The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 24 – Are You Alright

Sui Li’er turned over in bed, her face filled with a smile, still in a daze. She seemed to be having a pleasant dream.

Her lips slowly parted, and she mumbled unclearly: “Hee~ Lord God~ Hehehe…”

But the next moment, Sui Li’er’s heart skipped a beat, and she abruptly opened her eyes, covering her mouth. She quickly turned over and looked towards the door.

With lingering fear, she muttered to herself, “Wow… that was close… What did I say just now? Luckily Chen Ling isn’t here…”

“Em…” She lightly closed her eyes again, but her mouth pouted. “The dream is gone… sob… ( X﹏X ) …”

The beautiful dream from earlier vanished.

In the dream, Chen Ling took her on a world tour. In that dream world, only Chen Ling could see her, but Chen Ling was her entire world.

“Hee~ Reality is not bad either…” With a turn, Sui Li’er gently got up from the bed, eager to find Chen Ling to play. She had already forgotten about the incident during her bath in her short-term memory.

“Has the Lord God awakened?” She really wanted to run to Chen Ling’s side immediately and happily exchange a few words with him.

Even if Chen Ling ignored her, it didn’t matter. Just one glance from Chen Ling would be enough to satisfy her.

“Wait! No…” Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks and patted her chest in fear. “Scary… I almost forgot to put on clothes again!”

“Luckily, I hung my clothes in a conspicuous place!” Sui Li’er had intended to go and put on clothes, but she suddenly froze in place, lowering her head in disbelief. When she saw a few drops of blood on the floor, her heart skipped a beat.

Oh no!

Did I… start my period!?

Sui Li’er turned around in panic and looked back, following the trail of blood drops from the edge of the bed to where she stood.

Oh no!

In a hurry, she ran to the side of the bed and pulled back the sheets. It was a sea of fresh red, plunging her into utter despair.

“Sob…” Tears immediately welled up in her eyes. She had wanted to keep this small room clean and tidy. But unexpectedly, this kind of mishap occurred.

Due to her experience of living on the streets, enduring hunger and cold, her physical condition was poor, and her menstrual cycle wasn’t very regular… and today happened to be the day.

Regret! Despair!

She had just moved in today, and she had only slept on that comfortable bed once… and now she had dirtied it herself. If she had chosen to wear clothes, perhaps the stain wouldn’t have been so extensive, and she could have washed it off. But now it seemed there was no hope.

She had chosen not to wear clothes to keep things cleaner, but it had backfired. This made her even more distressed.

Without giving up, she quickly took the bedsheet to the bathroom. The bathroom didn’t have a washing machine, only a shower, a toilet, and a sink.

Chen Ling always used the system to clean directly. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t called cleaning, but purification… The system could eliminate bacteria and viruses.

But Sui Li’er could only turn on the shower and cry while washing. “Sob… It’s all my fault…”

Chen Ling had finally managed to stay awake until he was about to get up. But he faintly heard Sui Li’er’s sobbing echoing in the bathroom. He had become extremely, extremely, extremely sensitive to Sui Li’er’s crying!

In an instant, he sat up from the bed: “What’s happening? Why is she crying again?”

Sui Li’er was actually crying very softly, but Chen Ling’s senses were inexplicably heightened, and he was sensitive to it. Even when Sui Li’er muttered to herself in her own room, he could hear it, but it was automatically blocked out.

But as soon as the crying started, Chen Ling felt a headache coming on!

He immediately wanted to teleport himself to her side and ask her what was wrong. However, he remembered that earlier at noon he accidentally saw her naked. Now there was a girl living in his house, so he had to be more careful. Reluctantly, he got out of bed and slowly walked towards Sui Li’er’s room.

“Hey… Can you hear me? I’m coming in.”

“No! Sob…” Sui Li’er’s crying voice came out.

“What’s wrong? Stop crying. If there’s something, just tell me. Can crying solve the problem?” Chen Ling thought that reasoning with her like this would stop her from crying.

But he was thinking too much.

“Sob… I’m sorry… Chen Ling… Lord God… It’s all my fault…”

Chen Ling sighed after hearing her words. “It’s okay. What happened? Tell me, I’ll help you solve it.”

“Did you forget? I’m a god… There’s no problem in this world that I can’t solve.” Chen Ling was doing his best to control his tone, trying to make his words sound gentle.

