The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 22.2 – Living Together With The Lord God

Chen Ling didn’t say anything, but instead pulled her hand and walked into the stone house. The furnishings inside the stone house were different from this world. Those machines were also different from the machines in this world.

But that wasn’t the point, the point was that the small stone house had a very cozy decoration.

For some reason, Sui Li’er felt a strong sense of happiness. It felt like this was a house that could bring happiness to people.

“Wow… Chen Ling, is this where you usually sleep? It feels so cozy.”

Chen Ling just asked again: “Do you like it?”

Sui Li’er happily exclaimed, “I like it!” She really liked it!

Seeing her so joyful, Chen Ling also revealed a smile.

“Then from now on, this will be our home.” After saying it, he suddenly felt a bit ambiguous and corrected himself, “Ahem… I mean, from now on, you can live here.”

“Really? Can I?” Sui Li’er’s eyes seemed to be glowing, exuding a sense of pure happiness.

She happily let go of his hand and walked to the center of the room, spinning around with joy, admiring this unique little stone house.

She suddenly let go of Chen Ling’s hand, and Chen Ling felt his hand empty. Only then did he realize that he had been holding her hand all this time. He couldn’t help but look down, then lightly squeezed his hand and put it in his pocket.

In a calm tone, he said, “This stone house has only two rooms, and they are identical. You can stay on the right side. The right side is where my friend usually stays, and everything is prepared. It’s all been cleaned, nice and tidy.”

“I’m going to sleep now, I’m really tired.” With that, he quickly walked towards his room, intending to implement the plan of lying down and not getting up.


Chen Ling didn’t even turn his head, directly saying, “Don’t cry, if you disturb my sleep, I’ll throw you out.”

He could already tell by her voice that Sui Li’er was about to burst into tears again.

“Sob… Mmm!” Then, with tears in her eyes, Sui Li’er watched Chen Ling’s back and couldn’t help but laugh, “The Lord God would never throw me out…”

Without turning his head, Chen Ling sneered, “Why don’t you try?”

“Sob… No, please don’t!” Sui Li’er quickly closed her mouth in fear.

“Bang~” Chen Ling entered his own room and lay down on the bed, ready to sleep.

Sui Li’er stood alone in the living room, crying and laughing, spinning around in circles.

Chen Ling’s system interface points were skyrocketing with a million-fold increase! He took a glance and saw that his points had already surpassed 1 billion…

The second place was still Mo Suyan with only 20,000… Damn, unbelievable.

To avoid system notifications disturbing his sleep, Chen Ling simply muted the system.

“Hehe…” Sui Li’er entered the other room Chen Ling mentioned.

Inside, it was clean and tidy, and the bedsheet and covers looked new without any wrinkles. There was also a bathroom and a small table in the room. Although the size was small, Sui Li’er loved it!

Because it was the home that Chen Ling gave her.

“Can I really sleep here…” A joyful smile couldn’t help but appear on her face, and she muttered to herself out of habit.

It was still somewhat unbelievable. From childhood till now, she had never slept in such a clean and comfortable room. Is this a dream? No, it can’t be…

She walked lightly, afraid that everything would turn out to be just an illusion, like a dream that would shatter at the slightest movement.

Then, she gently sat on the bed, and her little bottom sank into it softly. Unable to hold back, she murmured, “It’s even softer than that sofa… so comfortable…”

She opened her arms and gently lay down on the bed, closing her eyes in happiness, she took a deep breath of the blissful air.

Exhaling slowly and opening her eyes, and a blush appeared on her pale face once again: “From today… I’ll be living together with the Lord God!”

As she said that, her heart couldn’t help but thump faster.


Suddenly, the door to Sui Li’er’s room swung open.

“Ah!” Sui Li’er was startled, and her heart almost skipped a beat. She quickly sat up from the bed!

When she looked closely, it was Chen Ling, still with a somewhat stern expression. Oh no… Did he hear what I just said?

She felt too embarrassed to look at Chen Ling.

Chen Ling squinted his eyes as he looked at Sui Li’er sitting on the bed, which made her feel uneasy… Is the Lord God unhappy?

Chen Ling, with narrowed eyes, approached her. “I changed my mind.”


Sui Li’er was taken aback, and her heart seemed to skip a beat, thumping loudly. He changed his mind… Does that mean he doesn’t want me to stay here?

“You can sleep in my bed.” Chen Ling suddenly spoke.

“What?” Sui Li’er was a bit bewildered.

Seeing Sui Li’er sitting blankly on the bed, Chen Ling directly pulled her up from the bed and walked towards his own room.

“From now on, you’ll sleep here. This is my room.” After saying that, he slammed the door shut and left, heading to the other room, jumping directly onto the bed, instantly feeling more comfortable.

He felt off the moment he was in his own room. In his mind, he kept thinking: Although everything has been washed, it feels unpleasant to let Sui Li’er sleep in Mo Suyan’s bed every day. Now he felt great, full of energy.

On the other side, Sui Li’er scratched her head and whispered to herself: “Um… From today on, I’ll be sleeping in the Lord God’s bed?”

While Chen Ling was falling asleep, the atmosphere in the Pisces Constellation Palace became lively.

“Where is that person?” The Aries Star Leader furrowed his brows, radiating his aura as he searched for Chen Ling.

However, at that moment, Chen Ling was already thousands of miles away…

“Find him! We must find this person.” He said in a deep voice, his gaze gradually becoming sharp. Who was this person? With such power, why have I never heard of them before?

Meanwhile, Chen Ling, who was asleep, didn’t notice one thing, which was that the regulations for Divine Personnel had been updated!

He had silenced the system and hadn’t noticed this news.

As a result of this update, the world would also experience the madness of a god.

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