The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 23 – The Lord God Can’t Sleep

“Um…” Sui Li’er stared at the bed in the room, lost in thought.

This bed wasn’t as tidy as the other one. Because Chen Ling had just laid on it, the sheets were a bit wrinkled. There was a faint fragrance lingering in the air of the room. It seemed to be the same scent as Chen Ling’s clothes.

She lightly sniffed it twice with her little nose and muttered under her breath: “It smells so nice…”

Then she pursed her lips and sneakily turned her head to take a quick glance, wanting to see if Chen Ling was behind her.

He wasn’t there!


With a mischievous smile, she took a quick few steps and landed on Chen Ling’s bed with a “bang.”

However, the bed didn’t bounce her back. Sui Li’er felt like her bones were about to fall apart.

“It hurts, wuwuwu…” (╥_╥)

Now she had learned something else: the Lord God’s bed was so damn hard to sleep on!

She couldn’t understand why anyone would like to sleep on a hard bed in this world… But it didn’t matter. Even though it was hard, Sui Li’er liked it a lot!

Happily, she climbed off the bed and ran to the bathroom, wanting to take a shower and then go to bed.

However, the bathing facilities in Chen Ling’s stone house were completely different from what Sui Li’er was familiar with.

In this world, all the machines were based on curse energy and operated through magic.

But the equipment in Chen Ling’s stone house ran on electricity, and the house had its own generator. Besides, with the system present, there would be no power outage.

“How… how do I use this thing…” Sui Li’er took off her clothes and stood under the showerhead, looking up and murmuring to herself: “This should be the water spray, right?”

“And this should be a switch.”

She had a strong ability to adapt to new things. In fact, her aptitude and talent were quite good, but she had been hindered by the curse.

As she gently flicked the switch, water immediately started spraying out.

“Splash!” The icy cold water directly splashed onto her body.

“Ah!” (>﹏< )

Sui Li’er let out a sudden cry and quickly jumped away. “Ah, so cold!” She couldn’t help but shiver, and with her hand, she gently adjusted the temperature.

Finally, the water became hot.

Just as she was about to step forward, Chen Ling’s voice suddenly sounded beside her:

“What’s wrong with you again… Pfft~” Two streams of nosebleed directly sprayed onto Sui Li’er’s body.

“Ah!” Sui Li’er was startled and slipped backward. Her hand instinctively reached out to Chen Ling.

Save me…


Don’t look!

Chen Ling also froze for a moment, but he didn’t have time to hesitate. He immediately reached out his hand.

“Whoosh!” He grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

“Pfft…” Two more streams of nosebleed couldn’t be stopped.

He had never had a nosebleed from seeing a woman… It was always from getting beaten up by his old man. What’s wrong with me…

While Sui Li’er was still in a state of shock, Chen Ling turned around.

“Uh… I’m sorry. I heard you scream, so I came over to see what happened. It wasn’t intentional.” When he heard Sui Li’er’s cry earlier, he panicked and immediately located her position.

“It’s… it’s okay… I… you, you, you… please leave quickly…” Sui Li’er’s voice was trembling as she crouched on the ground, holding onto her body. Her little brain was almost unable to think anymore.

“Alright!” Chen Ling immediately left the place.

“Damn… It’s so embarrassing…” He lay speechless on the bed in the next room, blaming her for being so jumpy. Not blaming himself!

Yes, it’s not my fault.

After Chen Ling left, Sui Li’er remained crouched on the ground, unable to stand up for a long time.

With a flushed face, she looked at the blood that gradually flowed into the drain, the nosebleed that Chen Ling had sprayed earlier.

Chen Ling… made a mess of me again…

“It’s over…” Sui Li’er covered her face in embarrassment. Even though Chen Ling was no longer there, she couldn’t recover from the shock.

After a while, she finally let out a slow breath: … It was all a misunderstanding… He was just worried about me!

We are pure, huh…

Yeah! That’s right…

Then she slowly stood up and blushing, took a bath.

After finishing the shower and standing in front of the mirror, she couldn’t help but take a glance at her reflection.

Unfortunately, there was nothing, nothing to see. She couldn’t see herself in the mirror.

“Sigh… What do I really look like…” After sighing, she lowered her head and looked at her chest.

In her world, she was like two floating eyeballs in the air. She couldn’t see her physical body. But even though she couldn’t see it, she could feel it!

So she reached out her hand and explored.

Hmm… Why is it so flat? Ah… It’s all because I didn’t have enough nutrition when I was young.

So, what does mine look like? Is it attractive… to the Lord God…

No, forget it! Why am I even thinking about this?

Then she looked at the mirror that showed nothing.

Talking to herself, she said: “What are you thinking! Lord God would never be interested in you! Give up on that thought, Sui Li’er! Stop being delusional… Ugh!” She scolded herself fiercely.

As she left the bathroom, she couldn’t help but look towards the spot where Chen Ling had been standing earlier. “He must like me, right? He even had a nosebleed…”

“No, I shouldn’t think about it… Sleep! Just sleep well and forget everything!”

However, she soon found herself in a dilemma. How should she sleep, naked or dressed? It was a serious question.

If she slept dressed in her dirty clothes, the shower would have been in vain. She only had one set of clothes. Moreover, it was Chen Ling’s bed, and she didn’t want to dirty it.

But if she slept naked…

That was the bed Chen Ling had slept in! Just the thought of it made her feel a bit restless. If sharing the same straw is considered an indirect kiss…

Then, if she slept naked in Chen Ling’s bed, would it be… like….sleeping together?!


So she stood there, feeling conflicted.

She had never considered this question before. As a wanderer, her clothes were never really clean. Can you stay clean while sleeping on the streets?

But deep down, she was a girl who loved cleanliness. Even in cold weather, she would go to the lake to bathe. If it was too cold and she couldn’t bear it anymore, she would go to a public bathhouse to enjoy some hot water.

But now things were different. This was her home, or rather, Chen Ling’s room. She had to protect this environment no matter what.

In simple terms, she felt dirty and was afraid of tainting her cozy new home. It was like buying a new pair of shoes and being reluctant to wear them outside.

What should I do… Sigh… I’ll just sleep naked.

In the end, she decided not to wear anything. After all, we’re pure and innocent!

“Hehe~” Lying on Chen Ling’s bed, Sui Li’er felt so happy that she almost passed out.

“It feels so cozy and warm!” Then she turned over and looked towards the door.

In a small voice, she said: “Thank you, Lord God! Thank you for giving me this home… I really like it!” With a grateful heart, she fell into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, in Chen Ling’s room…

He was lying on his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. Damn it, he couldn’t sleep. Sui Li’er was all he could think about.

This girl… she was downright lethal.

She was just a girl, but Chen Ling couldn’t forget about her at all. Damn it, can’t sleep, my mind is filled with Sui Li’er.

At this moment, “little” Chen Ling has also lifted his head.

Chen Ling wordlessly looked down and couldn’t help but mutter quietly: “Are you kidding me? You’re already up? Get down!” Who knows if he was scolding himself or his beloved little treasure.

Either way, something was definitely wrong with him.

“Ugh… so annoying!” Chen Ling simply couldn’t fall asleep. It’s been a solid six hours of tossing and turning.

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