Sir, I Like You
Sir, I Like You Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Cohabitation

Cheng Yun stared at the rabbit on the chat interface that was being rubbed comfortably squinting. He found a rabbit sitting well-behaved with wet eyes open and sent it to Yi Zhenghua.

This emoticon made Cheng Yun very obedient, and the bunny’s wet eyes were very similar to Cheng Yun himself. Yi Zhenghua directly looked happy. The child was very cute, but in order to pick him up in person tomorrow, he had to work overtime this afternoon. After finishing tomorrow’s work, he gave the child a reply, then put the phone aside and focus on work.

Mr. Yi: Good.

Cheng Yun looked at the word good. Why does he feel like his father was talking to his son? Is this comforting himself as a child? He looked at the word “good” and didn’t know how to reply.

Just then, the WeChat alert sounded, and it was a message from his classmate.

Jiang HeHeHeHeHe: Xiao Yunyun, have you finished your homework? Lend me a copy!

This person’s real name was Jiang He, and Cheng Yun was well-known in the class. Jiang He was the one who plays with him best. Copying homework out of their revolutionary friendship. Cheng Yun was actually not very concerned about learning; he did the easy ones and leaves the ones he didn’t know and would not ask.  Cheng Honghe and Li Hui were both very busy and did not enforce control over him. Even the replies of the weekly school report to the parents of the weekly journal were written by Cheng Yun himself.

Although Cheng Yun’s academic performance was average, he was particularly active in homework. Every time, he will finish his homework on the first day of the vacation, he only writes what he knows, and ignores what he doesn’t.

Cheng Yun: Hmm

Jiang HeHeHeHeHe: Are you done writing? Quickly, quickly, lend me a copy!

Cheng Yun: Go to the Internet to find the answers.

Cheng Yun was actually very incomprehensible. Now there was clearly an APP that can search for questions and answers. Why didn’t Jiang He use this APP? He always copied from Cheng Yun and didn’t do anything else.

Jiang HeHeHeHe: No, Brother Yun, this method is not appropriate.

Cheng Yun: ??

Jiang HeHeHeHeHe: Brother Yun, who do you think is the better student between us?

Jiang HeHeHeHeHe: Brother Yun, It’s you, right?

Jiang HeHeHeHeHe: You said that if I write more homework than you do, and I know what you don’t know. Isn’t that very unscientific?

Cheng Yun: ! ! !

Although Cheng Yun knew that Jiang He was making excuses for copying his homework, he still had some reason to think about it.

Jiang HeHeHeHeHe: Brother Yun, you also think I’m right, don’t you?

Cheng Yun argued with Jiang He for a long time, that he forgot to reply to Yi Zhenghua. When he finally remembered it, it was already night, and he became more determined not to let Jiang He copy his homework. It’s his fault that Cheng Yun forgotten to reply to Mr. Yi.

He and Mr. Yi have already got married. He didn’t know if he should tell Jiang He about this. He didn’t know that he didn’t need to tell anyone, because everyone who should know, knew it already.

It’s been a long time since Cheng Yun replied, and Cheng Yun didn’t know what to reply for a while. After dinner, he began to pack up what he needed to take away tomorrow.

He only needs to pack his books, clothes, some necessities, and nothing more, just a suitcase can be packed.

After packing up, Cheng Yun kept looking for Yi Zhenghua’s information on the Internet, looking for the interviews Yi Zhenghua participated in, and couldn’t stop skimming through it. After reading it, his admiration for Yi Zhenghua grew.

In the evening, Cheng Yun sent Yi Zhenghua ‘good night’, but before Yi Zhenghua could reply, Cheng Yun already fell asleep.

The next day Cheng Yun slept until he woke up spontaneously. When he finished washing up, he went to the living room. He found that Yi Zhenghua had already arrived and was sitting in the living room while talking to Cheng Honghe.

Cheng Yun was originally jumping down the stairs, but the moment he saw Yi Zhenghua, he immediately stopped and started walking properly. When he reached the sofa, he smiled openly: “Dad, Mr. Yi…, good morning.”

He was happy to see Mr. Yi as soon as he woke up.

Yi Zhenghua didn’t wear a suit today. He wore a very casual outfit, which suddenly made him look much younger, making him more approachable.

Cheng Yun was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of light-colored jeans. He was very youthful and sunny.

Looking at Cheng Yun, Yi Zhenghua smiled slightly, with a smile on the corners of his eyes, he rubbed Cheng Yun’s hair. Since Cheng Yun just finished washing up, a few strands of his hair were wet, and Yi Zhenghua’s hands became wet when he touched his head. He said: “Why didn’t you dry your hair before coming down?”

“It doesn’t matter, it will be dry in a …… while.” Cheng Yun unconsciously spoke in front of Yi Zhenghua and his voice became smaller and softer.

Yi Zhenghua smiled and didn’t continue the topic: “Let’s have breakfast first.”

“Mr. Yi…do you want to eat together?” Cheng Yun looked up at Yi Zhenghua and asked in a small voice.

