, he smiled even more sweetly: “Are you done, Mr. Yi?”

The child had a red mark on his chin because his hand was cushioning his chin which was particularly pleasant to look at, and Yi Zhenghua’s mood also got better. He smiled and said: “Hmm. Are you hungry? Let’s go down and eat.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yun was very happy to say yes and to have dinner with Mr. Yi again.


[1] One-man show – ML’s mother was planning to one-sidedly praise the MC, but did not expect that her son would say something good about the MC.

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