If it were his sister, he would have scolded her directly: What’s the use of crying? All you do is cry every day. Or he would mock her and give her the middle finger, showing contempt. That’s also why he would get bitten.

“Put on your clothes first, I’m coming in right away.” Without waiting for her to respond, Chen Ling planned to go in directly and help her solve the problem. He thought that once the problem was resolved, she wouldn’t cry anymore.

“Sob… Wait a moment…” Sui Li’er cried as she walked.

Chen Ling could judge her current location just by listening to her crying. Then he heard the sound of her putting on clothes. While waiting quietly, he couldn’t help but think: So she slept on my bed, huh?

Well… cough… form is emptiness, emptiness is form, Amitabha!

“Sob… Okay.” Her sobbing voice came through the door, but suddenly her tone changed, “Oh wait…” Sui Li’er remembered that she hadn’t cleaned the bloodstains on the floor!

But Chen Ling had already pushed open the door.

Sui Li’er had put on her slightly tattered clothes again, and that pair of white cotton and linen pants that looked extremely worn. The shoes on her feet didn’t fit well either, and she wasn’t even wearing socks. On her previously flawless jade-like feet and ankles, there were many scars, all from abrasions.

And Chen Ling, with one glance, noticed the blood on the floor.


Someone had been here? Hurt her?

“Who?” A deep, hoarse voice that seemed to come from the depths of hell came out of Chen Ling’s mouth. His gaze immediately became cold, and his aura burst forth in an instant.

This was the second time today, and once again the whole world was enveloped in that terrifying sense of oppression!

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up, puzzled. In their hearts, they couldn’t help but wonder: Why has it been getting more and more turbulent lately?

What is happening to this world? Are the Twelve Star Leaders fighting? This aura is too horrifying!

“Someone has been here!?”

“Did they hurt you!?”

“Where did this blood come from?”

Chen Ling asked three questions in a row and took two steps to reach her, looking at the bloodstains on the floor with eyes as cold as ice that had endured for millennia. Anyone who dared to harm his friend would not live to see another day. Even if they fled to the ends of the earth, he would pursue them relentlessly!

Chen Ling’s sudden reaction startled Sui Li’er, causing her body to tremble. The overwhelming pressure made her legs feel weak. The intense aura of slaughter shrouded the entire world, including her. It gave her the illusion that the person in front of her was not a deity, but a demon god.

Chen Ling quickly grabbed her body, which was swaying slightly. “Are you alright?”

“Sob… I… I’m fine.”

“Where are you injured?” At this moment, Chen Ling was extremely angry.

How dare someone harm her under his watchful eyes! What infuriated him even more was that he didn’t even notice. As a god, he was lying at home while someone stole from his own house, and he didn’t even realize it!

Sui Li’er was truly frightened by his aura.

Is… is he worried about me?

Suddenly, everything else was forgotten.

Tears couldn’t help but fill her eyes again. I’m being cared for… The Lord God is genuinely concerned about me.

Seeing her about to cry again, Chen Ling thought she had been wronged. His eyebrows knitted together, sharp as two blades, making people tremble in fear. “Who dares to harm you? I will annihilate their entire family!”

As he spoke, his aura became even more intense. The hearts of people around the world couldn’t help but tremble. Poor people of this world, unable to see Sui Li’er but forced to bear the wrath of Chen Ling. In his haste, Chen Ling forgot about this aspect since he could always directly see Sui Li’er.

If one couldn’t even see her, who could possibly harm her?

However, there were also many madmen in this world, revealing their insane smiles.

The deity was furious, the world was trembling, and the madmen were laughing maniacally.

“Have you found the coordinates of the energy response?”

“Find him! Find him for me! Hahaha… With such strong energy, if I can absorb it all, I will surely become a god!”

“Hiahiahia!” The reckless and maniacal laughter echoes in the darkest corner of this world, sending shivers down one’s spine.

〚 Ding~ Warning! Warning! Detection of abnormal aura on Magic and Technology Plane, ID Number 390, Divine Personnel intern exhibiting abnormal emotions, danger index 99, potential threat to the world! 〛

Inside the Main God Realm, Lin Moyu frowned as she looked at the red warning message on the dimensional mirror in front of her. She was almost speechless.

This can’t be true. Your girlfriend just has her regular monthly blood flow. You… I’m speechless!

Chen Ling just hadn’t expected it. Mainly because Sui Li’er looked so pitiful and innocent, he instinctively thought she had been bullied.

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