Cheng Honghe couldn’t believe to see his son’s well-behaved appearance in front of Yi Zhenghua. He knew that his son was quite naughty, and sometimes he couldn’t help but want to get his hands on him. He just sighed when he looked at his son.

“I’ve eaten.”

Cheng Yun nodded. Although he was a little disappointed, they could still have breakfast together next time, so, he didn’t force it anymore and went to eat by himself.

After Cheng Yun left, Cheng Honghe smiled awkwardly: “I’ll bother Mr. Yi to take care of Yun Yun in the future.”

Yi Zhenghua smiled politely: “As it should be.”

Cheng Yun was the fastest to finish breakfast this time. He didn’t know when Yi Zhenghua came, or how long he had been waiting, so, he didn’t want Yi Zhenghua to wait any longer.

“I’m finished. I’ll go to my room to get my suitcase first. ” Cheng Yun finished eating and put the dishes in the dishwasher in the kitchen, wiped his hands, and said as he walked.

Yi Zhenghua stood up and said, “I’ll get it for you.”

Cheng Honghe originally thought Cheng Yun would refuse, but his son tilted his head and nodded with a smile. Cheng Honghe didn’t know what to say for a while. He didn’t understand. In just one day, how could his son get along with Yi Zhenghua so well? Yi Zhenghua was very polite to him, and he really loved Cheng Yun.

Cheng Honghe didn’t know that Yi Zhenghua treated Cheng Yun as a cooperating partner, and Yi Zhenghua treated Cheng Yun like his son. Before meeting with Cheng Yun, Yi Zhenghua looked for a lot of information on how he could be better at getting along with teenagers.

Cheng Yun took Yi Zhenghua into his room, “Mr. Yi, I don’t have many things.”

After Yi Zhenghua came in, he looked at the room and found that the room was neatly cleaned. It seems that the kid was not messy. He saw a blue suitcase, smiled, and asked, “Is this it?”

Cheng Yun nodded, yes.

Yi Zhenghua took the suitcase while Cheng Yun carried a small schoolbag, and they went downstairs. Cheng Yun was a little excited. One, because he was going to live with Mr. Yi, which was new to him, and the other was that Mr. Yi just told him, that he prepared a gift for him for the school opening.

Except for his birthday every year, he hadn’t received a gift for a long time.

The two said goodbye to Cheng Honghe and set off to Yi Zhenghua’s home.

The place where the two will live together was not the Yi’s old house, but a house in the city center. This house was not far from where Yi Zhenghua works, and not far from where Cheng Yun’s school, which was the reason why Yi Zhenghua chose this place.

Although Cheng Yun was very excited and wanted to know what the school opening gift was, he still sat properly, but his eyes were as bright as the stars. After a while, he looked at Yi Zhenghua.

Yi Zhenghua was also very happy. The excitement expressed by the child made Yi Zhenghua very flattered. This gift was also carefully selected by him.

This house was an apartment. Yi Zhenghua opened the two floors. The first floor was the living room, flower room, guest room, and the room where the aunt [1] lives and the second floor was the master bedroom, nursery, and study.

Yi Zhenghua directly reposted a wallpaper in the baby room, added some furniture, added a desk, a closet, changed the bed, and turned it into Cheng Yun’s room.

Yi Zhenghua gave Cheng Yun an introduction about the structure of the whole house. Knowing that Cheng Yun was looking forward to the gift, he took Cheng Yun directly to the room on the second floor. Cheng Yun liked it at first sight. The wallpaper in this room was a white background with a light green pattern, the curtains were light yellow, the bedding was light blue, and the whole room was light-colored, which looks very warm.

Yi Zhenghua put the suitcase at the door, leaned against the door frame, and said, “The gift is on the table.”

Cheng Yun put his school bag on the desk. There was a purple gift box on the desk, which was long and slender. He picked up the gift box, with bright eyes, and looked at Yi Zhenghua.

Yi Zhenghua smiled and said, “Open it.”

Cheng Yun opened the box. Inside was a black fountain pen with gold trim. Cheng Yun picked it up and found that his name was engraved on it. He instantly fell in love with it. With bright eyes, he smiled and said, “Thank you, Mr. Yi. I like it very much.”

“There’s more under the table.” Yi Zhenghua smiled and continued.

Cheng Yun became even more curious. He thought it was just a pen, but there were others? Cheng Yun squatted down and found three large boxes underneath. He pulled the boxes out, and his face immediately changed.

Two boxes of learning materials and one box of notebooks.

Cheng Yun saw his familiar Five-Three [2]! His mood was really subtle and was beyond words.


[1] “Aunt” – someone (who is not a relative) who helps with the chores at home.

[2] “Five-Three” – refers to “5 years of college entrance examination and 3 years simulation”. This was a book published by Capital Normal University Press and Education Science Press in June 2008. The author was Qu Yixian. This book mainly summarizes the content of the college entrance examination propositions, analyzes the forms of college entrance examination propositions, and predicts the college entrance examination questions.

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